Women have a strong role in peacebuilding

2011th On October 7, the Nobel Peace Prize awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to three great women: Tawakkul Karman, head of anti-government protests in Yemen; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Liberian President, Africa's first democratically elected female president in 2005; and Leymah Gbowee in Liberia, who campaigned for the fight against sexual harassment. [32] Karman, 32, was the first Arab woman to win the peace prize. The award was acknowledged for the role of Yemen in peace activism long before the 2011 Arab Spring Revolution and the launch of a positive change in political oppression and the role of women in the rise of new democracies. The two Liberian women (Sirleaf, 72 and Gbowee, 32) were the first Sub-Saharan African winner in the peace press, as Wangari Maathai of Kenya won the 2004 campaign to combat deforestation by mobilizing women with plant trees. Maathai died in 2011 at the age of 71. Sirleafot was seen as a Reformist and peacekeeper for Liberia, for ending government corruption and 14 years after the Civil War for reconciliation. Liberal Gbowee has organized hundreds of female protesters in Monrovia to demand the decommissioning of warriors and force the warriors to be exploited by women warriors who are exploited and harassed by sexual harassment. The Nobel Committee was respected in order to mobilize women through ethnic and religious divisions to end the long war in Liberia and ensure women's participation in the elections. Sirleaf fought for peace within the government (as leader of the country's leadership) while Gbowee and Karman worked as individuals, with the limited support of the Karman government.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee was hoping that the three women would shed light on the great potential of democracy and peace that women could represent.

Pakistan has shown that in November 2011, in Islamabad, a four-day International Islamic Women's Conference was held, of which more than ten Islamists are building synergies and discussing context-specific gender issues. In 2010, Pakistan's female legislators accounted for less than one percent of legislators. By comparison, female officers form one third of the Australian federal police force. The Pakistani government now has a policy of integrating women into the main police police station, a growing international trend in Muslim countries. Research has shown that female police officers are making publicly friendly pictures of the police, as men are far less likely than extremist control methods, such as threats, physical restraint, search and arrest.

Richard Sennett, of the University of New York, and the London School of Economics, in his book "Together: the Ritual, the Joy and Co-operation Policy" (2012), states that "in the various ethnic, religious or economic sense living people – a challenge that is most urgent for today's civil society. "This is because people tend to avoid associating with people who are different from the tribal act that says" it involves the idea that you know others how they are, without really being able to "which is a" what's against us ". Sennett promotes social cohesion, which requires commitment to the community and empathy: from polite social audiences such as "please" and "thank you" for mutual communication. Do not just talk and listen; this is about sympathy, empathy, and above all, shared and familiar dialogue. This is a concept that women understand naturally and innately.

Women in governments and individual women can co-operate to influence, promote, and sustain local, national, regional and global peace. As governments are seeking to contribute to peace-building, there is no need to look at women in their own community. Without women being important in peace processes, lasting peace is less likely. Women as peace-makers often play a leading role in rehabilitation and rehabilitation activities such as post-conflict peoples such as South Sudan, transition to stability. The importance of women in peace dialogue and social cohesion can not be overstated not only in post-conflict countries but also in local communities.

Healthy economies support a peaceful existence. Investing in women can create a significant gender dividend through three basic instruments: (1) women as employees; (2) women as consumers; and (3) women as voters.

Women make up the majority of small businesses around the world, narrowing the gap between male and female employment rates. Women often influence up to eighty percent of household purchasing decisions. In addition, the proportion of women seeking six-salary salaries increased with the proportion of men with double income. Women can influence economic competitiveness, tax health and social policy stability. Therefore, governments that promote women's talents and decision-making may become more competitive and then accelerate economic growth – which is becoming increasingly urgent during the global financial crisis. Industries that understand women's buying preferences and how they are sold as consumers, through women in leadership positions, can significantly increase their market share. Women are therefore not market strata but market players.

According to McKinsey & Co.'s 2010 survey, most executives thought gender diversity improved their financial performance. Men have played a decisive role in the executive meeting room for years. In 2010, only fifteen percent of members of the Advisory Board were in forums, 13 percent in Australia and 10 percent in Europe. This is a flooded possibility. There is emerging evidence that mixed-sex bodies make better choices than monolithic men. With this in mind, European countries also adopt laws that would force companies to advertise more women in the executive suite. A new French law requires listed companies to maintain forty percent of the board of directors for women by 2017. Norway and Spain have similar laws; Germany takes one into account. Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Justice, says that the European bodies want 30 percent women by 2015 and 40 percent by 2020.

Mandatory quotas are two main arguments. One is that men dominating corporate bodies promote people. The second argument is much finer. Talented leaders must be mentors to help climb the ladder. Men's directors are mentored young men, but reluctant to catch young women to avoid the connection being wrong. Quotas break this vicious circle. The lack of role models no longer means the main obstacle for women's career: children. One study found that two-thirds of American women shifted from full-time to part-time or flexible to balance work and family needs during their careers. This would, however, make it harder for women to gain the experience they need to get to the highest level and to appoint them to board members.

