Creating a Simple Housing Schedule – Flow Chart

In the last article, we discussed the creation of a list of work items for a construction schedule. In this article, we discuss the creation of a flow chart of work items.

Before we begin, I would like to make some comments about commercially available scheduling programs, including Microsoft Project. These programs are based on the Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling process, which was developed before the widespread use of computers. CPM is a great tool.

Using method-based programs is complicated. When we tried to switch to one of these programs, we found that we spent much more time updating the schedule than running the schedule. The update process has often produced unexpected results. Printing the schedule was time-consuming and it was difficult to see the full picture of the print. The titles of these articles contain the word "Simple" and the method I proposed is much easier to create and control.

I've always preferred a low-tech approach that describes each workpiece from one small yellow sticky note, and then arranges the notes in the prepared order. If you do this on a large piece of paper, you can attach the yellow sticky notes with lines and have a flowchart. The advantage of self-adhesive notes is that you can see the whole project as it evolves and move the sticky notes for fixes and modifications.

For the purpose of this exercise, we assume that you complete an operation before starting the next operation. For example, it lists the coarse water pipe; Rough HVAC and coarse electricity in succession, though probably overlapping these elements. In fact, I highly recommend overlapping these professions as they help them work as a team if they know each other. We will adapt to overlaps when we move on to the schedule.

Of course, building a home does not start a single journey from start to finish. When you have finished the interior design and exterior design of the roof, separate roads are needed. Each has its own way to finish. In our case, the interior lasted much longer than the outside

After completing the complete schedule and making sure it means a practical timetable, go back and add the number of days for each workpiece (or sticky note) the number of non-overlapping days in parentheses or other colors.

In the mechanical part of the schedule, the Water, HVAC, and Electrical equipment takes 14 working days if the workpieces are done at the same time, but they can do the work within nine days.

Then complete the non-overlapping days to fill each element in the flow chart, so each workpiece has a starting day. The table above the initial working day appears in bold in the upper left corner.

Now you have to prepare a practical roadmap for building a home, but only halfway. You then need to make sure that all the materials are there when you need it. Returns to the workpiece list and lists for each workpiece the materials that need to be ordered and wait for the lead time. Some items will be obvious, such as doors, windows and cabinets. Some are not so obvious. Do not assume that the items made by the subcontractors are ordered by them. If you use a bath that requires a three-week lead time, it must be listed.

I suggest you order all critical items at the start of the project. Assuming that all the materials are ordered on the first day of the timetable, are there items that do not arrive on time to install? When we started using prefabricated wallcoverings and roof structures, we discovered that in drawing up a drawing approved by the municipality (many people wanted to see blueprints on the grids), it took more time to produce and transport than the foundation. We had to order wall coverings and grids for more than ten days before we started home or we had to wait for the materials. If you grab the flow and the potential lead time problems, you can add boxes to the sticky note (blue boards on the chart). I always add a field to confirm the order of the critical element. To determine if the start is counted from the day required for the item in the workspace.

Assuming that I made all this clear enough to follow, you have to give the complete road map of your typical house construction project. In my next article on scheduling, I will handle this in a simple and usable format.

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7 Principles of Business Integrity

If it has integrity, nothing else matters. But also

integrity, nothing else matters. – Alan K. Simpson

If I ask which attribute is the most influential

regarding the success of an enterprise

immediately, which is the most important? My

For many years as the owner and entrepreneur of a business

discovered that at the top of the list a

distinguishes the quality of integrity. Without integrity

head of a company, the business is usually short-lived. In

a fact when business integrity is all

the deepest layers of the company, not just on its surface

becomes the heart and soul of the company's culture and talent

means that the difference is a successful company and

The Impact of the Internet on the Market

The Importance of Integrity Has Always Been On

business community, but recently

is missing. This is the immeasurable impact of the Internet

is the global market that now expresses the term

integrity, reliability and credibility are extremely important.

Furthermore, it is a consequence of global competition

that customers simply do not consider the presentation company

less than the highest level of integrity. As it is

lots of competitive companies are easy to access and easy to access

is accessible via the Internet, in fact it is not necessary

accepts nothing as the best.

Where does Integrity Start?

