List of Marine Change

Starts with a list. Several lists.

The list of things we need to sell the apartment. List of places we can rent while searching for our marine home. List of houses to see which one can be "one". List of things we need to buy to start a new home and kitchen garden. List of things that we may lack in our new world. Lists to earn money for the land of sea change.

This is a kind of compromise. What we need to do is stay here in the city and go with our careers, pay for our apartment, and invest in the dreamhouse from afar. In the meantime, we buy and sell the dream house to someone else, we live in the apartment house, which is an alley and dreams of gardens, plant patches, dogs, hives (and, yes, hives) and fruit trees that are one of ours.

But the apartment box has begun to close on us, the alley is no better, and professionals do not compensate for the shortage of gardens, plant patches, dogs and hives.

The dream of sea change has always seemed for about a year. but my not-very-unexpected redundancy created the opportunity that I was not completely ready. Is my partner still doing a great job if I have to go back there, I have to get a new job and invest in the redundancy package to promote the mortgage, so we're getting one step closer to this box? But then we have to live in the box as we realized, and we did not know only four and a half years of boxes and streets.

It's scary, it's insecure, and everything has to happen very quickly before I run my redundancy package, but here's the deal. We have eliminated the apartment to be valuable. We pack, board and rent a place in the area we would look at. As soon as we leave the apartment, we go to the market (why do not we do this soon?). Because we have two very big cats who are home checks, especially in a strictly non-pet-friendly layered building. With a little luck we sell it at the right price. In the meantime, we will start looking for our "new" sea changer house. If we know what we can spend, we'll bid. The idea is to be in the spring of spring to be able to plant and become self-reliant as soon as possible.

There are three people in the project. I, my partner and my sister, join us in the property, which we hope to divide into two standard homes. If we can prevent too many ambulances from accepting, that can only work.



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