Some argue that quotas are too blurred to address the problem, as quotas may force companies to provide management boards with non-executive directors or distribute real power rather than gender maturity. Neither is it appropriate for corporate governance. In 2006, Norway started to enforce quotas for women. According to the University of Michigan study, this has led to a large number of inexperienced women being appointed to the bodies. However, companies that are gearing up the career of women to develop skills and promote gender diversity are more likely to enjoy financial benefits.

Economic gender dividends may be reflected in increasing sales, expanded markets, efficient staff recruitment and retention, and a marketing strategy that effectively responds to the market. That is why the different perspectives of men, women, youth, the elderly, the deprivation and the minorities can result in more effective economic growth, financial stability, social cohesion, leadership diversity and peace.

3 secret to finding peace in the storm

In John 16:33, Jesus tells the disciples that peace can be in the midst of trouble. It seems that trouble and peace do not coexist, so what does Jesus mean? He wanted the disciples to understand that true peace, enduring peace, has nothing to do with their circumstances. Trouble has been given in life, but it provides an opportunity to show peace through showing Christ in and through life of his life.

When the trouble comes, our first inclination is that God wants us to or do not care about our plan. We seek to prove the love of God by waiting for him to free us from the difficult circumstances. In short, our security in our possible changes. But what if our security relied on God's beliefs about the nature and nature of God? What if we were able to rest on the one who guided our circumstances and believed that we could trust him, no matter what we felt ?

Many of our sorrows are due to the "why" we are concerned about. Why did God allow me why this happens to me, why should a good God allow them to suffer? We can never find answers to these questions, so we have to relax and rest on what Jesus says is the secret of peace. Here is what he wants to consider in this section: to choose peace

· We must not forget peace without the absence of trouble

our perimeter defines peace or understanding of our circumstances; but we can trust to trust in those who hold the circumstances

Despite Jesus showing them, the disciples were convinced that their security was coupled with the calm of the mind . But knowledge of answers only provides the illusion of peace. Jesus points out that, despite being told that they believed in him, in a moment the disciples were embarrassed of what was happening, he decided to run away and deny that they still knew him.

Are not we guilty of the same thing? We all know about God, we say we trust him, we say we believe in his goodness, but it does not take long to make the killer strikes instantly. Instead of trusting who controls what is happening, we demand answers. But the answers will not be the adhesives that keep the bleeding together. More is needed. And Jesus gave us a sense of courage for a real lifestyle that he looked like.

Jesus decided to trust the Father in the garden when he prayed for salvation for death. He knew that the one who guided the circumstances of his life knew what he was doing, but it meant suffering. The secret of Jesus was the choice; trusted in God. So the next time you look for answers or feel you need to know why, do not forget what Jesus did; he decided to trust the Father; peace will follow.

Inner Peace – I Want This!

I was under tension to make this wonderful article for peace in our lives. With a new year on us and so much discontent in the world that peace can not be a worthy reason to keep up and hold it dearly?

Following the instructions of an old teacher, I started some family stories I read in my journal in writing, but I did not feel right. I thought about my own story. Unfortunately, for simplicity, my story ended as a line-up. If I need peace, I'll look up and get it. Some depth, huh?

But this is where the heart of this section needs to be developed. To be able to live in peace during a daily walk, it must be more than a liner, more than an anecdote. We can meet or meet each of us's needs, but if we treat peace as a fair, weathered friend, we will continue to struggle with concern, fear and anxiety. Yet peace and peace, and even in the midst of chaos, our journey is linked by satisfaction and fulfillment. Inner peace is one of the greatest gifts that can be obtained for the desire for a healthy heart, a relaxed soul, and a balanced spirit.

John F. Kennedy said, "Peace is a daily, weekly, monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly removing old obstacles, building quietly new buildings."

Let's guess the idea, imagine that we are looking beyond the "relief" peace that is just cause for concern until we get the desired result. We were all there. The mother was full of tears after counting her newborn's tenor and finger. Seventeen years later, in the evening, the front door is heard when the teenager comes home from a concert with friends. A student who has reached the end of the last minute. Accounts are paid for another month. A traveler who is relying on the steering wheel for four hours of snow and snow. A doctor who gave the patient the news that the lab results are all negative. Soon after retiring, staff check the market each morning and find that retirement is still safe and safe for another day. But what if you do not get the results you want?

What awaits us tomorrow, start worrying again … or just five minutes …

If we look back to 2006, there was a lot of confusing events and confusing factors in the inner peace within reach. Our nation is still divided into Iraq, and Hurricane Katrina, after the controversy of stem cell research, struggles to rebuild to name just a few. Take an inventory of your heart and discover what emotions you have from past events and disturbances that make you worried and anxious. What is hiding you from the peace? Confusion in family, career, and personal growth? It is time for me to welcome more inner peace in my life and nourish my soul to thrive in it.

