No one else, but this leader can not bring truth and peace to the nations – only he can do it!

God will send someone who will be at his disposal and who will surely desire to do His will and be a man who will be pleased to obey him.

This was Jesus Christ. Remember also that Jesus said, "Follow me," so we should never be ashamed or embarrassed that we are slaves. Of course, Paul raises this in the New Testament and reveals the subject and explains the details.

Where to read this all? We have made it all clear to us what some of the prophets of Isaiah saw in the 42nd chapter and in the first ten verses as the first of the slave songs.

Jesus came to do what God called to Israel. We need to know better what the Almighty God calls and what he does.

God says, "I will keep my servant." It is about the servant king, Jesus Christ, who has always been the best leader in the world, and if one wants to learn about true leadership and true servitude, take time to study Jesus' life and service in all its different aspects.

When Jesus served, he was a leader, and when Jesus led, he served and you can not separate from each other, just as he can not separate His humanity from His deity.

Even when Jesus crucified on the cross and took Blood to wash our sins, God kept him and showed him to the disciples three days later when Jesus was resurrected from the dead.

He is my chosen, in whom I am happy and I put my Spirit upon him.

Here is God in the book of Isaiah, referring to the day when Jesus was baptized on the Jordan River, and as Jesus came out of the water, the Holy Spirit descended upon him.

Jesus was designed with the Holy Spirit as with water.

Then, his dynamic, strong bidding ministry began and launched the sermon, teaching, and healing of the people, and declared people free from evil spirits.

Jesus was for growth and preparation for the rest of his life. Life would never be the same again. Jesus was empowered and anointed.

One day, Jesus brings justice to the nations. This will lead the nations to justice.

No one else can bring justice to the nations. We are well aware of it.

This is written in London after the rebellion in the United Kingdom. We need peace, but true peace comes from Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace.

Sandy Shaw



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