The Prayer Foundation

Nehemiah Teaching Step 1:

Nehemiah reported in Babylon that the walls of Jerusalem were demolished and the gates were burnt with fire. He greatly disturbed and sacrificed the people of God.

Nehemiah was the emperor of the king. He was a designer, but he recognized that he should pray. He needed the Lord to succeed. If we want to achieve great things in our lives, we have to pray like Nehemiah – recognizing that God alone can give us victory and success.

Do you have a dream or vision that you believe is from God? Then preparing for prayer and planning will be a great key to success. Nehemiah did not rush into the king and pulled out what he wanted. If he did, he would probably have blown it.

He fasted and prayed, asked God's kindness and success, then waited for the king to initiate the conversation with him. We also have to wait for God's timing. Then, when the moment came, he asked courageously. He grabbed his courage and asked the king for everything he wanted.

God answered his prayer. These are the successful steps that you can use in your life to dream or vision that God has given you. Learn from Nehemiah.


With the blessing of the king, Nehemiah was given away as an absence. He also received the tree from the royal forest to return to Jerusalem and begin to build beams in Jerusalem's gates and walls.

The enemy arrives shortly when we begin building something to God. Mockery and ridicule often begin. This happened with Nehemiah. But he trusted that God would continue to succeed in seeing his vision – that the walls were rebuilt.

God's vision will always be opposed by the enemy. Satan often uses people who are threatened by God's servants. That was the case. How do we react to mockery and ridicule? We need to know that it is behind the hostile activity, especially if we are trying to liberate us.

If another fox has climbed, it breaks down the walls of the stones! cursed. Mockery and ridicule make dissatisfaction with the task ahead and, as the work of God slanders, somebody agrees that someone else can do better!

The point, however, is that God has called us. We must respond as Nehemiah – heaven God will be ours. This is about God's work; He alone will empower us and maintain us. I can do all this through Christ, who strengthens me!

3rd [1986:1969:003] In 1986 I asked Nehemiah Chapter 3 in the house where we ran in our house. I read that the inhabitants of Jerusalem had built their parts in front of their own house and felt that God had asked me to build the wall in front of my own house. I was not entirely sure what that meant, but then I read this verse-Shallum repaired the next part with her daughters. There were a lot of unusual at the time that women were used and therefore deserve special attention.

He broke in me – God uses women! God will use it to build the wall in front of my house. The following day, the next day, the local Anglican minister spoke and asked if he could visit our group of people in the planes of Christians in different churches in the region to get to know each other. At the meeting of the House Groups, I shared what I felt God told me this part. The Anglican Minister told us that a small church was built near my house, which was available if you wanted to use it.

This was the building we used to start a new Scholarship in our area. After attending a 9-week school at the Ellel Ministries in 1993, I invited Peter Horrobin to come and attend a weekend conference for this Fellowship, which moved to Frensham, two miles away.

That very weekend at Pierresten School in Frensham was put on sale and God asked me to take Peter to school. Then, in February 1995, the Ellel ministries bought Pierrepont School and Peter asked me to be the headmaster of the center for the work there. God tell me the idea of ​​the school of the NETS ministry and that people from all over the world go to the Pierrepoint to be able to train and equip themselves in healing, disarmament, teaching, and evangelism at school. So fourteen years later, in 2008, I still build the wall for God outside my own house. # 39;

Does God ask for somewhere to build a wall – even outside his own house?

How to build a Kids Playhouse foundation from scratch

When building a children's playground a solid foundation is critical to the safety, strength and attractiveness of the playground. In order to ensure that the foundation is ready to make the property, we will provide you with the next step-by-step method to give the resulting playhouse childhood enjoyment of the game.

Select a well-drained area to the play area. Place the perimeter of the playhouse (footprint) with a mason's line or another string and cut the grass or dirt using a garden shovel. Remove grass and vegetation from the area covered by the base of the playground. Form a shape on the concrete base through 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 lumber. The form must be kept in place, defining the edge and the thickness of the concrete slab by two to three meters each. It must be at the top edges of the form, so the tables used for this purpose should not be twisted or twisted. In addition to the shape of the wood, there is a steel wire mesh, crushed aggregate or sharp gravel, sand and cement. In addition, you must rent or borrow a vibration plate soil compactor.