Today we open the potential front door for consideration of peace.

Still. This is the divine plan that liberates our minds and souls into the company of peace. At this moment, they are still in a warm calm, with faith, and hope to blossom. He trusts our inner voice to loosen our true self to reach the goals and dreams that apply to ourselves, our family, and our friends, no matter what disturbances are around us. For me, this is also the gateway to establish a closer relationship with the higher trainer.

So try it out.

I'm still in silence. Not a good book, a crocheted project, or a sudoku puzzle. Just with me. And although it is a simple practice, quietly relaxing, it exerts many people. Just sitting and "in" can be a very uncomfortable proposal.

fluff. My brain says this concept might not be for me, but I'm a little lighter in my heart. Then it happens. Too fast, my light heart doubts "what the hell are you doing?"

Can you connect? If they do, they will need to re-convene and concentrate on breathing. Imagine a beautiful rain that nourishes your body and cleans you from day to day. Focus on the beautiful light pins that spill into a small bunk bed. And breathe. Just breath. Rest. No waiting, just breathing. This is a great start.

So, I'm going back to my resting place.

My toe licked under cool, clean sheets. I sit in bed so you do not tempt a MASH marathon or dirty foods from the last, unpreparable recipe. Although my eyes closed, I could smell the flashing shadows of the lit candle on the bare white walls. We really have to give color to this room.

Hoppá. I'm going to go back to the "stuff" of my day. I'll try again; quietly rested. Then it happens. Well, you're really moving forward a week and finally settling in my soul.

Peace is just like me a majestic oak. There are a lot of winter in Colorado, and my tail perfectly suits the season. The sun shines on the croup of the thighs and rolls the underneath it. I rested on the wonderful tree. There is no question why a tree? What it means? Is this the right answer? It just took the moment and being.

Rich reds, oranges, and gold shine under the trunk under the stormy bark through gaps, filling the shadowy net under the warm light underneath it. My gipsy soul becomes translucent and absorbs her presence.

I look every season with her own beauty and purpose. In the cool breezes of spring, fine, green leaves grow in curiosity, and in the summer the oak tree and the ancient rings of the embedded roots drink. As life passes through, my soul escapes here and rests. Come on fall, sweet trust, ruby ​​Love, ginger Hippo and cumin Hope has laid the ground around and goes around the idea and walks me with wisdom to my trip and my call. The stunning cycle begins again in the winter, with stronger limbs, with the harvest of the next season. And the glittering bulb itself flows through to keep my sanctuary safe and warm for the following scholarships.

As 2007 season comes and goes where to find peace? Peace needed the utmost prosperity while traveling. Peace that warms your soul through war, financial fluctuation, family challenges, career changes, and natural cycles in our lives during life.

Martin Luther King, Jr., stated: "Peace is not just a distant goal we are looking for, but a means to achieve this goal." Peace

Peace is not a commonplace universal mark on laptops and anti-war banners. Your favorite cafe is more than your favorite coffee. This tool is to live under beautiful leaves. The day's shattering effects shield us, yet it gives us strength to get to the bottom to explore the opportunities that are waiting for us.

Silence is just the beginning. As it will grow in you, you will benefit from your everyday tasks and interacting with others. What works? We do not? Continue meditation and practice. Describe your experiences. The truth of peace is on the surface. Find someone who feels good and shares their peace with them.

Entrepreneurship that wants only the "relief" of peace. If you want relief, take an aspirin. If you love a journey, a healthy body, a clear spirit, and a ghost, and a warm companion during the storm rage, look for inner peace.

Play the Desktop Destroyer Christmas Game for a Peaceful Life

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Gemtree Inc. has developed this amazing game as freeware, so it does not require permission. In fact, there is no restriction. The game file size is approximately 370.03 KB. To try the game, you must use the Windows operating system.

Calm down in peace?

Imagine the strange header as the title of a message, worse than the title of a weekly newspaper column. So when I was curious to write about this subject, I tried to resist, but continued. I certainly wanted to do other messages. But we had to be the leader of the Spirit. Yes, God's ways are weird. I really believe that there are specific things that God wants to achieve through today's massage. Now you know that "Resting in Peace" is one of the many beautiful inscriptions people are writing about on the graves, the mourners. This is used when burial, commemorating, or even memorizing the dead; especially their loved ones.

