Spy on your family – can you spy on spies? (Yes you know)

Spying on the family is one of the simplest, fastest, and cheapest ways to uncover the lies that may happen in your life. After you begin to reveal the truth, in the worst case your thoughts fall from your head. Regardless of whether this recession or even swine flu is afraid of difficult times, the worst in humans, right?

The use of simple spy equipment will automatically calm you during the day

Do you have any idea what the best tool to spy on your family? Learn about it below.

You can download the child's SIM card to your computer to find out exactly what they were talking to their friends . Even if you think that you are clever by deleting messages, you will come out the winner because a SIM card spy can actually read the deleted messages at no time is a problem. imagine how ridiculous it would be to create a real live camcorder in the house? The kids would know that there was something right now. But what if they do not know how to record? That's why they created a hidden DVR camera. There are some models that look like a simple black box. Even better, there's one that looks like a tissue box. Your family does not even know they're spying.

Key Logger

Key Log is a simple tool that you can connect to the back of your computer, typed. Imagine exactly what the kids are looking for or writing to the IM. Does this feel much better if you do not? The tranquility of the mind comes with the knowledge of truth, whatever it is.

Where Peace Is Debbie Robins – Book Review

Where's Peace? It was not born out of war or was disputed. Author Debbie Robins reveals the peace and finds three keys in his book: "Peace is alive." A book for all ages, kids and adults will surely be classic in "The Little Prince" line. It's more like a wonderful reading and a tool for spreading very valuable lessons.

The narrator is worried about the world and is amazed at why he can not just get to everyone. One night a visitor comes and insists that the angel, peace must be released. Peace is in a glass box and three keys are needed to open the lock. They need to find the keys and look for the right and wrong city. There are terrible things there. Residents are shared and insists on both sides that the other side is wrong. Even worse, the situation rises above the pit of bitterness and devours those who are "the right ones." The donkeys and the elephants play war robes, but this is not a game. There seems to be no hope of peace. However, Buddha, a poetic cat, shares a potion called Acceptance, and so there is hope.

Mister Buddha introduces our narrator to the concept of acceptance and the fact that kindness is kindness and the best of my friend Mahma. The adventure continues with the story of Understanding and Unity and then Forgiveness to the Sea where two orangutans, Chris and Mo, give more wisdom. Above the desert and the waterfall, and above a mountain range, they look for keys. Do they find it in time to save peace?

Proverbs, the story may be parallels, the lessons are still understood. After further reflection, deeper reports emerge and the reader can see how important the decisions are. The teachings of the colorful characters were inspired by Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and Martin Luther King. Beautiful illustrations, nice characters, and the most important plot where peace lives. Further biographical data for key people are included in the back of the book, in the journal space and in the "reinforcement of peace affairs". Well-written and enjoyable experiences, this book is for everyone's read.

The Peace Life

Debbie Robins

ISBN-10: 0978721373

Review: Heather Froeschl

There are five ways to find peace as a busy mother

Many mothers love the role of mother and they find it joyful and rewarding. When it comes to the "family director", it can be challenging to have as many tasks and roles as possible. Moms may be overwhelmed and not organized. Before you get frustrated or even desperate, think about what's really important for you and your household. Here are five ways to find peace as a busy mother.

first Family Ideas are priorities of what the priorities are between the household and the family and can be organized into categories such as "household tasks", "relaxation" and the activities of individual family members. Then you can show exactly where to spend time.

2nd Prune Activities – If you find that you feel that time or energy is short, you can see where you can cut your tasks and schedules. Often check your organized list to see if your priorities and activities have changed. Keep in mind that you are not "Supermom" and you can not expect to achieve everything. Do it best and do not be bored.

3rd Pamper Your Mind – Be Kind To Yourself. You are unique and unique and your role in your family fills your own unique way. Every mother is different, so she does not resemble other moms and families. Some techniques for running a household can work for one rather than another

. Mother's Purpose – If you've ever had a passion you dreamed of, I encourage you to look at it. You can give the feeling of passion as an individual, performance and destination. Being your mother's priority, but if you're special for yourself or for yourself, you can be a wonderful energizer. Think again of the ideas and dreams you've experienced or those that you once chased, but you stopped. Explain which one you want to reach with the time available. If you feel you have no time to decide whether this is important to you and reflect on your current activity. You can start with small stairs and guide your goal. Whether you are an artist, a volunteer or an experienced program, you can continue your passion for an organized action plan.

