Use of origin and first published name Inkeri

The Indigenous People of the Geographic Inkeri and the Inkeri Nation

The Inkeri Land is a geographical area at the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland and Ladya Lake (Karelia Isthmus) along the Neva River, Narva River and Peipus Lake . The area that the Baltic Finns' Inkeri ethnic group has historically lived in around 2000 and until 1920. Inkeri's name in Finnish. Izora Russian. Ingria in Latin and Ingermanland in German. There are many theories where / where the name comes from and probably in many applications: a derivative of the Baltic Finn strain (Izora), probably from an Inkeren (Izora) river that flows from Ladoga Lake to Neva and the Finnish bay.

The other explanation is that the daughter of the King of Sweden, who was linked to the prince of Ingregardin Kiev, was returning to the King of Sweden with the area around Straja and Ladogan. Probably if this were true, Manor would have a change of name and official documentation. The earlier theory, named after the river Izora, is more convincing. (Saressalo 2000)

In the historical record, the name of the Inkeri earths begins in 859 when ethnic groups in the Baltic Sea Finns, especially in the Finnish Gulf and on the eastern side of Ladoga Lake, are ethnological names. The public note of Chuds (Tsuudit) appears in Russian chronicles, and the votes (Vatjalaiset) first entered history pages in 1069. Izora (Izortsy) in 1228 in Russian chronicles. The Ingria-rural community was once 55,000 square kilometers, which is today's area of ​​Ladoga Lake. The Ingria land was a land bridge along the Gulf and the Gulf of Finland, a 200 km long stretch of land, stretching across the Isthmus to the river.

The Baltic Finns obviously possessed and maintained their Finnish language, speaking their own Finnish language. In the first 1000s, the first Finnish-speaking groups began to distribute to the Finnish groups and to separate themselves both in the spoken language and in the political sense.

The area was inhabited in the first century by the Polls and later that was colonized by the Carols, which was named in the Russian chronicles and the Karelian exorcisms. The votes and the Ingrians have been under the influence of the 1300s in Novgorod and Moscow since 1478. They were also connected to the Greek Catholic Church. The services of the Orthodox Church took place in the old Orthodox Slavic Church, the religion and the Slavic language influenced part of the people of Finland with the passing of time to have more Russian church traditions and customs. Today's votes are almost extinct nations, the Ingriaian Ingriaians are only in the 100s.

By the end of the 1920s, the Finnish break community was intact and strong in Ingria. In 1926, according to the Leningrad census, 115,000 Finns in Finland and 15,500 Finnish Finns (Finns-Finns) reported. The Ingrian Finns lived mainly in the villages, which in the 1920s had a total of about 900 inhabitants, only about 7000 Ingrian in the towns. For Ingrians, the Finnish language was their mother tongue. Most of the Ingrian people did not speak Russian at all. Women and children were in the Ingrian villages, in Finnish ethnic communities until the 1930s. For nearly 300 years, the nearby Ingria villages have managed to preserve their mother tongue, their national customs and their own identity. With the growing Russian population that has come to trade and trade. The Russian government also pressured the minority groups to integrate and rally. In the beginning of the 1900s, the map of Inkeri land in all settlements was mapped to the following source and author


In the beginning of the 1900s, The struggles affecting the Inkeri people have at least five major phases, and their identity and community as a minority group has been dismembered. Three years later, the growing migration of foreigners and the growth of their coexistence and the native language of their own language:

The language dealt with new generations and education of the culture / traditions of the Inkeri people, in spite of influence, integration and the following enumeration of hostilities [19659012]. Initially, an indigenous pioneer group settled on the banks of the Gulf of Finland and developed and developed as a peaceful, rural community

B. This was followed by the changes that occurred when the army was integrated into tribes that came along the ocean coast from the west along the sea route

C. Thirdly, people from Eastern Slavic groups came centuries later and migrated from the northern and eastern provinces of Ingria

. Regional politics and wars between East and West. 800-1900AD. [19659002] E. WW1 and WW2 had a significant impact on the Inkeri community and culture. The totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union aimed at preparing the Soviet soil for greater communism and overthrowing opposition to teaching.

