Lost and Found: Peace

If you can view all broadcasts (TV or radio), or simply browse through the news channel on Facebook, it's obvious that something is missing. This generation of Christians has somehow lost something important … in fact, not just something important … something CRITICALLY important! It is important that it can be considered life-threatening; we lost it! We have lost something vital that we must immediately find and return, or we must continue to suffer the consequences.

This Christian Christian generation has lost the truth . We hardly know what it means anymore because we are used to the false definition of the world.

Peace in the world means a lack of conflict. This is the only peace the world understands, so the only peace we have taught and continued. Christians have only learned peace when our lives are running smoothly … when things go … when we have all the things we want … when we are not confronted with any conflict or conflict struggle. For us, that is peace … and we have no knowledge of it, its true meaning has vanished.

How did we lose it?

Well, since most of us were teenagers, we have already begun to define the world's peace; which is the acquisition of contemporaries, the acquisition of a secular position and the non-existence of conflicts. But in this world, our ability to provide these things only relates to the access we have to our desires. Those who have the desire to recognize one another, facilitate the struggle for social and financial conflicts, and provide the type of peace for themselves. Those who do not have the desire to have access to peace or any of their possessions. There is no peace in this world without keeping your heart's desire; even if the desire of his heart is peace.

Different levels of education are the root of the peaceful determination of the world. Education broadly determines if and how often we are confronted with conflicts. Hence, a person with higher education will often generate a large income, so he can not feel the opposite of things such as less fluctuations in gas prices, high quality childcare or an abrupt rise in absurdly high school education. However, a person without higher education generally has a lower income and you will see it before you see the same dilemmas as life-threatening conflicts that challenge their well-being, their spouses and their children. Education (especially in the United States and China) is a key factor in securing peace for all people, as the world sets them for and for all people involved.

The world's peace-based version creates two categories: " " and " no ". The former category has access to the world's only peace; while the latter is in jail, is not so peaceful (often literally) … only situations that conflict with the above-mentioned conflicts. It does not hide that many "no" have become desperate to be free of conflict, even if only a little. And it is no mystery that many " do not struggle to move from their world somehow" no " to the other side of the fence, where uniformly well-groomed, well-lined, well-irrigated grass is far, greener (often literally).

The sad part of both worlds is transient because both are based on "the present state " and the circumstances of life rarely allow this worldview of peace to be very long. The "current state", positive or negative, will always be completely temporary, and this is a peaceful world version and always a complete facade! The façade was designed to be the spirit of God's enemy … designed with a thought: I urge you to say the worst sentence a Christian could ever say: we must free everything … "

If you reach this point , then there is nothing to do to reach what is supposed to bring peace. At this point, a young black teen kills another young black teenager who seeks this world championship in his own peace. Then the husband loses his spouse's wife and marries his job (or co-worker) takes the sober intention of finding life better Peace At this point, people consume alcohol or inhale chemicals unless there is anything else to artificially gain the taste of the peaceful version of the world. And at this point, Christians can falsify tax declarations, buy what they can not afford for themselves, they exaggerate corporate foundations … they even embezzle church fundamentals to understand this version of the world's peace.

All because we lost the true meaning of peace … That's why a five-year-old family has spent the last dollars on the Lottery; why do men and women sacrifice additional hours of family work overtime? why they will sell their souls (often literally) dying to handle their hands as a substitute for peace.

But there is time to reject this mistaken substitute and regain the peace! The fact is: " true " peace did not go … it's just in the wrong place; ie it exists and is easy to find. To find it you really need to understand what Jesus says in this verse: "Bee with me go away … BEE will give I will not give to you, as the world gives …

Do not let your hearts confuse and not be afraid. " John 14:27

Where is real peace? Good Peace on the Cross Jesus said: "I will give you peace " "Warning Jesus did not mention [196599022] Then Jesus explained that peace is real … it is not the façade that has been restored, the world offers: It is not artificial, it is not superficial, it is unconcerned and is definitely not temporary The peace Jesus gives is SIMPLE AND EVERLASTING as well as his love is unconditional and eternal Jesus said that peace with your heart never need to worry or be afraid

Jesus' peace is again mentioned in John 16:33: "I told you these things to me to be PEACE …

There will be trouble in this world. But with heart (KJV – revive)! I defeated the world. "John 16:33

Jesus has said in this world that the feeling of all the peace that we have on us is temporary and it is completely miserable. But is a source of peace, to overcome the misery of the world In other words, the world's method of circumventing the lack of a conflict is a defective infant for Jesus' peace, which exists even in the midst of conflict

So … Here is how to be "true" . Follow these instructions of Jesus, whom Peter has given for years after Jesus: death and resurrection: "Take heed to all your care, for he cares for you …" 1 Peter 5: 7

Leave this world of peace, "There is no complete conflict in this world until Jesus returns to rule as king, instead of pr to his left to get the peace that Christ gave that surpasses understanding. Just worry about Christ as the fisherman rolls into the deep water. Drop your anxieties … because he cares so much that you catch them!

Do not let your circumstances and desires determine the definition of peace. Bring the peace you've lost. Seek peace in Christ, and then you find the peace it holds!



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