Justification Government is required

The government is the body of a community or political entity capable of adopting and enforcing laws and maintaining peace and order. A government is needed as the leader of an organization, community or political entity.

Laws are important as it defines citizens' behavior. Determines which are legal or illegal. Without an act, an activity can not be recognized if it is a crime or not. The government's legislative role creates a code of conduct for individuals who have to follow.

The government's further role is to maintain peace and order. The police and the fire brigade ensure that murder, theft, arson, etc. Prevention or minimization of criminal offenses. When an offense is committed, their role is to investigate crimes and perpetrators.

At the same time, the government promotes harmony in justice and equality. If the crime is settled by the police, it is the responsibility of the governmental branch to bring the perpetrator to court for fair trial and punishment. Ensures that the right person is put to jail for the good cause.

The government also has the task of building roads, bridges, railways and other infrastructures. These are important because they are easier and more comfortable to move. This also facilitates business, as products and services can move faster from the source of production to the market.

Another role of the government is to provide children with access to basic education. It is imperative for children to learn to read, write and count.

The government's further role is to collect taxes and ensure that these taxes finance appropriate, socially beneficial projects. Money is needed to build state schools, roads and bridges and provide services such as welfare assistance, health care, unemployment benefits, and so on. In these countries, taxes will enter. Government imposes taxes on individuals and businesses for schools, roads and other infrastructure

It is important for the government to protect security from the threat. The task of the government is to defend its territory with military force against external threats such as terrorism, war and invasion. The government's police are protecting citizens from internal threats, such as civil disobedience, organized crime, lawlessness, and uprising.

Another role of the government is to foster contacts with other governments. In the age of globalization it is important for governments to work together to maintain peace and prosperity in the world



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