If the building area has been extinguished, fill up the area approx. 3 cm thick, grade 5, crushed stone and wrap it with the compactor. Cover the layer of crushed, compressed layers with 3-4 inches of sand and soften with the compactor. The sand layer is critical to curing the concrete to maximize the strength of the sheet. The sand layer also helps prevent cracking of concrete while the concrete is expanded or contracted during cold or hot weather changes.

Place the shape of the wood in the prepared area and then use the stakes on the form to secure it to avoid moving or moving when adding cement. Again, it should be the shape, so you have enough time to adjust the shape at this point.

Place the steel reinforced netting over the shape and cut the netting to fit inside the shape. At the time of casting the cement, pull the net upwards into the center of the cement. Finish smoothly the excess concrete from the top of the shapes so that it is even and even. Allow the concrete to be repaired and removed and secured bets.

It has a solid foundation, its level is stable and safe for dreaming as a children's playhouse

Ten questions and answers from BDSM

first What is BDSM?

Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) are all situations where people, by their will and choice, raise their personal power elements and act for their joy. This can be a sexual pleasure, but it does not always have to.

2nd Are there different forms of BDSM?

Yes, there are many forms of BDSM. The two main forms are:

* Lifestyle BDSM – This is the form where partners associate BDSM elements in their relationship in some way.

* Kink or Fetish BDSM – This is the form where people occasionally use the power elements, primarily for their sexual experiences, without losing their lifestyle.

One is no more important or more real than the other. The two forms are different. Often the people grow from "kink" to "lifestyle"

3. Is BDSM abnormal?

All forms of human behavior contain elements of power: at work, at home, in politics, in sport, and in (sexual) relationships. The enlargement of the power element in its relationship is not abnormal. Current opinion of professionals (according to various diagnostic manuals such as the US Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) suggests that consensual energy exchange between well-informed and well-adjusted adults is normal and harmless (sexual) behavior. What causes BDSM feelings?

Science is not entirely clear why some people are attracted to BDSM, others are not. Genetic coding seems to have something to do with it and may be affected by education, the social environment and education. The fact that the jury is still out, and we simply do not know the answer. According to estimates from the Kinsey Institute, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine and several European universities and other sources, 15 to 30 percent of the adult Western population are feeding some form of BDSM emotion. Why is there such a social stigma on BDSM?

Generally speaking, public opinion about BDSM is based on obsolete information such as the Psychopathy Sexualis (written by R. von Kraft-Ebing, end of the 19th century) and S. Freud's research Early 20th century. In addition, xenophobia (unfamiliar fear) plays an important role in the general opinion on BDSM, and thus an overly-oriented medium misleads the topic. The lack of reliable, thoughtful scientific research also plays a role in this topic. Most of the research was performed by therapists who prefer to promote their "therapy" instead of having thoroughly investigated the phenomena

. I've heard that people who are very dominant in real life are actually humble in bed. This is true?

High-ranking politicians or the lazy leaders in the bed come from prostitution ("commercial lovers"). The fact that there is no proven relationship between general social behavior and sexual behavior. Sexual behavior is a very unique thing, so it is very different from each individual

. Is BDSM-prone people not really all victims of childhood trauma or abuse?

Scientific research has taught us that the number of (young or other) traumatic backgrounds is no bigger or smaller than any other social group. Every trauma victim finds in every social group. Subsequently, within the "BDSM" group, the overall level of tolerance allows for more debate on such topics and the "BDSM community" is one of the few social groups that effectively and actively provide support and support for such cases. There is no reason why people with traumatic history can not enter BDSM activity provided they seek professional help and deal with the trauma at the FIRST and OUTSIDE BDSM positions

on a personal level. What age of BDSM emotions do you have?

About 25 percent of the "BDSM population" (according to the research of the POWERotics Foundation) fed BDSM-like emotions in their very young age. Often, this group remembers that before the age of 12 the power situations fascinate. Many people, however, often disclose their BDSM preferences after much dramatic events in their personal lives, such as after divorce. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that these events consider people to themselves, their personalities, their preferences and their needs

. Why are so many people so confused about BDSM emotions?

Regardless of the subject: it is not easy to tell the world that you are "different". It is true of everyone who feeds emotions, emotions, or ideas that are not collectivistic in their social environment. People in the business environment often find it difficult to tell their parents and friends that they would be a painter or actress. Gay people are struggling with a similar problem and democrats who come from a republican nest. The phenomenon is "come out of the cabinet" (this means your environment is different) and this is a difficult process that requires a lot of juggling defense and explaining to yourself a likely unwilling audience. Patients with BDSM tend to face the same problem. Often, this also leads to a situation where people – unfortunately – are too afraid to tell their partner their emotions.