5th Keeping Your Energy – Take Your High Priority. It's a tough time for us to get busy moms, but it's very important. If you do not feel good or have low energy, take a few moments down. This may require a creative plan during this time. Even up to fifteen minutes may be what you need, but there may be a big difference. Find support if it is possible to help if you have small children. If you spend time constantly, it becomes a habit. Not selfish; it is self-sufficient and a gift to your family.

Copyright 2006

Decayed Peace (War and Peace Seeds …) (Sonatas with Commentary))

Peace is punished, the process destroys,
Natural fiber is falling, now cursed;
The secret seeds are laid down that are broken;
Obstacles no longer provide peace:
Neither the mountains, nor the seas, the stars;
Now the annoyances dictate that they will be harmed.
Satan built peace, put it into wars,
Little peace, like a locust, we flew:
Before dawn before the light started.
We have now been lying on our cold and worm-like tombs as before, so it ends with man
where during life families have rebellious wounds;
Sterilize cities to feed too many mouths,
No more babies, no more lives, no crying.

It is a crime, lies are burning, long and hot
They are like eggs, hard and soft, in frost;
Sad crickets, are not they?
Make sure of others and your simplicity,
They swallow you like a pig in the mire,
Cut up, sip, suck all blood.
There is no peace or war in glory, only trinkets
Solitude is in God, time and truth …
So we take peace, war, childhood play
And he has destroyed a hundred million lives
In less than a century; wars live, not man
Beauty is always in the hands of Creator.
No more babies, no life, no cry.

# W1864 6-2-2007

Note: We see a war in the everyday world and people are trying to create peace, a silly combination. Take it every day and look at the controversy of the war or war, if not peace, let's look at the movements of hypocrites, we fight for peace in Iraq with war, today in Germany the G8 says that globalism and 30,000 hypocrites are fighting for a better world the war and the police, because they see things differently. And the police want peace, everyone wants peace, gun in their hands, bomb or stick. Lebanon is fighting war again today when the UN is trying to create peace. How many countries do NATO fight? Trying to create peace with weapons; The Nigerian rebels have now decided to enjoy peace for a while rather than attacking the country's oil wells. Tomorrow things change, but only the face, not the intestine and the hormones, remain the same, war or peace, and peace can not be without war. And we're still dancing in the circle.

I'm still shrinking when skin is lost (from world peace)

This morning it signals a new day, this morning in early hours, again in a moment of change of joy, weed weeds, which hopefully never spread.

On the bus with a girlfriend, so fond of feeling what could be ruined except for large size sweaters (potentially violent young people wearing a blazer), but all that was to be followed was the little discomfort, the first to satisfy our number. A little compromise for personal safety.

"Are you a lesbian?" asked one of us who was on the railroad; some of his friends were scattered around the seats I was sitting in; I realized that people were still standing, the other on the left side, literally; disguised on his face, which was only a few inches away from his own.

Does he leave us alone ?! & # 39; I just said a quiet and calm outrage.

"Er, you're a man," he said, turning away to go.

I cried in the 21st century as he turned to his friend saying:

This is a dirty tyrannical boy! & # 39;

Another group turned to my friend on my left and said, "Let them alone what you are doing this 21st century!"

I turned and said, "Thank you," and to Nelly I said, "Let's go down." & # 39; Shortly thereafter, the threat came back to the friends of the bus and seemed to pass. This was the last thing she threatened; I would like to say that the calm, the fear and the anger do not show the tactics I was worried about, or maybe there was a lady of fortune on my side that night; I did not buy a lottery shame because I would count billions instead of writing about luck.

I am convinced that the only way to world peace is for every person to seek their own inner peace and to live a full life, for those who do not respect peace.

Are I ready to face the world without carrying the bags of yesterday? I hope so.

Do you still drop back when the skin is lost? I try not, but it is not worth examining the claim.

