New Earth – Author Eckhart Tolle & Oprah Talking About Peace That Fails Understanding

A new terrestrial author, Eckhart Tolle and Oprah, talk about peace that transpires in understanding.

At the end of Chapter 2 of the online discussion, Oprah asked Eckhart: "Close the peace that has come to all understanding on page 56. What is this peace?" What neither Tolle nor Oprah knew about their secular class at skype was Eckhart 56-58. in God's book, God is a vital part of the peace process. Eckhart, on page 56, starts the whole concept by mentioning St. Paul, who summarized the sentence as a whole: "The peace of God, which gives all understanding, keeps his heart and minds by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4: 7). [19659002] Eckhart, page 57, mentions the "Spirit" and his involvement in releasing us from the imprisonment. Tolle, as he mentions, exists, I am, and God's peace. This is where Eckhart I think he leaves the reader. Undoubtedly, Mr. Tolle is preparing for another amazing breakthrough that he is likely to experience, but struggles to fully formulate the biblical terminology.

Undoubtedly, many discoveries of Tolle come from the Bible. Eckhart's use of the term "I Am" is again recognized by the words of Jesus. Jesus Christ said, "Before Abraham, I am" (John 9:58). God, when Moses called Moses for divine service to be freed when Moses asked how to refer and mention him, God said, "I am that I am," and God said to Moses, "This is how you will say He sent me to the children of Israel. "(Exodus 3:14) Eckhart, who speaks with Oprah, is in Chapter 2," Peace, the Transferee ", in his inner approach to the present moment, which means what, whatever when we no longer argue with what you are when you are not fighting internally. "

Door to enter the confusion I believe and feel that Eckhart speaks about accepting the present circumstances, especially what is beyond your power." Paul's imprisonment in Philippi is undoubtedly something that he can not change or change in his own power. So Paul wrote, "Give thanks in all things; because this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you "(1 Thessalonians 5:18) Acknowledgments opens the door to the peace of God, because it respects the sovereignty of this question through refusal of control and thanksgiving of God.

Eckhart's internal harmonization "There is no greater internal alignment than humble in harmony with the Creator and His will in your life, the will of God is described in the Word of God, our Creator has given us 66 books, sent us a love letter in which we can get to know his heart and will for our life [19659002] Knowledge of God and His thoughts in any case gives great peace and personal strength. "Those who know their God will be strong and do great things" (Daniel 11:32). Oprah is a perfect example as you have often said he always prayed for God to use him.

Of course, he is spiritually on our path we always grow, develop, learn, adapt and continually transform. That is why we love God to be loving and patient to each other in the process of life, realizing that we can not change ourselves either. Change takes place in the atmosphere of unconditional love where people feel secure in the presence and presence of God. Therefore, the struggle against religious dogmas and divisive doctrines can be so damaging to divest people from God who give bitter taste in their mouths and hurt their hearts with the childish faith of conscience.

If I respect and respect Eckhart, if I did not start the whole idea and concept with biblical references, I would simply leave it. Bearing in mind, however, that the whole genesis of the concept comes from the "peace of God", and in Tolle's Chapter 2, page 58, "resting in God" is meant to speak only of a better God.

Tolle's conversation with the whole book and Oprah is about the egoic mind and presence. On page 57, he writes: "Essential identity as unformatted, as all existent presence, before all forms of existence exist before each identification."

The capitalization of "presence" and "being" is "the divine God who goes beyond form and is ubiquitous." Tolle is best suited to associate humanity's identity with the divinity as we "live, move, and exist" in God (Acts 17 : 28) The more we tie our Creator and realize that they are "made in his picture", the more our own "fundamental identity" will be created and free to appear

Remember, Paul wrote the church and the believers in Christ in Philippi, those who have no connection with God who are not related to the Father in heaven, by the Son of Christ, surely can not experience such profound "peace that passes on understanding" nor keeps them in their hearts and minds (what Paul it was said in verse 4: 8 that Christ would do.)

The life of believers was hidden with Christ in God (see Coloss ians 3: 3) in which we become perfect and our identity is fully grounded (Colossians 2:10). Peace that leads to understanding is a spiritual experience that is not from the mind or from the soul. When I say to the soul, I talk about the ingredients: the mind, the desire and the emotions. Paul's Apostle experienced many difficulties throughout his life, in which he had plenty of opportunity to stun, embarrass his mind and experience pain under his soul. Perhaps Paul suffered more than any other disciple of Christ.

