Peace, leadership and cause

Peace is the ultimate form of life that most people are looking for. The pursuit of happiness, satisfaction and non-violent world is the thing that man preserves. He often does not recognize the price he has paid for the rest of us to enjoy the peace we can enjoy. Styles supporting peace are quite interesting; because there are some who have been teaching peace in peace on the theories of non-violence and those who have taught us peace through the power of trial; and this is the force that will bring peace to most of our people in the world so much. Both have a good message and style and both pay a real price for their philosophy to achieve the ultimate vision of peace. Take a look at one of the world's most important peacekeepers and the price paid for their conviction. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were both non-violent teachers; and the incredible change in the world through our non-violent peace-based state of mind. Nevertheless, the two great figures were both imprisoned and others murdered who sincerely hated war and were assassinated for their conviction to respect the position of the state they represent, such as Abraham Lincoln and Anwar Sata.

Many look for opportunities in leading positions. And of course we want to be in a leading position without being murdered. Of course, but what can not be denied if they want to be in a leading position is the responsibility to work harder than those who led them. There is no room around them that leaders work better than those who lead, and if not, they will not be honest. Leaders should be accountable to those who lead and not to understand the lack of goods and / or products outside the management but the responsibility to be held accountable to be more aware of their leadership role leading. The leader needs courage and intensity to make difficult decisions in difficult times and understand that decision will not be everyone. Leaders are constantly under pressure to prepare for the victim; they sacrifice their time on their family, their own well-being, and occasionally the need to sacrifice the spiritual comfort of a given decision.

Now, in a brief discussion of peace and leadership; you may be asked how this is mixed up with the causes. You see, reason is a behavioral feature that allows leaders to base their peace and leadership on interpretative variables within the composition of their personality. It deals with issues of emotion and emotion, it has a very strong behavioral nature that keeps constant control and balance. The reasoning is the elements of recognition and the need to identify the most important issues related to the discussion forum. The justification will include the concept of information, consultation and negotiation, which serves as a basis for the fundamental interest of the cause of peace; what kind of leadership control and what kind of argumentation formula. About thirteen years ago, we were unable to negotiate with North Vietnam because we could not make a reasonable decision on what type of table we would use in the negotiating forum, so the war continued.

The world has to act from the point of view of many experts. positive emotions. Stop and think about the best positive emotions or negative emotions? What leads us on a path to peace, and that leads us to the damage? Pray for peace, pray for our leaders, and pray to use all the emotional abilities for the love of love in the world.

What are the symptoms of inner peace?

What are the symptoms of inner peace? How do you know that there really is inner peace and tranquility?

At this time and age, we tend to point out many things in life as we live in a fast-paced world. Family, friends, work, health, among others, millions of people cause stress and anxiety every day. Part of this stress is easy and easy to handle, and some of them are not too easy to take effort and time to handle and treat.

Stress increase in our life begins to look different ways of achieving self-confidence. The real question, however, is how do we know when we have the inner peace inside us? What are the symptoms that give us the clues to attain peace and inner peace?

A few points below are listed to help you understand the features and symptoms of your inner peace, so read on.

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Some Symptoms of Internal Peace:

1. You Give More

If you have inner peace and spiritual peace, you will probably give more to yourself and others in your lifestyle. You would understand that the world is full of abundance and want to share what you share with your family, friends, and others. He would give more compassion to his fellow men. To express your love and appreciation to your beloved.

Entering it becomes a way of life. Understand the concept of sow and food. You would know that the more you give, the more you return. Do you see the beauty of a calm soul and inner peace?

2nd You Smile More

If you have inner peace, you smile even more and give a warm warm smile to others that comes from the heart, is not false. As mentioned earlier, adults smile on average 14 times a day, while the kids smile 400 times in a US study.

What this study reveals is that, as we become older, let's forget to smile; because over the years, stress, anxiety and anxiety accumulate.

What is the solution? You have to wash more, so you can start the inner peace. Look into the mirror with a big smile on his face. How do you feel? As you begin to smile, the positive energy begins to rest in you and starts looking for inner peace to be part of you.

People who smiled in their lives realized, consciously or unconsciously, that this was an important symptom of inner peace and reduction of stress.

