One day from hell

Today is totally and not categorically the day of hell. Hell in the sense of freezing, in contrast to the real pokluss that's hell. We got up this morning for a frozen cold room and I had to work out why.

The problem is the weather. My husband saw a temperature of 13.5 degrees in the winter morning car. Last weekend, my parents came down to take care of the kids while we went to a working party. The effort they made to Cong at Mayon County made things very difficult. I think in America the government has invested in snow and the like, here in Ireland I listened to the news on the radio saying that "A salt tank is on its way from Egypt to Cork harbor." What the hell is he using when the temperature is sub sub sub zero. I feel like living at Russia at the turn of the century.

So the heat problem. On Monday I said to my husband – let's look at the radiator in the living room and in the kitchen – it does not seem to work. So he did, but he could not figure out what the trouble was. I realized that water did not come through the pins on one side of the house, but as long as it was warm in the middle of the house, I did not panic. There is a plug oil heater and an electric blown heater, so I thought she was hugging us. Yesterday during the day there was a central heating during the day, because myself and the kids are at home because the school is locked. At 7.30 I woke up and stood up and realized I was not upstairs. I did not panic until I came down and realized that the ground floor was not hot too. Then I got tired.

So I asked the aforementioned husband to go out and check the oil out in the tank. He said (as always) that we can no longer be out of the oil. I was ignored (as always, because you think an oil delivery is going on forever) and waited to check it out. The result showed that it was a bit on the underside so I had to call the oil company to see when they could deliver it. After listening to Mayo's cousin, he said he was waiting for a week for delivery, but lately I did not have much hope for it, but it was actually transported at 11:30.

I would not mind if I freeze myself, the house you're aware of trying to keep them. It's easier to say than to do when they cling to their socks and the cardigans. So I decided to take a shower in the hope that the pressure of water would last a long time.

Then I called the plumber and said he did not believe he would help me, but later he would speak. So I called the builder, and unlike most builders, this guy was fair enough and said he called on the plumber to discuss it. Meanwhile, the oilman suggested that I get an infrared lamp and put it in the attic and pick up the electrician for a timer. So I called the electrician who told me the stores were telling me of the infrared lights, but there were some of them on the order so he would try to call tomorrow.

So the kids fought – one of them from the chair so I told her to go to bed. The younger was tired, so she went to bed. Peace is done. Then I called my neighbors and told her there was no heat and she was very nice to her son with two bags, fire and Dimplex heater. So the old Irish tradition is not dead!

Then the plumber arrived and delivered my final circle to the coffin "we can not do anything until the dissolution happens." This is expected after Christmas. In other words, there will be no heat in the house for the next 3 or 4 days. Although I expected something, I was not too happy. He also said that the outer tubes are exposed and need to dig deep, insulate and concretate. This would be done in New Year (10 days later). That's why I went to town and bought two Dimplex heaters and an electric blanket for 210 euros. I also have to pay the electrician and plumber. Christmas is an expensive time, and I could have done that without it. Not to mention that when we got home from the city, I had to feed the starving (cold) dog and felt guilty that she left her afternoon. So we look forward to Christmas holidays without central heating, minus 10 minus 14 degrees. In January, the electricity bill will be high, but if we do not use Dimplex heaters, there is a risk of freezing



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