Other distinctive words, which are also used as epitaphs (the Greek word epitaphios, that is, a memorial plaque over a grave or a grave): "Let her soul be in perfect peace, Let her sweetheart rest in peace, Let her soul calmly calm down in the bosom, God accepts his dear soul, He rest in the bosom of the Lord, God gives eternal rest. Others: "Let's meet him in the bosom of the Lord"; "He was with the Lord," We will see him in paradise, etc. These include, among other things, many other religious and traditional ordinances to give at least a happy eternity to the dead, but if we ask if these rituals actually influence the purpose of a lost soul, we will soon be able to reach it. I would like to ask you some questions What happens in your mind when you see a person who, who lived such an ungodly and evil life that buried these wonderful words? How you feel when your relationships; that you know that they lived and died, describe these fantastic words? If you see a politician who has killed innocent people happily, kills his opponents, kidnapped state money from the deadly death, how do you feel? When these enormous secret cultures and dark young brethren in our university receive these beautiful wishes at their death, do you feel you tell the wishes, "After all devastation to society?" What do you know about the person you know very well that he is enriched, fame and desperate? Who is the one who lived in immorality and died? I know that we all have very difficult questions, but at the same time we have to face the reality.

The truth remains that every day we send churches with beautiful inscriptions and décolletées. It is vital to know that any man or woman who has died in sin or in Christ has been forever lost and forever condemned; regardless of whether he is buried or what happened after or after his death. No word or religious ceremony can change the purpose of a lost soul. And this is just why the Bible tells us that we are doing our best to modify the ways we are still alive. After we die, it's done. It can never be remedied. You will only judge what you did while you were living

The Bible has made this clear. He told us that death comes after judgment. And, in his judgment, he also said that no sinner or wicked person could afford an everlasting rest, rather their place would be in the place of suffering, weaving, tearing and regret. Revelation 21: 8 said, "But whoever turns away from me, they are unbelievers, corrupters, murderers and immoral, witchcraft and idolaters, and all who lie in lies, firing a lake and a sulfur." ​​This is very clear. All these evil things when they are still alive and automatically determine where they spend the eternity after leaving this world.

Count to Today

For us to gain the right to obtain eternal happiness after death (God's Rest and Peace), we have to think about all our actions and interactions during the day. The Psalmist knew this very well when in Psalm 90: 12, "So teach us our days to apply our hearts to wisdom." I think the problem is that there is always such a world as if it were a permanent place of residence. We often forget that one day we must surely leave; regardless of how rich, powerful, intelligent, interconnected or affluent. We are always tempted to take away what we are privileged to gain or inherit, and we lose this truth. But in fact we live in the time we borrow.

What do we do now? The Psalter told us to apply our heart to wisdom daily. We have to do the things when and how to stop them. And one of those things is to serve God with all of our hearts, strengths, materials, and all our lives. And these can only be done if you are still alive. Because only the living can serve God.

Again, Jesus often told us what was happening after death. He said that sorrow, suffering, heat, anxiety, tingling of the teeth, and the place of darkness. And the right place for the sweet reward. But I want you to pay attention to the story Luke told in the 16th. History of rich man and lazarus. Lazarus was sick, poor beggar with my stomach; what the dogs did. The rich man lived in luxury and splendor. But when Lazarus died, he went to eternal happiness (Abraham's silk), and the rich man died and was buried (I really think so) but he left the place of suffering. Please be aware that their eternal destiny was not alive because of their physical or economic circumstances. Lazarus, though the poor and the sick were God's children, but the rich man and his five brothers did not care about God's word (see verse 28).

Now I want you to learn here that you have not been buried, but how did you live. The Bible made it clear that the rich man was "buried", but no one spoke of Lazarus except that the angels had delivered him. And I'm sure you know that it can not be the painful, devastating body that has reached Abraham for the Angels. Maybe his body was eaten by dogs too. All we know is that their bodies (Lazarus and rich man) stayed here on earth. One was not credited, and the other was buried in the holidays. But this did not change their eternal reward. They were exceptionally rewarded for what they lived on earth. I hope you have received this message, but if you are not and still live in sin, please write your epitaph before you die and read "Please do not be bothered to say anything about me …" Because this only minimizes the unnecessary, wasteful words and rituals that follow his death. Decide today's decision! Give your life to Jesus Christ. God bless you !. Gabriel is the author of Midnight Pray Power http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/power-of-midnight-prayer-gabriel-agbo/111486533?ean=9781475273731

Peace be with you

Peace. What is this glorious thing that is called peace? Why does peace in the many messages of the Virgin Mary speak? "Decide on peace." "I invite you to apostles." "For you to be" yes "for peace and for your God's decision, a new opportunity for peace will open up." "I am the Queen of Peace and your mother, and I want to lead you through the peace that comes only from God". And for the visionary Ivanka, on June 25, 2009: "The Nasa stayed with me for 10 minutes and told me about the tithe of the tenth." "My dear children, I call you the Apostles of Peace Peace, Peace and Peace."