The first requirement is to establish an excellent connection

with customers. Based on many years of study it is best and

is the most commonly used method for achieving rapport a

Contact Marketing. Just the way it sounds, relationship

Marketing is based on the single and most important

is called "integrity". However, to achieve this

Real integrity with customers often leaves a lot

bothered the entrepreneur, grabbed the techniques and

strategies that guarantee their future. But integrity

is not something that can be grasped and simply used.

Integrity must be essentially

the nature of the individual, the company and the team members,

remains to be undefined. Without question

others perceive and find it very attractive.

The Truth of Justice!

the nature of integrity? In fact, some are very simple

principles surrounding business quality

. Basically, integrity begins with a company

who understands the properties of integrity

The company is filtering out all classes

and Approach and Attitude of All Members

In the Latest Research of the Business Institute

Ethics – an organization that is one of the world's leaders

to promote corporate ethics

that companies show a clear moral commitment

behavior "almost always outperforms companies that are not

shows ethical behavior. Director of the Institute

Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Black stated, "Not just that

ethical behavior in the business world is better and better

is a basic thing but proven to be ethical

pays off in financial returns. “These are the results

deserves to be an important tool for companies

seeks long-term prospects and growth.

is the foundation of integrity and a good starting point

. By integrating all these principles a

corporate environment, the result will be nothing

Significant Rebirth of the Business

# 1. Principle: Recognize that Customers / Customers Want to Business

with whom you can trust; when trust is in the core

is a company that is easy to recognize. Trust is set

assured character, ability, strength, or reliance

The Truth of an Enterprise

2. Principle: A company for the continuous development of the leader

an organization should be willing to open up ideas

for repair. Ask for feedback and feedback

both customers and team members and company

will continue to grow.

# 3. Principle: Whatever your circumstances, do your best

power to gain the trust of past customers and customers,

especially when something is desperate. Do what you do

can lose everything to lose the lost business

commitments and obligations

# 4.

is clear, accurate and professional;

most important, make sure you are not mistaken


# 5 Principle: Continue to participate in community issues and

activity that proves your business is one

Responsible Community Contributor. In other words, stay

Principle 6: Practical Approach to Accounting and Accounting.

not just as a tool for better acquisition

feels the development of the company, but a resource

for any "questionable" activity; take control

bookkeeping and records allow you to end

Doubtful activities immediately.

# 7. Principle: Respectful treatment of others. Regardless of whether

differences, positions, titles, age groups, or other types

discrimination, always deal with professionals

with respect and courtesy

Although this is certainly an organic and positive step

is a small business to recognize the importance of integrity

as a tool for achieving the desired results, it is only

at the beginning. What we really have to recognize

success is that some precise universal principles

leads to business integrity, is in the general mindset

the company and its key implementation

elements that a business actually defined. A little

is an enterprise that embeds a deeply embedded theme in integrity

will not only be obvious

among clients, associates and partners, but overall

does not help but profit,

a successful company. Recognizing the value of integrity

and the aforementioned 7 principles

to achieve integrity, its success cannot be far.

You don't have to be rich to be a philanthropist

It's no secret that the world's richest people are the most interesting philanthropists. One of the most significant is Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. With the help of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, it contributes to various sectors. In addition to the contribution, the contribution of other high-ranking businessmen will also fund this foundation. With this charity, support was given to health and education initiatives in the fight against polio, the development of educational infrastructures, and so on. it is not impossible for regular people to have limited resources to create and support their own charity initiatives. The key is to run a welfare charity that you cannot fully fund in itself, asking other people for help. This can be done by collecting.


The concept of crowdfunding is, in a sense, similar to crowdsourcing. You can get money or any other necessary resources through the Internet in the audience service. Crowdfunding aims to raise funds to support a special program, usually non-profit initiatives. There are other people like you who are interested in the same reasons, but have very limited resources. Gathering the contributions of many donors gives everyone the opportunity to share the same advocacy.

The project

Even if you are not rich, you can be a charity. You can initiate an audience service project that, like people with limited resources, can collectively raise funds for your case. Here are some of the methods that can be used for philanthropic:

1. Choose a common charitable charity organization and give a regular donation – Some people decide to make smaller donations. This also works for those who regularly receive income. These may include charitable contributions to their budgets. There are others who set their own goals and then donate money when they reach their target. Regardless of whether it grows on a regular or fixed basis, generosity will be a long way to go.