In the region above the Ingria land, the war started around 1200, west of Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In the east there were Novgorod and the Russian alliance who wanted to establish a commercial and political presence in the region and North Karelia and West Finland. Between the Byzantine and the Catholic Church fought spirits.

War and struggle continued almost infinitely until 1600. Denmark was lost by the German knights, who had to go further to Sweden. In the West, it is also an active area with Poland and Latvia. Two centuries earlier in the east, the Moscow Russians settled in Novgorod in 1400. In the 15th century Russia came to the Inker region

New real estate was built in the Ingria region.

The River Nava was a natural border between the Byzantine and the Roman Church. In the Ingria region, churches were built. In the 1500s, the Church's activity was 50 points with 70,000 inhabitants. The Ingria stock and the votes, then the Russians were initially Orthodox. It should be noted that the Eastern Church is much more tolerant than in the West. There was war and fight for the souls of people between the Byzantine and Catholic churches.

War and conflict continued despite the construction of temples. There was still no peace in Ingria. Swedish foreign trade policy jeopardized Russian interests in the Baltic region. Ingria's land often went to the combat troops. During these regional wars, intimidation and partisan movements were also fought against the Russian occupation policy of Russia and the Karelian region. In these events, it was the first record of the first evacuation to escape warlords. To Karelia and then further north to Finland.

Saressalo, L. (2000). Inker, report of Inkerin Kanso and Cultureist Tampere: Tampere Museum. (2006). Who are the ingras, where is Ingria? available on November 11, 2011: J.Niemenmaa

. (N.d.). Wiki / File: Inkeri-2.png . Viewed: November 11, 2011,

Embrace your humanity

Love your humanity, your vanity, your deficiency, your perceived faults, your apparent limitations, your mistakes, your failures, and anything else you find less perfect about yourself. Yes, you read this correctly – I ask that love all this!

Why? Because that means you absolutely love yourself – it means you accept everything, not just those parts that you think are good. If you are absolute lovers in every respect, you will be happy, in peace, and you will really love (even if no one loves it).

I was very excited to have read about Kathryn Schulz – he was a "Wrongologist" at TedTalks. I think it's good that someone has done a career in examining human vanity. It encourages us not only to give it away if it is bad but to embrace it. He said, "Most of us will do everything in their power to not be deceived, but what if we are wrong?"

We are indeed mistaken … to educate ourselves in American culture to be the best "- which is great if we interpret it correctly, but somehow we translated it as" perfect "and weigh ourselves with such an impossibly high standard

But his irony – we did it for ourselves! We do not have to think so. And today, we do not have to think about it, it is as good a day as any of them to change this crazy faith – transforming one of the acceptance of human weaknesses, for love of our perfection – to fully engage with our humanity.

There is a movie for "Life Tree" One character in it says, "Without you, your life will blink." And that's exactly what happens to us when it does not let us live fully – we will live for the future when we get better when we get closer to our perfection, and as a result, we miss the precious moments of our lives.

Do not let your life plaster – you decide that you will love all the little things about you. If you need help, please read the "All-Enlisting" postal post to take steps to change your negative thinking to positive thinking. Apply these steps to your thoughts about yourself, your body, your habits, your thinking, your idleness, your humanity.

Love, love, LOVE yourself and everything yourself – wonderful light, wonder, fear, holiness and beauty are your wonderful being. Nothing is less than deity and perfection.

And you're here to live a human life. Recognize your human nature and accept it.

The finer fishing spots

To fish or not to fish – this is the question! Oh come on. This is not a question at all. We all know the answer is fishing and fishing as often as possible. To this end, pray for the reasons that it is a stubble and a good idea.

"Another bad day fishing is better than a good day at work." Ah, this old cliché is true, but most people do not properly interpret. Work does not only work from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday, month to month, year after year. No, it also means having to leave the house and around the house. Ah, next week, I'll get to those channels.

The lie is accepted and expected in fishing. What can you overcome now? Can you name any other sport where tadpole pike can be? Even the small bass can be transformed into a beast that would have been Godzilla's relatives if they had legs, and was wrongly down the coast.

