The Horse Horse at the Funeral of American Presidents

Despite being rooted in antiquity, the rider's riding habits in the burial process have changed dramatically, as an ancient legend of mourners who led a horse to a burial place where they had slaughtered and ate a ritual. The horses were occasionally sacrificed to accompany their followers to their masters for a later lifetime, buried as a grave from time to time for the same purpose, and sent to other worlds in the 14th century for similar journeys.

In North America, the early Indians showed great enthusiasm for horses, and although the founders of the United States of America initially did not share that respect, they nevertheless respected animals in transport, agriculture, sports and the military. At the end of the 18th century, a new role was played in the United States, with the death of the first President of the United States: the horse rider, who represented a fallen leader.

A former officer of the US Revolutionary War, Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee, in December 1799, sang George Washington: "… for the first time in the war, first in peace and for the first time in the hearts of their countries …" Twelve days after Washington's death Mount Vernon, a horse rider, was involved in a complicated, simulated funeral ceremony in Philadelphia, the then capital city of the United States, with an empty coffin representing the late president. The event was described in the Paris Gazette:

Before the funeral, two pubs in front of the priests were worn with black scarves, turning the general's "saddle, body, and pistol" into the bracket. The knightless horse was decorated with "black black" and decorated with an elegant black-and-white feather head – the American eagle was depicted in a rose over the breast and a feather above her head. "

The empty boots turned backward in the stirrup with two meanings. First, they were empty, the individual could not travel more. Secondly, they suggest that the deceased has taken a last look at his family and the troops he has ordered. Both reports will take on the traditions of boots on boots today. [18] In 1850 Zachary Taylor, a former boss of army chief, "Old Rough and Ready", took a more personal turn. Taylor's own army, Old Whitey, was walking in the funeral procession while fighting the Military War during the Mexican-American War when he was sitting in the Old and the Standing when "shots fired on his head." As at the Philadelphia ceremony, George Washington's remembrance, the overall boots were turned backwards in the stirrup.

A small gray horse, Old Whitey, was familiar to those who witnessed the funeral wreath in 1850. while staring at the White House's front lawn under the 16-month presidency of the Master, which suddenly ended when Taylor was attacked by alleged gastrointestinal complications allegedly consuming cold milk and cherries on an extremely hot day.

Perhaps since Abraham Lincoln's murder in 1865 was recognized as a deep misery of American history, Lincoln's funeral was ordered by a large, people's satisfaction. The funeral train in the coffin was traveled between 180 cities and cities in 180 countries, seven states, occasionally stopping to watch and honor the public when it went to its final destination, Illinois, Springfield, where a young Abe grew to masculinity. ] This is the first time we take photographs of a riding horse participating in the funeral of the American President. Lincoln's horse, one of the oldest bobs of his photograph, is one of the most memorable shows of a black wool blanket with black and white boots decorated with white borders, with black trousers on top of a complicated headscale, decorated in front of the building, decorated with windows and similarly decorated.

He rode from Lincoln City to town, while a self-employed lawyer campaigned for office, old Bob was retired as a pasture for the master's last rituals. Reverend Henry Brown, a African American minister who had occasional craft jobs for the Lincolns when they followed the deadlock at Lincoln's resting place.

Interestingly, the tradition of riding a knight at funerals was not taken into account by the American presidents for the next eighty years. It was only in 1945 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died unexpectedly, while in the fourth presidential mandate that the horse appeared again. As it turned out, the horse seems to have almost retrospectively thought about the designs of the FDR burial. Roosevelt's death shocked the Americans to the core, and as US government officials focused on moving to their new leader in a world of war, it is understandable that the participation of a rider in the FDR burial process might not have been taken into account in previous days. This is how the New York Herald Tribune (19459004) wrote: "A nigger soldier led a horse riding directly to the back of the gate (on the flag of the FDR's carved coffin)." The horse was "black, his head covered with a dark coat, and a saber gently banged the horse's belly." The burial process was in New York's Hyde Park where the late president was buried in a Roosevelt garden. We assume that the saber is attached to a saddle and withdrew cautiously from the side of the horse. In 1963, Americans, especially President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, were murdered in Texas in November. 23. The equestrian horse in the JFK funeral was the most famous of them: Black Jack (19459004), Kennedy, President Herbert Hoover (1964) and Lyndon B. Johnson (1973), and General Douglas MacArthur (1964), including outstanding among Americans.

In Kennedy's burial process, the Black Jack protocol from 1963 has created the Equestrian Equine Standard until today. He was clinging to a black modified English riding saddle and a black bridle. Black, stretched riding boots turned back in the stirrup, and a shell with a sword hung on the right side of the saddle. Under the saddle, under the saddle saddle, or under the saddle cloth, it was the decoration.

Although John J. "Black Jack" Pershing, a military hunter named after the Army general, Black Jack was not in the service. The dark gulf of Morgan-Quarterhorse crossed with a small star on his forehead, in 1947 on a Kansas farm, and later purchased the overhaul service for the US Army's warship corps, the overturning, suggesting that a soldier needed to be injured or killed in the days of the American Horseman. The army then delivered Black Jack to Oklahoma, at Remount Depot, where they got up and prepared.

There was no high horse – 15 hands, weighing 1050 pounds – but he was a great personality and enthusiastic. In fact, his terrible spirit had troubled his managers when he was handed over to Fort Myrie in the neighborhood of Virginia's Arlington National Cemetery in 1952. His first trip, like a rider, was chatting and dancing a lot in a funeral trip to Arlington. But mourners liked his enthusiasm and thus endured the unrestrained anger. These intimidations continued until they retired in 1973 after having been involved in thousands of funerals.

When the Black Jack died in 1976, his remains were cremated and his ashes buried with full military honors. The memorial at Fort Myer's Summerall Field site shows the degree of appreciation. Raven, another dark horse, followed Black Jack as the horse's horse.

Raven did not appear in a US burial ceremony, though he probably took part in more than a thousand funerals among military leaders who were entitled to funeral at the Arlington National Cemetery. Large-scale burial services for military chiefs may also be available to Army and USMC officers who have colonel or senior officials and many officers in honor of Arlington.