33 How to Make More Peace?

I'm writing a peaceful world, because I think it's possible. The path to the planet's peace begins as an internal work. I have summarized a list that will help to find more inner peace. These ideas will not get you anything and are completely viable. Let him start from within and spread from your heart to the world.

o Slow down and allow your body to rest at once

o Let him meditate on inner criticism and talk kindly to yourself

o Listen to your heart and love more freely

to make sure your feelings are made make sure it's okay.

o Spend time in the peace of nature

o Take a day and dream peacefully

o Watch your intuition and act accordingly

o Be more fun, funny and often laugh

o Be Artist Days and

o Read Peace, Thich Nhat Hahn is Great

The Dance of the Universal Peace in the Community

o Go for quiet and relaxing walks

o Listen to birds singing, the river or the wind

o Enjoy your breathing and feel your life

o Look at the world around us

o Complete the unfinished things that will bother you

o Friends of those who are really listening to you, be friends and listen

o change beliefs that restrict or feel guilty

looking at the night Do Not Care About Them, Do It For Someone Healthy Instead

o Notice how the fear behaves and changes your thinking

o Be nice to yourself and love and accept who you are

o Do what you feel, do not follow your own

o Enjoy the uniqueness and express who you are

o Be Your Life and Live With Passion

o Commit only commitments and follow the following:

o focus on the positive and do good things

o do not blame and take responsibility for creating his life

o discover your interests and learn life

and watch yourself a wonderful day

o find your place and visit frequently

Today you can start creating a calm life. Enjoy and discover these ideas and let me know how to go.

Finding peace in a crazy world

A few days before life can be a pain! You know the days when everything looks bad. The alarm will not go away and it's late for work. The car stalls and misses a meeting. The computer will not work … oh, do not start it on a computer, there are times, I just want to throw it out the window! God, there are so many frustrations in today's world. How to find peace in the whole? It's very easy to say, Oh, do not let it bother you. But when you're bothered, it will bother you! How do you let things not bother you? Well, let me say it's not easy. I meditate most of my life and find peace in meditation. But when certain events happen or special astrological considerations are taking place, sometimes my state of mind comes out the window. The universe knows exactly which push buttons to press to crawl. You think I know better today, but it does not seem to be the case.

Jesus spoke a lot about peace in a crazy world. Then the thing was crazy too. Maybe even crazier. From then on, it was a common place to kill people if they disagreed with the ruling theology. Today we are a bit more civil. At least in the West. There are still places in the modern world where they break their heads from different religious convictions. It's hard to believe it, but it is.

So, what did Jesus say about finding peace in the face of obvious chaos. Well, where did he go in the trouble of finding peace? She was sure. She went to the garden! Garden of Gethsemane. Where is this garden? This garden is everywhere and nowhere because this garden is in the mind where peace and beauty reign forever. Basically, Jesus went to silence to meditate and find peace. Jesus was not always in peace in his life. He struggled with problems and troubles similar to others, but he was closer to God than anyone else. [19] From the Garden, Jesus tells an interesting story in Matthew 13 where celestial field plants are seeds of different soil types. Some people like rocky soil, where they get the seeds of Good News, and start growing young plants. But their roots are shallow and quickly lose their faith when they overwhelm the problems of the world. Then the plants die and die. Then there is a good soil where the seeds of God grow into vibrant plants that can withstand the trials of the world and produce abundant crops.

Many of us have these different types of soils in our souls. We must learn to nurture them with gentleness and with great care. With our problems, we can lose our spiritual rest, or we can nourish our soul through peace and meditation, which empowers abundant fruit of love and good deeds even in the midst of disaster and accident.