Another fine point about fishing is quite straight. Fish has three goals in life. To live, to spit and to avoid atteen. Drop the beer and it sounds like the average guy! Whether it is fishing, it is a very simple case to find out what the special fish you love to clump and like the time of day. This seems complicated, but your local bait can run in a few sentences. Then just bait, cast and kick.

We are now fully aware of the great debt opportunities of our time with the use of this or bait. In most cases, however, I found that this was primarily designed to entertain the entertainers. Fish are usually simple. The fish can see the worm, the fish eat the worm. You can go exotic, but not necessarily.

Perhaps the best in terms of fishing is that the day can be a complete failure, and it's still a good time. Once there was a small river in Northern California when it suddenly began to rain. We were far from the car and of course the engine decided to go for a vacation. There was bait, adult drinks and pretty hot. The only thing I was was a tree knot, but it was one of the best days I was fishing. He laughed until I was tears in my eyes for hours. Talk to a great way to burn stress on everyday life!

Everyone's fishing has something to do. If you want to be serious, stay on it and no one will hang. If you want to find only a few hours of peace, the same is true.

The world or me

When I see horrible stories about the news or I'm too close to home experiences, I think, "I'm just the worst of the world." When we experience a situation, time passes and we think that we are moving forward. Then it triggers a reaction that is uncomfortable.

I'm not trying to watch the news on television because the daily reports of shooting make it annoying. I've read the paper and I do better the written word. I have empathy for school children. Today's security can be uncertain. Teachers and staff are still committed.

We deal with crises when we have, but we need to continue our lives. I've learned that we have no control, but we can make wise decisions, learn how to improve things and make everyday use of it. I can not change my personality, but I deliberately try to choose spoken words. Not just swearing, but counting words too.

What if the words we spoke to a person prevented them from hurting themselves or others. He inspired us with the words Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. There are some like those who have made a huge difference in history.

I'm waiting for the day I retire and stay home, but this time has not yet come. All I can do is to pray and stay in peace with all those around me. There are a number of songs that say "Let peace on earth and let me begin with me". I like the other one, saying, "I'm starting with a person in the mirror and asking him to change his way."

Politics can be debated endlessly, but it seems we can see it today. The world seems to be worse off against violence, but there was also time in history where the question is: "Even worse, who?" In each nation and time, a group suppressed and murdered another. The difference with the weapons now is that individuals – even young people – miss the suspicious groups within a few seconds.

Not everyone shares my faith in God but otherwise I pray. I need. I want to enjoy the rest of my days on this earth, without fear. Join me in prayer. I want my grandmother to grow in safe schools. Hope you like the same thing.

would doubt

Imagine the scene in John 20: 19-31. The disciples, except Thomas, are in the room behind closed doors. It was common for early Christians to meet at night. During the time of persecution, it was forbidden to meet during the day so he had to meet at night. The disciples are afraid. Brutally they killed their leader and are afraid they will be killed. More than one, the room and the situation are dark.

Suddenly Jesus appears. He passes through the closed door. The first word Jesus said to the assembled disciples: "Peace be with you". They fear for the first time because of the fear of the Jews and because they believed they were seeing a ghost. But when Jesus shows them his wounds, they know that this is the Lord. Jesus promised that the Holy Ghost would come. As God created mankind in his soul, in Moses 2: 7, he gave the Holy Ghost to his disciples by inhaling them. God re-creates mankind in Christ. The darkness of the room is dispersed from the light of Christ.

Jesus sent the disciples to us a mission, but we and we can not begin the quest for healing and peace without the power and power of Jesus' resurrected life. Jesus breathed on these people. As God lived his life for the first person and became a living soul, Jesus shared his disciples' intimacy of their own lives to be a new humanity, built up and empowered for their mission.

