NEMA draft amendment – call for comment – Tell me now or keep the peace forever

Edna Molewa, South African Minister of Water and Environment, Edited by the National Environmental Management Act (NEMLA) 2011 bill. Public opinion is being asked for their views and comments on the new bill now. The deadline for comments by the public sector is 30 days after 30 days of the NEMLA bill, which means that interested parties will have to give their concerns about environmental law by 30 September 2011.

The 2011 new NEMLA Act outlines the specific provisions of the three acts:

1. National Environmental Management Act (NEMLA)

2. National Environmental Biodiversity Law (NEMBA)

3. National Environmental Management Air Quality Act (NEMAQA)

What's New Bill's Purpose?

The main purpose of Bill is to overcome the shortcomings identified in the implementation of the above three laws so that environmental management and service provision can be improved. If the amendment is approved, the minister would be in a position to limit certain sites for a certain period, but may also prohibit developments in certain areas. The 24G administrative fine, which is currently at R1 million, will increase to 5 million. Persons responsible for paying the fine would have been exempted if they had taken special emergency measures. For environmental management environmental managers, green scorpions enjoy greater room for maneuver in the vehicle or other means of transport if they are used to commit a criminal offense. In addition to these various adjustments, the role of the minister is also clarified in terms of regulatory powers as they apply to the maintenance of threatened or protected flora and fauna and ensure that the minister becomes more flexible when listing and managing alien vegetation and fauna, regulates the exploitation of the natural resources of the country, allows the Ministry of Environment to withhold loans secured by biological research agreements in a fund to raise disadvantaged communities and allow DEA to launch more legal punishments against those who have violated the law in force without the necessary permission.

Because of the serious threats to the environment due to commercial and illegal acts, this new Bill may prove to be the answer while enjoying the benefits of people and the natural resources offered by the country. Interested parties are hereby invited to make comments to the Minister before the expiry of the deadline.



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