Some shepherds lived in the field and kept their animals at night when the angel of the Lord appeared and the glory of the Lord shone around them. The angel said, "Do not be afraid, for I am pleased to announce to you the joy of all the people: for in the city of David is born a Savior, who is Messiah and the Lord." And suddenly there was a multitude of heavenly hosts with the angel, praising God, and saying, "Glory to God for the highest and the peace of the good-hearted people on earth." "Luke 2:14

Peace is more than a lack of war, rather peace or inner peace Peace is the unification of God with man who overloads the love of God and deserves the Savior, acquired by Jesus Christ (acquired) Such affectionate unity or grace is freely released to the well-intentioned men and women who choose it.This angels have said peace to good-willed people

The will of man's will, the will of heaven or hell, the will (free agency, this is stronger than passion, because God has not enslaved us for wickedness and sin, but we have to choose our free will when choosing the good, God always helps his intelligence and strength. "Good is a constant spiritual ascension and he is able to carry out bigger and bigger good deeds, and he has perfect perfection, and it will be holy. "" Simeon waited for the consolation of Israel. He came to the church in the Spirit, and when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus child to fill the law, he took his arms and blessed God, saying, "Now Master, in peace, according to thy word: for mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared in the sight of all the people, and light for the revelation of the Gentiles, and for thy glory unto Israel for thy people. "" Luke 2:29 We see from this text that peace is related to salvation. and saw that God saw Jesus Christ, and by the Holy Spirit whom he led Simeon said, "Now release your servant in peace." Peace is always connected to Jesus …

A sinning woman learned that Jesus was in the house of a Pharisee who invited him to dine with him, came home, kneeled down behind Jesus and wept on his feet and bathed his feet with tears and wiped his hair they kissed them, and put them on the scum. With this, the guests were rather confused and the Pharisee began to grow up. Jesus said to the woman, "Your sins are forgiven, your faith saved you, go with peace Luke 7:50

From this text we see that peace is from God and the forgiveness of Jesus, the certain knowledge you have saved, knowing that you are safe, knowing that you are forgiven and covered in Jesus 'love, peace is the gift of repentance, a woman who has been struggling with hemorrhage for twelve years, the doctors' livelihood, but could not heal, came behind Jesus when he was walking through masses "If I touch the casket, I'll heal." He touched his jacket on his cloak and immediately his bleeding stopped and healed, Jesus, knowing that his healing power came out, turned and said, "Who touched her?" She began to shake, a smile and a great love: "My daughter (from God), your faith saved you; go in peace. "Luke 8:48

Peace comes from faith in God, and healed his Son, and the followers of Jesus declared the good news, sent them and said to them," Enter into any house, first say, Peace is this household ". If there is a peaceful man there, then peace will rest, but if not, he will come back to you. Luke 10: 5

It is clear from this text that peace can be given and peace can be obtained. And those who have peace have more peace. Jesus and the messengers of the gospel bring peace to them and their mission to go to a place to bring peace. So beware of being peaceful, with the message of peace, with the word of Jesus Christ – with the word of Christ – with the gospel. We call you to happiness wherever we go. How is this done? By doing everything and saying, prayer and attachment to God; be it mowing grass, driving on the highway, eating, preparing the bed. He gives us every opportunity to say "Peace be with you". "Peace be to this household". "Peace in this office." And with God they practice love, sacraments, and many prayers; in peace you will be strong and will transmit peace and holiness to others. [19] Jesus approached Mount Olivia and rode on a pig. People have been proclaimed; "Happy is the king who comes in the name of the Lord, Peace and the highest glory in heaven!" As Jesus approached, he saw the city (from Jerusalem) and wept, he said, "If today you know what peace is, but now it is hidden from your eyes." For days will come upon you when your enemies lift up a palisade against you; they will surround it and purl all over. Destroy the ground and your children in you, and they will not leave you stone to another because you did not recognize the time of your visit. "Luke 19: 38-42

If at least this last hour we have given to the world, today we come to One who is our peace if we understand the love that passes and Who calls us to peace and lose the hatred and 2000 years ago people wanted to proclaim Jesus as King, yes, but a secular King – they did not want to surpass the senses and over time, do not recognize Jesus Christ as the King of the Spirit, the King of heaven and Earth, we are not the same

People 2000 years ago I do not understand what makes real peace, real peace, because they do not believe in it. Jesus Chriban Street They have not decided on the peace They have not changed their lives They remain inert, the ego consumed by the world, in hatred, in sin and in disbelief. they visited their history – the Son of God, the Manphans – the history of Jerusalem. Thirty years later, the Temple of Jerusalem was literally destroyed because true peace was not accepted.

Do you recognize your visit this time? Tomorrow's story has not yet been written, today and tomorrow is open to change and improvement. When you ask the Truth to change the course, if you ask for love affection to go to where punishment begins, can God change his true judgments? Never in the history of the Word was ignored as it is today. Ever since God's creation, God has been among men's priorities. The man raised his hand against God for the Charity when he was crucified with Christ; He despised His generosity in the unbelief of the Faith, from apostasy from holiness and from love to caring. Yet, the Divine Word asked when he passed through him and all the way – a wound in his whole body – asked that Truth would change the direction of the Pious Love triumphing that souls could be renewed Love. And God heard it.