If Christianity seems to us to have a much less significant impact on the world, because too many people have the idea of ​​waiting in the game to fund kill time, as Jesus returns and we all go to heaven. We sat like the people who wanted to wait for a flight. This is not Jesus told us to do it. He did not say, "Now tighten those mussels and cut your holy thumb and as soon as I can, I'll be back." In John 20:21 he said, "As the Father has sent me, I will send you." It is part of Jesus' mission and so part of our mission and mission is to treat forgiveness. More precisely, we must identify the conditions under which people and what state of God God forgives. It's not the ability to excuse people. It sets out the conditions in which people can be forgiven, with the promise that God will strengthen what he taught-that is, to ensure that everyone is satisfied with these terms.

In the gospel of John, sin is the failure of truth – the denial of the unloved Christ. Jesus sends the disciples and us to the world by the Holy Spirit empowered to resurrect the resurrected Christ. Some accept the testimony and the others, and others reject it. Their answer will determine whether to find those people whose sins have been forgiven, or those whose sins have survived. One of the forgiveness of one of the sins is one of unbelief – specifically, he refused to believe that Christ ascended from the dead. Thomas committed a sin for this sin. He refused to believe in the statement of the disciples that they saw the resurrected Christ. He wanted concrete evidence. Many people today are like Thomas. They do not want to believe it because they do not see Jesus. Like the rest of the disciple, testimonies of other believers are enough proof that he has ascended from death. Jesus did not hate Thomas because of disbelief. Instead of questioning Thomas for his doubts, Jesus welcomed his touch and touch, which Thomas had unleashed. Thomas saw and believed, and Jesus confirmed his faith. But then he added, "Blessed are those who have not yet seen and believed." Anyone who believes today so confidently without seeing those who have seen and believed. Jesus endorsed Thomas's faith, but He is more supportive of the faith of those who believe without seeing the resurrected Savior. Mary, Thomas, and the disciples were given the sight of the resurrected Lord. Faith does not rest on sight, neither on smell nor on tact, but on the voice and call of the rising Lord. Just as John the Apostle believed before seeing the resurrected Lord, we believe and trust in those witnesses who have seen and believed. We saw his life revealed in the community he breathed, and as soon as we heard that he talked about our name and trusted in faith, we were born into our family. The Spirit then confirms that we are children of God, blessed as those who have seen and believed. The sin of unbelief is closely linked to the sin of unbelief. Doubt will destroy faith if doubt is not solved. At times it serves as an excuse not to put God's will. We can use the cover as evil. The doubt can not remain without harming us. To stop skepticism means that we must act, believe, trust in the Lord, pass on our lives to him, follow – and admit as Thomas did, "Lord and my God!"

Will we be like disciples in the first week after Easter, who claim to believe in the resurrection, but their lives do not indicate that it made them distinct? Or would we be like the kind of people whose words and deeds proclaimed the faith that required our lives, and it was peace with us, and gave us meaning and purpose?

Thomas's freedom was to have his own doubts and to deny the heart. Those who claim to be Christians, and yet deliberately lacking in communion with Christian brothers, are those who are usually in need of Christian communion. There are certain things we can only experience when we are part of the Christian community. The idea that we do not have to go to church to become a Christian is nonsense. We can only know the blessing of God if our body is part of the earth.

Between the crucifixion and the scandal of the empty tomb, Jesus does not conceal himself. He reveals himself, introduces himself to those who love Him. When we go through the struggles and temptations of life, sometimes we are tempted to escape our trouble. At this time, we just want to see myself and myself as a selfish trinity. We do not find ourselves wanting to be with our friends and family any longer, and we will be far away from those we love. At the trial time it may be useful to retire, but we must do what Jesus did. We have to show ourselves instead of hiding like Thomas.

One way to show yourself is to tell your story of joy and pain, sun and rain. When we share our stories, we create the opportunity to become wounded healers. If there is a history of suffering, we must divide it because the glory can be found in the story.

What will you believe us? Our eternal destiny relies on our response. Jesus lives, and as he lives, he can no longer doubt Thomas and say, "Lord and my God." If we do this, we will change our lives to the right forever.

Are Thomas's doubts? Is it doubtful that God ever wants someone like you? Could they have mocked and harassed you and fought your self-worth? Philip Yancey once said, "Grace does not depend on what we have done for God, but rather about what God has done with us. Ask people what they need to do to go to heaven and most people respond," Good. " Jesus' stories contradict this answer: all we have to do is cry: "Help!"