At this point, President Dwight D. "Ike" from Eisenhower, who died in March 1969 and was buried in Abilene, Kansas, should be mentioned. There was no horse at Kansas funeral, but earlier in Washington, a horse without a horse followed the horse-drawn Eisenhower coffin from the Washington National Cathedral to Capitol, where the late president was seen for the public. the Capitol Rotunda

The parade from the cathedral to the Capitol shows a video of a horse without horse-drawn horse that is near blurred liver chestnut, with a forehead a small star, a horse whose parade and dancing the parade, and impatiently while "resting" suspect similarity with Black Jack's behavior. If the color of the video is loose and the horse coat is really almost black, maybe BJ, as Black Jack's Knights and Pedestrians, contacted the man who was his most favorite military commander. World War II and later US President 34

The latest horse rider, representing the culmination of the late US president, followed the last record in 2004, followed by a reindeer carrying Ronald Reagan's body. Reagan was later buried in California's Simi Valley, so here's something about Eisenhower. The late president's brown, inflatable riding boots turned in the bar, instead of the traditional riding boots. The Washington procession ended at Capitolium, where a closed coffin stood in his condition to look at it.

Knight Rider Knight Ronald Reagan was Sergeant York, a US soldier dressed in World War I, Alvin C. York. But before the sergeant sergeant York, the horse entered military service, but he had traded for many years under the name of Allaboard Jules in the horse racing. Founded in 1991, the Szabolcs champion, Allaboard Jules, became a knightly famous army in 1997.

The military is often mentioned in this article, which closely approximates these many references. ] In 1948, the US Army's third infantry regiment was responsible for organizing and conducting funeral proceedings in American Arlington National Cemetery and for other Americans entitled to burial in Arlington's military honor. The oldest active unit of the United States Army was formed in 1784, the oldest active unit in the United States Army, and is located in Fort Myer, adjacent to the nation's most sacred cemetery.

The old A Guard's Caisson Platoon in 1963 honored the formal and elegant burial process that respected JFK and the weather in this article. The soldiers of the Caisson Division are devoted to the tradition, respect the respectable dead, respecting the forty or more horses who take care of, in keeping with the 1918 apricot preservation, which is the tribute to the final resting places with full military soldiers

horse is also known as the caparisoned horse, the caparison referring to the ornate design of horse saddle cloth or saddle blanket. The horse-riding servant who has a knight's horse, and for the enthusiastic Black Jack, the baby dancer who handles him with a parade probably has enough stories to tell his comrades at the Caisson widow at the end of the day.

Hawaii Leis

Hawaii leis is known in the world as the aloha symbol. Captain Cook's staff first recorded in 1779 the habit of Hawaiian bulbs. Today Hawaii flower bouquet is more beary than ever, between locals and visitors.

An Ancient Polynesian Individual

Early Polynesian travelers who migrated to and settled into the islands first introduced her habit to the Hawaiian Islands. Leis was wearing these original Hawaiians to beautify themselves and to distinguish themselves from others. The original Hawaiians appeared in the creation of permanent beads of feathers, ivory, beads, and teeth. Often, these leisures were the symbols of the al-i or the ruling class. She was probably the most important of all the maile, because every person, every class, and every occasion was her daughter, but this was primarily related to the worship of the gods of the hula. They also used to report the peace agreement between the opposing leaders.

Modern Hawaiian Tradition

With the arrival of twentieth century tourism, the islands have quickly become the Hawaiian symbol for millions of visitors worldwide. At the beginning of the 1900s, during the "Ship Days", the Leu sellers entered the Aloha Tower jetty to receive the arriving visitors and the returning homecoming. The outgoing visitors dropped into the sea as their boat passed through the Diamond Head in the hope of returning to the islands one day.

For the people of Hawaii, birthdays and graduates are the most beloved to her. It is not unusual for a high school or college student to wear so many teats that are taller than the ears. It is often the case that walnuts, seeds or shells are available at special times on site.

Hawaii Leis Flower

Plants, lehua flowers and orchids are available in modern hawaii leis flowers, although maile leaves are extremely popular and traditionally decorated for hula dancers. Nowadays most visitors only plumeria lei – in a relatively new relationship – became known in airports and hotels.

There is little rule for wearing a Hawaiian girl. Anyone can wear it anytime – no special occasion is required. She is considered to be a sympathy of a man for the pleasure of another person, and is considered a bad form to deny one. The proper wearing pattern of the slope is gently draped over the shoulders, both hanging from the back and the back. It is acceptable for someone to buy or produce a lei.

Airport Lei Greeting

Welcome to Airport Lei is now a habitual experience in Hawaii. As tourism grew between Hawaii and the continental United States, it was customary to introduce a floral demonstration to those arriving by air or departing on the islands and thus creating a lion's construction industry.

In these days, visitors come to a traditional greetings on the islands with authentic Hawaiian chickens directly in the airline's arrival gate. Suppliers are pre-designed to distribute Hawaiian florists and baggage claim assistance and route routes to island flights.

Friendly Lei welcomes visitors to Honolulu International Airport, Kahului, Lihue and Hilo airports, and has a personalized welcome sign for visitors. name it. These sellers offer a Hawaiian-style reception with beautiful fresh flowers at a great price.

May Day Lei Day Hawaii

In Hawaii on May 1 we celebrate Lei Day, not May Day as the rest of the world. The Lei Festival was first held on May 1, 1928, when a few local artists in Honolulu encouraged everyone to wear a daughter. Celebrations were held in downtown downtown hula, music, lei demonstrations, and exhibitions and competitions.

In 1929, Lei Day was an official holiday in the Hawaiian Territory, which is a tradition to this day. Lei Day, May 1, Hawaii State Festival, with festivals and holidays around the Hawaiian Leu.

Be at peace

One of the legend of ancient Greece was that a Moroccan runner-up at Pheidippides running at Athens city center was about 25 miles away to declare the Persian defeat in the Marathon Battle in 490. Unfortunately, after sending out the message of hope, he fell and was exhausted. Similar ancient Greek messengers are highly valued for their endurance, bravery, and character strength to carry vital messages during war and peace.