Buddha also said a lot about finding peace. Before Buddha Buddha, Siddhartha was a royal royal prince. It was said that he had inherited the great fortune and ruled the whole kingdom. You think it would be in peace. But it was not. She wanted more to know about people and the experiences of the kingdom. She went to bed without the permission of her father and uncovered the surrounding areas. He had spent a lot of time visiting the poor people and learned much of his sorrow. It has never known such a rich palate suffering. This prompted Siddhartha to find the meaning of life and why people suffered. After many years of contemplation and meditation, Buddha achieved enlightenment. Buddha discovered that the root of suffering is the desire. And the way to find peace was to let go of our attachment to our business. This is the attachment to the many things that cause suffering. We attach to all our materials or things on our physical plane; like our house, car, ship, money and other people. There is nothing wrong with these things. But if you think that you are part of yours, you will join them, and all the thoughts about losing them will cause suffering. Could you be something without being connected to this? Can you create something without attaching it to the end result? Are we able to be friends without having them? Buddha was a great asset and power key, but he left everything to the ultimate peace and freedom.

Lao Tzu was a silent mystic who lived in China around the 6th century. He was a contemporary of Confucius and wrote the Tao Te Ching (19459005). He said a few things about getting peace. He said: Tao remains in the non-action, but nothing remains. If the kings and lords saw this, the tens of thousands of things would of course evolve. If they still wanted to act, they would return to the simplicity of the unsteady material. There is no desire without the form. Without desire is no rest. And so everything would be in peace. Lao Tsu's teaching is difficult to understand for Western thinking. He recommends that you return to the state of "uncleaned block" or the center of your being to find peace. In other words, you have nothing to do, there is no action you need to do. You just have to go to the simple consciousness that exists in all of us. It is a consciousness without prejudice, without distinction, without any desire. And it's so easy for an infant to do it, of course. And yet it's so hard to reach. Our culture, our schools, our parents, our desires have shaped us to forget the karst condition.

Look, it does not look – it's over. Listen, you can not hear – an overhead speaker. Hold it, it can not be kept – immaterial … The above is not clear. Bottom, not Dark: An Uninterrupted Topic Is in front of the description and there is no beginning. Follow it and it's not over. Stay With Ancient Tao, Move With Our Presence

Knowing the Ancient Beginnings is the essence of Tao. The Assumption of Peace in Saint Francis Assisi . St. Francis was a very interesting monk. Having received deep spiritual experiences, he handed over everything he owned and went to help the poor and the destitute. It has lived a very simple life that has spread peace to other people and nature. His life exemplifies the path of peace to the whole creation and peace prayer is a commitment to him. The Lord is a tool for peace. If there is hatred, Let me take love; Where there is an injury, sorry; Where there is an error, truth; If there is any doubt, faith; Where despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sorrow; joy. O Divine Master promises not to console so much as the console. Understandable to understand; To love, to love. Because it is to receive it, we are sorry to have been forgiven and dying to have been born to eternal life. […] Teresa's mother wonderfully admired St. Francis. He also lived in his faith and devoted his life to peace for the poor and those in India. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for his work. When he received his Nobel Prize, he handed the entire amount to the poor. Teresa's mother was once asked that everyone could bring peace to the world. He simply replied: I love your family.

I think people today can identify with Mother Terence's spiritual struggle. Although committed to his mission to help the poor and the needy, he had serious doubts about the existence of God and Christ. He admitted that deep in his soul, he did not feel God's presence. He did not feel the darkness and the emptiness at all, but he tried. Many people question the faith and the existence of God in today's troubled world. As a hero, Sisyphus is the myth of the Sisyphus we are trying every day to do our job, we try to reach our place of work, rolling the mountain up. And when we put that stone on top of the hill, it will turn back. It's like What's the use? Everything is just a fight. Why do they treat me?

Well, the answer is in front of us. This struggle makes everything worthwhile. Sziszphus smiled as he picked the stone up the mountain and lowered it again. I once wanted to learn how to juggle. So I bought a juggling book and tried juggling it. It was very difficult for me. I tried and tried it. I'll always stop the bullets. I thought, God, can I do this? But I insisted and continued the exercise. One day I got it! I was able to fly all the balls straight in the air. I just wondered! She was so beautiful. And I smiled.

Work and struggle were so precious. If a person had given me three bullets and I would cut them off immediately, I would not have appreciated it. This was the effort and the struggle that was so valuable to me.

