Joy, happiness or joy, you choose

Let's start with some definitions. First Officer and then mine

Joy – Relaxation, relaxation or fun, especially from work or weekdays. Satisfaction with senses, especially sexual satisfaction. The feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. Mine – Temporary Satisfaction, Entertainment or Satisfaction

Happiness – Unexpectedly, something unpleasantly pleasant or welcoming. Eternity, joy or pleasure .. Mine – Satisfaction, control, inner peace, provisional feelings of acceptance or approval

Joy – happiness, ecstasy, joy joy. Mine – A simple and patient approach to life that is based on over-surface or external circumstances. It is an inner pleasure, not an external pleasure.

All right, you ask – it is very similar to the above. Well yes and no. What's the matter, I've shared a bit more and you can decide which one you like in your life.

Happiness and happiness are usually the result of situations, circumstances or people outside. Both are transient, depending on what happens every day or minute to minute. No more than a few minutes, hours or a few days. Their surface is the best. Your favorite team wins. Your child's diploma. A promotion. A new connection begins. One week long vacation. Get it? All of these time, they lose our influence on our attitudes, feelings, or feelings. Besides, they all depend on something or someone – not you.

Happiness is a way of thinking that fills every waking moment every day, regardless of what's going on around you – positive or negative

If you can not bring inherited thinking to the worst experiences of life, you will not be happy with the other two and your reactions always depend on good or good things.

The best way to go through life is to enjoy every day at any time of the day, regardless of the challenges, frustrations or frustrations you are facing. Impossible to say? Read on.

I do not need to worry about joy or happiness-you know when you feel both and why. Ah, just a pleasure, this is a completely different story.

First, let me ask you a scale of 1 to 10, where would you be? 10? Come on – seriously, no one's perfect. 1? Come on, no one can be disheartened and read this article. Higher? ALL RIGHT. It's going to be less? ALL RIGHT. The question is, what kind of thinking, attitudes, beliefs or emotions usually determine your joys in the past, next week or next year? Let's talk about it.

Joy does not depend on happiness or pleasure, if you are not the joy, but something else. So what is it that contributes to the joy? Let me just talk to two.

Its Spiritual Life –

There are many ways to determine the joy, but I trust in God for the gifts I receive every minute. It is not my intention to give you pleasure from your perspective, but I ask you – you just feel joy whenever life goes well or you feel good about daily gifts – you can think 80 000 heart beats per day, you can think and create more than 40,000 breaths every day thousands of blessings that all of us get what most people take for granted. But beware – at some point you will experience your last breath and you do not know when this will be so, are you grateful for the simple blessings of life?

Two questions that we should consider – a joy donor? Do you live in every moment thanksgiving, or have you given all the gifts for yourself? Why not take some time and make a list of blessings on one side of the page and all the challenges / problems on the other side. I guarantee – regardless of what your current living conditions are – that a blessing list will be much more than a challenging / problematic list.

If this is the case, then think that people who are delighted; they live longer, they smile and laugh, they are less sick and generally have a more positive life than those who are guilty of guilt, anger, anger, or mistake.

Your good life is good, bad or neutral. First, we think of something, these thoughts lead to emotions and emotions. These emotions cause actions, decisions, or behaviors. See here the problem? If you do not control your thoughts, you will decide your answer – your emotions – about the quality of your life.

If you want more pleasure, you do not learn to control your emotions, but teach your thoughts. Easily? Is it necessary to experience joy? Yes.

You decide – where is he now where he used to go and change something, something, everything? You choose it.



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