Make peace with your mother

It's said that a picture is talking a thousand words, but sometimes the photos are lying. They can tell the truth to a man, but the other person can hide unresolved feelings.

In 2005 a photo with me and my mother, so it was for me. They had unresolved fury.

My 90-year-old mom has since passed away. This is my legacy and a request.

Immediately after a 2005 photo, a friend and nurse visited. She was angry with her that she felt that her deceased mother had never appreciated her and her talent. He still consumed it. In that day, I thought I did not want to feel my mother angry after she died. It started on a journey I shared a little with you. No more Zena, warrior prince

It was always my mom who turned to solve her problems. My father died 50 years ago. Oldest child! Your only daughter! Women's cultural expectations! So Zena, the warrior princess, the defeated champion of the world, and my alter ego were born. Over time, in the first couple of words, my mother would mention her problems, choke away the rest of the words and begin to spiritually solve them. He felt that in later years I was dreaded when I visited the nursing home. Oh, no! What's the problem today? would be my over-thinking thought.

A lovely lady showed me how to look different. Perhaps my mother solved her own problems and only gave me weekly reports. Oh! I assumed I did not listen to everything she said. Zena put down her sword and stopped her mother and the world. Life was peaceful as I listened to every word and only entered when I asked.

These are just words

I admit I'm super sensitive. I hated my mom, questioning Why are you so happy? I did not feel like being optimistic. I felt I could not afford to be happy if she was not happy either. What stories are about the words of other people.

The same dear lady asked to note that this question was a habit, perhaps a family expression of the younger mom's mom. They talked about their biography, not their criticism. Oh! I did not have to change to be kind to my mother. When I changed my answer to this question, I never heard my mom say it again. They taught me the lesson they had to study and went. Love and Let Love As my sister's girlfriend, I wanted to acknowledge and thank my mother. I wanted to estimate the words. I never heard them.

I've read a book about how introverts and extroverts work and think differently. A speaker, Leo Petrik, spoke on this topic, which is "Aha's Moment." Some lessons take longer than others

My mother was introverted and praised, she was not a natural way. me – the road is not on my way. Suddenly I realized that the problem he had brought when choosing the cards for the ones most represented was the way to say it: I love you and I appreciate

I read my cards before, this time I read them again with love and new eyes

My mother was right for her, changed and wiser, our last years were happy to send me

My mother died peacefully a year ago. and regret, only loving memories and peace

Some family trauma is more difficult to reconcile and need more professional help than I can only open. If your relationship with you or your mom is related to everyday challenges, I will leave my mother's legacy in this article.

My anger is gone, and now we can look at the photo with love. It sits where I see every day.



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