I'm asking for peace from you Oh River

Title: Peace I Ask Oh River

Winning Read …….. Recommended … 4 Stars


1. Chapter entitled "Return From Civilization" from reading the face to "Eleanor". "My mother writes to me to write" Do not want to leave the bed The mother decided to move her daughter to her feet, first caught her El PJ to throw her in the wash, she came back to the field and came back in a magazine El the summer El Campbell spent his summer camp at the Nichia camp, camp camp leader in the summer, Nichia's traditions, teaches rituals for campers, and the like. When Tiffin appears, the perfect summer of El falls fast on the hill.

Summer has really started, really everything goes really well El waits for the amusing summer, and El and his best friend, Katie, have led the camp together with all the other counselors to get the cabin duties and some "background" information about a caravan, reportedly Tiffin is perhaps violent and "a little spoiled". [19659005] Tiffin Ramsey; Tiffin, angry, without control, the campaign of the governor of the state is not a happy caravan. In the first hour, bite another camper. El and Katie will soon conquer in summer romance, ride and try to figure out what makes Tiffin. Tiffin does not try to follow the rules, finds the camp under the underwater water, will not attend the rites of the camp, he will not pick up the KP, leave his cabin at rest, play with basketball, leave the group and it frightens a small child, radiating a glowing starry, and behaves coldly for everyone, and vandalizes one of the cabinets. El's happy summer was filled with light spiritual spirals to a nightmare. The worst part of summer, when she finds out she is coming home and starts writing in her mother's diary; the fact that although he is not responsible for Tiffin's actions, he did not make friends with this unpleasant, cheerful little girl who was willing to do almost everything to get acquainted with the parents who seemed too busy to notice their children's wishes.

Peace Ask You Oh River Lyda Phillips has proven that she is dealing with stationery. Phillips has produced a new award-winning winner of the 2006 Children's Fiction 2006 Writer's Digest International's published books. Written by Phillips in English, this easy-to-read, well-talked tale in such a way as to preserve the page for the reader. This is not an amusing story coming in the teens age in the midst of the summer camp's glitter. This is a stunning reading that can help the reader take a moment to reflect on how Tiffin was treated and his self-destructive way. The lack of empathy shown by campers and consultants is astonishing.

Peace I Ask You Of Oh River relies on discussions with high school readers on how to deal with those with psychological problems. The book is easy to read that helps senior elementary and teen student students better perceive the problem and behavior of others through the narrative vehicle. From the camp co-ordinator who was too unwilling to see what was happening, young adult counselors who did not want to deal with them and did not deal with training or experience desperately lonely, wanting a child to campers who might have more empathy if the adults took over the lead, each of the children involved was a full-bodied, wart and developed into all very persuasive personalities.

The refusal to deny the camp manager was particularly troublesome because a mature woman she should know better taught the self-confident behavior of teenage counselors and the factual representation of undocumented campers. The confused little girl is particularly difficult to read to me; For me, a teacher and a parent, children struggling with the problems, are most in need of calm, sympathy, and acceptance. He resembles very much, he was in great need, and had little to do with what he wanted. 19659005. Not everybody, in some situations and in a few languages, some school librarians and / or parents do not want children to read the book. I ask questions about peace Oh River can be an excellent choice for counselors and educators who are willing to guide reading and should not miss what is often the actual behavior and language presented by society

Genre Young Adult [19659005] Author: Lyda Phillips [19659005] Reading level: Ages 12 -16

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. IUniverse 2021 Pine Lake Road Ste Lincoln, NE 68512

http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/ book_detail.asp? & isbn = 0-595-36172-2

ISBN-10: 0595361722

ISBN-13: 978-0595361724

Choose peace with your heart

Do you enjoy the optimal life for you? If you stop thinking about what life is, you feel that you understand what you are here on this earth? If not, sometimes it's time to look at what you want from life.

What you want is directly related to what you get. If you want to be happy, you have to decide that happiness is something you should look for. You will find that you are the one who controls your destiny.

Your decisions are the ultimate director of your successor. If you consider why you feel your life, you will find it because of your previous choices. Whatever you can change in your life, change your mindset or change your mind, despite what you think.

I will be the times when your decision is in conflict with the closest thought and choice. This is one of the most difficult choices, which is absolutely counter-productive with those you love.