Another ancient messenger is the angel Gabriel who is said to be far from God in many Christian and Islamic Arab beliefs to members of the Baha'is faith. Angel Gabriel has appeared several times in the various books of the Bible, but is probably known in his message as the birth of the Prince of Peace of Christ the Child.

In modern times, Paul Revere was an erroneous messenger in American history who, on a legendary midnight alert, warned the patriots of the British forces on the way home. Of all the messengers of history, the common thread is the message: peace.

Today, the United Nations (UN) recognizes the influential people in various areas who have agreed to focus on UN peace initiatives through the volunteers of their time, talent, and media relations. These individuals promote awareness of UN-sponsored peace goals with the dignity of global peace. At the same time, twelve individuals are respected in this respect, and the group is currently Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Daniel Barenboim, George Clooney, Paulo Coelho, Michael Douglas, Jane Goodall, Midori Goto, Yo-Yo Ma, Wangari Maathai (recently passed away), Charlize Theron , Eli Wiesel and Stevie Wonder. These great messengers are called the Messengers of Peace .

History shows that the world has been and will be in confusion like the forces of greed, anger, envy, and fear. These negative forces are now in hyperactivity, as evidenced by the severity and repetitive repetition of political, economic and environmental crises worldwide. No country is intact. In all this chaos, we find it difficult to feel peace, but in this difficult and challenging time, inner peace is the only thing that sustains us.

They can all be sent by the peace of ours. We can begin by making a conscious choice to live a virtuous life by following the Virtue 8. Choose to have a positive impact on the child of the Millennium. Find a child, a child or a worthy matter to attend. Give your time, talent, and resources. Open your mouth and share the peace message. There is no greater time than now that he began spreading the peace message.

Like Pheidippides or Paul Revere or countless others, a woman, a man or a child can make a difference in another life of his life . Today's message of peace, however small or seemingly negligible, is widespread through the world that affects hundreds, even thousands of people. Become a part of peace. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Be a Deliverer of Peace. Launch Now!

Real Estate Planning – the Benefits of Peace Ideas

I have been practicing for more than 27 years only in the field of land planning. Yet, last week, a question raised by a young party seemed to resonate in my mind as never before. "What is the number one advantage of trust?" My mind started quickly in the 1980s City Slickers, when old crunchy cowboy Billy Crystal, the city's slicker, had to find "one thing" in her life, a motivation for a happy and successful life . This line pointed out that real estate development is "just one thing" like the movie, different for everybody. The real answer is the important cliché, "it depends". The purpose of this article is to list the most important factors that people should take into account. Finally, whatever it is "the only thing", you have to motivate you to take action and provide "peace" to your loved ones.

Avoiding Proof – This most important factor seems to be the most commonly mentioned, although I do not agree that this is the most important reason for the plan. The Arizona test is not as expensive and cumbersome as in some states such as California or New York. Yes, it costs money, but in most cases it's only a few thousand dollars. The severity of the certificate depends to a great extent on the composition of the devices. The more "complex assets" you have (eg lease, close family business, partnership, real estate market interest, etc.), and more states where you have real estate, then the "Probate Meter" quickly. If you own property in more than one state, you must be convinced in each state that you will need a lawyer in every state. But if your devices are "simple" (house, car, some CDs) and primarily in Arizona, then the "Probate Meter" is very low.

Tax Savings – People have read this sentence over and over in newspaper advertisements calling for state seminars by a "national expert" that no one has ever heard. But how does Trust help a saver? According to today's tax rules, the joint Revocable Trust does not save taxes for most people. First, the Trust does not save any income tax. The Trust is disregarded for income tax purposes and all proceeds generated by the Trust are given to the Trust Custom Executives as is customary. In addition, for a single person, the Trust does not exempt the property tax. But for a couple, the Trust can save property taxes. Most couples have Revocable Trust, which will become the first "A" and "B" trust on the death of their first spouse. The primary reason for this division is to guarantee that the couple will receive two exemptions from the property tax. Exception of trust B at the death of the first spouse and then a second exemption from trust A when the surviving spouse passes. Without A / B, it is possible to wipe out the immunity of the first spouse. But since federal real estate exemption is set to $ 5 million, most couples need only one exemption. So in the end, 95% of married couples who are trusted do not release property taxes. Well, that's true for the Revocable living trust. Do not confuse this 4 or 5 other "expert trusts" whose specific purpose is to save property taxes. Examples of a "special trust" would be an irrevocable life-assurance trust (designed to preserve life insurance from the inheritance system) and a Qualified Personal Resident Trust (designed to keep the primary and holiday home from the property tax system).
Restrictions and Incentives to Your Spouse – The well-formed Trust must include provisions on what happens to the death of the first spouse's property if the surviving spouse re-engages. Most clients provide your spouse with the right way, but do not want to provide the spouse's new husband or wife. Also, to what extent the surviving spouse changes the property plan after the death of the first spouse to disperse the children. My experience is that most spouses are reborn, and most of my time my new spouse has my children. We are now a "mixed family". Over time, the surviving spouse dreams about the love and loyalty of the new spouse, and possibly the new stepchildren. We are all likely to agree that the surviving spouse must be able to have what the donkey is interested in in relation to the property of the community. The harder question is whether the surviving spouse is able to control the ultimate order of the threatened spouse's community property half of the trust and the new spouse or the new stepchildren provide provisions for half of the trust offered by their spouses.

Limitations and Incentives for Children – The most important issue here concerns the timing in which a child should have free access to devices after the death of both parents. We would all agree that if a child is a minor, then the devices must be controlled and limited by an independent agent at the same time. What we disagree with is the age at which all restrictions and the independent agent should be removed. Some customers say they are 25 years old, some say 30, and many say 50 or 60. According to my experience, the older the customers are, the higher their age will be to gain control of their children. For example, if children are minors, most couples at the age of 30 lift the restriction. However, if the patient is much older and the children are older than 30 years, these couples can set age limits for the 40s or 45s. We also want to build some "incentives" for the real estate plan. The common incentive is that "if you are looking for money, trust will cost you another money". So, encourage a child to go out and live. Over the years, I have seen the devastation that is being bought for a "foundation baby". Money and inheritance will ruin the child and ruin life. That is why many rich people leave much of their wealth to their benevolence instead of their children (and yes, there are income tax benefits and tax benefits to accomplish this, but the primary reason would be to encourage the child to be encouraged to depend on a a child graduates at a university, or some other educational benchmark, I see the risk of trust as a "carrot" hanging out to a child to be manipulative But some well thought-out incentives can really take a long way to go Protecting Devices – For example, if an A / B Reliability can ascertain as aforesaid that the deceased spouse's assets are not part of the claims of the surviving spouse's claimants , as the company is therefore the A / B fund A / B trust can provide two immovable property exemptions. In the variable, the surviving spouse ends in a nursing home, which rapidly nettes the net worth. Thus, half of the property in trust "B" protected by the surviving spouse from creditors (ie their care costs) makes a lot of sense.

