Or are you against it?

Here is my question … is it better for something for something or something? I've been thinking about it lately because it seems to be anti-culture. We have an anti-drug campaign, anti-cigarette campaigns, anti-war campaigns. Let's name it, probably something anti-something somewhere. I do not mean to say it's wrong. I am confident that we are opposed to everything that is harmful to ourselves or to our world. But there is the problem. I think it's harmful, someone else believes. And then we returned to these pro-controversies.

Teresa's mother was once asked if she would join an anti-war meeting. That was the answer: "Once I was asked why I did not take part in the anti-war demonstrations, I said I would never do it, but as soon as a peacekeeping gathering, I will be there." I never thought of that. Maybe all this is how you focus or concentrate on it.

We can choose to oppose something, or we can decide to think of something else. Teresa's mother was not against the war, she was the peace. Some people claim that this is the same thing, but I do not think I have to agree. Whatever it is about, the feeling of negativity. Negative the opposite is positive. Teresa's mother said she had opted for the positive end of the spectrum instead of the negative negative. This thinking required a lot of contemplation on my part.

It's always been … anti-drug, anti-smoking, anti-war. But where did all anti-anythings get us? Have we achieved great progress over the years since the fight against all the campaigns? Do we have a lot more related campaign, but it works?

I wonder if we use a different approach that is less public, but it can be more effective if we start to see the changes we all "fight" for so long. What would happen if we started doing things against things other than things? Instead of being anti-war, we followed the counsel of Teresa's mother and we got peace. Instead of being anti-drug, we have become sober. Instead of smoking, we changed the focus to clean air.

Would it be different? Some people find this shift meaningless. On the surface, it seems that we all strive for the same purpose, but I would question it. You see, if you fight something, you send negative feelings and feelings to this goal. These negative emotions produce all sorts of bad things because when focusing on the negative, your body takes over these signals and redirects them to all their energies. You become what you are focusing on, so if you focus on opposition and combat, there will be more opposition and combat. Even if you fight for something, you're still fighting. It's still a war.

If you focus on the positive, for some reason, you will get more positive in return. You are no longer fighting and moving in a negative direction, moving in a positive direction and returning more positively.

I tried to teach this concept to lecturers. They came to me to complain about a child and how bad the child was. My first question is always, "And what did you do?" (I learned this idea from my parents, always my first question when I was in trouble). The teacher's answer almost always said, "Well, I went to schedule, brought home to the parents and talked to the child again and again."

My next question was always surprised by the new staff. I asked, "Did you tell them what they are doing, or well?" The teacher will inevitably look at me as if I had two heads and say something, "No, I do not think you understand that this kid is a problem, there is nothing good to talk about them." My answer is: "REALLY, WHAT DO THEY Crave when they go to school or are happy to come and help other children at any time Smile when you talk to them There is not something they do what they enjoy It does not matter how small or seemingly insignificant, it must be something. "And as we examined it in more detail, we would inevitably find at least one or two good things. Many times, the teacher surprised all the good things we found.

My teacher's job was to try something else; try to show good things, though little and far between them, the child. In a few days it would be hard to find something, but they should do it. Find something, any small thing that was positive and we celebrate that child. After the teacher made this shift, from negative to positive, the change introduced the child's behavior. And there would be more positive behaviors. The next visit to the teacher would be good reports in almost every case.

This is a slight shift in our minds. Well, okay, maybe not so small. Some of us to move from being opposed to being good are a quantitative leap, but with enormous benefits. Teresa's mom was never a war, but she understood that fighting against her would only produce more that she did not want. The fight only produces more fighting. For the past forty or fifty years we have witnessed evidence. Maybe it's time to try a new approach. Maybe you have to start deciding what we are!

"Not how much we are but how much we loved love, but not how much we give, but how much we loved it."



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