If you are unable to commit to a certain amount of money, you can still share your share of the matter. You can easily share the links of the charitable organizations of your choice on social networking sites. Support them to your friends and contacts and encourage them to donate

2. Start your own charity – think that a small contribution would not really make a difference to your chosen charity. What you would not understand is perhaps that crowdfunding can really help to create much larger amounts of money from others than you, who can contribute to small amounts of money. It can affect your own small way and can help for a particular reason you are interested in.

Choose a reason or a beneficiary to raise money for. Get the crowdfunding platform and create an account. Share and support your cause and get help from your network. Most of the platforms used today have online tracking resources that allow them to see their collective efforts in the resources of needy communities

. Through public service and co-financing initiatives, small contributions can have a big impact on the lives of others.

Geometry in Fashion Design: Math is Basic

Are you one of those students who would like to decide on a mathematics textbook because they get into fashion design and dream the day they become fashion designers? Do you think the occupation and use of Mathematics is absolutely necessary?

Mathematics is a central part of our lives; we really can't avoid it even if we want to. We use it in so many ways and it is not called Mathematics. I've discovered this for many years when I worked at a mathematics department at a large university. One of the mathematics professors (man and doctoral student) did a very nice job in the upholstery. This was based on an algebra formula if you can believe it! His wife got it to make all the colorful plans because it made every color perfect symmetry.

So, if you are planning a career in fashion design or textiles, don't throw out the math book and don't necessarily take a set of geometry; you will need them. Let's take a look at the fact that geometry and the accompanying knowledge will be useful:

Forms – for example, design angles are important; armored skirts, V-necklines, asymmetric roofs, etc. These attractive patterns are designed by geometry to design aesthetically appealing clothes. Designers use geometric principles to create new designs.

Prints – The geometry is colorful and sophisticated. Fitting better for the office or the business world can be a geometric print.

The Basics of Design – Design, regardless of what you plan, is based on geometry. . It is fundamental to fashion and many other things. Without geometry, beautiful and seductive designs on the market would not exist. We would only wear plain old bags, or even be based on a rectangle.

In addition, if you look at admission requirements for a university offering clothing and textiles, you will see that one of the main topics is Math. This makes sense because the pattern is in every form and inches or centimeters

. we need and use mathematics every day of our lives. So get ready for this math test; do it well because the geometric problems you get can be used in real life situations in our career and in our daily lives

Childhood Education – Importance and Learning

As a parent, there may be many questions like early childhood education? and why should our children learn "early" to help them flourish in school and in life?

Dr. According to James Heckman, the Nobel laureate of economics, the economics expert for human development, "Early Education is the Basis of the Future Learning Process. Early Learning Creates More Learning."

When the seed is planted in the soil and the seed you get is a solid wood that is sustainable. Human potential must also be developed and nurtured in the early stages. If you want to build a better future for your child, you need to develop the skills they need to sustain the future.

They said "The way a twig leans early, a tree leans. Early investment in a child's future will cost ten times more in later life.

Invest Sustain = Development

Invest: The investment is not only an investment in an early childhood program, but also how much time and energy your child needs to get involved in an early childhood education program [19659002 Development: Encourage

My mother told me: Soldier, you will be general. "— Pablo Picasso Quotes" If you are a child, please help me to help her child to help them, help them, comfortably develop, identify, nourish and open the skills that are in their early ages. you are a monk, then the pope will be. (Spanish artist and painter, 1881-1973)

Let them do what they want, not what they want

[1945] 9004] Sustain: They see a steady increase in how their child is sustained to create an environment or conditions for getting to know new things.

"I never teach students, I only strive to provide the conditions in which they can study." – Quotes by Albert Einstein (German-born American physicist who developed special and general theories of relativity). Physical Nobel Prize in 1921.

are the basics of learning. The child's direct learning center is home, and research proves that babies can learn in the womb. The first and best teacher is the parent, especially the mother. The importance of early childhood education cannot be; In childhood developmental years 0-5 the pre-natal or fetal bonding of infants provides excellent results at a later stage of child development. determines the combination of fetal education and infant education with brain-based learning components, early childhood education.

Many people think in different areas that the earlier our youngest children are reading, math and science, the better their brain is to grasp more advanced concepts, and some think that this is a burden on young children. disease. But the fact that some of the early learning is missing, but even more important to the child's success: better brain skills. Early learning improves emotional, social and cognitive skills, but also increases the imaginary, intuitive side of the brain.

