How to Get Peace?

Will you find the peace of mind for you? Looking for calm?

When talking about the state of mind, many are curious about how to achieve it. Life is tough, work stressful, children need to provide, excuses that people create because there is no inner peace and tranquility.

When your thoughts are relaxed and emotionally and mentally free from worry and anxiety, you are in a calm and relaxed state.

Generally, our minds jump from place to place where we forget how we can live in the present, focusing on our eyesight and enjoying our time with our family. What you need to realize is that we are not directed at the events of life, but we check our attitude to what is happening.

When we learn how to calm their minds, we can focus. When we focus, we are able to choose what to focus on.

If the goal is to learn how to achieve peace, so you can overcome anxiety and anxiety in your life, then follow the four steps below:

1. Read something inspirational

Personally, I read about 20 minutes before I want to sleep something that helps to bring inner peace and comfort my thoughts. Read about personal development, spiritual power, nurturing relationships. In short, read everything that helps you to calm, satisfy, and assist in one area of ​​life.

2nd Meditate and Visualize

Every morning in the morning and a few minutes before you begin to sleep to make a deep breath and keep your mind clear of all the chattering.

After taking a few minutes to moderate and calm your thoughts, begin to imagine your vision of life. If you show what you want to achieve and feel about joy, worry and stress, it will shrink and begin your peace of mind.

3rd Make Harmony with Our Lives

When you make everything consistent with your life, you learn not to let things and circumstances annoy or annoy you. You realize that you are the one who guides your thoughts that will have a great impact on the mood. When you decide to bring harmony with things that are usually in a negative state, you create units, and this unit brings you inner peace and tranquility.

4th Learn to Remember

Every day, you will encounter many questions that will annoy you, you will never find rest. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn to forget the little and trivial issues you face in everyday life. Inner peace and quiet are more important.

There are, of course, many other ways to help you find peace of mind, but if you follow the above four steps, you will have the opportunity to reassure your thoughts.

The secret path for silence for peace

What do we need to recognize the tranquility we all desire? Nobody can attain this real silence without understanding certain truths in the "nature." One thing must be clear about the peace of the mind: whether we are in peace or wherever we are – because this peace is with us or we call peace in the following two options : First choice or accidentally pleasant and therefore we are in a peaceful state, or secondly, the peace we live with is a child of a state over which we have reached a temporary order

In all such situations, although these great unconsciouss to us know that the newly found peace is conditional – the evidence is that we usually find ourselves hard in our work to preserve the present circumstances whatever it is. This uneasy "truce" is the certainty that we are opposed to any movement that is contrary to the with the desired setting.

Obviously horse, that such a qualified peace is not really peace, if there is no reason other than this peace-building organization to live in the invisible need to fight for anything that endangers its existence! Obviously: Any kind of peaceful feeling that can withstand the disorder passes away as we have a false sense of oppression (with this turmoil).

This is the first key to us: real peace is not feeling; nothing can imagine the mind. Emotions and dreams are the finite, temporary world. Real peace is a timeless silence whose reality is outside the movement of the opposites in the game. In other words, peace under changing circumstances is at best a collapsing experience.

Before we can hope to get to know the Peace that "gives you all understanding," we must recognize the true Silence nature from which it rises. The path of the perfection of Truth consists of this silence. And while it retires as the achieving self is approaching – urging comfort – this relationship is our job. So, how can approach "inaccessible"?

True silence can be called, but there is no reason to mean that it will appear in itself and remain as long as you like it for your own secret purpose. Nevertheless, this sovereign Silence can be judged in a polite silence if we want to understand his life. But as all things of the Spirit, they govern definite rules in the higher realms of this reality.

First, true silence can not be maintained; this is one thing that has to be kept and no need to check certain circumstances. Yet, since it can not be "won" or can not be lost, which means that anyone who acquires his life in a fearless world. What does it mean to us who is seeking the life of peace? How do we enter into this unspeakable being?

To do this you have to start from the right place. And this is where many search engines lose their way. So our study does not start with the joyful feelings of Silence and Peace that accompany such dreams, but within the invisible obstacles that prohibit this natural grace and goodness to be our constant companions.

Looking at these ideas, look at how easy the next truth is, a great secret to what we need to understand if we want to go to a peaceful life: One of the main obstacles to the real silence is to make this empire can not be included in the thought. This fact has far-reaching consequences for those who are serious about it.

On the one hand, this means that the True Path of Peace can only be recognized in the course of negation: discovery and recognition by itself through the whole and the truth by sharing shared and false reality. Here is such a discovery: the real silence is not found in a future or in a conceivable state that is yet to be reached. That is why this is the truth:

The silence is to give fashion to ourselves, regardless of its temporal circumstances, for us – at the time of conception – produces a kind of "noise" – a certain emotional whistle that we are growing insensier due to our continuous inflow. This noise is the well-known and pleasant feeling we feel when we are about to create some silence for ourselves.