You must, however, note that you will be happier if you agree with your faith. If you believe in your innermost being that after you follow your heart in your life, you will not be happy about the people who have been violated, you will do so.

They do not take the rocket scientists to figure out that they have two levels of thinking, mind and subconscious. If you are telling yourself in your conscious mind that you will be happy while following a certain path while remembering the previous negative outcomes in this subconscious mind for this type of decision, without the effort being chosen, the subconscious will win.

You may not know the direction of the subconscious, as this may happen to a lesser extent by not recognizing control.

When you decide to stay in a position when you consciously know that you have to end it, it may seem as if you had previously chosen the right path as you installed direct turbulent waters. However, you will see from time to time again to find yourself again facing the problems.

Addressing these issues is a way to remind your conscious mind that you do not follow your faith.

If you believe something, you've made a decision, the mental categorization of events and events, how you saw them or how they appeared to you. In order to reverse any bad thoughts on these issues, you need to take the time to move thoughts from this way of thinking into your conscious mind and decide which one is no longer in line with the direction you choose. life.

This is not always easy, if so, we would probably have chosen for a long time. But you must know that if you do not choose to follow your heart, you will never find true peace and happiness. The happiness value is directly related to the offense she is willing to do to fulfill her desire for peace.

To be in peace with true beliefs, success does not matter what kind of world we live in. The only one who knows our heart is the soul that lives in our body.

Do not let the answer to the external input or the environment be the default path and let the peace be your guide. Ask yourself if you truly believe and desire, then follow the path that will continue to open before you keep listening to your heart.

You find peace and happiness when you follow what you really believe you should follow.

Cheryl G Burke

Tranquility – in a quest for peace

One seeks to gain peace now to enjoy a happy life. He advertise as he's constantly looking for it in the world. In fact, it is the same deep embedded / embedded inner self, and the seeker has to rinse / extract the inner genius and activate his energy. Unfortunately, some are using incredibly stupid methods for this purpose. Our life is full of pomp, dirt, and worldly pleasures. Human nature desires after the pompous material riches. Without being satisfied with the desires that are unlimited, you never sit quietly. Your wish list never ends and thus fists and slips behind them.

First, we need to clean ourselves to get peace, peace, health and wisdom, otherwise we will do our best to achieve this goal. Control of feelings is also very much needed for cheerful minds and healthy bodies, which are pillows of the power of life. Even our vision tells the inner state of our body and mind. Fortunately, those who have been in a relaxed spirit since their birth or come from such a family. People with such traits are cool even in the face of a pandemonium and are able to settle disappointment in a very thoughtful and cruel way in a ghostly spirit. How beautiful is the holy saint poet, Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Nadu said this: "The main blessing of a respectable home and crown is a glorious honorable successor." It is only the mind that can transform our lives and bring heaven to the earth, and it is very necessary to guide it. You must be careful when someone encourages the passion and hatred to fight.

Relaxation is also the basis for healing, calm, complex and calm, and it is very much needed for all time. We must not forget that every event in our lives is the cause of some causes and temporary as dreams. Terrorism is a sign of non-calmness, non-attitude, non-socialization and inner struggle. This will cripple us if we do not have to check it in time. In the current, uncontrolled and confusing, bold-colored life where the speakers hear tones exceeding 85 decibels (a banging voice), all with the false propagation of religion and politics, it was very difficult to lead a peaceful life. In order to avoid the threat of noise pollution, which leads to many diseases, it is very important that we spare a few moments of silence and yoga's nature and practice to ease our tingling nervous system.

Every thought comes from the head, so keep it cold and balanced. Hate, arrogance, and ego fuel burn in the fire, so avoid them. Warring States can bring the silence of weapons across borders through the choice of mutual understanding, respect and tranquility. Attacks and drought are relationships like destructive fires (hell) that pose a threat to our lives. We must leave our desires for the unnecessary desires and desires that hinder our development and the causes of many obstacles and headaches.

There are many ways to reassure the mind like meditation, silence of speech, breathing exercises, physical exercise, body massage, loneliness, trance, spiritual discourses, dancing, music, art, sights and enjoying the late smell of flowers gardens or relaxing. All of these activities are very useful especially during the dusk / crisis or restless stages of life that fill the dumped batteries in our worried and exhausting lives.