In addition, a good estate lawyer can build the inheritance for children and continue to trust in their lives. This protects the legacy from potential child creditors, such as divorce, bankruptcy, litigation, and so on. The real estate plan is that after my wife and I die, our estate is divided into different trusts to provide a trust for all our children. We have an independent mandate and some incentives for all trust. At the age of 35, the child has the right to become her own trustee. So, essentially, the child can already take the trust the child wants "for his health, education, support, and maintenance." A child is free as an entrusted person to invest trust property in a seaside home, cabin, or any investment he or she chooses. Meanwhile, if this child is divorced, her spouse can not reach that trust. Furthermore, if the child falls into bankruptcy, lenders can not reach their fortune in this trust. This is what I call "protection packs" that can be placed on the assets that give our children "bulletproof" credit protection. It is also important to note that a child can not create his or her own confidence in providing such protection. The law in most states is such that creditors of trust provide protection only in cases where a person has created it for the benefit of another person. In other words, the originator of trust or trust can not be the recipient of trust and can not reach the creditor's protection. So as long as the parent establishes trust for a child or granddaughter, he or she can receive the credit protection described above.

Creating a Plan for Uncompromising – Since we all have time, we can see that our minds and memories are falling. Most of our property issues in our company are related to the inability of one or the other parent. When that happens, we find that many children turn to each other and there is a fight that is best in the mother and father. Unfortunately, children rarely agree on what is best. So a legal battle will continue to determine who has the means to control and who can make medical and financial decisions. Yes, these problems must be handled by a lawyer. But the purpose of the remedy is to address short-term situations, not permanent solutions. It is much better to have a plan within the confidences of who is responsible ("successor agent") when the mother and father are no longer able. In addition, what is the obligation of the Successor Truste to provide books to all children and inform them? Under what circumstances can the mother and father move from the state? What is the plan when the devices run out? Does mother and father live in a nursing home? Keep in mind that people over the age of 75 are more likely to become disabled and unfit for the next five years and die in the next 5 years. Then insert the fact that children are more likely to struggle with questions about what is happening to the mother and father, they must fight over the inheritance when a mother and a father die. Customers are much more likely to avoid these losses if a well-defined real estate plan is in place.

Privacy – Many customers like that Tróp-administered property is more likely to be owned by a court-managed property. So some of our customers create a trust for the simple fact. We've all seen ads on TVs where someone talks about real estate strategy for real estate buying a property. How do these professionals find the property and know what is in suspicion and what is not it? The answer is simple, with a lot of suspicious procedures, an inventory was placed with the Court and this register is a public record. So, all you have to do is have a person sitting in an office looking for records to find a real estate. Then it is easy to find the names and addresses of the heirs. Now that most of the heirs are set up and there is local real estate, the magic is in the fact that these are now "motivated sellers" and a low bali offer. The point is, the financial affairs of the deceased are now public records that are easy to search from any computer. Creating a Trust secures privacy and avoids this confidentiality.

In summary, there are many benefits to land design. It is also true that there are many risks and problems that were not created by building a land based plan. An important cause and benefit to you depends on your situation. In fact, I listed the reasons that are least important to me and the reasons that are most important to me the last. I am but based on 27 years of experience. You have to decide what matters to you. But in the end at least focus on questions and the plan is inevitable. During my early career I developed a "line" that I used in our public seminars. When the customer said, "Oh, I really do not think that land design would bring me any benefit at all." My answer "was ok, put my contact in the fridge". I knew this language, knowing that the few dollars a customer had to spend on creating a real estate plan would increase huge legal fees when the kids were trying to fight and try to cope with lack of planning or poor design. There is a reason why our real estate department is a rapidly growing area of ​​our company. Hopefully your family will not fall into this trap. Whatever the reason or "just one thing", use this as a motivation to create a quality real estate plan. It gives you and your loved ones an invaluable peace of mind.

Are you unhappy?

My sister never liked when I used "big words".

I remember making a poster-sized photo collage for my thirty-fifth, fifth wedding, titled "Cruel is the thirty-five year old marriage." He called me to ask what I mean "lasting". I explained that I meant that they had been in close contact with their marriage for a long time.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a persistent "permanently maintaining, insisting or seeking something valuable or desirable."

The first thing to note is that there is something that is valuable or desirable. that you keep on sticking and sticking to it.

What are you in your life that you are flexible?

You are reviewing and maintaining

1. Contact – What are you doing and tell people? You can not control another person, but it's important not to ignore them because good relationships are based on honesty and respect, some people are confused and have no healthy boundaries that separates each other, others abuse and are physically, emotionally, financially or mental abuse to meet their needs. Best Relationships If you are interested enough to grow another person, but let them do it without negative intervention

2. Career – Do you work more than just one way to spend your employer's money without making efforts to improve your organization? Many people go from work to work without doing a good day's work for a daily salary. Career Building means that you are willing to learn and educate yourself to gain value in your workplace.

3rd Residence – If you are waiting for an unexpected company today, will you be confused about what you see? It seems that the law was neglected because the animals did not cleanse or have not weed the animals? Are there any shoes inside the door, they fall on the floor and die on the counter? And to appreciate it means taking care of it.

4th Self-care – Every day we hear about how the unhealthy society becomes. The vast majority of the population are obese, depressed, and there are many demands on health that they invented. Self-help practices include a nutritious diet plan, regular exercise, rest and stress management.