Paul described supernatural peace as he often experienced the divine visits from God and was diligent in hearing the voice of the Holy Ghost, speaking to him, providing a concrete direction. Undoubtedly, he hears the voice of heaven and earth creator about his current problem, and the situation is far more certain and reassuring than merely acknowledging his soul and staying in his presence.

"The voice of the Lord is strong, the voice of the Lord is full of the majesty" (Psalm 29: 4). The prophet Elijah knew the silent voice of God and worked with the Lord to awaken Israel from their spiritual dreams. Jesus said that his people know His voice and follow Him (John 10:27). Christ promised that the Holy Ghost would "speak" and "show us things" (Jn 16:13). I have heard the voice of the Spirit many times, increasing and blessing my life.

With regard to the peace of God, when you hear the voice of the spirit within your "belly", as Jesus mentioned (see John 7:38, KJV), this brings together great certainty and peace. Though you will not fully understand your mind, in your heart will come a divine peace to accompany such a sound.

"There are many voices in the world, none of which are indispensable" (1 Corinthians 14: 10). Therefore, when you hear that the voice of God the Holy Spirit speaks to you, your power and the glorious glory that comes with you will capture and awaken your inner being. So literally it allows you to divide and recognize the voice of God and the ego voice of the mind.

In the description of the voice of God, David said that the Lord's voice "breaks", "shares", "shakes", "skips", "discovers" and gives birth "to the hood" (Psalm 29). it is said that when the Holy Spirit of God speaks to you, it is a breakthrough in your life, the voice of God divides and allows you to notice all the voices of your head, the voice of the Lord shakes, awakens and releases you from the soul

it gives you a new and unfailing insight into your gifts, talents and abilities – you did not even know that you were or might have slept with your love of God, or awakened with your Creator

As your identity with God is better explored, grounded and displayed, you can bring new things in your life. replaces anxiety, life replaces depression where it felt as if it had died; and the unpleasant places in your life and relationships are suddenly transformed and blessed by the Spirit of God who overwhelmingly overcomes and reconciles everything and resurrects the dead.

When Paul was in the sea and told that the ship on which the trip was intended to sink, there was a great stir and confusion among the soldiers. However, Paul's peace exceeded his natural circumstances because he visited an angel of God: "Do not be afraid, Paul, you must put Caesar before him, and behold, God has given you all who were with you" (Acts 27: 23-24.) [19659002] Faith in God to which he belonged and full of heart, Paul was kept by the peace of God. By faith we have access to the grace of God on which we stand and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God (see Romans 5: 2). "Therefore faith is justified by the peace of God with our Lord Jesus Christ" (5: 1). This means that belief in God is that the divine peace is beyond the vainness and limitations of our consciousness. Internal science coming from within is about our spirit. With the Holy Spirit of God he speeded up and talked with Paul's spirit and created an ineffable peace that surpassed the mental arena.

We can feel such a perfect peace that conveys understanding if we love Paul, "trust in the Lord with all our hearts (Proverbs 3: 5). Therefore, in the angel of the Lord, Paul arose and boldly spoke to the soldiers on the ship : "Have fun! do not cause any person's life, but the boat. Gentlemen, be a good mood: for I believe in it that it will be as they have been told to me "(see Acts 27: 22,25) Paul acknowledged that the ship is lost but death is truly" the Prince of Peace " (See Isaiah 9: 6-7) Jesus sounded quietly and stormed a number of storms throughout his life ground service

When the disciples, many of whom were fishermen and sea masters, afraid that they would die because of a coming storm, Jesus "rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was great rest "(see Matthew 8: 23-26)

Jesus rebuked the wind and talked with the seas that obeyed him: Our Lord Jesus admired many people and said," What man is the wind and the sea to obey they will do it "(Matthew 8:27)

The miraculous mind of many of us marveled at the miracles Jesus performed and continues from heaven our disciples on earth, says," He who believes me also does his works; and they must do more things than these; for I will go to my Father "(John 14:12)." The shadow of Jesus Christ never healed the sick, but Peter's brother did (Acts 5: 15-16). (Acts 19: 11-12): Christ never advertised to thousands and saw that one day they turned to God, but Peter (Acts 2: 37-41)

Most of them in this earthly world love and capture in their own mind they are bound to their ego, and they can not go beyond the mental arena to enter the spiritual dimension with enthusiasm. experience life-giving spirituality, flourish in life, and experience the joy of joy.