Is not Ironic if we see it? The very silence we are hoping for is "confused" and its own manifestation is in the affection of its presence. And yet, within this knowledge, the light of light – a truth is that we will take it longer if we embrace what it shows.

Because when we realize that our own desire – the desire that always dreams of our job at our more silent tomorrow – is actually the disturbing factor of peace at this moment, then we begin to get rid of this unconscious power – the nature that always wants what you do not have, in order to become what you are hoping for!

Before we continue, we briefly summarize what we have learned so far: As long as we have time in imaginary peace or invented self-sufficiency in whatever form, no matter how we get this joy, silence is not a real silence but just a feeling. These feelings always fade, leaving you feeling betrayed and hungry.

Conscious realization of this false identity – where we communicate with something that is just a little more than the form of psychic noise that calls this self into the Sky Silence – immediately leads to the threshold of the Real Silence, which the soul soul desires.

Gradually, but firmly recognize what to do: now we must let our thinking; we must die for the infinite desire to become what it is not by imagining what it will be. In order to live the "divorce" in the "Absolute Empty" sense, we are doing the truly silent job at the moment we are. This silent vision frees us.

Therefore, the moment-to-moment meditation, our revival becomes life revelation when we open ourselves and see what he is discovering. Taking these truths into account, study the following insights into true silence. Let them understand themselves. Think about them. Quietly, turn it over again and again into your mind. Soon you will hear what can not be said.

first Just as true emptiness holds all things, True Silence is all about wearing. Whatever goes into this silence, whatever it is, it is usually silenced. . . yet the act of domination, but peaceful integration is a lesser one.

2nd Real silence is internal presence, not external circumstance. On the contrary, it does not exist and does not arise, which means that there is nothing to do or can not serve to confirm its existence.

3rd The true silence can not be cultivated, but the circumstances that prohibit its presence can be understood from existence.

4th The true silence is perfectly empty in content and in completely opposite contrasts.

5th True silence is undesirable and does not reject or resist anything.

6th True silence is the heart and soul of compassion.

7th Real silence has no intelligence; it is the intelligence of the order that a shared mind can not understand.

8th If we want the True Silence and peace, the necessity of loneliness must be so obvious to us as to recognize that all seedlings must be left unbroken if they ever break away from the dark earth and live in the light.

As we understand these truths in us and look through our eyes through our eyes, we realize that this new silent vision is part of the satisfaction. That is why: The "eyes" of passive consciousness are not only "full" of what they see, but in fact of what they perceive. Do we know what this is for us?

The lack of divide between visionary and visions is the denial of desire. And when the tension and pressure of craving to do anything that is ultimately avoided by this higher self-consciousness, then the painful conflict that comes when there is a sort of separation between one another and hopeful peace is the mind.

What a challenge this sound is, we can encourage you. Truth is on our side. In this life, every woman is either growing or otherwise going. There are no exceptions to this rule. To make a positive contribution, we are only willing to grow in our Truth and act from what we consider to be true. In this way the contradictions in our consciousness cease to exist.

Here is a last thought that we can use every day to help us through the True Silence. Once we realize that what we need to understand (if we are quietly free) can not talk or otherwise think, then we can only talk to ourselves about what we need. The real silence awaits the man who will see this Truth and stay.

Learn Meditation – How to meditate and easily experience deep, happy peace

Do you want to learn meditation?

It's incredibly confusing with the various information about meditation to find out where to start.

But after getting a very high meditation status, I can easily help you do the same.

This article teaches you a real and easy way to meditate, so you are in the deep, nutritious state of getting peace.

First of all, why do you want to meditate? 19659002] Anyone who is interested in life, peace, happiness, love and joy will want to meditate. It can improve your health, make it more effective and become a better person. All this is happening in the feeling of new peace and happiness that you can experience.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of consciousness at this moment.

All your problems come from In fact, you have identified yourself with the mind. So any thoughts or emotions arise, he identifies himself to determine himself with him. The mind is in a constant conflict. Here and in the world and survival is needed in it. This is great when you lived in a cave, fought your territory and killed your food and your enemy, but today in our world where you live in a conflict, we are less able to succeed and work with others. It keeps you constantly and unbalanced.

If you have lost your emotions in your situation, it is more difficult to make a decision and you will mostly lose your peace and balance.