Who are gracious today? Who lives in the message of peace? Sky literally bombardes the earth with messages that require individual and global transformation. In the last hour, if we understand and understand the time we are in and short, short, short time, we are switching to and accepting our peace. God sent his Son. God sent His Spirit. God sent his beloved daughter, Son of God, and Queen of Peace to give us peace: prayer, fasting, faith, confession, worthy reception of the sacred blessing, daily transformation,. Be peace. And now God sends. Go! Be a peaceful messenger. Ask. Pray. Bring peace wherever you go.

Do not be afraid. Love. Love reaches everything. Love, when it is so perfect that it is almost perfect, achieves everything, even what it seems impossible to achieve. In proportion to your love, God helps. Everything can be achieved if someone fits in with the gadget. God is love. God is peace. Peace is the answer. Peace is the way. Peace is the decision. Peace is a way of life. Peace of God, Peace of Jesus Christ. Peace is the grace God gives to every child who chooses peace; who choose to love, obey, be clean, open their hearts, and pray. Peace is the glory of God's heaven that can be tasted here on earth. Peace is the love that liberates us from sin, peace for the repentant. Peace is the power of faith – the power of God. This is the hope of hope – joyful trust in God. This is the reality of love – I love you very much! Peace is carried by his messengers every day and in every situation. Peace will grow. Peace is your future. Peace is your destiny. Peace is related to Jesus Christ. Peace is the forgiveness and forgiveness of others. Peace is cured. Peace is Jesus Christ.

Peace movement

Peace movement is a social movement aimed at pursuing ideas such as the elimination of a particular war (or all war), minimizing domestic violence in a particular place or position, including the prohibition of arms. are often linked to achieving world peace. The tools needed to achieve these goals include pacifism, nonviolent resistance, diplomacy, boycotts, demonstrations, peace camps; support for anti-war political candidates and prohibition of weapons, open government, direct democracy; who are waging war crimes or conspiracies to create wars and make laws. The different organizations involved in the peace movement may have different goals, but one of the common goals is peace of sustainability

Peace movement is basically an "anti-war movement". First of all, there is a belief that people can not fight and not engage in violent conflicts over language, race, natural resources, religion, or ideology. They believe that military power does not comply with the judiciary. Peace movement is generally opposed to the spread of dangerous technologies and weapons of mass destruction, in particular nuclear weapons and biological warfare. Moreover, many people are opposed to weapons, including hand-held machine guns and grenades, to leading economies for less developed nations.

The first peace movement was published between 1815-1816. In the United States, the first such movement was the New York Peace Society founded in 1815 by the David Law Dodge theorist and the Massachusetts Peace Society. It becomes an active organization, holds regular weekly meetings and produces literature that spreads to Gibraltar and Malta, describing the horror of war and the support of pacifism based on Christianity. The London Peace Relationship (also known as the Society for the Promotion of Permanent and Universal Peace) was founded in 1816 to promote the permanent and universal peace of the William Allen philanthropist. In the 1840s, British women formed about 15-20 women from "Olive Leaf Circles" to discuss and support pacifist ideas. Peace movement grew in the mid-nineteenth century. At the initiative of the London Peace Command, the American Consul in Birmingham, Elihu Burritt and Henry Henry, in turn, convened the first International Peace Agreement in London in 1843. The Congress has defined two goals: the idea of ​​peaceful arbitration is the establishment of nations and an international institution.

After that, peace agreements have been established in many countries. The United Nations was founded with the aim of maintaining peace and resolving inter-state conflicts in the world. A number of contracts have been signed between many nations and there is a remarkable agreement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Everyone wants peace and loves the principles of non-violence.

Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace Analysis

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was known for his famous works: war and peace, and Anna Karina. His philosophy of life was a philosophy of Christian anarchism that puts mistrust on all the legal and political institutions of the state and a philosophy that insists on nonviolence and pacifism.

War and Peace is a philosophical and literary work, a masterpiece that supports Tolstoy's Christian life. The new war and peace contains a chronicle of the initiation of Napoleon to Russia. Tolstoy's rhetoric is convincing and convincing. The aesthetic aspects of the work are minimal. The novel deals with the trivialities of life. War and peaceful idiom means something that is long and powerful.

The main characters of the novel are Anna Pavlona and Prince Vasily. The novel stands on the shore of an aristocratic family. Russia attacks Napoleon, and Russia's citizens are in a disadvantage. Pavlona and Vasily speak about the adverse effects of the war.

The novel is idealizing Christian beliefs and convictions. The novel background is the sermon of the mount. The novel describes the story of Christ: "Blessed are the gentle: for they inherit the earth." Christian anarchism is very important in the novel. The Tolstoy does not trust any institution in the state. He avoided commenting on the temptations of Jesus after fasting forty days in the wilderness. Satan shows Christ to all countries of the earth and says, all that I give to you, if you worship me, and Christ answers: "Only worship God".