God's soul is flowing like the rivers of living waters (see John 7: 37-39). But on Earth today is the degree of exaltation of their thoughts and opinions while strongly arguing to support them as Rush Limbaug Bill O & 39 Reilly and Sean Hannity raised their entire career over arguments and debates to support their views and ideologies.

It is far more entertaining than to think and argue, but to enter and enjoy the divine flow of life. In the Garden of Eden, when human life began, there were two outstanding trees: the tree of life and the tree of good and evil knowledge (see 1-3) The tree of life was exactly and exactly like a life that gives wood. the tree of knowledge that the devil tempted Adam and Eve to sacrifice their pride, and ultimately to their death, is no different today.

Yet, in all wisdom of Solomon, he called the infinite learning and acquisition of knowledge, "the vanity and illusion of the ghost "(7:12) The most important determining factor and distinction between useless and meaningless knowledge and the life mediator , Confirmatory, Uplifting, Useful Knowledge

In the Bible besides the Proverbs, another widely known "book of wisdom" James, the brother of Jesus. James recognized and distinguished the distinction between the two kinds of knowledge: "Who is a wise man and knows the knowledge in public? From a good conversation work with the gentleness of wisdom "(James 3:13)

This is one of the reasons why I respect Eckhart Tolle to be childish, honest and gentle, apparently not too emotionally attached to his teaching, that it has a little intuitive and intellectual curiosity as a teacher that is refreshing and invigorating. Instead of trying to make a point and maintain the ego when a caller asks him a question, he often affirms people, praising them for their own awakening and insight.

This was true when a 13-year-old caller named Madenynn from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, invited me to ask Eckhart to write something about teenagers on page 47. As for the "evolving egoistic" teenagers, Madilynn asked Eckhart : "If you say so, it suggests that teens can not be awakened, though I do this I read the book, I have no chance to be only 13 years old and my self not fully developed? "Oprah replied playfully:" Go Madilynn! I just think it might be a good question. "Smiling and backward, Eckhart smiled thoughtfully and said," Yes, it's the first thing you're more advanced than I'm 13. "Oprah agreed," Like most people would say. "Tolle continued," I did not know read and understand the book when I was 13. "Tolle acknowledged that Madilynn and the younger generation of young people were astonishingly awake at an ever-younger age than ever before. The fact that Madilynn read the book was evidence of having woken up

I had a similar experience when I started waking up to my spiritual need, but still spiritually dead inside.I was when I was 20 when I decided to read the Bible on my own initiative.When I tried to do this , I soon slept in my bed next to my Bible. Of course, the old King James Vers Ion was not useful in this respect. However, this was my first heartfelt experiment.

Later, months later, an old friend of mine from the Derek high school appeared in my door and asked me to attend her in the church. As a sailor and athlete, like myself, we often fought at this time. Derek experienced a spiritual awakening when his mother's temple experienced a divine healing of anemia, which for many years had exhausted his energy and prevented his athletic performance. When he experienced God and was awake, Derek felt immediately, talking to me. Initially, in her own heart, she thought it would be a hard nuts to break and retreat from consciousness to pursue me or practice me. Yet to my surprise when he came to my door, I was really ready. We went to church together, and I went into the supernatural realm, transformed, and my life incredibly revolutionized. [19] Jesus, like Madilynn, was quite young when he was 12 whenever he liked disrupting theologians and teachers with profound and in-depth questions (see Luke 2: 41-48). Christ as a young boy surprised many, incredible insights and understanding. This is what Oprah reported when he noted that 13-year-old Madilynn was able to put such a question on Eckhart. Therefore, it is important to remember that young people and the elderly are concerned that spiritual awakening and growth have nothing to do with the natural age. On the contrary, spiritual growth is at a pace and is based on the level of inner hunger and aspiration. Regrettably, this can happen quickly or slowly with the intensity you continue with.

Some of them smugly live in the same old church throughout their lives and never make up for their faith, but they think they have become enlightened. On the contrary, "the unblemished faith is dead" (James 2:26). The spiritual truths that we learn as human beings have to be practiced and applied in our daily lives to get a full reward. Otherwise, they are only the highest and no ground goods.