10th If so many feed this feeling in a young age, why is there so little information for them?

Many – unfortunately – depends on which country is born. The fact that in most countries sex education generally leaves much to be desired. World-wide research has shown that 70 percent of the population pick up "from the street" (ie friends, pornography, over-orientated media, etc.) Sexual information and parents or schools are not or very poorly educated. The current political climate – with very superficial and poorly formulated opinions about sexuality – makes it difficult for organizations to set up adequate information programs in many countries. The other problem is that not everyone who (temporarily) cares for BDSM-like feelings in puberty and adolescence is ultimately interested in BDSM, as this is mostly related to the more general sexual experimental phase, young age. It is very important for young people to follow their own path without too much external influence. This is a dilemma for organizations that provide information.

Bi-Level Based Repair

For a homeowner, if it turns out to be founding damage, there may be the worst news anyone can give. This kind of damage to your home is the only expensive type of repair going through. This is also what you will not have to choose, but you need to go out and hire a professional fundraiser specializing in basic repairs.

Potential Cost:

The cost of the repair depends on the degree to which it is based, the location of the underlying damage, and the type of materials needed to resolve the problem. Costs can be reduced from $ 800 to $ 30,000 to solve the problem. Purchase estimates of at least three different contractors are required to estimate how much it will actually be paid. However, it is not allowed to rely solely on the cost of work to be carried out when choosing the contractor. Consider the type of materials they use and the reputation of locals. If you are using high quality materials and are very good feedback from past customers, you have to go with the contractor.

Issues arising from two-tier fundamentals:

Two-tier funds generally carry more weight than others. This is why the damage to these basics is more severe. The other thing is that water damage is usually more apparent with this type of foundation. This is because water can easily enter the basement area, which can also provide seal and foundation.

As soon as he notices the water leak in the basement, he must immediately examine his structure, damage. Early detection can potentially save thousands of dollars, as the damage is not so serious but it can easily solve the problem.

Happiness, health and healing – a natural foundation for a healthy mind

In my own personal life, it is time to believe that stress can be "treated" regardless of the situation. I felt like a decent multitasker and I was proud to always have a straight line that was never too far up or down. I often found myself stresses in my life, which was very unnecessary and was not beneficial.

Well, at the age of 35, I found 7 health food stores, 3 wellness clinics, a natural product manufacturing company, 4 homes, two children, a wife and a 1500 miles trip. seven, excluding flights and international travel. I was on the cover of magazines, I wrote articles, I broadcast radio shows, and I talked to groups, and I never knew at the beginning of the day when I would buy it by the end of the day. In the morning I wake up and have a few minutes to identify where I woke up. I remember when I woke up, while in Cessna 172 I lost the altitude over the Appalachian Mountains that I was the pilot!

I once slept on a 4X4 Ford Excursion Diesel while I was driving on a road WHILE RADIO IN THE TELEPHONE! I trusted people that they should not have had a lot of nights when my daughter went to bed and woke up many nights, what I was doing and why. I knew the message I taught was important, but the message is nothing but my own life.

I had a car accident close to a deadly accident when she knocked unconscious at the bottom of the North Georgian divide in the woods on the morning of 3. It was covered with blood, upside down, and I wondered why? My cell phone. 35 meters into the woods. I once kicked out of the car that was burning, I got the phone and climbed into the abyss to get help.

I do not have to say that at this time I finally admitted that I should re-evaluate my life, that I was not indestructible and that I was not able to handle everything myself and myself. It was time for dramatic change.

The interesting thing is that around 20 years before the change of life the formula was given to me, which helped me.

As a young teenager I met a herb who lived only a few miles from my school but who is internationally recognized as one of the most popular folk herbs in the world. Tommie Bass lived in the state of Alabama and was on Wall Street's cover in 1985 and who had been teaching more than five books while teaching at any University of Duke and no formal training was a master course.

The day I met Tommie with one of my most important days of my life. He taught me about simple herbalism, using what we have prepared for ourselves as medicine, and how to help them when they do not have the power to be close to themselves, to simple life, and to nature. I'm sure it did not mean that it was coming out of the burning Jaguar XKR in the woods at 3 o'clock

How to use woodcutters for a foundation?