3rd You are looser

If you have little or no stress, your mind and body are more relaxed and breathe better and easier. When you are relaxed, you close the stress you feel and exercise regularly, inner peace becomes part of your life.

When you relax mentally and physically, you're joking, you have great energy and you feel you can overcome the world.

Get up every two hours, stretch your arms and legs and massage your body. Long walk or run. You would be surprised how much relaxation and relaxation techniques can help you calm down and relieve the stress and anxiety within you.

Summarizing when you see that you give more to yourself and others, you smile more, love more, practice and care for your health, know that you are on the road where you have more inner peace and serenity in all aspects of life.

If you find out the symptoms of inner peace, you will notice when you are off the track and if you leave the track, you now have the tools to regain your calm in your life.

The road to real peace

Peace is the inner desire of every normal person. God's will, because his children have a spiritual peace. However, it must be borne in mind that not all people born in this world are in peace. The reason is mostly due to the bad attitude towards life.

In the Bible, the Lord declared his people, a sure assertiveness or a real spiritual peace.

first Needs – Everybody needs and these needs vary by individual. In fact, finding a solution to our needs and other life situations that arise brings us a level that is high or low to others. The Bible warns us to resist the tension of concern, and we know God's requests or desires, and we trust him to take control (Phil 4: 6-9).

2nd Thoughts – We should always try to guide their thoughts. When we are selective about the things we are thinking of, we just know that we have formed a course for our future. In Proverbs 32: 7 he wrote that, as you believe in your heart, so it is. You also have to list the list that the real peace seekers should think. When all thoughts want to translate your mind, you have to consider Phil's principles. 4: 8 – "Finally, brothers and sisters, everything is true, whatever is noble, everything is fine, whatever is pure, whatever is beautiful, whatever is wonderful – if it is something excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things." Everyone who neglects this principle enjoys real peace of mind.

3rd Learning – Another way of true peace is to listen to those who have been in front of us. It should be noted that our lives are shaped by the lives of others. There are many lessons and challenges for people in our lives. When using such lessons and challenges, we discover that life is as simple and as simple as we would imagine. If we accept these attitudes or modes, it will be the peace of God that is our true peace, our minds and our lives.

Charity – the real path to happiness and peace

Charity is one of the greatest virtues of mankind. All religions ask their followers to conduct charity for their fellow human beings and other bees. Charity means using your energy, talent, resources, money, wealth or anything else to help people who need them. Jesus Christ asked his followers to do good with peoples who are less privileged in society. "But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the paralyzed, the courage, the blind, and you will be blessed." Luke 1963, 14-14).

St Quoran encourages Muslims to do charity to reach God's love and to follow the way of the righteous, with the following words: "You can not attain iniquity without love." (The Holy Qur'aan 3:92)

The basic spirit of the charity of religion is that one has to divide what God gives him, so the charitable tool is to be just to our fellow men and to serve God as all the children of God. Still, love should not be done to gain any form of profit in any form because business and commerce becomes a material asset (property, time, knowledge, etc.) by possessing another type of material (name, tree I, respect for society , etc.). It has to happen without expecting God to reward those who are charitable. The ideal charitable act is similar to throwing your money into the river, which is done in silence, without expectation, or even with a return opportunity.

Although love is a great virtue of religions, but often it is the worldly and material people who do not have much religious affiliation. Charity is done by people who do not believe in heaven or God. Bill Gates, who has been the richest man in the world for fourteen years, has decided to leave Microsoft and work full-time in charity activities at the foundation. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is not alone in such charity work. Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the world, plans to donate more than $ 37 billion from $ 44 billion in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The poorest people in the world have created almost all of the greatest charity organizations in the world's poorest people who gave the greatest part of luck to charity work.

Most of these people are not known to be religious and even spiritual. However, they have been motivated by the inherited desire to do all good or to fulfill God's desire. What motivates even non-religious people to do charity if they did not believe in God or rewarded this life? The Worldly Motivation of Charity

Most people are charities when the money stops their satisfaction. This can be explained by the following example.

