Oh, human being, unique in my creation

Oh man, I created it with millions of other species
You eat, drink, sleep and increase the number of generations
Like any creature in the universe that was created from my Willem
But so unique is everything possible way.

Let your exception be a blessing, but never be a gloomy camouflage
You are connected to creation, but divorced to the Creator not be unique in an unusual way; never be humane.

Religion has evolved from my being; I have not evolved from religion
Considered this materialistic religion as a spiritual goal.
Religions are different paths that have been chosen to reach the only and only God
Religion is never intended; to recognize me in the being of all religions.

Learn that God is dealing with a variety of names

Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Nanak, Mahavir, or Rama

God is like you, who is one and only one

Other than Mom, Dad, Child and Big Child.

Religion-Religion of Only One Humanity

Just a Creed – Creed of Love

There is only one bond – the bond of peace

Just one goal – the goal is self-realization.

Promoting Peace; develop altruistic sense of unity

Live the life of justice, even egoism

Bless the land of love; take it away with compassion and remove it

The weeds of animal properties for planting seeds of Hope and Peace.

Aim to cut Enmity and climb the ladder of humanity.

Work alone with the Unity to attain God's purposes to unite with each other.

When you notice the Creator Unity, I am proud to create you

Then you deserve my sight and attention and I will remain unique in my whole creation.

"Live human life without mine and your feeling to justify some endless differences between you and animal life." -Sharmila Sanka



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