One fact transforms bitterness into forgiveness

SEVEN months, perhaps years, gap between divide and peace, and has since expanded because of an interpersonal conflict. Maybe.

You have tried everything in the sentences, and peace and reconciliation continue.

A bitter bitterness for acceptance that will give you peace is this: we do not have all the information . This is a fact that leads us into the belly of understanding because it is fair because of our lack of understanding.

The deepest understanding of life is recognition

how much we still do not understand.

There are some details about the person we refuse to forgive, which we do not know, yet they need to know about them and about the situation.

It is information that is hurting us from reconciliation. This is still unclear. Even when Jesus relied on the cross, "Father, forgive them for not knowing what they are doing", we can count on the same observations.

We file each other when we do not understand each other. The conflict is about misunderstanding. Forgiveness is about understanding.

As soon as we recognize our own ignorance, the perspective of God's future, give us the great part of his mercy to extend to others within our relationship. Just to be honest.

Think of any situation where disagreements from intellect to anger spread, and there is something vital, tantalizing, which is missing. As soon as we get critical knowledge, understanding comes and then forgiveness.

Understanding germination when we get to know and give sympathy.

It may not be too long to call the sentence, all the wickedness comes from misunderstanding.

When we're bitter, maybe the best question to ask is to be compatible with peace and the other person or group: is this information? What information would I have to understand if I came to my hand?



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