Let's suppose it's deserted in the desert and it's thirsty for days. You will die if you do not get water in a few moments. One person approaches a glass of water and asks for a bucket of water for $ 1,000. You argue that the price is too high. She says that if you want, that is the price you have to pay. The price is reluctantly paid because the water is desperate. However, if you drink the first glass of water, then the next glass of water will offer you the same price. You pay back your salary because your despair has decreased. You may still pay $ 100 for a glass of water. So the water value is further reduced with each cup. Soon the time comes when you deny the water's water consumption, even if the person pays $ 1000. The value of money is decreasing for all people and gradually takes responsibility as the tool as unnecessary money brings with it many problems and suffering in life. A rich man suffers from the threat of life because many people want to get their money. He will lose respect and love for the common man who is jealous and even angry about his wealth and lifestyle that he can not afford. They are often capricious, unfair and even thievery of society. Thus, rather than the rich riches, it is painful pain instead of excess wealth rather than satisfaction.

Unnecessary money is like the predominance of a body that, instead of making it beautiful, would cause nastiness; Instead of being healthy, it makes you unhealthy and instead of making you happy, unhappy.

How many people would be weight loss if you could have overweight a painless person? Can there be any sacrifice in excess weighting you do not want anyway? That is why Koran said that he should give what he likes and not what he does not like.

Yet most people continue to capture excessive prosperity or weight as it is extremely painful to keep something that is part of it. The sages, however, choose to make their wealth redundant to gain what they have lost in gaining wealth. They donate their wealth and time in charity work to give respect to society. In a sense, it can not be a charity, but maximizing the worldly joy that comes from farewell and honor by spending money on the charity name.

It's easy to drop your money in the name of love, but it's extremely difficult to charity the world. If donations to a bad person, instead of doing anything good for society, may take into account the damaging effects of the world. Nowadays, thousands of charities are only created to benefit from people who have lost the joy of money in the name of charity.

The proper type of love is explained by Gita in the following words. Lord Krsna says, "The service that is issued as a misdemeanor, a descriptive candidate who does nothing and nothing is exchanged at the right place and time, is called Saattvika or true love." (Gita 17:20)

Therefore, every charity should have the right place and time. If the rich man is interested only, then. publicity and secular name and reputation, only tired of using charity. As a result, love often enters into the hands of unscrupulous people as it is more likely to triumph over the rich to charity than a descriptive person who is too dignified to get apples from a rich man.

Thus, charity gaining access to a world of reputation and reputation often fails, as the world becomes a serious criticism if the charity is divided into bad people. Thus, a person whose charitable purpose was a secular return was often frustrated because his investment in charity did not yield the desired results.

Jesus therefore asks people to do charity without adverts and without waiting for God to reward those who are not looking for fruit in this world.

"Take heed that you do not put your righteousness before man to see them as hypocrites in the synagogues and in the streets do honor the people, you are right, they are fully rewarded
But when you give the need, do not let your left hand know what your right hand does to keep your broadcast secret, who sees what is happening in secret, rewards you (Matthew 6: 1-4)

The Holy Qur'an also emphasizes that the spirit of love is far more important than the act of love, it only benefits us if it is voluntary than the obligation imposed on the scriptures, love can not be measured in dollars, but in the spirit of the publisher, as Koraan says

"A good word, forgiveness it is better than the love that is followed by the injury … Oh who believes, do not make charity shame and prejudice, who sees wealth to people … "(2: 263-264)

The True Purpose of Charity
In reality, charity is the test of God's faith. It seriously changes the world or the people to whom the charitable organization gets. However, it transforms the charity person. It is easy to say that they love God and their children, but few people can follow their word in deeds. Charity without returning to waiting is possible only if one truly believes in God or in the Spirit. It is not easy to pass the worldly things to someone without expecting a return. All charitable acts find that the charitable person was able to secede from worldly possessions, including fame and name, which is only possible if one has actually woken spiritually. Yet, nothing in this world loses. The laws of nature are only transformed into another form. Material things are transformed into charismatic activities by the charitable act.

The principles of karma, as described in Gita, claim that all acts are like a seed that automatically enters into the fruit according to the laws of nature. Whatever you cast, it is a contemporary proverb. The world looks to work on the principle of this action and reaction.

Thus, in any case when a person performs the act, he receives something in return. If we do our job at the office, we will pay for our salary. When you put money into the bank, you're interested. When investing, your investment will increase or fall in the stock market.