So, by identifying the roller coaster with all thoughts and feelings, meditation teaches us how to be present, to be aware of these thoughts and feelings instead of guiding them. By being present and witnessing your mind, you can discover the true nature that is always present. And this nature is love, peace and happiness. The masters of meditation have been saying for thousands of years that your natural experience when moving around with the identification of the mind is unconditional love, peace and happiness.

Let's start:

The first thing to do is to sit comfortably as comfortable as possible. Physical silence is the first, because if you move, it will be much harder to be present.

The second thing you need is to close your eyes. If your eyes are locked, you will be less ignored about what's around you.

The third thing is that you allow yourself to be like you. Let go of what thoughts and feelings are. We are not trying to change anything about you, but we accept ourselves as you are. Accept your current experience completely. Because when you accept it you will no longer participate in it, you will no longer be identified with it. See how your experiences are like those.

Your thoughts come from yourself, feelings go by themselves, and that's all right. Let them come and go without making it more important. This is the experience at the moment, that's all.

Automatically it will have peace. Only this whole world can change. Even if your experience of stress and unhappiness. If you allow stress and unhappiness, it will be an incredible peace. You will find deeper happiness in all of these.

The fourth thing to look at is your breathing. Breathing is a great thing that it always happens. So if you observe your breathing, you are present. It is therefore worth noticing the inside and out of the nostrils of the nostrils, or the sound of breathing. Or one is okay. This will help keep you breathing

So if your eyes are locked, you notice your breath and allow any thought, emotion, and feeling to be as you are, you meditate! The more you simply allow and witness to our experience, not the part of your experience, the deeper you will be in peace. And this peace of meditation can cure your physical, emotional and mental problems. This can lead to the incredible feeling of love and joy that radiates you without reason or cause.

Peace of the mind to create a deserved life

The tranquility of the mind gives you the ability to move with any satisfaction between inner satisfaction and harmony.

If you are relaxed, you work with your own internal energy source. This allows you to express yourself in a unique way, in an individual way that reflects your own personality.

Various research organizations around the world have discovered that lack of "thought of peace" may lead to illnesses such as mental disorders, stress, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and over-consumption for a prolonged period of time.

In some cases, prescription "long dosage of practical therapy is the obtaining of rest". In other cases, depending on the level and intensity of the disease, the drug is administered in combination with therapeutic treatments.

Okay, let me illustrate this with a few examples:

We know that people from all over the world are usually people admire the original work, for example, one of the original paintings of the interested and the motivation is highly appreciated in the workspace.

The painting of the world famous Mona Lisa painted between Leonardo da Vinci 1503-1506 is still interesting as its unique and the shapes and properties fine modeling, which means that the "original" personal creativity that people love

And people still admire this creative work about curiosity than what happened in the Creators when he painted this It's no surprise that this admiration for Mona Lisa is still going on, many years after Leonardo's death in 1519. [19659002] Another example is the entertainment programs such as British Got Talent, America's Got Talent, which captured the world. These ideas were pure creative thoughts, starting with the creators of "In Our Peace With Us".

The same applies to original music, creative speech, as President Obama's famous speech in Boston in 2004, much earlier than Massachusetts or any other purely original work.

So, those who are interested in time and create the best of their efforts, are Maga and Magnetic.

For example, if you go back to the right for a creative, true-to-life attitude, it's interesting and enjoyable because you can do all day long not to notice the passage of time and brittleness.

May also inspire the peace of mind among the people around you, with the feeling of encouragement or the feeling of their own higher aspirations, knowing that they can also create "inner peace" and happiness, "carefully scrutinized from within", and then take the necessary

Peace in the mind will take you to another level of thinking power and set your mind to discover your unique personality from within.

So it is related to your own inner self in a strange way, because it is even when it is challenging.

It will be appreciated that transition to challenges is part of life, and as you live, you will face challenges, why not work with the inner mind in harmony with you, seeking for peace of mind that can allow you to fully understand yourself and what you want to live deeper in life.

You see, some people just pass through life, and then wonder why things are all that can change it carefully and gradually in line with the real desires of life, slowly but steadily.

Exercising the establishment of "Peace Issues" must be exercised diligently by the "Peace of Mind" inside. After that, the habit of keeping calm is to be continued on a daily basis.

There is no mental hurdle, strain or anxiety in the body, because if you have peace in your inner self, you are joining the wishes of your true inner mind and you understand that "Peace of Peace" will magnify your creative abilities.

Now you can ask how to start this process when it seems that people enjoy so much in modern day life?

The first thing is to learn how to calm yourself to embark on the platform of absolute relaxation because you are here to discover your own peace

Examples of how to get started:

Breathing and Medication Exercises

with simple breathing exercises and meditation. Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable, just take a few deep breaths and quit the feeling of relaxing waves.