5th Beliefs – If we have a strong belief in a concept or movement, we must take action and protect ourselves. We often hear from people who do not have enough confidence to substantiate their faith. I often think of my grandfather grandmother, who came to Canada without her family when she was only eleven, because she believed that this country would offer her a better future. This requires courage!

This week, think about the things you value and how much you prefer to care for them.

Find the Object of Your Life in One Hour

A few years ago I was suffering from fibromyalgia and general misery when one day in the back cave way, and I was only on the bed for three days. This three days in disguise proved to be a blessing, because I had to take the time to think through my life. I found out that I've been living on the track for years and changed to EVERYONE. Lying in bed, absorbing painkillers, I was thinking about life, the universe, and all its significance. I remember that the ultimate goal of life is the feeling of joy ("my cup runs over the type)" and I did not experience much. "Why not?" I asked myself and came to the conclusion that it was because I did not follow my individual life goal. The logic behind this: If you follow your happiness, you experience deep happiness and then fulfill your divine purpose. Joy is the ultimate goal of life, as the mystics of most religions point out.

My creative energy began to rise as usual after the period of violent action and into the depths of my brain, where many self-help knowledge was stored from various sources (not all wise men who contributed, but here are a general thank you), I developed the following you can find your life goal within an hour. The method involves identifying mission and vision and transforming life into a solid statement. If you live afterwards, happiness will be yours. I can testify. Alleluia!

Identify Your Mission

Your mission is your demon, "Why am I here?" The mission statement includes your personal life, work life, your social life and your spiritual life. This is "what and who am I" statement.

It takes ten minutes to select from the following list three actions that you like best. I know it's hard to choose only three, but it's possible.

to reach, to associate, to affirm, to advise, to associate, to confirm, to aid, to associate, to believe, to shine, to build, to call, to cause, to change, to choose, to demand, create, formulate, formulate, continue, advise, design, formulate, continue, advise, design, formulate, formulate, present, design, design, direct, disclose, discuss, to receive, receive, enjoy, entertain, entertain, appreciate, exaggerate, expand, discover, express, extend, facilitate, finance, forgive, motivate, move start, participate, perform, persuade, plan, play, possess, exercise, praise, prepare, show, produce, progress, strengthen, pre , reshape, resell, restore, donate, donate, support, transmit, support, receive, teach, affect, trade, translate, translate, reconnect, pause, refine, renew, travel, understand, standardize, use, work, worship, write ten minutes to select three values ​​that are aligned with your being.

achievement, altruism, charity, cooperation, creativity, dignity, economic security, emotional well-being, equality, excellence, fame, faith, family, freedom, friendship, generosity, happiness, health, honesty, honor hope, humility, independence, personality, inner peace, integrity, joy, justice, kindness, knowledge, love, loyalty, nobility, joy, positive attitude, power, recognition relationships, respect, security, self-esteem, service, simplicity, trust, truth, richness, completeness, wisdom Take the three actions (and ten more minutes)

For example my words : to communicate, to inspire, to create and to bring joy, wisdom and transformation. The sentences I make are: I transmit wisdom. I inspire the transformation. I'm making some changes. I'm happy to you. I'm talking about the transformation. Or at the same time: I communicate, inspire and create joy, wisdom and transformation. Ultimately: My goal is to creatively transform creatures and objects and encourage others and others to enjoy joy and wisdom.

Play the sentences and see what's right for you. You may need a thesaurus to get an accurate description of your statement. Ask yourself whether this statement can be applied to all areas of your life.

The sentence you feel most comfortable with and which resembles your being is your mission.

Identifying Your Vision

Your vision is the unique way you meet your goal. It explains the way and the areas in which your mission is accomplished.

It takes ten minutes to select three reasons / fields from the list that you are most interested in.

addiction, environment, family, education, healthcare, elderly, children, poor, homeless, immigration, energy, agriculture, justice, veterans, nutrition, gardening, gardening, media, youth, churches, spirituality, people with disabilities, arts, arts, fine arts, literature, craftsmanship, gender, music, design, sport, food, public safety, consumer issues, human development, personal development, health, tourism, defense, space research, animal welfare, animal welfare, education, civil rights, counseling

combining some similar areas to a maximum of three.

There are many other questions in the world; if you find what you care most is not listed, just add it to the list. For example, I chose the publication, arts and crafts, human development / spirituality, I got a statement. I accomplish my mission by communicating my writing, my art with my ideas and giving advice to others about their personal growth and spirituality.

The statements of your mission and of your vision "ring" to you. It must be encouraged and stimulated. Play until the word finds itself and yourself. Finally, your purpose and your statement to "kill or die".

As philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote, "The thing is to understand myself to see what God really wants to find the truth that is right for me to find the idea I live or die." [19659023]

How does the internet affect traditional media?

Traditional Edition, REST IN PEACE

This is the title that welcomes you when you come to a website that has been raised as a memorial to commemorate the decline of traditional media. The photograph of a man who appears to be in trouble and who may have lost his job has followed this title. If this is not a shadowy picture, read the headline 548, each singing the same melody as the following:

  • Bad Times: According to NYT, revenue declined by 13.9% last month


  • Men's monthly magazine Arena is suppressing printing after 22 years


  • Cosmopolitan UK publisher to cut 100 jobs


There is another webpage titled "A death view of the newspaper that stops all publishers and newsstands. Simply morbid would not you say it?

The Deadly Spell

Let's take a look at traditional media and how the internet has thrown away the deadly spell.

In ancient times, we are talking about 500 years ago; Gutenberg revolutionized the printing press by inventing the printing press. This meant that the Bible could be produced within a period of time. This meant more copies in a shorter time, and God's Word could have reached the rest in a shorter time. (and thank the captain for being obvious)

Shortly after the release of electricity, the world was once again experienced by some media breakthroughs, so the radio would be a few years later the television. Each of the marketers and advertising agencies was invented when integrated marketing campaigns were developed with astronomical budgets. Oh, good old days. Well, to the astonishment of many such agencies, this media landscape has changed.

Here! Enter the WWW

Initially, a web site was considered to be a cute way to place a corporate brochure on the Internet, and on top of the catastrophic dot-bomba era, it created skepticism that infects the Internet with bad media and business channel tags

. Fortunately, the Internet has matured since then. Now, in countries where broadband has reached a high standard of households, the internet has become a consumer.