Each operation results in some results. Charity is no exception. All the charitable actions greatly reward this world. The world is trying to give back what was given to him. However, if you do not accept the return on your money, you try to estimate it with the praiseworthy words. If he still denying praise and honor, he respects himself from the bottom of the heart.

All the riches, if they are sacrificed in this world, will return to the world in the world itself. The nature tests with which your actions are balanced so that the world does not feel its duty. It pays for financial charity with financial benefits. But every material reward binds man to the world, and such benevolent acts can not be said to be unselfish. Charity people feel worse by the people who provide charity. The glorification of charity in this world does not offer spiritual satisfaction to man since love does not remain in love after the world is paid in kind or alternative coins. Love Appears in Spirit You should not wait for posterity to get the real benefits of charity because love has immediate benefits. However, the benefits are not material, but souls that satisfy the soul and bring happiness and peace to life. Only in charity you can feel divine happiness in your soul that comes from possessing the material of the material without waiting for other animals. Since the buyer can not repay the material fortune, his blessings and best wishes make him a pleasure. The result is much more enjoyable for life, since at least it has regained the debt of the world and of God.

Recipe for Peace

Really a foolish recipe for true inner peace. really

is simple if you are someone who has decided to use this path

controls it. It does not cost you money, you do not have to

to obtain an insurance plan. On the contrary, if you are

continues this peaceful peaceful plan, it will reach

life-saving life insurance plan.

God, who has created all this plan

to anyone who is willing to bet. He guarantees that it is

Success for Peace in Your Life. But there are a few

requirements that are required for your activation.

God is not God, which makes our lives more complicated.

We are the only ones for whom this is the reason. God is there

has assigned a very simple peace plan, it is actually so simple

you can say it's as simple as A, B, C!

Facing him if there is no peace in his soul then

life that is life-threatening. The chances of doing this

practically from 10 to 1. I would say no experiment

your life, you do not live. It would be an exception if you were

life was moving at a constant pace. But God knows

this is not the norm of his children, and so to all those who

wants you to give perfect peace to this perfect recipe.

God loves us with loving love and wants us to keep it

Peace in order to better serve Him while we are still

strangers in this world. So here's very simple, very simple

and is guaranteed to work for everyone who uses it as he does

was intended.

A is the ABIDE

Abide means living, living in something. She's at home

is home where the heart is. Jesus said, "If … you will keep My Self

commandments (if you continue to obey Me's instructions),

you stay in my love and you live on it as I do

obeyed my Father's commandments and lived in His love. "

(Jn.15: 10). Jesus represents love and peace, and he is

tells us to obey him so that we can obtain

these things from her. John the Apostle says, "But it is

you, the smell (the sacred designation, the ceremony)

what you have received (constantly) in you;

(yes), there is no need for anyone to dismiss it.

But as her smell teaches everything

is true and not false, so it should be ABIDE

never get away from it) (rooted in it, bound

He, as he (teach you) taught you. "(1

Jn.2: 27). John also says ABIDE is in it

the truth lives. Living the truth brings peace, no more

condemnation. John also writes (28) to ABIDE

He is to enjoy and enjoy the perfect trust (boldness,

guarantee, and we will not shrink and be ashamed

He is to His coming. Again you will tell (1 John 3: 6) that

anyone who ROBBANJA in it, NOT intentionally,

consciously or ordinarily commit the crime. Sin is what keeps us

for the knowledge of the perfect peace God has given us to the Lord

is the first place. So when you live in ABIDE in Christ you will be there

peace from sin! This is the nature of God, that is

perfect peace. Simple so far?


As we can stay, we will believe in Christ.

This is credible or trusting. Finally,

HITEK is the main theme of God's Word. Many

made miracles for those who believed. Jesus

You said, "It is possible for everybody who can

WE HAD TOWARD. "(Mk 9:23) Jesus said," ALL "things, not just one

a few things would be possible. Everything is included

that … everything that exists. What does it leave?