Make sure this is a very personal experience and becomes part of a gradually relaxing calm. your personal life. Feel your body to accept this tranquility and totality that resembles the ideal of peaceful desires. Create time to make at least 15 minutes a day, because you think you already have it.

Images of the Ideal Peaceful Scene

Create mental images of your ideal desires, surrounded by Peace and Love. Ask yourself questions like – what would be the feeling of absolute peace now? Make this picture as realistic as possible and keep this picture in your everyday life with absolute conviction.

A Simple Positive Self-Talk

Our goal is to communicate positively with you and others around the clock and repeat the following at least 20 times a day, again thinking that you are the absolute peace of your life.

Okay, let's say this together:

"I am completely calm in my life and the peace of the mind provides the fullest expression of things in accordance with my true creative energy."

Or you could say, "peace of the mind is always present and a day's foundation in my life is improving. "

Understand that some people will take some time if these statements are going to sink but they do not deal with it because just as you eat it is a "relaxed" food for your mind. At the same time, do not look worried about how this "peace" works (19659002) Why do you work on a subconscious level and over time will surely disappear in everyday life as you proclaim and believe it?

Other sources of spiritual tranquility would include following your favorite music, walking in the natural environment, your hobbies, helping others understand and express their peace in their lives, and live a spiritual attitude that cares for spiritual peace [19659002] And what would this be for you? ultimately, you can afford the absolute joy of discovering your own unique "joy of my life", which comes deeply from within. Harmony builds on your conscious and subconscious mind, enabling you to become a master of your own environment and circumstances eventually, wherever you are.

Courage, fear and peace bridge

Change and loss marking life on the physical plane. Finally, we lose everything, including our loved ones, our possessions, and finally the body. At death, we face the depth, the infinite unknown. Fear, a natural and intelligent response to these changes, has two key functions. This identifies the nature of the hazards we face and helps us to develop the best survival strategy.

Fear itself becomes a problem if we avoid it. If we run, he uses his own life. Though we can temporarily win comfort, if we push our fear into the subconscious, we will not be resting. Rather, he gives fearful imaginary chronic worries and doubts to the mind. You can panic or fright. Irrational fear raises energy, destroys judgment, disadvantages health and hampers psychological and spiritual growth.

Fear is often difficult to detect: we design all sorts of creative disguises to avoid it. If we sink deep enough, there is fear, anger, jealousy, addiction, addiction, self-reliance, and rigid beliefs. To get rid of fear, we first have to remove many of its costumes, we must face it directly and we must face it boldly.

Courage is the bridge between fear and peace. When we are boldly working on our fears, a new level of peace and strength is slowly emerging. If we are confronted with it until it passes away, we finally reach the grand prize, the soulless fearless peace.

In our common consciousness, we feel insecure, knowing that we can lose anything at any time. In the soul consciousness we feel safe because there is nothing to lose. The soul is conscious, immortal peace. Nothing can touch the soul. Forever protected and safe. With persistent spiritual practice, we can shift from the fear and insecurity of the material plane to the constant peace of the soul.

The key to maintaining peace is the mind. Everything that is happening is perceived by the mind. But the mind defines the body's response. The mind is conditioned to respond to fear or rest. When the mind responds with fearsome thoughts, the body is elevated heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, and feelings of impending doom. If the soul remains calm, the body remains calm.

By exercising spiritual methods, we can resume the mind so that we can remain silent in fearful circumstances. Usually, we use a small portion of our concentrations, so our consciousness remains sensitive to the thoughts of fear and insecurity. Concentrated minds continue to focus on the peace of the soul, no matter what. In fact, our job is to change the thoughts of fear through the peace of peace through awareness, meditation, presence of God, statements, yoga, and other techniques. With persistent practice, the mind is calm, positive, strong, and under all circumstances. Finally, we can reach the state of mind over fearlessness.

There are three stages of fear. In the first phase, we try to avoid fear. This increases it. In the second stage we are boldly confronted with all our fears. Peace slowly replaces fear. In the third stage, we reach the constant peace of the soul.

Fear is just an enemy if we run and hide. If we wave the waves until they leak, it will give us the power. The next process offers a way to help us overcome our fears:


1. Introspection

2. Spiritual Practice

3. Grace

4. Mastery


To gain soul peace, we must determine our fear of being directly or disguised as a disguise. Fear can occur directly in the form of heart rate, respiratory distress, tremors, gastric lavage, dry mouth, or near fatality.

Fear can appear indirectly as anger, rigid beliefs, self-esteem, domination, aggression or addiction. To reach deeper peace states, we must face these hidden fears. Let's start by protecting our defenses through introspection. Then we are in direct contact with our fears.