Early Childhood Education in Education Missing Link allows the child to participate more effectively in a more organized educational environment, together with others, to develop self-esteem and group recognition – think. It also strives to develop motivators under positive self-development, such as empathy, compassion, attention, respect, reliability, and so on. High quality childhood interventions have a lasting impact on learning and motivation later in life.

All these aspects provide the right environment for the growth of the child, as required to regain a competitive world. So the decision is yours, act now to have your child a genius and invest in a better education program that develops the child's entire brain.

Why use PHP frames?

PHP frameworks offer a solid expandable architecture with features that simplify source code programming by providing standard templates, components, and plug-ins. Most PHP frameworks are supported by corporate or open source communities that provide solid web development support. CakePHP, Code Igniter, and Zend are the most popular PHP frameworks, which have the advantages and disadvantages of PHP.

Advanced PHP programmers need more than basic code for web development projects. PHP frameworks provide convenient shortcuts to increase efficiency, functionality, processing power, and speed. Choose different PHP frameworks.

CakePHP specializes in a rigorous, standardized expandable architecture for fast application development using Model-Design-Controller (MVC) and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) common design patterns. CakePHP is the best for newcomers to MVC who want a solid foundation for PHP coding.

There is a steep learning curve for CakePHP coding conventions, but many claim it is worth it. CakePHP also has slower processing performance per second than Code Igniter and Zend.

CakePHP supports MVC, multiple databases, ORM, database objects, caching, validation, Ajax, and user authentication. CakePHP uses access control security. A strong, open source community provides feedback, as well as many useful components and extensions.

Code Igniter (CI) offers better, instant-to-use and well-documented tools. Key benefits include compatibility, ease of configuration and flexibility of coding rules.

CI supports MVC, multiple databases, database objects, templates, caching, validation, and other modules. Code Igniter uses more traditional coding conventions. When measured per second, Code Igniter was much faster than CakePHP or Zend.

One of the drawbacks of CI is the need to write PHP source code to create a "session class" for security purposes.

The Zend Framework (ZF) allows PHP programming to grow with features such as pre-packaged applications, helping to reduce errors and solutions for different platforms (such as IBM, Linux, and Windows). Zend also helps in computing.

Web developers don't need to reinvent the wheel; wise and reusing common PHP source code tools. Zend offers additional flexibility in writing PHP source code. Zend supports MVC, multiple databases, database objects, caching, validation, and other modules. It is rich and provides better support thanks to enterprise support. Zend security is based on access control. Zend was in the middle of CakePHP and Code Igniter to test the speed of requests per second.

Don't waste your existing PHP tools. Depending on the needs of your projects, there is a good PHP framework (CakePHP, Code Igniter or Zend Framework) that suits your needs.

Conceptual framework for financial accounting

A conceptual framework can be defined as a constitution. This is an organized pattern of interconnected goals and principles. Determines the nature, limits and purpose of financial accounting. In addition, it deals with theoretical and conceptual issues, the surrounding financial accounting and logical and consistent funds that justify the accounting standard. Lists the reasons for determining how the transaction should be represented to the intended users. For example: An asset should be measured at cost or market value.

The greatest contribution and benefit of the conceptual framework is to help you understand and interpret accounting information in your financial statements. Some other important reasons why this is useful is:

Helps the user of financial information to understand the accounting standard and the IASB concept behind the wording. It allows further development of accounting standards. It also assists the IASB by providing guidance on reducing the use of alternative accounting practices permitted by IFRS in a given situation. It establishes the reliability of financial statements, reports, and accounting.

The conceptual framework has addressed a number of issues that have not been solved by accounting standards for a very long time. Events and transactions that are not eliminated by the developed financial accounting standards will be solved with the help of the conceptual framework. Provides guidance on the quality characteristics of financial information. Organizations have also been supported by conceptual frameworks for selecting the most appropriate treatment permitted by the financial accounting standard. The new accounting standards are elaborated by the conceptual framework of the National Accounting Standards Body.

Helps the auditor to express an opinion on the financial statement whether or not it is in accordance with IFRS. It helps the management in the preparation of the financial statements when applying IFRS and deals with situations where there is no appropriate standard. It also introduces users involved in the work of the IASB.

