Let-Go – Choose the balance, the joy and the peace

To create a peaceful life of balance and joy, let go of negative emotions or voice recordings. Getting rid of our stepfather and sorrow freely sets us up and creates the stage for the best of our lives.

Think of the vulnerable situations you've experienced, kept, and now you can let go. What remains in your memory of anger, pain, regret, guilt, or sadness?

Notice what's happening in your body with thoughts. Your neck or stomach may be tense, your muscles shrink, the tension behind your eyes. . . . Negative emotions cause destruction.

If you're back and repaired, consider this. But some things, forgiveness and forgiveness are the best. It does not mean that it is an excuse for bad behavior or it is still associated with someone who is hurting. That's your decision. Forgiveness means accepting what happened and deciding to leave it and cause its feelings.

1) I agree. Nobody is perfect … not even you.
2) Ask the following questions:

a) How did I contribute?

b) What can I learn?

c) How can I avoid this in the future?

Please note! Know yours and others' mistakes

Finally decide to forgive and forgive. Choose Peace

We are all together in this, learning, forgiving, deliberately relieving, and entering into a beautiful, peaceful life [19659002] To slip the balance of balanced life to the side of pleasure, you must master the art of salvation

Have fun!

Sheri McGregor



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