Nothing! Again God made this promise: "to all who are

received and welcomed Him, He gave aurthority (power,

privilege, better) to become children of God, that is, to them

who BELIEVE (keeps it, trusts and relies) on him

name. "(John 1:12) I do not know about you, but that brings

great peace to my soul, knowing I am a child

God, the God of Peace! If it did not get your attention

well, then what is this. By believing in his name, you will do it

will never be lost but will be eternal life! God says we will be

He shall live forever in His kingdom (Jn 3:15). That really is

is a key component of peace, knowing that we will never die,

that our lives will live in another kingdom with the Almighty God.

The Bible is full of these promises from God to those who are

are willing to believe in His Son to attain eternal peace

and eternal life.


This is the last ingredient. In fact, the first and the last. HE

is Alpha and Omega. He is Rock, the Savior, a

Comfortable and friendly. These names are in themselves

great peace. Only Christ is the cause of ABIDE and

CAUTION in the first place. He is the cause of our salvation,

which causes peace to perfection. Christ is in his own

words say that even the person who offers us a cup

drink because we bear his name and belong to him

rewarded. (Mk 9:41) Here is the best certainty. Paul

said: "Therefore (no) now no condemnation (No.

condemned to those who are in Christ Jesus,

who live after (and) the dictates of the body, but

after the dictates of the Spirit. "(Romans 8: 1) Just knowing this

Christ does not bring us judgment judgment. This

adds great peace now. There is Christ

The power of God and the wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:24) What

Christ is just like Christ the Lord (1 Cor 3: 23). In fact, the

The Bible says it is in Christ (what we get)

from him, and nowadays we are "new creatures". (2

Cor. 5:17) This is a fresh and new road that has come.

Things restrain us from peace

our old things; like contempt, sin, pride, laziness

about forgiveness. All that does not leave us alone

ABIDE and HOW in Christ. But when we can do this

things, he's clean as snow. I must admit

that something magical and pure is the first
. This is described as pure, pure, and pure. We

reflect the ancient innocence and beauty when Christ

has done the cleansing of our act.

Summing up all this, as Paul declared; "Pass over to Christ

faith (actually) resides (settle down, stay, make it up

at home constant) in your heart! Be deeply rooted

Love and trust in love for love. "(Eph 3: 17)


is a permanent residency (remember, home is where your heart is

), they are rooted and rest assured in peace!

Perfect love, truth, peace from sin and sin

is the death. It powers the power and wisdom of God

Relief to PEACE

We now know about A, B, C!

Christ invites everyone to come to him for eternal life and peace

this is life. If you do not know him today, ask him to come in

your heart and confess your sins to her. He loves you

died a lot for them. When we replace these sins

for peace, you will know that it is worthy of praise.

He will be the eternal joy of PEACE, COMFORT,

TRUTH AND LOVE in a world where sin is overturned.

You need everything. Just ask, listen to and get it, there it is

the purchase!

To get to know PEACE, you must first know God.

Anamcara – Peace of Peace

"Come out of the time of 19659002 and

around love."

Jelaluddin Rumi.

Mystic Poet

In Corrogue there is synchronicity – "meaningful occurrence".

I received this fact by email, which I received this week. This was an email from others who dynamically practiced Anamcara. As a practitioner of "soul friendship," I'm no longer surprised in the way that we are interlinked with light rays.

In this frosty morning, at this "briars site" this e-mail will end in this war.

As anamcara I regularly meet the gods with others. This is the beauty of sharing the heart. This goes beyond the social convention, beyond the small talk. This is a two meeting that will be silent between the words. This silence between words was lived by one of my dearest spiritual friends. This soul-friendly is the beautiful Jelaluddin Rumi.

Born in 1207 and seven hundred years later, Rumi is America's best-selling poet. Day after day, darkness and deeper resonance will be in the heart of Anamcara. He will teach me the great lesson to balance discipline with the handover. Rumi is a cruel friend. He wants me to work for the love of My Beloved. Yet you know that there is no other pleasure to work on.

Rumi Sufi was mystic. The Sufi practicing prayer, meditation and company. They are deep soul friendships. In this 21st century, the noise and the hurry miss the friendship. I remember writer Thomas Moore, writer of "Care of the Loul", on the question of what is the only thing that would make a difference in his life and work life. He replied with a word, "friendship".

When Thomas Moore replied that there was a long silence. Then he asked, "Is this all?"

