Music for the Stars!

Alan Cohen's author, "Chicken Soup for the Soul," and other inspirational books said that in his work "The Lifestyle of the Rich Soul."

One of the outstanding political figures of a Muslim nation visited the university recently to speak and answer questions and watch the president of the institution and literally attack him. There was no peace in the words he used to describe the guest, he thought this man represented the enemy, and the wars of the words were okay. It was obvious to everybody that this man and his country did the work of the devil, and it was our duty to remove him first, dehumanizing him, then threatening to war.

Guest responded as much as possible to the questions; he knew that most of the audience did not accept his words, but he tried to explain his country's position on a number of issues that caused fear in the hearts of Americans; but our thoughts have shown that this man is hating someone. On the other hand, he stood firmly on the ground and expressed his position clearly as the mood of the emotions around him. He did not say he hated or wanted to destroy us, he said he wanted to be a friend; he said that his religion was peaceful and wanted to live according to his conquests, without any other nations interfering. The Iraqi conflict made a meaningless attempt to check something that was not under our control; it existed for centuries before our country was born and has always found ways to solve its own problems. The rage of rage and anger in which he found himself preserved his composition and expressed his feelings about how we created the situations we were involved in and what we are the ones that force other nations to necessarily evolve.

The real question is not about man and his country; we are all concerned. As Alan said, we must find peace in our hearts in order to heal our separation. If we are motivated by fear, anger and hatred, we will see this; this man's face was a manifestation.

We do not practice what we proclaim every Sunday in a church, we do not follow the teachings of Christ if we try to control an attack and struggle. Destruction will never recover healing, but forgiveness. Every year of the struggle we still do not get the concept of unity; we are still on the higher planes; we are inseparable from the source and do nothing, we just fight to re-link; the conditioning of the years made us, as we are, a group of wandering people who seek redemption for all sorts of wrong ways. Everything else is against us when there is nothing else; what we see is a mirror, there is to remember who really are.

Alan said something else in his book: "The most important contribution you and I towards the world peace is that we are peaceful to be peaceful for those who live their lives daily and forgive ourselves for our mistakes – the point we loved ourselves, no matter what we have ever done. "

Here is the time for this forgiveness; now is the time to reunite myself to be a soul that expresses the love that fills my heart. I can change and change to be in peace; Help me from my sources and give it; I would like to ask you to fill my body and give it; I ask you to share this love with your life and give it.
This explains my thoughts with the Russian folk song:

If people have lived their life

It's like a song!

To sing the light

Ensure music for the stars

Dancing circles in the night.



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