When we embrace God's love, it is easier for us to let go of people's necessity, the need for validation. and he absolutely loves us.

The power of peace, the month of fish, 2014

The Power of Peace

What We All Expect From the Planet Earth's Prediction of February 18 and March 20

Meditation for Fish

"There's no sign even less elusive that the Pisces , the Pisces, this part of the Zodiac, are as agile as the astral world, furious, yet the same waters in a strange, silvery calm, and the beauty of the beautiful dusk and the beauty of the fountain that recognizes the melody, the tempo and the harmony of the spiritual worlds the concept of divine truth, the transcendental relationship, the unity of love with one life, the Spirit of the world sounds like a calm sound, peace is the pinnacle of the proliferated Piscean life that allows you to emanate a power far beyond the worldly power. "John Jocelyn

The Sun Enters the Pisces on February 18 [19659002] Light shines on your power to have your peace [19659007] Integration into our highest spiritual understanding is the clear call of the last sign on our Zodiac Wheel before we return to Spring. With fish led by Neptune, this is the great pain of the world that we can experience and experience the same feeling during this transit because the collective can easily perceive sympathetic and empathic bonds. The greater the pain, the greater the peace, when it is to be followed when healing and truth is the power of his way. The fish can be the extreme darkness of the new light. Those who are afraid to deny the pain experience take advantage of their most precious gifts: their own intuition. This innate quality that the Pisces give in purist form, and when they are truly listened to, the power of the soul and truth can be fully exploited. Spend time with a Pisces this month and you will find that it is a very busy time.

The Mercury Immediately in Aquatic On February 28 Where Life Returns to Normal

Fish Enter March 17 Where Communication Can Find The Recipe

18 Degrees of Aquarius to Turn around , and now passes through the shadow passage by March 20. The first loud Mercury Retrograde of 2014, and we all presented us with the usual combination of schedule, routines and interviews from February 06 onwards. The forward-looking movement of Aquarius signals our communication capability and now clearly sees the clever and the original way to move freely. Still, it is around the air of unpredictability and the sensation of separation, where it may be necessary to create the right innovation.

From 17 March to 7 April between fish, collective thinking is becoming increasingly sensitive, unbridled, graduated and ultra-sensitive. At this time, it will be critical to not let emotions get embarrassed. If we rely on the organization we have reviewed and re-animated in Aquarius, we can remember how to stabilize their thoughts when we are nervous.

Mars Returns to Libra March 01

Where Desires and Motivations Reassess and Review

Our planet Pioneer has been preparing us for Libra's re-evaluation, started on December 26, 2013. With the activity of the Third Inner Planet with the 2014 Retrograde Activity, this transit offers us less "no and no" than the Venus and Mercury warnings as we began our year. The latest retrogrades of Venus and Mercury were all under the Mars Rx approach that began at the end of December in December. Now, there is a need for more review modes where "independence from co-dependence" will be the subject of this insightful step. Whatever the unhealthy roots are, now is the time to get rid of free will in this non-serving choice.

Mars is a planet that promotes action, leadership, motivation, desire, and tremendous energy that always provides incentives wherever you can to visit our individual lives. Under the Balance Under Libra, until 19 May, we must ask to recognize what further compromises are needed as it is recommended at a lighter pace and we are actually listening to both sides of the reflective questions. What do we support here? Taking our time will have less penetrating capabilities that typically unfold when they are moving too fast. Patient speed is always needed for Mars cycles to dampen the natural aggression that may be warming up, which may not be so polite in Retrograde under the Libra.

This is the second turnaround for the Karmic Director to go back to July 20 to pass the Eagle to the way back to 16 degrees Scorpio.

Where Satisfaction Replacing Scorpio March 02

Saturn repeatedly asks for a long-term review and a redesign period where the patient's awareness and rethinking process is fully completed in this area of ​​life. Our independence to listen to this call is what makes our reward with the necessary responsibility where Scorpio personally touches us. What we do not really live is that we usually see the lessons learned so that we can better understand the practical tools that we want to follow while we can not fully count on them.

