Learn to talk like a hippie

Do you want to learn how to talk like a hippie? The floral children of the 1960s found dozens of opposing cultures of words and phrases to describe their experiences and beliefs. Whether you are planning a party for peace and love or just want to learn hipster slang, here is a short list of hippie words and phrases.

Baby or Babe: Kindness for men and women like "Honey."

Bag : Your favorite hobby or persecution, such as "Guitar playing is my bag, baby". The bra was considered a symbol of female repression, and the bra was sometimes burnt in protest.

Bread: Money or cash. "I wish I did not have to work, but I need bread."

Bummer: It's a sad occurrence or a sad feeling.

Cheetah: A pretty young woman

Cool: Wonderful or trendy and worth emulating.

Objection: Dark excuse for inaction or laziness. "He said the dog ate all brownie, what a cop!"

Dig: "I Dig", means "I understand your opinion." You can also describe something you love, such as: "I'm really gonna dig those sandals."

Do your own business! He does everything he can to make you happy.

Drag: Boring or disappointing.

Flowers for Kids: The hippies were called Flower Children because they had flowers on their hair, their clothes and painted flowers.

Flowering: Flowers symbolize the power of love in hatred. Most notably, hippies have put flower sticks on barrels of law enforcement weapons during the protests of the war.

Funky: Style is not conventional. For example, music and fashion can be funky

Generation Gap: Defines the Difference between Modern, Young Adults and the Ideas of Older and Conservative Generations

Realistic: Realistic.

Be calm and let things happen at your own pace.

Groovy!: The most liked! The coolest one!

Problem: Error or difficulty. "The police are relieved of what's wrong!"

If you feel good, do it: Be iniquitous, enjoy yourself the way you want it.

Calm: Calm and calm. "The crowd retreated"

: $ 10 sack of marijuana, a full ounce at that time.

Love beads: Natural beads that are fun to wear and entertain the symbol of friendship

Love-In: Hippies love everything like the central theme

Love is not a war: The hippies cried out this password to protest the war and peace and love.

Man: He spoke instead of his man's name as a buddy, a buddy, a friend, a friend. "Hey, man, I dig the Hendrix poster."

Man: the police.

Mellow: Good and nice.

Mellow Out: Lightweight; stay calm.

Munchies: Ugly hunger, "We got the fun!" It also means delicious meals, such as "We put out lots of mizzs."

Outta Sight or Out of Sight: Fantasticly: "The Beatles Outta sight!"

Plastic: Textile or artificial.

Rap: Rap is a friendly debate. The rap has to be talked about. The word was not related to music like today. [19595002] Right: An exclamation, which means "I totally agree".

Righteous: Worthy and Praiseworthy

Scene: Party or place where cool people meet. "Drop this groovy scene!"

Sell Out: Leave the ideals of counter culture material or personal benefits. "Out of stock to work in a bank, what an indebtedness!"

Split: Leave. – Let's leave this scene. "It should be shared at midnight."

Space: Describes a person or thing that is conformist, straight and very cool. "My mother is such a square!"

Fact: Complete obsession or favorite pastime. "The incense is my thing, baby!"

Styles: Clothes

Trippy: Wonderful and Stunning Psychedelic Overtones

Uptight: Stressed or on the Edge. "My dad is so tight about my friend."

Vibes: Short vibrations, this is a feeling or an intuition. "This place brings a great mood." "It's a bad mood from the police."

Exit: It's hard to believe or really amazing.

What Happens: Whaddup?

Where Is It: It's a very recommended place to go. – Haight-Ashbury is there, baby.

This list of hippie slang is by no means complete. What hippie words or phrases do you know are not on this list?



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