Mother Teresa – and world peace

1979th On 17 October, Mother Teresa Teresa in Calcutta, India, won the Nobel Peace Prize in the fight against the "Poverty and Poverty Affliction of Peace". Have you tried to overcome the terror that is being fostered by religious enmities?

In the awards ceremony, he said: "I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion because direct war is a direct murder – direct murder by the mother." "Because if a mother can kill her own children, then you have to kill me and kill me There is nothing {http: // nobelprize.) If this laureate is still alive, he would have said that terror is the greatest peace today because terrorists are planning to eliminate peace, fear or hatred. they are so akin to death that they do not seem to like life, they do not work according to the rules and are willing to die if they are to deliver explosives to their purpose and not care who dies with them It seems that there is no physical protection against terrorists who are stifling our world.

On the assumption that the Western world is a Christian, while the nations are governed by democratic the majority of the states forced to force them are Islamic, or Eastern or even traditional religions, then religion becomes the world's most important problem.

In August this year, US President Bush uses terms like Islamic fascists, both for Hezbollah and for suspected bombers who were held in London. This week, at a press conference in his donation farm, he said terrorists were trying to spread their message of jihad – the message I called – Islamic radicalism and Islamic fascism.

These statements hurt the overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims. For their protection, it may be true that there is no Islamicism about the fascism of terrorists.

It is true that the UN, which is currently the supreme secular body, does not support or suppress religion. In fact, the United Nations and the United States made it easier for Muslims to find out about Yugoslav Christian repression in the 1990s. In fact, the United States has incorporated the Amendment I into the bill that the Congress does not create a law that respects or prohibits the practice of religion. "


This law, which does not respect or prohibit religion, becomes one of the best repositories of peace that is ruined by the deterioration of religious hostilities.

Just a decade ago in December 1998 Poso, one of the islands in Indonesia, resulted in a month of religious violence in which hundreds of people died. Poso is in the central Sulawesi district, on the fourth largest Indonesian island with 80% Muslim and 17% Christian population

In July this year, the attack on Hezbollah in Israel caused hostility in Lebanon and hundreds of deaths and injuries on both sides. Infrastructure suffered extensive damage and sent home more people

On October 9, North Korea has bravely made a first nuclear test for the international community despite proving it proactively – possessing weapons of mass destruction

For Peace a solution to the current problem is ecumenism. Once it was said, "There is only one God and he is God for all, so it is important for everyone to look equal to God. I've always said that we need to help a Hindu better Hindu, Muslim becomes a better Muslim, Catholic becomes a better Catholic. The mission of the charitable organization was offered to the benefit of ecumenism. He said that there are 475 souls among us -30 families Catholics, the rest being Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs – different religions. But they all come to our prayers.

Following the series of wars and rumors of world wars, leaders in the world now need to think that the chaotic and uncertain world needs to be given a peace based on the world by a faith. automatically asks all the religions of the world to borrow a letter from the Hindus whom the supreme creature has said that, as far as they are approaching me, I still get them because even the roads where people take mine on both sides. {Gita IV, 11}. This is to make the Hindus exist in a peaceful way with other religions because they do not lobby for more members. Lobbying also causes religious hostilities.

For Christians, this is not a surprise, but a fulfillment of the scripture, which works while still in the daytime because it comes at night (Amos 8: 11-12). When the night is over, the believers of the scriptures must accept their means and accept the dictates of their fulfillment. The Pope Benedict, who accidentally violated Muslims in his speech in Germany, must realize that it is time to embrace the post-Second Vatican II Catholicism. This Catholicism states in part that Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and all other religions that strive to help people overcome the feeling of alienation from the ultimate reality apply to the places of salvation [19659002] END



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