Mental health – What do mental illnesses mean? How to Eliminate Abnormal Behavior and Find Peace

Why there are mental illnesses and how to cure them, a problem that has been worried about me since my childhood because my dad was schizophrenic, but because of his financial strength, his absurdity did not prevent commands.

At the beginning of my life, I saw that we lived in a crazy world, where absurd people can govern and decide on behalf of others, set their wills.

Later I saw one of my best friends in a severe mental illness. He was like a brother, and his case had a huge impact on my life.

I met him in a Sao Paulo (Brazil) clinic after his long trip to the United States and Europe, where he was detained because he started crushing everything in his house and his two brothers, full of anger, without any explanation. They have been psychotic and have been psychiatrists for 5 years.

My uncle Leonid was another case that I followed with sadness. He became hysterical after losing his consular position. He lived with a good heart, but fell into a rare psychological type that finds peace and mental health through life alone.

However, only when I was faced with the struggle against my absurdity I understood what a mental illness really was and what caused Carl Jung's research into an unknown area of ​​mankind with psychics to interpret the dream.

I clearly saw that the human being was still an animal who inherited his great primitive conscience, and was very violent in most of his brain.

This primitive conscience causes all persistent mental illness because it tries to control our behavior to get rid of human sensitivity.

Mental illnesses are actually causing distortions in the functionalism of our nervous system that cause imbalances and abnormal behaviors, and the invasion caused by the invasion of the conscience of conscience on the human side of conscience is absurd thoughts and feelings. Later, we can completely destroy our consciousness through dizziness, the void of our mind, hallucinations, and unbearable feelings.

The scientific method of sleep interpretation can help everyone find peace and mental health by eliminating the dangerous impact of anti-conscience, because the unconscious mind that creates our dreams is a natural doctor: the best person we can ever find.

Arnold's electroshock treatment was followed by an abnormal behavior and never restored his human conscience and entirely depends on whether the psychiatrist had given him the heavy medicine until he ended his own life.

Nowadays everyone finds his mental health through the interpretation of the dream according to the scientific method, whether schizophrenic, psychotic, hysterical, neurotic or depressed; and today we can prevent all mental illness by removing the dangerous influence of anti-conscience so that no one can get it with such a vexation as my brother.



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