This Anamcara friendship is the beginning. There is a great need for friendship. Friendship must go deep into his heart. This is a friendship of one being. This friendship is what we are. This is not something we are doing. This is the natural expression of the soul beyond the ego's defense.

Rumi, that love poet is sharp.

Invites us to pull our own house. He invites us to carry out the work of love and to come to the love of our Beloved. He tells us that the friendship of the soul is under the house. This is the house of illusion. This separation is a house and is not related to everything. This house that we have issued says "I am and this is mine."

This is the job of getting out of time and in the circle of love we are doing alone. This is even if we are never really alone. Our true longing is "being". We also "know who we are".

Desire is the experience of open heart disease.

The handover. It is not a spiritual debate but a deep vulnerability. A willingness to enter another room of ignorance. We have to go emotionally naked into the other room. We must move the threshold between the visible and the invisible world. We ask you to enter naked in the magical and mystical field of Tir Na Nog.

This is the state of timeless beauty.

In Sufi tradition, omission is handed down by discipline. This is the friendship of prayer, meditation, and soul. This soul friendship is the deep communication of words and the silence between words.

This announcement is "breaking bread." This is what a companion and spiritual friend do. They're doing together. The word "companion" comes from the French word "pain" (cried "pan"). The English New Oxford Dictionary translates the term "companion" as "the one who breaks bread".

Anamcara is not a teacher, but one who is confident in the beauty of evolution.

Trusts in their inner beauty and so trusts in your inner beauty. They know their purpose and write their purpose. It works through words and love. Anamcara's goal is simple. It is a tool of peace. It is best that this Anamcara can ever be wrestled with the love of His Beloved. This is the peace that reaches the understanding.

This is the miracle of peace. As the wonderful Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us, "The miracle is not on the water." The miracle is peaceful in the world. "

We think we are so small that they are little different in how beauty is displayed in the world, Anamcara tells you that you have the greatest chance of making a" real "distinction, this is because you are already with God, and can never be but a man, His divine perfume becomes through love through action, nothing is lost, love never will be

All wounded healers are in a world where we visit our wound

Genuine we are the illusion of separation from this unity, in order to heal this wound, we must follow the beautiful Jelaluddin Rumi, this command to "go out of time and from the circle of love." This love is timeless, has no beginning and no The term "Tir Na Nog" is a metaphor

Not the west coast of Ireland, above the fog it is a state that is beyond the ego's mist, beyond that mist it is the true friend of the soul. The beloved is waiting to give himself that pleasure. John O`Donoghue, author of Anam Cara's wonderful book, calls the "one-sided" surrender. This is the best work you can ever do, because it is work beyond time and space.

From this recovery from the surrender state and cries of synchronicity. This meets others with a meaningful joint incidence. This connection is a miracle. The Universe says, "YES, that's a way." This is the experience of the unity of consciousness that says "This is the way to go without taking into account the consequences".

So I'm not curious to respond to another Anamcara email. These are other healers, other light rays, who are willing to love by acting in love. I would like to send my loved ones perfume with appreciative words. This is the best I can ever afford.

This week I leave one of my favorite quotes from Osho.

A peacekeeper is not a pacifist; the man of peace is simply the node of a silence.

A new kind of energy throbbing into the world. He sings a new song. He lives a whole new life. Grace, prayer and compassion are a very good way of life. Anyone who touches creates more love energy.

Peace man is creative. He does not oppose the war because he has to oppose something in war. He does not oppose the war; he simply understands why there is a war. And this understanding will be peaceful. Only when there are many people who have peace, silence, pool of understanding, and war disappear.

– Osho

Bless you and all those you love and do not like.

© Tony Cockson 2005

Peace Moments

Peace means the contents of the moment. Peace means turning irrational, unfounded beliefs into concrete truths. Peace understands faith in God. Peace involves accepting others and singing.

You want a moment of peace? There is no lack of children or work, but in the middle of the peace of chaos this world agenda is present. This peace is possible, but it does work. You can not rest and wait for peace to think in your mind that you need to make the effort to win this peace.

First of all, it's wise to look around what. Do not worry too much about what you want. Will will go crazy. Be content with what you are. By being content with what it means does not mean you do not have to strive for success, it simply means you do not have enough of what you do not.