To retreat from your fears, let's go back to a quiet place. Practice deep breath and meditation to achieve silence. Going deep. Ask your subconscious and your Higher Strengths to guide your hidden fears. Be patient. Listen to the soft voice. Let there be nothing in the way of truth. Finally, you realize that fear lies behind the many defenses


Fear is a heavy emotion for the master, but we can do it. We can be the masters of fear when faced with it. We have to stand on our ground, enter the fear and let's see it. This is difficult, painful, and requires long-term practice. Perseverance and endurance can slowly reduce our fears, extend our peace, and ultimately reach the constant peace of the soul. As you experience fear, practice one of the following techniques or combinations:

a. Breathe: Practice deep abdominal breathing

b. Progressive muscle relaxation: Tighten and relax our muscles.

c. Reinforcements: We can reinforce the existence of the unspeakable peace of the soul even if we do not feel it. We can affirm the allegations of strength, courage, heroism, endurance, faith, trust, faith, confidence, power, and immortality

d. Imagine: In bold peace we can imagine ourselves, even if they pass through the hearing

. Warning: Skill practice will help us pass the moment, stand and keep our earth. We are awake, we are aware, and we are ready for something. This is a psychic warrior's position.

f. Meditation: In the silence of deep meditation, the peace of God dissolves all traces of fear

g. Activities: If you are afraid, you may be distracted by constructive meaningful activities such as relaxation, socialization, works, and hobbies. The methods or other methods described in the book can be practiced in any convenient combination. We endure, fight to fight for courage and the best. While we are part of it, we can get more help if we turn to higher power and a bottomless resource. To get in touch with Higher Power, choose an image, practice God's presence, pray and believe

. Select a picture: You can choose an image such as Father, Mother, Buddha, Krsna, Christ, and so on. The image represents the benevolence of God. The relationship with the image is made stronger than the fear that confronts us. We use our wills, thoughts, feelings, and concentrations in our image. We hold the picture as the waves of fear move on our being. If the image disappears, it will be returned.

i. Exercising the Presence of God: God Is All-Out Peace. In the light of our fear we can exercise the presence of God as a constant peace in ourselves. There's just the stormy weather.

j. Praying: We can talk to God and ask for help. We can tell him that we want to experience the unmistakable peace of the soul.

k. Hit: We believe in God Almighty Commanding Power. He's there, helping and steering. You can not do it.


When we have our part, grace flows. We know God is here, helps, protects, directs, and cares. God's power is infinitely greater than our fear. In his schedule, he comes to our rescue. Turbulent waves of fear descend. Peace Comes


When fear returns, we continue our spiritual practice. We slowly gain our trust and trust as we realize that our effort, in combination with God's grace, reaches us through anything. In learning, we are going forward without fear because we know that God is there and takes us safely. Nothing can touch us here, nothing can hurt us and nothing can touch us. We Are Fearless Peace


o Fear is only the enemy if we do not face it

o We are afraid of what we can not control. However, if we can not change bad external circumstances, we can boldly respond. Courage is the bridge between fear and peace. Ultimately, we will achieve constant peace.

o Most problems focus on the future. Eliminate the habits of worry if we try to focus our attention on the present, for a day or a moment. Focus on the present by exercising consciousness, breathing and assertions. At the moment, all you have to do is work and you just have to. When you are worried you become uncertain, you will be afraid to use your will and thought to guide yourself to the state of faith, trust, faith, and positive thinking. You can learn to respond to any event that has the same courage

o Despite the variety and excitement offered by the future, we resist and fear the change and the unknown. When you are afraid, calm the unconditional peace. Even if you are not calm, rest your peace with faith and concentration. It is in the interior of peace, waiting to come out if it is to fight with courage and perseverance.

I am awesome peace

o I fear the face


o I am calm

o Courage and faith dissolve my fears

o I have had many difficult problems. I can get the following thing:

o I am constantly and thoughtful about the trouble.

o I rise every time I fail

o Love and faith give me courage.

o to endure. Hold on. I have the courage.

o For a minute, I'll stay in fear. My courage is woman

o I will remain in fear for a while. My Courage Woman

o Stay in fear until it's over. My courage is woman

Oh grace is under pressure

O I will take life.

No pain, the unknown and death pain.

o God is the peace. Wherever I am, there is God. Peace

o Peace is Consumed by Anxiety

o My love is stronger than fear

o In the ocean of peace I will be deeply distant from the turbulent surface waves who try to engage me.

Oh, I'm awesome peace.


1. Fear of fear as a natural and intelligent response to life on the physical plane

. What if we do not face our fears?

3rd What disguises are afraid of your life?

