(Jesus said) Peace remains

I was alone in a manly house. I tried to live my life, a supplier of needs, husband and father. Yet I was alone. My work takes me to many people every day, but I felt that I did not communicate with anyone. I grew up in the church, I have a deep faith in God, yet I felt that the world did not acknowledge. The more I did, the more I tried to create a life, I was extinct in my life. I cut. There was only one way to go. I only found a balance in my life in one way. I had to stop and calm down. I listened to the voice of God. Then I remembered the words of Jesus: "Peace be calm." Oh, my heart.

My painful heart,

My dripping tongue,

The trembling of nervousness

Doubt is mixed with curiosity

The shocking soul is stirred

Ready to react, 19659002] My lips mumbling answer.

Yet Jesus said. "Peace be still."

Shaking hands want to fight.

My heart is lacking in the rhythm

Controlled by His Own Game

Warning That It's Not Good,

Although My Jesus said, "Peace be still."

Jesus, as the Prophet talked

"I cut him off." What does Jeremiah know?

How was he screaming at you from pain?

If you live in Christ and die in gains

Why should I hurt in my heart?

Happiness has kept my happiness

Happiness has kept my joy

Happiness loses my soul

Fear surrounds the world

Sorrow laughs

My heart is scattered Dear Sir [19659002] I must learn from your word

I heard how David shouted

Returning to the joy of your salvation

To renew my soul in me

I'm no longer sorry

But before your throne regrets teach me in 1966 in my soul

From your love not to please

Write to my heart

Be calm "



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