Make me a peace tool

Everyday practice for me was not listening to early news or turning on my computer until I have some time to feed my soul. This is the practice of really working to get to know my own peace.

I wake up quickly, around 4:30 or 5 o'clock, rejoin listening to the flow of soft breeze on the shore of the lake and the grass in the grass. A lone bird sings its praise and promises a new dawn, even if the sun is still below the horizon. As soon as it is about 5 o'clock, the harmony of the other awakening birds adds the choir.

Watches "New Morning" at 6am at Hallmark Station. This gentle program sets the tone for the mirror day. It's interesting how often the topics relate to my day-to-day studies and activities. This morning, the theme was "Peace Makers".

After the program I took my book, journal and camera in the canoe. I was the only person at the lake. The sounds of birds and squirrels, as well as the canoe and the breeze and the water lapping against the canoe, went through the landscape.

Two docking downs, a gooseberry sitting on a generous neighbor lawn, who left them specialties. The goose parents kept the faster-growing bark exchanges and the landing response took time.

For me, this is the set of peace. I let the wind take it to the moon around the curve of the lake.

The prayer of the woman in St. Louis, St. Francis, is the first line: "Bring Me the Tool of Peace". I can face the fact that if I ask her to become a means, it means that I have to bear the peace of mind.

It took me nearly six decades to learn this lesson. Our social, often religious, practices teach us that what is inside and out of ourselves gives us peace.

Too many times we seek peace from what we are doing or looking for or looking for, instead of recognizing that the Creator's peace takes time to commune and seek the wisdom that is always there. I believe that with the Creator's breath I am alive and the Creator's presence is in my soul.
There is a sentence, "The Course of Miracles," which says, "I can not choose peace, like this one."

This simple message has had a tremendous impact on me over the last six months. I do not say that I learned the lesson completely, but I work from my point of view.

I discovered that what I live between my own life and the world like chaos, pain, destruction, unfairness, betrayal, war, hunger, loss … can cause serious confusion in my world of peace.

I know I can not change the whole spectrum of chaos that keeps the world in a calm state. What I understand is that peace must have a chance to have peace.

Not easy. But a better choice than to think about negative thoughts and contribute to chaos. And is this exactly a "choice"?

I want to share sites that offer a range of peace and understanding and a deeper relationship. The world is in conflict with the Middle East crises. Much of this comes from the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts as the law of Israel. Who is eligible to the ground? There is a generation of disagreements, as each one tells the perception of history and the right to the earth.

There is a group of Israeli and Palestinian experts who have formed the Prime (19459004) ), a group of powerful peace and understanding. Co-owners, Dr. Sami Adwan, a Palestinian, and an Israeli Israeli Dan Bar-On operate on an equal footing.

Together, efforts have been made in textbooks and curriculum "Learning each other's historical narrative" in both ethnic-based schools. If Dr. Adwan was looking at the imprisonment of Israeli soldiers with his alleged connection with Fatwah in the 1990s, instead of "choosing peace rather than".

Describes a number of events in which an Israeli soldier refused access to water pumps for detainees during surrender. However, another soldier overruled the decision and allowed the prisoners to lift their thirst.

He was faced with the hard behavior of another event that a guard spoke to Dr. Adwan. Again, another guard treated him with compassion and respect. From these experiences Dr. Adwan found peace in his heart. He realized that although these people were Israeli soldiers, he was not able to judge the same soldier. The uniforms were the same, but each person was an individual with different values ​​and prospects for dealing with them whom they should guard.

Dr. Adwan decided to extract peace from his experience, instead of chaos and hatred. Today, he and his collections on Prime want to make peace. I am convinced that this Muslim-Jewish alliance is based on the place of peace and a clear intention to find a common ground, as both follow the end of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Peace comes from all of us and our relationship with the spirit of creation. It is certain that the Creator is the axis of peace.

If we choose "peace," think about our influence to understand ourselves, our relationships, our faith – to extend this attitude to the world we live in.

We need only a peaceful mind to nourish the hearts of peace to bring them into the garden of our world.

Other sites that show peace-seeking efforts, please see: Center for Nonviolent Communication .

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