Is there a bent chimney foundation or masonry problem?

What if the chimney bends? Is a Basic Problem or Masonry Problem? Let's look at two different ways as the chimney bends.

The chimney above the house is typically a bricklayer or structural problem. These chimneys usually put too much weight on the frame of the house and begin to get into the house, which is flooding. This is a very dangerous problem when these chimneys fall into a liveable place. Contact a good mason or structural repair specialist. Repair may include brick removal from the chimney or more support in the house. If you have any doubts about what to do, contact a licensed engineer.

Chimney-prone chimneys are a basic question. When most houses were built, the chimney foundation was added to the bases of the home (though some were poured at the same time). Even if the foundation was part of the original home base, it is typically not designed as a house line. The chimney is usually heavily loaded and concentrated on a small surface, so in many cases it is the hardest part of the house. Imagine how much bricks and blocks are concentrated in the 2×6 area. The weight of an entire masonry chimney can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and can be concentrated in relatively small areas.

When the chimneys are prone to a house, you can improve them by supporting the piers. These piers can be spirals or resistors. Resists generally have a better way to fix the foundation under a chimney, as these piers are 3-6 times stronger than some residential spiral jets.

These supporting piers are placed under the existing chimney base. Once the piers are installed, the chimney can be lifted and retracted to the house. While the results are not guaranteed, skilled supporters tend to reduce flexibility by more than 50%.



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