4th Describe the Relationship between Fear, Courage and Peace

5. Describe the peace of the soul.

6th Discuss the Importance of Mind in Treating Fear

. Describe and practice the four steps of the fear management process

8. Look at your fears. Get in the middle. Stay up. Stop it. Practice allegations, breathing, presence of God, attention, yoga, and other spiritual methods with will, intensity, and concentration. Fear and perseverance. Practice these methods throughout your life. Continue fighting as long as you live. Finally, when your soul exits from your body,

Keep your image in God to help withstand the unknown mistake.

War and Peace – How Do We Lose Happiness?

War is the opposite of peace. When we say that we are taking a war to preserve peace, it is a delusion, it does not know the truth of the moment, which is war and replaces it for the future that is peace. This is a shell game. If we believe and mix ourselves with such ideas, we will soon say that we are truly peaceful (if not this damned war) to live in some kind of ideal, then we are actually violent.

This psychological game takes place all the time. Rather than actually be aware of what we are, we live in the world of illusion and see images of what we are or hope for, and the images are never true. Our thoughts, speech and deeds show the truth of our character, not our faith and principles.

This is an important area to be discussed, because if we actually live in illusions and pictures, we never deal with what is right in front of us, and only deal with the confused idea of ​​what is happening. This always leads to confusion and conflict. Then there is a dichotomy between our thoughts, and what is reality, and when we try to make the adjustment between the principle and the reality, conflict appears and no progress has been made. This is where we lose our happiness. Rather than adjust ourselves if we can only "stop and see" once, just to see what we are doing and how to deceive ourselves, we can change the whole perspective.

It is a sign of how we disrupt ourselves when we continue on the same paths of anger and hatred and nothing changes internally. Or do not realize how angry you are or are you proud of our anger. For example, if we think that we are kind to a person, and the reality is that we are not at all kind of merely merely reading and hearing from others in the books, then whenever we hear the truth, it naturally rejects it. We reject it, because correction, from secondary knowledge, to reality based on actual experiences, is too big a breakthrough.

Instead, we deny the truth aloud, ignoring and attacking the messenger, whether a messenger or a tragic event like death. Anyway, they plant seeds. Over time, as this truth looks to our clients, does this truth tell us that everything changes, human life suffers or does not have a constant being behind the psycho-physical unity; we gradually accept the truth and we believe this is our own idea. It's a psychological thing and accepting a new idea.

We can begin to see if we are aware of ourselves and work for ourselves. Working with others or trying to change others is just a clever deviation and a temporary escape from the actual evolution of things. All this begins to open what we are right now, at this moment. If we want to see that we are right now, we need objective observation at this moment, and the best observation I know holds my own minds. Every ideal, every belief, every principle is based on the idea and is therefore false. Every thought is false, it is not truth, and all observation, such as observing our thoughts and feelings, leads us from outside, where we create images and principles, not observable truths.

If you do not believe this, just look at the world. Even the highest principles and idealists, the most loyal people, are filled with anger towards those who disagree with them. The world is fire, religious, economic, and political.

It's time for each of us to look at us.

"How easy it is to see your brother's mistakes, how hard it is to face yours, the wind like a powder, but yours is hiding like a cheater that covers the pitiful throwing . "

– A Dhammapada

7 Steps to Increasing Peace in God and Making Life Work

Do you want to live a lifetime? The peace of God is a lifelike catalyst. The greater is the peace of God, the more lives he fills. This article will increase the Lord's peace.

Peace and peace be multiplied unto you by the knowledge of God and of our Lord Jesus – 2 Peter 1: 2

No peace, saith the God of the wicked, Isaiah 57:21 AMP

Now the body mind [which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit] is the death [death that comprises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter]. But the Spirit of Spirit is Life and Peace [both now and forever] – Rome 8: 6 (AMP) Step 7


Jesus as a lord and saving resurrection is the first and most important step to experience God's peace in your life. Jesus is the bearer of God's peace. Therefore, the Lord's peace can only be if you have Jesus. Stand To Your Verified Position

When you gave your life to Jesus, you proved by faith. You were released, declared righteous, and by faith they gave credit to God. As a member of God's family, your inheritance can enjoy the Lord's peace. You must stand in this high-ranking Christ and possess what you attribute to the creed.

3. Let's be spiritually

The spiritual mind of life and peace forever and forever. But the body's idea goes hand in hand with crimes related to sin, including peace and ultimately lack of death. Therefore, to live a full life we ​​must think of God's things.

4. Increase Your Knowledge of God

Increase this peace by knowing more about God and Jesus and what they can do. If you make sure that God will take care of you and all the problems around us, you will have more peace and joy in you. And you will live a fulfilling life, knowing that God will help you on every step of the way. Do not worry about anything

Anxiety indicates that God's peace is lacking; that you do not fully trust in God. If you worry, you keep God away from you. And there can be no life without God. Anxiety-free life allows God to forsake the Lord's peace within you. Be Baseless in God's Love

The roots of God's love are a God full. Within God's love, he provides the richest of God's presence, which includes His peace. God's love provokes fear. But this is the Lord's peace that leads to a fulfilled life.

