Is there peace at any price?

The creature was trapped

certainly not salty;

Peace at all costs is not peace,


Much better than free fats.


No man has the right to freedom of blessing

unless he keeps his retention.

-General Douglas MacArthur

Everything in life is the price. The price of freedom is the greatest price for everything, since there is nothing bigger than freedom – justice, as we choose outside and without resources without interfering with the rights of others. Many souls of the souls fought and died to preserve their freedom and those they love. Of course, as General Douglas MacArthur said concisely and eloquently: No man has the right to the blessings of freedom, unless they are vigilant in his preservation. Indeed, there is nothing worse than slavery, trapped within the boundaries of another or separate prisons, stuck on walls seized by our own walls, forcing us to plant the fruits of the seeds and deeds.

Freedom is to be fought every day with our will, discipline, mind, body and, if necessary, the physical and financial means of self-defense. If we are against our lives, our freedom, our values, we can not blame anyone except ourselves if they are taken away from us, as it will certainly be if they are unwilling to defend them. Even if we have to fight to preserve our lives and our freedom and die during the process, at least we die that we have struggled for some meaningful struggle. So we could not believe it. It is far better to preserve life and freedom than vanity and shame to turn to slavery in slavery. [1959:002] Pythagoras said: Therefore, freedom begins with our own discipline, self-control, right thinking and right action. Great freedom demands a great sacrifice in the form of persistent discipline. As famous US actress Katharine Hepburn said: There is no life without discipline at all. Discipleship is the key to success. Without there being no control and no freedom, there is no possibility of slavery.

Too often people are based on the assumption that peace must be kept at all costs? Any cost? Would you give your life an attacker to maintain peace? If you do not value yourself or your life, what is your life? What are your values? If you want to rape a woman and a predator, you will lose your dignity, your health and well-being, and believe that you are passive and allow yourself to be with you, it will make peace.

It is wrong to believe that peace is equivalent to passivity. This is wrong. Peace is not passivity. Peace is an active state of equilibrium between the opposite polarities of passivity and activity.

To understand this, we use cancer as an example. In a sense, cancer is a passively growing disease. If we identified peace with passivity, we would say that cancer is a peaceful disease. Nothing can go beyond the truth. If cancer is exposed to control, violent measures must be taken to destroy it – chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. These are violent measures, but are necessary to bring the individual back to balance and peace. The moral of the story: peace sometimes requires a great and violent action to preserve it, just as if someone had to protect their lives who wanted to destroy it. If they collide, we believe that peace will bring peace at such a price, our delusion will rob us and we will deserve exactly what we get … slavery. As the great Winston Churchill said, is an appeaser who feeds a crocodile hoping to be the last one to eat. The rubbing is that the polarized nature of the opposites can never live in peace: positive / negative, light / dark, up / down, back / forth, hot / cold, night / day, male / female, yin / yang and on and you. In the merciless world, fighting is the way of life, because we always struggle to maintain our balance, and we must do it and fulfill our lives. Due to the inherent nature of this world, the 20th century master Charan Singh warned people: Only live in the creation and leave it . Get outta here? Yes. Mystical teachings explain that there are other worlds, other mansions, other empires that are beyond the physical plane we are living in.

In the worldly world, the thing is that if we want peace, we must be ready to fight for it, just as we need a balance, we have to be ready to fight. Selling everything we own, including our freedom and our lives, in the hope of creating peace, will never work. Peace can not be consolidated if one is inclined to acquire our life. Sometimes we sometimes have to fight to preserve the life of peace, because peace at all costs is not peace, but slavery. Richard Andrew King

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