Why? People can search, buy online, watch videos, and join friends in their own home. People can choose the media they want to consume, where and when to choose, especially the mobile connection. Marketers no longer dictate what advertising messages people are getting.

Social Media, the new black

Then there is the social media phenomenon. He has always changed the media landscape. Social Media websites have allowed consumers to associate with their friends, family members, colleagues, and others in ways that they could never imagine a few decades ago.

Technology has allowed the consumer to become Prosumer. Prosperants are consumers who produce materials such as videos, photos, and blogs that are distributed and shared over millions of people over social media platforms. This is so-called user-generated content or UCG

Here's an interesting little thing about accessing traditional Media vs. Internet and Social Media

It lasted for years to reach 50 million:

  • Radio – 38 years
  • TV – 13 years
  • The Internet – 4 years
  • The iPod – 3 years
  • Facebook – 2 years
  • The internet has reduced the need for traditional media, as it has allowed consumers to join their neighboring societies, their countries and internationally. He authorized them to talk to their friends at 24 o'clock about their entertainment.

    Given all that has been said, the termination of traditional media is largely attributed to the following factors:

  • Reduction in the number of readers: Redistribution of free news and information on the Internet resulted in a decrease in readers of traditional publishers
  • Reduction in revenue: Reduced readership means advertisers spend money elsewhere advertising revenue.
  • Real-time updates: Traditional media can not compete with instantly updated user-generated content that is instantly accessible to the world.
  • UGC Websites Release: People have free unlimited, real-time commentaries in content, while traditional media is a static and one-way communication tool.
  • Online Audio / Video Channels: People can choose what they want to listen to and listen to when they want to buy them and where their advertising is interrupted.
  • Simply put. The Internet has revolutionized the way things are acquired. It revolutionized our business, communicating and dismantling the traditional media wall.

    A recent example is the Unilever UK decision Lowe Fire advertising agency for 15 years, crowdsourcing – which means that agencies are open to the brand's creative career , and basically every person who can think of an idea around the world. Of course, this is done on the internet.

    Traditional media is still around, but the internet is increasingly integrated into our everyday lives.

    Think about it. Mail & Guardian or MensHealth Mag can be long enough, maybe you can live happily enough without it? But you dare to use this ADSL connection …

    Deep meditation techniques that bring peace

    When the world is moving too fast and it seems to stay stress, there are many things that can help you return to the ground and communicate with the body. Deep meditation is very helpful in releasing one of the fears and fears. You will get peace and rest when you go to your busy world and relax. Try these deep meditation techniques and become a soul, body, soul.

    The first thing you need to do is meditate to remove all the pacing from the room. Turn off the TVs and anything that distracts your attention. Find a comfortable place to sit. Sitting on the floor or lying down with a soft pillow, your head helps to calm down. Turn off the phone ring, tell the kids to leave the area.

    Light candles and put around to create a soft, warm flame. Turn off the lights and close your eyes. You have to let go of all that has happened to be able to meditate. Start by showing your worries about getting rid of you in the waves. It can help you play terrestrial sounds such as the ocean or the rainforest to get to the deep meditation frame.

    Rest your mind and body and let everything go. Imagine yourself as a heavy chain link. Slowly relax in every part of the body, imagining that you are a heavy chain and melt on the floor. Slowly releases your rigid and tight muscles and will be able to block the world. Breathe deeply and slowly as you relax your body. Focus on a place where there is no stress or pain.

    Keep on worrying about your concerns and just think of a place where we feel safe. Let it meditate more deeply and pray or sing. Focus on yourself and let your mind be easy. This is the best way to meditate thoroughly and to come to total peace.

    13 healing points

    Your life is not determined by the afflictions; determines how you respond to your personal challenges.

    "I am the source of perspectives, regardless of whether I am aware of why or how I came to possess this viewpoint, to look at the mirror of our souls, lack of excuses, for a moment I examine the small pieces in the mirror, I do, see what I can wear to see and do ACT, which I know, this is a gentle personal invitation. "~ Mary Anne Radmacher

    Consider the following 13 points and promises:

    • 1. Grief understanding of healing is the first important step. PROMISE: A more accurate understanding of sorrow is possible as it stops the beginning of mourning and healing.

    2nd Making decisive thinking, attitudes, and skills has qualities that are capable of gaining happiness. PROMISE: You can develop a psychological and emotional mandate with special and consistent actions.

    3rd Do not keep up with negative outlook; as a cure, they learn to use the grateful moments. PROMISE: Thanks to the uplifting and positive emotional experience, he blesses the internal mandate to begin healing and begins a new hope.

    4th Save yourself from the painful past. PROMISE: Focusing on new and new circumstances, you can restart your life.

    5th Take control of your personal thoughts and actions. You have a greater ability to determine what you think and how you behave than you originally imagine.

    6th The willingness to cure is not enough; persuasive desires provide vital healing light. SUPPORT: As you are hungry and thirsty with your sorrow and your loss, a lighter road will appear. [7] 7. Reducing old life has an opposite effect; empowering the new circumstances. PROMISE: The new opportunities and opportunities are within your reach as you search for them. [8] Everyone's grief keeps their time; the healing hour of sorrow is correct – follow the time. SUPPORT: Be kind to your sorrow you feel; so that the grief lasts for a short time, which makes it clear and resolves.

    ninth You can not hibernate the desire to wake up with sorrow in the spring – action steps harmonize. PROMISE: Happiness and hope are the result of your actions.

    10th You may feel insecure because of the terrible state; it is still possible to find pleasure again. PROMISE: You can experience hopelessness, decision, impotence, and even anger; yet finding new joy is available

    • 11. You are not alone, thousands of people have suffered from their pain and have found joy – you too. PROMISE: Many examples of finding sorrow and pleasure can be found in many examples:

    12. You must strengthen your ability to guide your own attention to your goal. SUPPORT: You can direct yourself to healing mourning and loss better

    • 13. re-evaluate your outlook; Consider all the shifts that occurred in your sorrow. SUPPORT: As you rejoin the passions, the people, places, or things you overcame and embrace the hope of greater understanding, peace and joy – clarity and hope will come. "The magnitude is not in the direction in which direction we are, sometimes we have to sail the wind, and sometimes against it, but it must be sailed and not drifting or anchored." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    , harmony and happiness find the specific conditioning of the mind and the heart, and the continuous fulfillment of satisfaction, trust and hope is necessary and indispensable The above thirteen important bullets and promises will help you understand, reconcile and heal sorrow and loss; you must give an internal mandate to create a weather storm.