7. Be a Work of Good Deeds

Implementing good things is one of the seven steps to enhancing God's peace. There is no peace for the workers of wickedness. Peace comes from God, and what you do, you will live. The wicked can not take the evil and live the peace. Therefore, in order to enjoy the peace of God and to live a fulfilling life, you must constantly work out good deeds.

Consequently, he can not live full life without God's peace. Eternal peace comes from God. The world is unable to offer. When you follow Step 7 above to increase the Lord's peace, you will surely enjoy the peace that money can not buy. Start today and experience your life in tremendous changes!

Enjoy the job – on the road to peace

Man always delighted that one wants or the other, if he is happy to cross the road to the other, this journey is infinite. They fall in the sea of ​​desires and desires. The human being completely forgot the ultimate purpose of his life and became completely professional and greedy. The ultimate goal, then, is the path of the Lord, the way of contentment, devotion and benevolence, through which you can get to rest and rest. Everyone falls in love with everyday tasks, gaining success that does not lead him to ultimate satisfaction and satisfaction. It makes it thirsty to suppress the thirst of the results.

Real satisfaction brings people through sacrifices and deliveries by not giving up, by raising awareness of their work and others' happiness. You can reach the ultimate goal of life together with others. This does not mean that one should not be a professional, but realize that he is actually happy. He would do his actions for "KARMA" and make his fruits (results) to God. You do not have to think about your fruits as the Lord determines. Let the Lord do his work and carry it with you. Enjoy your work, justify your work and accept your colleagues and work with others in terms of professional and private life.

Confusion arises when one does not know the ultimate goal of life. You should have internalized it and look back to do this. You have to pay attention to what you want in your life and where you lead your life? When was the happiest? What do you think of him? What leads him to success? Do you really get it or give it up to raise your satisfaction? If you get the answers to these questions, you will get the answer you really want in life and where you are going.

Your introspection and realization of the real purpose of life will prepare your way forward. This is the process of self-restraint, benevolence, thanksgiving, helping others, and of course enjoying the results of HIM through the enjoyment of their work. This will not only reduce your worries and stress levels but also help you achieve your goals better. The human being forgets the true purpose of life, so their needs and desires become endless, and steps must be taken and others initiated, which can lead to a ruthless world. You love your job, you recognize your true happiness and reach the path of peace.


Think I did not come to send peace on Earth – No peace, but sword

Right from this scripture, we can see that a Christian walk will never be easy. They always struggle with difficulties or trials – hard or better known than "picking up our cross." But more accurately, what does the Lord Jesus Christ mean by his statement? First, did you mean it literally? No, and yet this is precisely the Christianity that has been made through the ages, with Rome and the demons that are more like the savage fighting tribes than the temple of God. Catholics murdered those who did not go to Satan with their blasphemy; Protestants, on the other hand, murdered Catholics to seize their money, subversive political activities and heresy; a Christian & # 39; The Crusaders who beat the Muslims and vice versa and all the violence they did in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (apart from the Muslims).

We also know that the Lord Jesus Christ voiced a loud warning of the literal use of swords when Peter threw the right ear of the high priest's servant. The Lord said to his famous words, "With the sword he dies with sword." In other words, in the Kingdom of God there is no place for any description, especially for vengeful violence. Now, in full contrast to what the Lord has said, what is the whole violence from the "Christians"? when the Word of God applies the word of God?

Mat 7:16 You know them by the fruits. Do men pick the spiky grapes or the figs of the pumpkin? 17 Thus all trees bring good fruit; but the corrupt tree brings evil fruit. 18 A good tree shall not bring forth evil fruit, and corrupt wood shall not bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bring good fruit will be slaughtered and put into the fire. 20 They know that they know about their fruit. Holy Word of God, not Me

Okay, so we proved that this sword is not literal, so what is the sword we are talking about? To begin with, there is a very sharp sword and two edges, which means that anyone seizes, reduces, and deepens the metaphoric blood, especially the blood called, but unbelief. This means that it hurts and causes a lot of internal pain at the recipient's end. How do we know this? We know this because they respond and react differently negatively. Often the first reaction is silence; the Sword of Truth usually silences those who oppose it. The next reaction varies depending on the individual. Some say infinitely if you leave them, but most of all they have a common thing – hatred . They all hate Truth and try to kill the message of Truth.