The IASB and the FASB considered that it was very important to develop a common conceptual framework, as it is very important that sound, reliable and internationally recognized accounting standards provide a strong basis. To make a financial decision, it is very important that the decision is based on the principles of the principles and not the individual concepts of each committee. The problem of the personal conceptual framework of the individual standard setter can be a positive conclusion in the short term, but as these concepts can lead to the thoughts, conflicts, or revisions of personal and standard current members. the new members outdo the standardization body over time, resulting in irregularities and make it difficult for users to make a decision. This is why both bodies have decided to use their efforts to develop a common conceptual framework.

The IASB and the FASB considered that rethinking all concepts would not be an effective use of their knowledge and research. The main aspects of the framework of the two bodies are similar and do not require any changes. Prior to the conclusion by the bodies that they would focus on improving existing frameworks rather than revising all standards and frameworks, priority should be given to problems and issues that would destroy the standardization objective.

The IASB and FASB believe that if this is done, it will be a document that discusses all standards and issues. The objective of the IASB and the FASB is generally accepted common standards. Since 2002, both bodies (IASB and FASB) have been working together to achieve this goal by eliminating differences between IFRS and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Another objective of the accession conceptual framework is to keep existing concepts up to date with market trends, business practices these days. In general, the IASB and the FASB did not complete the reliability of the common conceptual framework; but they are sure and believe that the common conceptual framework will not be the same as the financial reporting standards. The common conceptual framework does not make existing standards effective, although some of the current standards may clash with the accession framework, but the board must consider these standards in line with their agenda.

There were many holes within the conceptual framework of each table, for example, both forums did not continue to report on the concept of reporting unit. After developing a common conceptual framework, these conceptual holes were discussed and a globally accepted standard developed. Filling the gaps is the motif of the signboard, both within the forum.

Revenue is an important aspect for the user of the financial statements as it describes how the company performs. Although such an important aspect, recognition in the financial statement can be very confusing, as the IFRS and GAAP frameworks have conflicts in recognition. Therefore, the IASB and the FASB decided to initiate a project to clarify the principles of revenue accounting and to develop a single standard. If both forums did not work to develop a common framework, it would be very difficult for users of financial statements to understand the underlying concept, and thus financial statements could lose their credibility in the long run.

What is COBIT? Importance and framework

COBIT is an IT management framework and support toolkit that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical challenges, and business risks. COBIT provides clear policy development and good practice for IT management through companies. COBIT emphasizes compliance with regulations, helping companies increase IT value, empowering and coordinating the application of corporate IT governance and control framework.

COBIT Guidelines for Information and Related Technology Audit Objectives. This is the standard framework for IT management and management. We intend to be a supportive tool for managers and consents that overcome the central violation of technical challenges, business risks, and control requirements. Business managers include a model that provides value to the company and practices risk management practices related to better IT processes.

As a framework that can be used to calculate and monitor IT services and to implement outstanding practices related to these services, ITIL3 offers a way to manage service management. ISO / IEC 27000 Series 4 contains standards preferred by IT security professionals

For those who want to move their careers to COBIT, COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Training is the ideal training. For most companies, the answers to these queries come from understanding the underlying multiple frameworks. COBIT enables companies to improve IT management by using appropriate processes, management and management capabilities to build IT capabilities to reach stakeholders' goals. accurate standards, frameworks and recommendations can be helpful. The Online Online COBIT Certification Course will be a course for professionals in the field to develop their skill sets.

When an enterprise applies more standards, frameworks and strategies, it can create separate controls that are individually managed. . Consequently, it not only creates duplication of work, as controls can overlap, but they are more challenging for administrators to get a comprehensive view of their company's IT exposure and management processes.

Current tools that allow companies to use and manage common libraries of common framework controls. Control libraries often become overwhelming and complicated for most corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC) initiatives.

COBIT® 5, the most up-to-date release of ISACA's globally accepted corporate IT (GEIT) governance and management structure. deals with this issue. It provides an end-to-end business view that integrates other standards, frameworks and strategies, such as ITIL and ISO / IEC 27001 into a complete corporate governance and management framework.

Security professionals, IT operations administrators, and IT auditors can see to what extent their work is related to the full range of governance and management. COBIT 5 does not replace these other reference sources. Instead, it is an all-encompassing umbrella framework that helps them all fit. COBIT Certification Course Online is a sure thing for working professionals who want to upgrade with the latest certification.

What makes ERP an indispensable solution for the construction industry?