Man has to enjoy the glorious glasses of nature that he can console, bring happiness, peace and tranquility, which is an added bonus. The miracles of nature are extremely calm, wonderful and stressful. The creation of the Lord may reveal many hidden secrets to us. They can enjoy the clouds of clouds and clouds of clouds, the sound of rising winds, the sea frenzy, while the waves of swelling and swelling as well as the fight against each other fall. Occasionally walking into the sea sand or lonely walk along the river / sea in an undisturbed atmosphere will greatly facilitate the tired body, soul, and soul. Beside the glittering snow-capped peaks, the moon and the glittering stars awake at night, and when the moon is hiding and looking for fluffy clouds, rising and sunlight gives a wonderful and nerve soothing / soothing effect. Beside the pool, the trees adorned with trees are tree-lined trees that delight with fruity fragrant flowers sparkling with fragrant flowers and fruit. Get rid of flying birds in the open sky with impressive / impressive formations. Have you ever wondered deeply what the Almighty Power is holding without the huge domes of the sky and how the celestial bodies work without negligence?

It is silent, it is not confused, the mind can connect to God and divine exalted people who make the floodgates happy. If you can not find a solution to your problems, pass yourself on and leave the power to become irritated and defective.

Many gains lie in silence, rest and wisdom. A wheel of time will be smooth. The life cycle of such a person will improve as he learns the art of progress by overcoming obstacles. His behavior toward others changes. It will never get darkened or angry with tricks / trivial things and will avoid tread, predictability, and use balanced and moderate words rather than sarcastic or corrosive effects that lead to alienation. It controls insensitive feelings in the sense, does not reach the hurried decisions due to sharp thinking, and sparks life with its vibrant nature. People with such qualities are productive, do not shrink, and will not think of themselves to avoid hostility. They are free from sadness and neurological problems or mood. Relaxation slows down your passionate nerves. In a relaxed soul, one will not ignore one of the purposes of life. This person ears the wisdom words and enters them into life. The loud and nourished mind provides the spinning body as the person of these qualities will be psychologically balanced, hypoallergenic, sleeping, and the rate of heart rate will decrease. It will not be slow and confused. He will build healthy and beneficial ideas, and there will be no war fight (he will be happy to fight).

A relaxed soul rejuvenates the body system and increases stamina. A calm and silent person can easily distinguish between the wrong and the right, his concentration power will increase, resulting in quality work. Peace restores the ego. Since you are not an impulsive person, your thoughts will not be suppressed and will use your coercive power in daily affairs. Such skills lead to a reasonable and logical attitude. Tranquility promotes facial expression and general glamor and beauty, including reducing suicide tendencies. The calm soul and other virtues act as precautions / creative constituents to silence the flaming fire needed to achieve spirituality. We can also be silently connected to ourselves and look for answers to many inquiring questions and problems.

People in IT / BPOs and in the aviation industry in shift or irregular working hours that deprive them of sleep naturally caused many lives such as high blood pressure, sound and stomach disorders, stress and obesity . They need them to save time to release their tension through meditation, yoga and physical exercises.

Little attention has to be paid to our eating habits. Fibrous foods, leafy vegetables, shoots, fruits and milk should be consumed in our health and balancing mood – all sensitively. Vegetarian foods are antioxidants, protected against many diseases and their cholesterol levels are reduced.

We must not forget that science and human well-being are linked to the same goals that can accomplish nothing beyond the third relationship or co-regulation of the state of mind based on the peace of the mind and other virtues. Peace of mind and diligent ways can not lead to violent methods to solve our complex problems, as Mahatma Gandhi made the country's independence. The life of such persons is reflected in peace. Osho says, "Do not talk less, listen to the essential, telegraphic conversation and listening". With this man begins to purify purity, which is the soil necessary for meditation, rest and wisdom. The tranquility and the giving in the state of mind transforms man into precious pebbly-pebble gems that are worthy of nationbuilding and love. If some cool people unite and gain courage in the world, they can bring peace and joy to this earth without lifting their hands to fight. All religious and communist zeal disappears.