Here are some scriptures to support what I said: [Hebrews4:12 The Word of God is fast, powerful, and sharper than any other two-person sword sharing the spirit and the spirit and joints and bones , and recognizes the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Here in the Jews the author speaks to them, the Sabbath rest of the Lord and the sword of truth here call the believers of the unbelievers. Hebrews 4: 6 Since there is none remaining in him, and those that are not first revealed by unbelief,

The sword of truth deeper deeper and penetrates more deeply than any physical sword and causes inner confusion for a while to repent – a heart or attitude in a new student. Discovering the intentions and inner thoughts of our whole being, in our hearts and in the deepest depressions of our minds – no part of our being can escape . He hands over those who are called and believe, and convert them to repentance. Alternatively, those who are called but remain disbelievers will respond as described in the previous paragraphs.

The Pharisees faced the sword of truth from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ, often silent, but then showed their hatred. They went to discuss their strategy of accusing and killing her fraudulently and illegally.

The transition to Matthew 10 now faces the reality of how close to home use, this sword can affect those who are close and kind to us. & # 39; 35. Because I came to face a man against her father and daughter against her mother and daughter against her mother. [36] And a man and his enemies are in the household.

Now these scriptures are texts that many religious Christians tend to quickly or simply ignore because they do not sit well with their gospel and the non-confrontational liberal view of things. In these verses, there is not much charity, and these Scriptures do not ring a little in their ears. In these verses, the Lord clearly and unequivocally states that in some households (1965) there will be heated discourses and arguments between the father and the boy and / or the boy and the father; mother, daughter or daughter against her lawful mother. However, this in some cases constitutes a permanent distinction . They will be enemies, and I know this is true because it has happened to me. This problem of the Lord Jesus Christ was raised with his own brothers and his neighbors in Nazareth. He also paid particular attention to the fact that we all know that he does not get his own yard.

Matthew 13:57 And they hurt her . But Jesus said to them, "The prophet is not honest, but in his own country and in his own house [58] 58 And did not do many great works because of their unbelief."

John 1:11 He came to his own and his own did not accept him.

True believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ are the most important things to learn here: family hunting is a one way street, yes, the Truth Sword has come in and your family has caused pain to the Lord Jesus Christ and hate you but you do not hate them back. You love them in return, but that does not mean you stay in your company and a you will get a doormat, a Christian who will be the recipient of continuous misuse – as soon as you leave it. Your departure will make you more bearable than if you are left alone and will be the act of love in itself. Do not forget you are God h so that the Lord Jesus Christ has left Nazareth and went to Judea to preach.

Ephesians 6:17 And bring away the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Charles Crosby

Peace Peace (Finding the Pleasure of Recognition)

What is a warmer ring than "Be Peace on Earth"? Whether during the holiday season, on Sunday morning, or at any time / anywhere. In the heart of our hearts, we all want more than anything else. We're too busy to admit it. It looks like we're trying to find that we have to give up other things live, and that's not true.

Peace is a variety of things for different people. Some people have a quiet time, others have paid their bills, others find the pleasures in life. No one can determine what it means to you, but I have to believe that part of pleasure is part of everyone. It may also be a pleasure. But everybody knows that whatever makes you happy is a feeling of happiness. If we are able to find the joy that your day becomes better, your life is less worrying, your soul is sounding and of course finds a peace.

What if you determine how often you have lived in peace in your life? What if you can decide on each and every day of your life? Would that be wonderful? Well, thank you. It is just a decisive factor; and you are. One of the greatest ways of joy is recognition. When you spend time spotting and telling others how much you value them, you will not only be delighted, but also delighted.

There are so many things to be appreciated for others and we just have to get out of our busy day and take the time to find these things. Of course you can evaluate your work for your work. You can appreciate your spouse that you love. You can appreciate the children (yours and others) who bring laughter and surprises to your life. You can evaluate men and women who are fighting for our country and who are defending and serving us. And you have to do everything. There are so many too many who can appreciate our joy and our minds.

Stop and give a moment of appreciation to these people and all of the things you can think about:

– There is the person who keeps the door when your hand is full.

– The person who is willing to remove the garbage and take the waste.

– The person who cut the half of the grass to which it relates.

– The person who takes the time to offer the lights and decorations around the local town

– The person who is on the bus or on the train when they see tired

that you need help and without asking something to help you

– The person who is thinking of you when a great opportunity comes that will benefit you

– A person who always has a great attitude, the room and everyone feel good

– The person who sends a card or does not cause any cause but to see that you are

– The person who goes beyond his or her job and beyond make sure it's the best …

– The person who would prefer you to look for money than you

This list can continue forever. Like joy, peace. It determines how often and how often you are willing to look for, recognize and acknowledge the people around you who describe their esteem. How many can you find today?