Media and spiritual guides

The Mediumship is the original term that refers to the process in which people can communicate with the spirit through a medium that can hear or feel the spirits. Many people want to contact dear ones and ask questions, know certain things, or sometimes they can only be sure they are okay, and this necessity and availability to let our dear people go to different people who act as a medium and connect us with ghosts. There are two well-known forms of mediation; spiritual and physical. Spiritual media are people who hear the spirits and physical media of those who feel the presence of spirits with various manifestations, such as noise, rape, levitation, and even materialization of spiritual bodies.

Not everyone can be the medium between the living and the dead, and those who are able or choose to always do so are always in control of the truthfulness of their actions and the living messages they give. This is because people have been used in different cases, and the scientific community has no evidence that the mediumship is a true way of connecting with spirits. Even if the medium is one of the most sought-after people who find peace for many people who don't want to let their loved ones go.

There were very successful media in the first years of this concept:

Firenze Cook (1856-1904): Born eight years after the foxes nurtured the world, Florence Cook was a normal child and he lived a very normal life until he was 15, and when his parents had a lot of care because their daughter claimed to speak to angels; Florence marks the end of his normal life. In addition to being well-trained and attractive, Florence was a very talented medium who, to this day, was wondering if it was a real medium or a false one. Florence was famous for its spiritual leader, Katie King, who had to be a buccaneer's daughter and a very bad person who came to the ground to repay her sins. Firenze would make her face and sometime Katie King's entire being stunned by the presence of the spirit, and this was the result of her coming to Florence and gaining strength. Florence took a break from the media after getting married and Katie King's ghost decided to leave the land during this time, but a few years later, Florence returned with a new spiritual guide. but the year when he returned he caught the presence of the spirit. Many also doubted that Florence was like a ghost, but no one could make sure that this was not justified. The detailed story provides a better insight into the events surrounding the medium .

Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899): Born in 1823, Emma was a talented child who saw the spirits of her relatives and family friends. She lost her father in the sea very early in life … Emma used her musical skills to support her family, and this skill sent her to America in 1856, where she was exposed to Seances, and started the same feeling as she was when she was a child. The most famous and in fact one of the most reliable cases of the presence of the spirits was the sinking and details of the Pacific ship … it was reliable because not many people were aware that the ship had sunk and although Emma was threatened by the owners of the shipping company to spread such a rumor … reinforcing the descent Emma's credibility was brought to new heights. Emma remained a medium for a long time and became one of the most respected supporters of the early modern spiritual movement. He was the one who created the Seven Directors-General of Spiritism and said that Robert Owen's spirit of communication inspired these principles by agreeing with all spiritualists.

Sir William Crookes (1832-1919): According to a British chemist, Sir William Crookes was born in 1832. He was the one who discovered the thallium element with the efforts of the French Lam Lam. Crookes was considered a very outstanding chemist and physicist, and was a very forward-looking man. Crookes was very much involved in supernatural & # 39; and attracted interest in the media to study and convince them of their origins. Crookes took part in Florence Cook when he asked him to enforce him as a medium. This happened when a person taught Katie's spirit in one of Florence's sledges and claimed to be false. Crookes held a section in his own house to make sure what was happening and after the process was completed … he announced that Florence could not counteract Katie's spirit. . truly. .. Katie's spirit says she took Crookes behind a curtain where Florence was supposed to be motionless. Anyone who claims to have seen the two has never seen both faces at once. When the fraudulent nature of Florence's activities turned out later, Crooke's reputation was not affected, as it indicated that it was using the best-known methods to make sure it was genuine and that they had all gone through it.

Early forms of physical mediation aimed at creating public confidence in the presence of the spirit. Transfers and transmitting messages were not enough to give the media more evidence. This has led to the emergence of all the ghost leaders, which many media have indicated they have spoken about.

The works of the various media have been made counterfeit, including those that brought spirituality to the world (the Fox sisters). Even if people need to believe in an afterlife and still feel as if they are in contact with their deceased loved ones, they overcome the logic and will convince people of anything that has a little chance. It is hard to say whether Florence was false or Crookes just helped him speculate in certain circles, because there is evidence and there is no clear evidence, so the truth is left to the thinker's imagination. However, Emma is a completely different experience, as someone who can predict the future, just by looking at people and reporting situations that they might not have known, does not necessarily indicate that there is something more than a physically visible … definite existence. .. will always be a mystery.



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