Learn Meditation – How to meditate and easily experience deep, happy peace

Do you want to learn meditation?

It's incredibly confusing with the various information about meditation to find out where to start.

But after getting a very high meditation status, I can easily help you do the same.

This article teaches you a real and easy way to meditate, so you are in the deep, nutritious state of getting peace.

First of all, why do you want to meditate? 19659002] Anyone who is interested in life, peace, happiness, love and joy will want to meditate. It can improve your health, make it more effective and become a better person. All this is happening in the feeling of new peace and happiness that you can experience.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of consciousness at this moment.

All your problems come from In fact, you have identified yourself with the mind. So any thoughts or emotions arise, he identifies himself to determine himself with him. The mind is in a constant conflict. Here and in the world and survival is needed in it. This is great when you lived in a cave, fought your territory and killed your food and your enemy, but today in our world where you live in a conflict, we are less able to succeed and work with others. It keeps you constantly and unbalanced.

If you have lost your emotions in your situation, it is more difficult to make a decision and you will mostly lose your peace and balance.

So, by identifying the roller coaster with all thoughts and feelings, meditation teaches us how to be present, to be aware of these thoughts and feelings instead of guiding them. By being present and witnessing your mind, you can discover the true nature that is always present. And this nature is love, peace and happiness. The masters of meditation have been saying for thousands of years that your natural experience when moving around with the identification of the mind is unconditional love, peace and happiness.

Let's start:

The first thing to do is to sit comfortably as comfortable as possible. Physical silence is the first, because if you move, it will be much harder to be present.

The second thing you need is to close your eyes. If your eyes are locked, you will be less ignored about what's around you.

The third thing is that you allow yourself to be like you. Let go of what thoughts and feelings are. We are not trying to change anything about you, but we accept ourselves as you are. Accept your current experience completely. Because when you accept it you will no longer participate in it, you will no longer be identified with it. See how your experiences are like those.

Your thoughts come from yourself, feelings go by themselves, and that's all right. Let them come and go without making it more important. This is the experience at the moment, that's all.

Automatically it will have peace. Only this whole world can change. Even if your experience of stress and unhappiness. If you allow stress and unhappiness, it will be an incredible peace. You will find deeper happiness in all of these.

The fourth thing to look at is your breathing. Breathing is a great thing that it always happens. So if you observe your breathing, you are present. It is therefore worth noticing the inside and out of the nostrils of the nostrils, or the sound of breathing. Or one is okay. This will help keep you breathing

So if your eyes are locked, you notice your breath and allow any thought, emotion, and feeling to be as you are, you meditate! The more you simply allow and witness to our experience, not the part of your experience, the deeper you will be in peace. And this peace of meditation can cure your physical, emotional and mental problems. This can lead to the incredible feeling of love and joy that radiates you without reason or cause.



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