    Roaming Fingers – The story of child sexual abuse

    We all have our "story" to tell the growth of our lives. Some had a good time in the loving childhood in which my mom had a home made home baked cakes as they came to school, set clean clothes for the next day and dined at the stove. Fathers went home, everyone was sitting at the table and enjoyed the food the mother had prepared and then the kids could tell their dad the day when dinner was cleaned. Some were encouraged by the parents, helping them home after dinner, and enjoyed spending the next day with the kids. You know, one of those "Leave It To Beaver" families. Then there were those who for some reason were minus one parent … usually divorce or death. Or what about those who lived in alcoholic or drug-dependent parents who were not "parents" at all. Their children were basically alone, raising themselves and making themselves and making the most of their use.

    I do not know why I share this now. I just feel that someone is out there to know you're not alone. To live a normal life. I molested 4 people in the age group 8-14. But the Lord God, I myself have guided everything. I cleaned and cleaned with the blood of the Lord. I do not have to live in my life anymore for my wrath to take care of me anymore.

    I was one of the kids who had my "unique" circumstances in adulthood. My parents were divorced when I was 7 years old, although my father moved to 5 years of age. I was the oldest of us. We moved to a small town to get closer to my grandparents, my mother's parents. We moved to Denver, CO from the largest metropolis of Julesburg, CO to a small town. First, when I was younger, I made my life-long friend with my daughter, who lived across the street from her grandparent's house. This was before the second-grade school year. From time to time, our life seemed a bit "normal" in the dolls' play or pretended to be a teacher at school or the construction of a bastard producer …

    But in my life, there's been a lot of things that made me who I am today. I can not begin to say what my life and justice did! I can tell so many stories for you! At one of the 27 places I moved and lived from 7 to 18 years of age. I went to 11 schools for 12 years. I think that we are moving so often with us, I remembered with myself that "it's better to make your friends fast because I'm sure we're moving and I have to go." I think my sister took the theory of "why it disturbs the friendship, because otherwise we are going." And my brother, a boy, while I was a friend, was not so big of the deal and it was a fairly easy friendship, but it's not such a big question as our daughters.

    When I was eight, my mother started a Japanese farmer in our area and soon began to deal with Kinoshita's name. As you can imagine, our three kids had quite entertained that name at that time, deliberately declaring Kin-O-Shit-A. It's average, is not it? Well, this is the first time I sexually molested. After dinner, my mother would go to the kitchen to wash the food in her house and our 3 kids and her boyfriend lay on the floor watching a TV. Well, my fiance "rubs my belly" with this time. "Now I was eight, so after the dinner I wanted to rub the tube I felt very strange to me, but I thought, okay, I think if that is normal, it felt uncomfortable, but my mother she said she was just trying to be okay … Okay, so beautiful … I guess? But those blooms rub, they've become "roaming fingers," and getting a little higher and a little higher .. Soon my belly becomes rubbing, I was just beginning to develop, but it was still enough that it was incredibly uncomfortable. My mother said she really wanted this marriage because she was financially good and every night that this was going on, I tried to keep my homework we had to lie down on the floor and watch the TV, but one or another of the ways she took me and my mom repeatedly told us she did not want this the relationship is disrupting the kids. So I closed my mouth until I was out of school at home from school sometime. She went home and talked to her mother. I did not know what they were talking about because their parents spoke only Spanish, so I did not think much. But her mother, after hearing what was going on here, assured me that they were with me and that was something I should have spoken to my mother right away. So with both my friend and mother, they both sat there, called my mom and told him what had happened. I do not know how much I really told my mother about her new fiancé, but I know she broke up with her. At the same time, my friend's mother suggested that she go to the police, but my mom said she did not need to call the police because she was "so rich that she could be the owner of the city so nobody would believe it.

    Then my mom found a younger guy who could come in the morning and stay with us when he got off at the truck stop at 6 o'clock and he started at 6:00 am she works for the whole night shift and will stay with our three children each day as our "babysitter." Oh, it was fun to have breakfast, take us to school or to play in the playground and chase us around the house. But when he came in the morning every morning, instead of going to my mother's empty bed to sleep a little, he also climbed into my bed with me. the "roaming fingers." Apart from these times, these fingers climb up and down. I was 9 and was 21 years old. What was that tempting at that time? I did not even develop physically for the sake of goodness !!! Anyway, it took weeks. I told my mother, but she thought that since she was with her ex-bridegroom, "then I have to do something to encourage these guys." So even though he did not listen to us, I remember I was dead. I did. I could not help myself. I just wanted her dead so she could never do that again! A few months later, while working at the electrical company, her partner decided to start drinking beer in the lunch break. Well Curtis climbed the pole to work on a particular wire that caused them trouble and suffered an electric shock. The pole fell, his partner was drinking, was not sufficiently functional to provide oral resuscitation. I knew I was doing everything. I prayed and asked him to die, and he did. You know, I was all wrong … I wished and I prayed for it. I knew this was my fault. I felt this guilty thing many years later. Someone was dead and this was my fault.

    Then we had a family friend with whom we had been friends with him and his wife years ago. In fact, most of us loved to go to their house. It was like an adopted mother for kids and we could win her husband to play games with us, tell us tales, etc. You would have heard that you could sit back from Dr. Seuss books! It was a rebellion! And that was a tongue wrench that read it back, not to mention it read. And for a long time, we wanted him to cheat for asking Big Mac in Burger King! So, I do not have to say, they often go to their house. Generally, however, I got the big bed with her wife, because we'd always gone to bed much earlier than she and she slept in the bedroom or in the bedroom. His wife usually sent me to wake up when the time came for us to get up every morning. Then the roaming "roaming fingers" are resumed. I was in the 10-12 year old age most of the time. But without telling my mother (keep in mind that she last decided that I should be tempted by these "men") to be sure enough to me and I was once again wrong.