Where the harmony and understanding become innovative

Well, over the last few months, Venus's seemingly longer stay in the Goat, where he spent last autumn and in winter from 05 November 2013. Now that the shadow of Retrograde is between December 21st and January 31st, he is delighted to enter Water Bearer as he is really ready to socialize and return to some kind of intellectual society. The Venus cycle always guides us to better understand where to go, but he loves being friendly and experimental in Aquarius. You know that the latest changes Mercury Retrograde has bought here balances everything in the idealistic way that life is planned for April 5.

The Crabs and Your Cancer Areas Find Lessons Learned Recently – November 2013

The Crabs and Your Cancer Areas Find Lessons Learned Recently – November 2013 It has been reviewed since 07 – it is closing. Jupiter does not return to retrograde by 2025. Let's go on a rugged reflective road and think about what happened in your life in 2001-02 when Jupiter was the last time you visited your life in a similar cycle. Jupiter is our planet, which provides us with profound learning, a real growth, and is obviously a lucky or good misfortune in some way in this area of ​​life. Action is also part of the new foundation that will be built up by the upcoming Great Cardinal Cross by the end of April and will deal directly with vivid energy by motivating, transforming, and unexpectedly working together in the life of your life.

As we swim with the Pisces, our human experiences can enter a great depth of spiritual understanding into the peace given by SILENT LISTEN to that peace to receive the power of power

Five Key to Successful Business Success

There is a fundamental truth in the construction industry. Every building is better off than on sand. This is a guarantee!

This is why it's so important that your business has a solid foundation. How can you ensure that this is your business?

Honestly grasping how you've made your business and has made the necessary upgrades and settings so that it works as a well oiled machine. Professionals often put into operation the "floating pants" business, and things are figuring as they progress. The problem with this, like any building built, is that after some time the cracks appear. They start small, then gradually expand to the big, messy and very expensive questions that can no longer be ignored. If this happens, it can affect one of its reputation, cash flow, marketing efforts, and certainly the way of thinking and stress that it deals with.

Whether you're a business reporter or a well-established entrepreneur, NOW is a good time to analyze the infrastructure to ensure long-term growth and success. Some key areas that need to be considered:

• Installation : A company created for your business secures your personal wealth if you have a professional affair with a customer or a seller. While I'm not telling you this case in your business, this is a clever business decision that protects your actions for your own good. After all, you invest a lot of time, energy and energy into the growth of your company! Why not invest in protection? Your business needs to be completely separated from your personal affairs. This protects you, your company and your customers. You will have a good foundation for reviewing options and setting up the correct settings because you have legitimized your business.

• Insurance : Take the right effort to find the right insurance for you and your household. Find insurance from people you already know and trust. Entrepreneurs have many sources of insurance. It is important that you apply and become eligible for insurance plans for your family and business and enroll in order to ensure that your personal and professional needs are maintained in the long run.

• Operations : Systems are critical to successful business. What processes do you have to involve new customers in practice? How do you pay for them? How do you delegate tasks? Do you handle your finances? Documented systems save time, money, and energy (as you do not find yourself re-inventing the wheel every time you sit on a task) and allows you consistently deliver high-quality services to your customers.

• Technology : No matter what type of service business you start, technology will probably play a big part. You must have adequate hardware and software. Trust me, you do not want to do business with your neighbor using WiFi! Some free services and tools may be useful. But when we strive to day-to-day business, we want to reach the most reliable technology and know how to use it to serve our customers best.

• Financing : They often asked me, "Can I start a small business without money?" My answer is "Absolutely NOT". The truth is, you're looking for money to make money. All in all, there is a need for office supplies, software, hardware, and savings to make a backup. I would never encourage a person to do any business with any money because I have no personal experience in this area. Even with a limited budget, there are plenty of options to get resources. So instead of concentrating on how little you can, concentrate on your good use and how you can create or access the financial resources you need. Find Opportunities and Creative! There is always a way to get what you need.