The novel is a sublime epic. You can not praise the literary quality of the novel. But still, the novel deserves praise. In the minds of the characters we find psychological insights. Tolstoy uses many briefings of Christian religions. The novel is intellectual and psychological catharsis. The novel may also be the feeling of patio. The novel is a classic work of realism. Tolstoy's own autobiography enters the characters themselves. The novel is lyrical and great. The novel depicts the 18th century history of the Russians. Russia is moving through historical transformations. War and Peace are the Allegories of a Narration. The novel is the eclectic symphony of the syncretism of the cultural life of Russian aristocracy. The story of the novel is not particularly interesting. No tension. The novel follows the chronological order from beginning to end.

Shantih, Shantih, Shantih – Peace that gives you all the interpretations

Thomas Stearns Eliot won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948, playing a prominent role in today's poetry. Such a groundbreaking work is The Wasteland. Desire on Eliot symbolizes the area of ​​human life where men do not exist in the direction of leadership, where men turn their backs on spiritual enlightenment, and the title reflects this dilemma.

The verse is divided into five parts, thus fragmented, lacking logical continuity and time-sequence, and the projection of psychological vibrations and conflicts that ransacked in the soul of man at the beginning of the twentieth century (today's situation is different). Eliot felt that Western civilization was mechanical, boring and dehumanized. Corruption, degeneration and rigorous materialism are tremendous. In this broken, fragmented world, nothing can be integrated.

Despite the poetry being a kaleidoscopic individuality, one considers each other in the full prophetic vision of Tiresias, the bi-sexual blind visitor of the ancient Greek tragedy, and which Tiresias sees the entire poem of the material. Psychologically, he is aware of humanity. As a symbol of the past, the old Tiresias "wrinkled female breast" brought about what was happening on the ugly stage of the contemporary world.

Overtakes time and space barriers with a blank glimpse of a scene in the present – the images of "the ruin of the lonely bridge in London", the "taxi pulsation and anticipation" that symbolize the life-style of an immoral and sloppy twentieth century in the past – Dante's hell, Cleopatra, Elizabeth's moral sport, and shows the mysterious image of Thebes' suffering in the mythical King of Thebes – the land of drought and sin – sexuality by the need to cleanse her mother Jocasta and the suffering of the guilty soul [19659002] In the wilderness, images and symbols fall into two categories: images of common aspects of urban life, but high intensity y (the pulsating taxi image) and symbols of myth, nature and religion – these are the themes of death and rebirth are included. Thus the drought is symbolic of spiritual drought and spiritual fertility. However, certain objects may represent two opposing concepts based on their function. Thus water is, on the one hand, creation – the symbol of life and growth, purification and transformation, in the form of river or sea, and on the other hand destruction of life and property. Likewise, fire as a devastating agent is a symbol of suffering that puts a person into the state of "living death"; but fire like the sacred altar is also a symbol of inspiration, enlightenment and spiritual exaltation. Eliot is constantly playing ambivalent pictures

From the post-war European society, its spiritual sterility is characterized by rocky and bare soil. The idea of ​​a deadlock, life comes to a dead end, the symbol of "chess game". The idea of ​​life as a meaningless, boring and lazy movement in a narrow circle, the image is "we live in the alley of the rat where the dead have lost their bones." The idea is reinforced by cruel and vulgar images, such as sweating the river oil and tar, as well as empty bottles, cigarette ends, silk handkerchiefs and summer parties in other reports and sexual encounters between city-nymphs and casual lovers

The theme of suffering, decay, and death is the question of life and resurrection that Eliot finds in the Holy Grail's legends and in other anthropological myths, the Christian, Buddhist and Hindu religious analogies and the liberation of the state and freedom are created with the image of a ship , which glides smoothly on the hands of the expert, God who strikes a balance with all the conversations that a fool in the faith of the stupid are superfluous and self-exalting.

Wasteland Eliot's spiritual curriculum vitae, the junkheap of modern culture as an integrating principle, as you are the pilgrim's progress (from this world to John Bunyan). Eliot's vision moves backwards and forwards, with the relentless movement of legend, faith, and symbol. And finally the pilgrims, now seemingly a lonely figure, are walking. The grass "sings" and comes with a wet drizzle to bring the rain ", the rejuvenation and the resurrection symbolically." There are three lightning strikes, and the sound of thunder in Sanskrit gives three counsels: "Give, sympathize and control" – Shantih, Shantih, Eliot sees the solution of the human being in the Hindu religious expression. Eliot is creating the problem of dying because we know it or not, are the citizens of the "unrealistic city" and we have to find our Greek – bowl that Jesus uses on the last supper and in which one of his followers said that his blood was received upon crucifixion.

