Obama, Israel and the "End-Times" Treaty Unleash

Current administration would think that Israel occupies the Palestinian lands and, consequently, treats the Palestinians badly. After all, in the Middle Eastern title of the last month, the president called Israel "busy". So why will he pray for Israel to "occupy" him? You do not mind that the Palestinians have never been a nation and therefore never had an inch of the Middle East; Never forget that Israel is sitting on less land today than what the United Nations gave in the 1947 particle; and the supposed "occupation" between 1967 and 1993, the number of Arabs and their per capita income doubled, which generally did not mean bad treatment and their life expectancy increased from 52 to 73 in that period

Although the President Israel "Jewish state, "and although President Obama questioned that a government of a united kingdom with Hamas could sign an agreement when Hamas did not recognize the right of Israel, he did not mention that Fatah, the party leading the West Bank, did not recognize the existence of Israel. This is the fundamental question; did the president not listen to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu? Did not you see his speech before the congress? The prime minister often states that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "never stood by the establishment of a Palestinian state"; because Israel is willing to work for this occurrence. Instead, the question was that they rejected Palestinians to know Israel's right.

But the president is trying. Recently, President Obama has delivered to Israel if negotiations between Israel and Palestinians are restarted, negotiations themselves will hold back the Palestinians from the U.N. on the declaration of a new Palestinian state. resolution. But the Palestinians did not receive the record as the Palestinian negotiator of the negotiations stated that the Palestinians continued to seek the United Nations' resolution. This is another reason why Israel does not trust President Obama or the Palestinians – another reason why Israeli leaders can not think that they can work together with any party. What does this issue mean about biblical prophecy? This shows that the Bible is a clear and irrevocable truth about a future treaty of Israel. Palestinians are NOT co-chaired by Israel and refuse to negotiate or recognize Israel to exist, proving they do not ratify a treaty with Israel. Instead, the prophetic picture shows that the ten leaders of the nations (who will later become kings under the one-world leader – see Revelation 17: 12-13, see also Daniel 2:33, 41-44 Daniel 7: 7-8, 24) will sign a future treaty with the Jewish nations, and the Palestinians have never interpreted a nation.

Not only will the Palestinians participate in the final treaty, we see the evidence that NEVER signed a treaty with Israel. How do we know this? Israel is seeking a treaty that guarantees peace and security for the nation. If you sign this contract, there is no reason to sign another sign; you will get what you are looking for. Bible prophecies show that the ultimate contract – the one that starts the clock that leads to Christ's return to the end of seven years – is "peace and security" (1 Thessalonians 5: 3). That is how this treaty will be – not one with the Palestinians – that will satisfy Israel's need in these areas. This means that the Palestinians will not ratify a treaty with the Jewish nation, as they indicate in their actions. Now, if someone just tells the president, he can stop time and energy in this matter.

John Bolton, president of the Los Angeles Times, says President Obama is "the most anti-Israeli president since 1948," the year Israel began its modern statehood. According to the warning of God, which was raised in Moses 12: 3, and underlined by the historical evidence of the justice of the warning, which causes trouble for Israel, it causes great trouble for those who are. That is why President Bolton's allegation of President Obama is a major concern for American citizens.

In addition to the consequences, the president's hostile position against the Jewish nation is the United States away from the side of Israel. This movement is related to biblical prophecy in a different way.

Ultimately, the United States lacks biblical prophecy. It does not matter if some of the creative interpreters are trying to rotate by approaching the Bible with a contextual understanding (interpretation of texts in the context of contextual indications), America will not appear in the final days of prophecy. As Israel is at the center of biblical prophecies, the shift from the side of the Jewish state sends US law from the prophetic image.

Surprisingly, this is happening to our eyes! Wonderfully – according to John Bolton's assessment – God uses "the most anti-Israel President since 1948" to make it happen. Interesting timing; but timing of God is always interesting and perfect! This timing and this occurrence gives more validity to the truthfulness of Scripture.

Thus, God uses an interesting combination of President Obama, Palestinians, and Israel to lay the foundations for the ultimate biblical prophecy. So, keep in mind these three parties as you move closer to the end time.

More importantly, watch the sky come to Jesus' coming, who will give the believers the misery of the next seven years. So look up!




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