This is some important aspects that you can create for your business to make it ground-based. Once you've started your business, you can continue to implement these components to strengthen your business. Do not survive in the list above. There is no business that is "perfect" and every entrepreneur needs these basic elements for growth and success. Certain aspects of the business foundation may work very well, while others have to pay attention. It's all right! This is a process of creating a successful, prosperous company.

How to protect yourself during a basic repair work – the fourth part of the four subdivisions

Finding the Right Job for Good Work

Foundation problems are already there as long as there are foundations. Since the Bronze Age, people have tried to repair the foundational foundations. It's been a long time since the creation, testing and re-engineering of repair technologies, but the fastest advances have only been made in the past 10 years. Regardless of the type of technology you choose to make a home improvement, I definitely need to ask the following questions:

Do you use products that the company has developed for its soil conditions and problems [19659003] With so many products market, most of us rely on our chosen company to tell us what the solution is right for us. Unfortunately, some solutions are not ideal for soil conditions in the Colorado Front Range, for example.

It is a fact that concrete is quickly damaged if it is exposed to soil sulphites (naturally occurring salts in soils in many areas of Colorado), just as the pavement or roller shutter worsens quickly if you use table salt to blend winter ice. Likewise, concrete steels can be particularly sensitive to sulphite attack and can not maintain structural integrity over the long term.

Another possible problem is when a product is used for an application for which it was not intended, such as a rectangular pier supporting vertical load. These products are designed to withstand the pulling force (tensioning force) and do not carry the weight of the structure (compression). An early mistake may occur. Consider the following checklist to ask for important things before hiring a business.

The company you're considering …

– respond quickly and politely to information or estimates?

– Do you have the right tool to diagnose problems quickly and accurately?

– Provides free or professional assessment and estimate to homeowners?

– you have such a success in this area, or simply an entire business or GC

– has a prominent accreditation and record on the Better Business Bureau

– staffed exclusively by qualified professionals

– fully provide your home and all staff

– Are you proud to give references to the specific work area?

– Are you using local locally authorized licensors with local construction authorities

– using site engineer?

The easiest way to grow with your children: parents in new times with Ho & # 39; oponopon

Educating can be easier than you think, definitely more reward and efficiency if you remember just a few truths.

Ho oponopono, an ancient form of problem solving teaches us that our experiences and memories overwhelm the awareness of who we are and how we can create the life we ​​want. As we age and every day we get worries, fears and uncertainties that create restrictive beliefs based on judgments and opinions. Finally, we are torn away from being really, and we lose our relationship with nature and the universe of God (our pure source).

Concerns, fears, uncertainties, judgments, opinions and convictions are just "mistakes" and Ho The oponopono helps us to erase them. Oponopono is like the erasure key on your computer's keyboard

Most of our children's problems and difficulties are controlled by our memories. Many of these problems have been created by our memory bank programs; they start playing and then appear on our monitors that react in certain ways to our children. Our reactions are just reminders.

One way to fix errors (bugs) caused by Hoop oponopono

My master, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, with whom I've been studying for 12 years, always says, it's easier to teach Ho & # 39; oponopono as a chair than to teach people because people are thinking (meaning). We always think, compare and tell stories. We will always try to understand it!

I always find this concept easier for kids. They do not do things about unnecessary rationalization and they do not feel the need to understand everything as we do! In fact, the kids in my training were the best for me. I get such a sincere confirmation from them, knowing that children are much more honest than their feelings because they have not yet acquired the memories that guide them.

When I say to the kids: "Just say" Thank you and then you will leave me, "the kids go jumping happily and skipping, repeating" Thank you ". When I tell the adults to say, "Thank you," then leave, "adults ask." How do you say thank you? Do I have to understand? Should I feel it? Do I have to think about something when I say it? "We will always try to understand it, but there is nothing to understand, just have to do it (just press the delete button) do everything they are examining, just do it

Do you think your kids are here to teach them to tell them what is it the right and the perfect for them? Indeed these gurus have come to teach. If you do not know what is right for you, how did you know what is right for them?

