Make Up Foundations

What basics do you offer to patients? Which brand is and what to look for when looking for the base right?

There are so many different products and basic colors in color and there are many different skin colors and skin types. Even if there was a brand that you thought would be good, it would not work for anyone or anyone else. This is one of the reasons why many dermatologists do not recommend the foundation of any company. But this is primarily because they do not want to advertise things that I do not think is good for the health of your face. Women love or have to wear the base, but it is very difficult to recommend a universal product.

If you have to rely on a base, try a water-based product instead of an oil-based primer. The oil-based product adheres to more than one water-based material inside the pores. Many times when a patient enters his face, on an oiled base on his face, he will receive more than the usual two cleansing that he will do all he can. Sometimes I see tiny base inserts in the pores after cleaning and even peeling on the face surface, indicating that they probably will not clean the skin at home.

Dermatologists should always know the client, do not do anything to get the skin clean – not all makeup off. Cleaning at least twice a night in order to wear makeup. The first cleaning is to get the makeup; the second cleaning to keep your skin clean. Without doing at least two cleansers, it increases as much as possible the clogged pores.



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