Just say, "NO" (for a request of a peaceful official to perform Sobriety tests)

As a prosecutor, a Texas security commander and former state prosecutor, I learned early on accusing the various accusations and almost always saying too much about the Dinghiás Leadership (DWI) and cooperating too much … As you read the next article, please warn me. but remember, this is the law because it is currently in Texas.

So you find yourself sitting on the edge of the road with such a bright red LED and blue lights flashing in the rear-view mirror … your heart is competing … you are probably scared … and you panic and remember that it was a couple of your beer before leaving your friends or coming from anywhere.

The officer walks to the window, and the painfully brilliant cutbacks and the spotlights are focused on the driver's mirror, and the flashlight that your camera is heavily radiating in his eyes knows who he is intentional but we hope he is not !

The officer introduces himself, and usually explains why he stopped … or the officer could raise the notorious question: "Do you know why he stopped?" At this point you can choose from a few options: 1) Honest and condemned the reason you think you've stopped or 2) Answer politely: "No, sir / Ma".

Option 1 may be good because the officer will probably appreciate the fact that I'm honest and give a warning (that's what they did when they made traffic stops). Or Option 1 may be disadvantageous because the officer is not interested in you and does not intend to quote you a punctuation mark, in this case the official or the other insult … In both cases, you should know that your statement is almost certain to be device fixes … so choose wisely. Option 2 is definitely within your right and polite can never be used against you, especially when the officer meets as submissive and capricious, and is cool and calm. This is always good for a judge or jury.

Then the tough question and basis of the question is, "Lord, how much did you drink this evening?" Egypt "I was disturbed by the smell of metabolic alcohol, get out of the car and talk about it again." (Or any similar version of the script.)

DO NOT deny you get out of the car! In another way, say, do what the officer has asked and KNOW THE VEHICLE … but be aware that your every move and every word you say will be fixed on a camera system that is sent to the gun and a microphone in his or her pocket. This means that an official is responsible for any excessive walk, trauma, departure, etc. Use to give rise to the possible cause to determine that they are fainted and arrested … However, refusal of return may only result from one or more officers …

Now when you leave the vehicle, the officer begins to ask you what he was drinking when he was having something to drink last time, etc. Although this may seem like a friendly conversation, it does not … it's about gathering facts that can lead you to arrest and persecute you while driving while driving (DWI) …

So you're answering them? NO! Think back to the cops you've seen on the TV … what's the first thing the cops say to the arrested people … "And that's not just an interesting and cool sound … it's actually right and the United You know and use your rights

The best you can do is tell the officer that he will not answer any questions without you, Lawyer, you get a lawyer on the roadside. No. No … You might be able to invite a lawyer on the roadside … no … So you talk to the officer?

The officer can say something, "Sir, you have to make sure you can drive well so far based on information provided. Please go there and follow your instructions.

Your answer: No, sir.

Officer: Sir, I want you to listen and let me know you understand what I ask You do …

You: Listen, but do not do it do not tell me you do, but do not tell me you do not understand. I do not do the test / task I'm going to show you, I will have no other choice than to arrest you while you're scared

You: Okay. .. or silent

This process is likely to go back and when it stops, the officer may ask to "put his hand behind him," and advises him: "He is arrested while driving, exasperated." He gets caught and searched, then we put in the narrow NE DO NOT … DO NOT START TO QUESTION … especially if you are poisoned or … the tongue probably reflects the inoxication of spumed sp eech and mumbled words ….

So we returned to the original question : I can dismiss the terrain Do I have to answer the officers' question? The answer is no … You will never have to answer the questions because it is a constitutionally protected right to quiet silence, and as the writing of the law goes to me today in Texas and all other states, you are sober, like walking and turning, one of the footsteps or the horizontal eye is a nystagmus.

In summary, most officials have generally opted to arrive when they provide on-the-spot sobriety tests, and their performance on the tests simply provides additional evidence that will be picked up later. But this is not true for all officers, and I certainly do not suggest that the officers are corrupt or that they are all arrested for refusing to.

Now an officer is likely to testify that the tests were offered, under his influence and had no choice but to arrest you from other evidence – alcohol odor, blood, watery eyes, and all the oddities have been observed in walking / steady / speech. But if this is what the state has to suspect, then there is a much greater chance that they will be guilty or will be reduced or dismissed.

And remember, the original cause of police officer stoppage does not need alcohol or but it gives you the right to approach you for observation, smell, etc. to start preparing a DWI case study. You often get a warning that this can not be attacked in court … but if you have a quote, CHALLENGE IT … if you win at this level, you may have stopped the probable causes of the stoppage and therefore all the evidence you have obtained.

Regular retention of equipment and registration requirements, such as cracked windscreen, inoperable rear lamp, headlights not switched on, etc., maneuvers and parking violations, and many other reasons, the courts have provided sufficient sentences. And in Texas, even if the officer tried to stop DWI as a pre-investigation text, he was still the reason for the argument.