Not long ago a mom came to me after a conference and said that his son wants to say something, he was 8 years old and said, "I told my mother," Thank you for bringing me in. "I practice this, so I have fewer problems when I grow up. "Then the mother consulted me about a problem, wanted my advice, so I looked at her son and asked," What would your mother say? "The boy said," I'd say you do not worry so much about not taking it seriously. "Then I said to the mother," The next time you have a problem, ask your son. "[19659002] Your children have come to your life to show you what to work for. Do not be afraid to solve the problem. You will be amazed at their relationship with inspiration and how wise they are cleaner and more realistic about their feelings and thoughts than just waiting

Children observe, do not listen to you, self-love and self-knowledge are essential to our well-being The best thing we can show them is that we love and accept ourselves as we are This is the best gift ever can give your child help them to avoid accepting love and the outside world as we do

Love is the wind under the wings You must love yourself, be happy and set the example Loving parents bring loving children and loving children create a loving world. After I wake up to this truth (I was very skeptical and I was silent), I told the boys:

"You know, you can be happy, you do not have to wait like me." I also taught them that it was okay to stop them first and do what they did for them. See, I know it sounds selfish, but what I found out when doing something to others or first with others (even with kids) if it does not work for you, it will not work for them. If you're ok, the kids are okay. Not the other way round. The end of the victim's end. You have to wake up. Because when you're happy, kids will be happier. You can not give them what they do not have.

Want to know how to communicate effectively with your kids? All you have to hear is, "I love you, thank you for being in my life." And the best time to tell them when they are asleep and the subconscious mind will hear. When you do this, your words go directly to their hearts. If your child no longer resides with you, talk to her if you know she is asleep. You get bigger results.

And if you do not feel like telling them aloud, you can repeat it spiritually, every time you think about them, or you feel like you are interfering or responding. Even if he is doing his teeth in anger. Do not forget to just press the erasure key so you can do it mentally and it will work even if you do not understand or feel that moment.

When you do these things you can simply relax because you give someone who knows them better, permission to take care of them. You do not really know what the kids have come to and / or have enjoyed in this life. Enjoy their existence and come to give it to you, and it will be beneficial for everyone.

Every time you say "thank you" or "love you" (even mentally, if you do not feel it),

responding, trying to control and give concern, give children to God, direct them, and protect them. Remember, God has created your children and knows what is perfect for them. No

Children are the future and we can change the world by keeping our children happy with your love and self-reflection. And teaching them that they are okay as they are, they have unique talents and that can be different.

I hope that one day human unhappiness will be an exception, not a norm. I believe in my heart it is possible and we can be oponopono Ho.

Mabel Katz

The Sword of Expectation

Today is the day you finish your inner peace war. Today is the day you realize that you are the source and the dam. Today is the day you see your gun in your hands. The weapon that has devastated your presence and your reality-based ability, the weapon that has crossed the experience so many experiences to disappoint … Today is the day he laid the sword for rest. [19659002] Expectations are a major part of our pain. We often resonate with a disappointed state, but we can not see the source of our own expectations. Expectations are powerful and devastating. Expectations do not help. They will be able to destroy our happiness and resonate with depressive energy. Expectations have only one thing, and this torture is pain.

In order for your sword's expectation to relax, you must see what it is. You have to understand how it came into your hands and how you used it. You have to be your part.

Waiting is the mutation of intent. Expectation is a passive process. Expectation is the title of the script that you have already written in your mind. Linking to the result is your scenario. "Life" expects you to play exactly as you imagined. You already have the experience in your imagination. It's done, dead, and can only be reinstalled. It will never be what you imagined. No waiting in life.

Intent is an active process. There is life intent. When we formulate our intention, it is our great pleasure to experience how the whole action works. There is no attachment to intent. There is only the possibility and flexibility of action. The spontaneity of our intentions that unfolds the life of the IS

So today you can choose to have your weapon in your hands destroyed the viability of your experiences. Today you have the opportunity to release your handle and lay it down. Today, you have the opportunity to live with the real experience of your intentions. Today you can choose to start living the darkness of disappointment instead of the pleasure of discovery. Put your sword to rest and live in peace