    Over time we moved again as before, so we did not see them as often as before. It was at the beginning of the eighth grade, so there was a school in Jr. High and we suddenly left the CO and went to good oI. My mom broke up with a lorryman with whom he was dating, a real walnut guy who set candles in a circle around our cellar and called for the Mojave Dessert. So, as we got home from school on that day, we only bought some of our less important property (and very few) and our cats and loaded a small U-trailer. where there is no special attention. My mother suggested IA so we went to West. We were in Council Bluffs and without money. So we stayed here.

    Of course, we moved to school again on the eleventh time and started another school in Council Bluffs while a double room, a bathroom, a crock pot to cook and three cats. We started a school but were "poor kids" and they did not fit well. But we moved again. This time it was a good thing. I started in class 9, but in a completely different school. This school was much better, more acceptable, far less judgmental and critical, and we were not treated as "low-grade scum" here.

    Finally I was 14 years old. Last year, before I started high school. I was so excited! Finally I grew up, I started wearing makeup, tied my hair and thought about the big word "B" BOYS !!! We lived in a house close to the school, so it was on foot. My mom works again in one of the nearby trucks. But the money was tight, so my mom brought the truck driver home to help us with the payment of the bills. Well, this guy was 28 years old. My mother worked the whole night shift at the truck stop, and Terry is home at most nights and runs most days. Well Terry really liked me right away. Look, I just turned around. My sister and I shared a bedroom with my brother on the left side and Sue's room on the corridor (a girl / lady from the early 20's from Indiana) Terry found a day out for a trip outside the city and took home to our house to stay with us. So, that was another person who helped with paying the bills. But to get to the bathroom, we had to walk through a small corridor and go over to Sue's room to get there. Then the bathroom was to the left, and then Terry's bedroom was right. My mother's room was on the ground floor. There was a second door between the bathroom and Terry's bedroom. The door was closed from Terry's room, but not from his room to the bathroom. Well at night, when Terry thought that all of them had slept in bed, he entered my room, and once more, the newer guys started to travel to the notorious roaming fingers. He came in, with condoms, ready for what I think he hoped. She asks me to make something "sexy". There was nothing "sexy" because I was fourteen and the "sexy" was not what I thought in my life. Heck, I just got the makeup to look good in the morning, and before my hair bends, the school is as "sexy" as it gets. His fingers rushed to places I did not know existed. I prayed, "Please, Lord, let me think I'm really sleepy and I'm leaving tonight." Or I would pray, "Please, sir, let my sister wake up to give you enough sound or something to go with and leave me alone." He never got to the stage where I actually forced the whole sex on me, but after that night we went through this rite. He went back to his room at night and, crying with disgust, I slept to sleep. At night, I wanted my sister to just NEVER, only once. But it never seemed or I thought many years later when I learned that he was afraid to let us know he was awake because he was afraid of coming next. I do not blame it therefore. I would have liked to be left alone, but that was not the case.

    Well one day Sue asked me to walk with her to talk. So, yes. She began to tell me that Terry comes into her room almost every night and asks her to "do something sexy" and "roaming her fingers" start to roam her. everybody came out … I broke out what I did to him. I pray and begged him not to tell my mom, because my mom would say, "I have to do something like this." My fault, Well Sue, knowing how young I am, finally telling my mother that eventually … So my mother went to Terry and told her that she did this to me because she "loved me so much that she could not resist being loved to love me. "Well, my mom told him to pack up and go out of our house. We went to my mother's house for a few days for a vacation, and someone needed to have a home and take care of pets so we stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days. Sue and I felt such a big peace that he was gone. Then one day, about a week later, my mom said he had to go to the truck to stop because Terry wanted to talk to him for something. So when he left, he left for several hours. When he came back he said that Terry had convinced him that he did what he did "because he loved me" and said that this was a small price because he offered to So he let us go back to our house. In the first or two weeks he was very polite, he took the chairs for me when we sat down on the table, and and I insisted on going to school to lose it every day to "let people know that I was her. "At this point I tried to convince myself that it was okay, maybe he really loved me and that I was proud and flattered that someone I loved about 28 years was a 14 year old teenager

    Well, a couple of weeks passed, and things went back as they were.My mom worked all night and Terry came back to my room again with the condom in her hand and the roaming fingers started to jump up and down again The words she spoke were sick And every night she was the same, I would sadly cry to myself because I could not deal with this age and should have been having fun in school, expecting secondary school, dances, sports events, etc. But I would rather not see the future. I knew my mother wanted and needed the money, but I could not pretend to be okay. If it were not for me that the Lord placed in my path a certain girl at school who was quickly becoming the best friends and my Scientific Teacher I will never forget and always grateful maybe I ended up there. But God obviously had other plans for me. Just when I thought she left me alone, she served me with a friend and a man who was not just my teacher, but the one who really cared for me who knew that something awful home gave me sympathy, extra time when I could not concentrate on my assignments and someone who could laugh. I needed it. It made me hope that ALL men did not just want sex. Older people were not all perverted, and that God placed my life in my life as my teacher only in my life with time.

    Today by the grace of God, through forgiveness and compassion, the blood of the lamb is forgiven me, the Lord Jesus himself. The person who died on the cross many years ago to have eternal life. The one who pulled it out of the darkness and returned to the light. The one who took all the pain and mistrust in the people. I thank him for having suffered in those terrible times, I came to know that it was not my fault that the only guy was hit and died. The fact that NOT the thing these four men did to me during my childhood was my fault. My mom still says, "If it really happened to Kelly, then I guess." If these things happened, why not? "It's no question that these things happened to me!" My sister once told her she knew fact, because most of the time I was in the same bed because I was almost always sharing a bedroom in adulthood I no longer expected my mother to take any responsibility for what I had gone through now I know I know I have to forgive him for forgiving Christ for my sins. But in fact, and by the grace of God alone, I am still here today. My prayer that perhaps this testimony will help someone who did something similar or even worse that there is hope in Jesus Christ. It's not your fault, give it to HIM as its shoulders are strong enough to take away from you and let it walk freely in your love.

    evasion has been changed to protect the affected.