We must master nature in supernatural supernatural, humanly related and mentally sensitive art. As we do, we will pass the religious limits that share and experience transformation, as we ourselves fall deeply into ourselves, and together we are connected to my Creator and commit ourselves to the good works of His glory [Salamon]. the wisest people who ever lived said, "There is much sorrow in many wisdom, and who increases knowledge, sorrow increases sorrow" (1:18). Therefore, the term "ignorance of happiness".

Major works are now on the whole earth. Men like Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, and Benny Hinn see that hundreds of thousands of people gather in a single ministry to find the resurrected Christ and come to see him to experience the novelty of life.

Indeed, a "new earth awakening" for the newborn when the soul turns to God, cleanses of the sacred blood of Jesus, and regenerates the deposit of the Holy Ghost, which forever connects man to God.

Paul is a man who has "risk" his life in the cause of Jesus Christ (Acts 15: 26-27). In Philippine Prison, the Annunciation of the Gospel, Paul wrote many letters. Even in the chain, Paul defended, strengthened, and continued in the gospel of Christ, the full power never disturbed. Though his external circumstances were apparently stain, Paul was strengthened daily every day in the power of resurrection and in the life of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus refers to the Holy Ghost as the Comforter who would stay with his people on earth when Christ ascended to heaven to sit in the right hand of the Father (John 14:26, Mark 16:19).

There is no greater presence on earth or heaven than the power of the blessed Holy Spirit, Christ from the dead, and Heals our mortal body who believe in Him (see Romans 8:11). True in the presence of the Lord there is the fullness of joy and in the right hand of God where Christ has sat for joy eternally (Psalm 16:11).

The Holy Ghost is the decision maker for mankind who governs, guides and facilitates the peace of God in our hearts and minds. The Holy Spirit frees us and transforms us while delivering the peace that passes on the understanding.

"Now the Spirit of the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit is the Lord, there is freedom, but all open faces, as in the cup of glory of the Lord, the same image changes from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord" ( 2 Corinthians 3:17 Most Christians are far from the revelation of the great necessity and role that the Holy Spirit plays when he links us with our Creator, lifting up the rising Christ and reviving the power of resurrection in our lives. By the blessed Holy Spirit, we are able to reach the Father God and Christ, the Son, both of us Spirit (see Ephesians 2:18). Jesus correctly said, "God is the Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth" (John 4:24)

However, many in the various religious circles and sects are mainly attached to the forms and move to the unformed Spirit to reach and joyfully experience and those who are in God's sight, so that their service is boring, boring, dead, and fallen asleep.

"But he that is joined to the Lord is a spirit" (1 Corinthians 6:17). How can we join the Lord, who is himself a spirit, unless we allow ourselves and our bodies to enter the realm of spirit?

Most know Jesus only by the body, but after his resurrection, we must recognize him by the Spirit. Yes, undoubtedly and justly, Jesus was the body to fulfill and realize God's will; the death of mankind on a bloody cross to allow our own sins to be guilty of sinless and liberating spirituality.

However, in order to fully receive and enjoy the spiritual blessings that Jesus has purchased through the crucifixion of our own body, first "live in the Spirit." To live in the Spirit is most likely to lead to Western culture and even to Christian culture, which moves towards brain and spiritual culture.

When the focus is on Christendom instead of Christendom, no wonder there is no novelty in life and expression? Ironically, many Christians identify Christendom as Christ. What is to be noted, however, is Christendom dead and merely a senseless movement.

Christ is the author of the life and leader of the Church, without which we have merely denominational wording through our affiliation and teachings. Because of this way of thinking, Christians are no better than a political party or a professional sports team sponsor. There may be enthusiasm, but there is no life or fulfillment.

Where perfect peace can be found again in God. As we believe and use our minds in our childless faith, we agree with God's Word regarding our identity, circumstances, goals, and potential; we will live "perfect peace" when we have a calm hearted trust in God.

"He keeps you in perfect peace, whose mind is left to you: for he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever: the Lord JEHOVA is eternal power" (Isaiah 26: 3-4).

So join the Creator again. Hold your peace. Internally and meditate in the Word of Life, Life and Life. So he crosses his problems, cares for inner peace, discovers the power of presence, and experiences divine liberation




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