The construction industry is undoubtedly the foundation of the economy. A well-populated and commercially developed economy needs the right infrastructure, specific architectural support and planned facilities for a smooth flow of business and commerce. All of these have built up demands for building materials and equipment. However, for construction companies, it was a challenging business transaction due to the increased level of material transactions and project structures.

Effective development and management of construction projects is of great importance to businesses as they depend on the design and implementation of strategic resources. The ERP solution can greatly facilitate construction companies that help managers make comprehensive plans for projects from sunset to end. Here's a quick breakdown of the facts that make ERP a compelling solution for all construction companies.

An Effective Tool for Design and Analysis

Projects can be terribly unsuccessful without systematic planning and channeling of resources under the control of an architectural firm. Many organizations suffer major losses due to inadequate project completion, unexpected labor costs, or late completion. ERP software prevents such inefficiency or failure by properly channeling resources. By accurately analyzing the required materials, labor estimation, building design and contract management, it helps to eliminate unnecessary downtime and other project-related problems.

Helps with data assimilation

One of the main reasons why ERP solutions are being crossed by construction companies is to integrate data from different processes into a storage system. This helps you manage your data easily, increasing the efficiency of your processes. Provides dynamic analysis of assimilated data, whether it is functional or functional, and provides construction companies with real-time and accurate information.

Simplifying Processes with Data Management

Building ERP software is increasingly project-oriented as companies need a solution that can handle many offers at the same time. If we search for a lot of data and combine them in data sheets or different software systems, it is difficult for construction companies to have more projects in their hands. The ERP solution is a great help because it allows data collection in a single system. This results in an effective exchange of information between all areas of the construction industry.

Improving General Efficiency

It is obvious that a centralized system of process management helps to improve the efficiency of construction companies with a general overview of all operations. An integrated ERP solution helps you retrieve data at any time, makes the right decisions, and thus increases system efficiency.

Helping Project Cost Estimation

Most construction projects take several years to complete, with cost planning based on future overall costs. With a financial or accounting module, the ERP helps you to make sure that the actual cost of the projects does not exceed the estimated costs in the exact cost estimate.

While most unsuccessful projects are due to a lack of planning strategies, ERP software can help manage large-scale projects strategically in other aspects, such as material procurement, inventory, ordering, and sales.

Article – Outline of the article

Article Article – Outline of the Article

Once you have defined the subject and title of the article, you can begin to sketch your article to provide a solid foundation for writing.

] Note on the progress of the steps: I personally write the title for the first time and use it as a ruler and look back to keep the content of my article consistent with my title. However, some authors write their article for the first time, and then write a title that matches the content of the article. Any method is fine, although I like accountability, which occurs when I first deliver my address. I'm not even physically writing the sketch because I can do it easily in my head, and after writing 20-30 articles you can easily do it. If you have never written any articles, I suggest you first write a sketch; this helps you focus on the article and not run out of direction.

Once you have received the theme, you create a sketch that will use the following parts as a frame:

1) Introductory paragraph or sentence (s)

2) 3 Supporting ideas for the topic

3) Conclusion paragraph or sentence

For example, using the example of a list building article:

One sample of the addresses we created was

The first five methods to build accuracy, starting with your first article

So my self my outline looks like this:

1) Introductory paragraph or sentence

2) 5 supportive ideas for the topic of the article

a) To list the list with precision, you must have tightly targeted demographic data that you direct the efforts.

The subject of the advertising mechanism is the topic of the printing page and

c) To list precisely the construction, it must continuously offer useful information to its subscribers.

d) To enumerate the list accurately, you should constantly check your subscribers or ask them what type of information or products they need.

e) the list is accurate, never forget the primary purpose of the list.

3) Conclusion paragraph or sentence (s) [19659002] Another example using one time management address:

Discovering the secrets of time management – Free 2 additional production hours per day

1) Introductory paragraph or sentence

2) 3 Support ideas for the topic of the article

a) 1. Confidentiality: You can track the use of time Daily

b) 2: Create a List of Goals

c) 3 Secrets: Measure Everything against a list of goals daily

3) Conclusion paragraph or sentence (s)

There is no again to write a sketch that is deeper than these examples. Keep in mind that you are only writing about 400-700 entries about a tightly themed idea. The article aims to provide the reader with useful content, while giving the reader a reason and incentive to click on your site or website after reading the article.