In wet areas where traditional footsteps can not be used, engineers can design pieces of wood or pillars that support a structure that could not otherwise be constructed using regular construction methods. Large columns can be at least twelve inches in diameter, thirty, forty, fifty, or even one hundred feet in length or more. Design is based on soil type. Obviously, such piles of a size need to be fitted by a professional with a fluffy guide. We all saw a driver sitting somewhere and hearing the familiar humming they were doing as the hammer ran the top of the pile and went on to the ground with each shot. The hammer can not continue the fluff and the point that is called a rejection. However, smaller projects belong to a homeowner on a deck or shed. Traditional excavation equipment such as a excavator for extracting holes and setting elevators can build a building where it would otherwise not be.

The homeowner is ready to build villas from the local utility company, and in most cases free of charge. Public utilities constantly change their pole to power lines, damages and so on. Old columns should be handled with pleasure to sell them. The end result is that you get the poles for free. A small container, a tag-a-long trailer, can easily load and transport them to your site. On the spot, the four best and straight poles should be selected to the corners of the building. The others are not so critical about the inner support.

If the new structure is a tree, then it is possible to construct right new nodes in the pole way. If the structure is concrete or masonry, the fluffy caps must be filled and covered for a moment. By uncovering the holes and by placing the piles manually, they do not get the same adhesion as a pile vane. New soils should be used and compressed as they are placed around the poles. Many plans require that holes be filled several meters away and any construction can begin before the set time period expires. This added mass of soil above the finished pile will help compress the soil around the bottle. When the time runs out, unnecessary soils can be removed, exposing the upper layers. This period may last for months, but it may be years.

The jumps at this point are slaughtered at all levels at ground level. By assembling a peripheral wheel joint, the pylons and a number of floor scaffolds have a base or base that builds their structure. In very damp areas where pile movement is expected, special wall and roof connections are required, which are called slippage joints to allow the walls to be moved with the columns. the movement is generally small, but if the walls are solid, cracks appear on the finished surfaces.

If the building is made of concrete or masonry, concrete pile caps must be installed to carry the concrete floor and the weight of the walls. In these cases, the piles are adjacent to one another and then connected to a concrete beam or cap. Once the caps are in place, regular calipers can be built between the cap and the cap. Once the legs are in place, the walls can continue. This does not work for an average homeowner to try.

Currently peeling is used everywhere. Bridges over water, fishing harbors to the ocean, and many high-rise buildings today sit on piles. The use of piles for the project may permit the use of land that would otherwise be empty.

Pete Ackerson
The friendly building supervisor
BICES-Building Management and Code Monitoring System Software

Problems with small-scale cracks

One of the biggest problems with the crack of small funds was that they could actually be bigger. Small people are generally not as big as their problems, but as they begin to grow bigger or longer, they are now having a big problem with the foundation of the building.

Find your home building, study the cracks, write down your location on a paper, and if possible, take a few pictures to re-examine older images as you look at the foundation for the future.

If you notice that these cracks are getting bigger, then it would not be a bad idea to contact an entrepreneur familiar with exploring the problems of the floor space. These entrepreneurs should be able to answer all their questions and provide a good solution to building the foundation of the building.

If the cracks of a small foundation do not grow or grow larger, you probably do not have to worry about the foundation of construction. Hair cracks are common in virtually everything that is made of concrete. The concrete sidewalks, the highways, the plinths and the foundations of building crack, and this is the reality of life, the only problem is that we do not want these cracks to be too big or if we are struggling with foundations.

I forgot to mention what I would think of a tiny cracking. It would help if you knew what you were looking at while you looked at your buildings. If you can not tie a dime, you probably have no problem. That's what I would consider a little cracking, anything less than the penny's width.

If you can snatch your fingers, there's no good chance you have a lot of foundation-based settlement problems and you have to deal with it as soon as possible. Every four inches of width cracks should be measured in the near future and must be observed for any movement or expansion.

Relocating the house? When should your foundation be monitored?

You must check the foundation if:

1. You understood leaks and plumbing problems in your home or business.
2. Doors or windows do not open and close properly.
3. There are cracks in the mortar between the bricks.
4. Floor and walls have cracks.
5. There are diagonal cracks in the walls (inside and outside)
6. You have uneven floors in your home.
7. Separate between walls and frames.
8. You have any type of twisting of the frame.

