Make-Up Application – Get the Base Better

In order for a woman's make-up to look good, the base must be good and basic, not just the foundation (although it certainly helps) – I understand the skin. If your skin is clean and well hydrated, your makeup will be better on your face. Obtaining skin care rights and purchasing the right products pays a dividend for that skin. Good skin care can help control oily skin so I don't feel the face-make slides down and can help dry the skin so that the foundation does not disappear because of the effect of the orange shell. For example, if we look at detergents, I advise you to take a detergent for a greasy skin and a cream cleaner for dry skin, with normal skins having a choice.

He also eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and can easily make chocolate.

If you are satisfied with the base, then we can move on to the make-up base, and even here I won't go straight to the foundation. There are a lot of great skin adjusters that you can carefully adjust to your skin color before foundation, such as a green or yellow highlighter with reddish faces, or black soothing chicks until you believe or believe you really can't use blusher for over the foundation!

The foundation comes and the only makeup women are most concerned about. This helps you get advice from a color or image consultant, as people can help you get the basic color right. The foundation must match your skin and look at the chin, not the back. Many people have a foundation or too dark, which is aging or bad sound. Its texture depends on the type and preference of the skin, but there are many choices from liquid to cream.

Then I would look for any additional coverage requirements, whether it be the strange mistake, the inside of the eye or the circles under the eyes, and I would use a concealer in these areas.

This is followed by light or loose powder spraying, but this is not always necessary for the wearer, the skin, and their age and age. The loose powder provides a lighter, more professional surface, and has the advantage of allowing two or three lightweight applications in succession when on a special occasion and wanting to keep the make-up for a while.

Pressed powder is less turbid for use and faster, but very easy to use, ideally pressed gently, and then moved down with a large powder brush. Ideal for carrying dust when, for example, you want to grab your workplace makeup. Quite often, even if the rest of the skin is relatively normal and behaves well, the t-zone may be greasy and blotting is needed during the day and a little pressed powder is ideal for this.

Get the foundation and you're on the road to get the other make-up rights.



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