After thoroughly examining your basics, drainage lines, and drainage lines, you may find that there is a serious problem. If it is, it is important to correct it as soon as possible. Neglected, structural damage will be significant repairs.

Continuously changing weather patterns lead to conditions that are consistent with the shift of soil around their structure. During the rainy season, the clay is expanded with soil moisture. When the soil dries, the clayey soil shrinks. This can cause upward or downward movement and lateral movement of the foundation. As a result of constantly changing groundwater, they help to fundamentally change and sink. Therefore, the foundation for a home or business venture may require a new level or cracking.

If you are buying a house, professional advice is advisable as early evidence of foundation difficulties can be easily detected.

Do you know a good waterproofing company? If not, do the homework and do a search online to find it near you. Do not just hire someone, make sure you're an expert in their field. Go to one that offers free audits and estimates to those who have foundational problems. Personally, I feel better with a company that has a lot of experience. I'm also sure. If you have a good time near a company, make sure that you get valuable information about:

* Leaking wet foundation
* French drainage systems
* Slip in waterproofing with humidity control.
* Sump Pump Equipment
* Confirmation / Rebuilding the Foundation

All of the above will allow you to learn more about the importance of the foundation and how it affects your home. This in itself is worth all the knowledge you can get. Good luck in making the decision to buy the best home firm (which is probably the biggest investment in life).

7 signs that may have problems with the foundation of the concrete slab

If your own home has a slab-based area of ​​heavy clay soil, there are things to keep in mind the foundation's movement. Here are some signs that something is going wrong.

first Doors and the windows do not close properly. This may be the first sign that something strange is going on at the base of the concrete slab. The doors and windows, which were easily open and tight, became more and more difficult and noisy.

2nd Sloped Floors.

When things fall on the floor, they tend to run to the same place. (Even the Grandma.)

3. Cracks often in the house near the door jams and window frames.

The thing that needs to be watched is a diagonal crack that is often the corner of the door or the window frame. This means that framing is screwed by the foundation's movement.

4th Nails from gypsum board.

This is a big wind storm. Yes, but you will notice it immediately. If you see angles that glide over the skin of the gypsum board over time, this may indicate the rising or sloping plate base.

5th Cracks on the outer walls.

Find the diagonal cracks again, especially from the brick. If the width of the cracks is widened over time, it is another sign of the foundation problem.

6th Parts of brick or sidewall separating from the frame .

Vertical cracks occur here. You see the separation between parts or where bricks and framing meet. The vertical crack may be wider than the top of the bottom, or vice versa. Such cracks are often signs of movement to the foundation.

7th Outgoing chimney.

If the chimney is no longer with the rest of the house or has diagonal cracks, this is another sign of the basic movement. (Unless you think Santa has caused last year's damage.)

If there are two or more of the foundation's problems, it's a good idea to take action before things get worse. One of the best things you can do is rent an independent, professional engineering engineer with experience in the retail industry to carry out audits. One that is not financially tied to any founding company. So it is more likely that you get a straight line on the condition of the concrete mixer.

Do-It-Yourself Concrete Room Equipment Foundation

This information can be very important for what you are doing, which will build other projects for future home improvements. How can a cute-to-fan learn to build a specific room-based supplement? Let's start.

The first thing you'll need is a set of plan or construction plans and should have been approved by the local building department and design department. Special architectural details are needed, which need to be thoroughly explored to properly build the foundations of new concrete premises.

Let's start by digging. You have to design plans of width and depth, as well as the exact location of the building footstones that you need to dig. Hold your paddle and start it. Make sure all dirt is properly removed before you begin to create the basics of the room.

Then you have to create the foundation. This can be done with 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 formatting sheets. You can easily apply these forms at the exact location suggested by the construction plans. You can use 1 x 3 wood or metal bets that can be purchased in any household or wooden house to keep the forms in the correct position.

The only purpose of the forms is to keep the concrete whenever you like it. You will then need to install all the trusses and building blocks that are required for the building's blueprints. Be sure to inspect these construction plans to find the exact location, all the anchor bolts, hold the bolts and all the construction grids.

If this is done, you are ready to pour concrete, but do not pour the concrete until you contact your local inspector to examine the foundation for the new room building.