Second, peace requires you to think about what you think. If your thoughts are negative and overwhelming, change them. Look for the good things in everything and change what you think positively. Examine the words and phrases you tell yourself, and if you need to modify them, edit them. Do not stay in misleading thinking. Be positive about all things.

God gives peace. The desire to control every situation causes dissatisfaction. If you allow God to be in your control or in your life, through faith in Jesus Christ, you find a way to overcome all the situations. When you direct all of your life events, events occur when your life is under control. Let go and let God be responsible, at least at this moment.

Someone said that acceptance is the answer to all the problems he faces. Accepting yourself and others can bring peace to your life. If you try to change everything on your face, it will suffer. Let Others Confess and Leave You to Fail Love Others, Love Yourselves, And This Doom Now Makes Peace Now.

The Way of Peace

The root of discrimination and violence between people and nations stems from the fact that we forget our humanity. We forget our true nature.

Violence is a "learned" behavior. We "learn" about our environment. When we are born, there is no violent tendency. As we grow, "reactions" are driven. Our responses to our environment are affected by our testimony. We "copy" what we see. Therefore, violence and hatred are not natural to our point.

As we grow older, we "buy" the deception. We believe violence is "OK" if "justified". "OK" to kill our faith or protect our "area." We learned that we "have". We "live to possess". We like to have things, people, land, animals, anything tangible and intuitive. The more we have, the stronger they are over the others. Our society or community strengthens this "tension". It is worth great to "measure" the amount of our property. You feel valid.

So we fight each other in the world, killing each other "defending" what they "own": our nationalism, our religion, our territories, and our ideologies. We become a slave of deception and desires. During the process, we lose ourselves, our humanity. We sacrificed our souls for lies! (How much better would it be if we were to wake up to wisdom, self-growth or spiritual evolution when we put our illusions and elevate our bodies!)

Thus, by our illusions, we forget that those who "are reasons, beliefs and ideologies "blindly (other people of other ages) are as real as we are. They are bleeding, sad, and have potential and dreams like us. To sum up, in many ways, the "self" extension of its own peculiarity and role in the world. We are tempted to think of them as "our enemy", faceless, without history or spirit that is different from us. The "Jews", "Palestinians", "Blacks", "Whites", "Muslims", "Christians", "Unbelievers"

It's all nonsense to condemn each other more than the ones outside the individual check. We choose to ignore the fact that we are born into a particular religion, ethnicity, country, race, gender, social or economic situation. I'm just white because I was born in a white breed. Or I'm black because I was born in black race. The same goes for my gender, national origin, and even religion! (Though the latter is "optional", another "performance-driven" concept). However, before we are any of the above, we are human beings. Remove the above. What you got? Human beings! This is what everyone is doing first and foremost. The truth is! Everything else is an illusion, a lie! What would happen if we were to eliminate the labels and see each other what they really are: people?

I am convinced that Middle East or other peace will never come about as a result of political and religious "agreements" and strategies. I believe that peace can only be achieved by the awakening of humanity at the heart of every individual, ordinary person, political and religious games and conflicts.

Peace can only be achieved by rejecting the illusion, the lie! Opponents gather and snatch blind people by sharing their humanity, their pain, their hopes and dreams, learning from each other, feeding each other, crying and laughing, forgiving each other, working together, and engaging in violence. They respected the memory of those who died in the fight when they decided to refer primarily and mostly to human beings, not "puppets" or "labels".

Some Israelis and Palestinians are doing just that. They meet each other as human beings and share the pains they each suffered in the conflict by losing their loved ones; forgive each other. They stopped at each other's enemies as "Palestinians" and "Jews". Instead, they were rid of deceit and achieved wisdom and enlightenment, and realizing that they were first and foremost human beings. Allow mankind and compassion to prevail! Pain is no bigger than pain. The loss is no bigger than mine. Your life is no more important than mine and vice versa. . .

Violence only raises violence, just as hatred is just more hatred. This becomes a vicious cycle. De-humanizes us. It loses our essence, destroys our soul, destroys our souls, everyone and everything around us! Violence and hatred, misleading "labeling and blindness" will lose us among the living. Every time we kill someone (or condemn violence) that our goal is childhood or adult, we are killing ourselves and our humanity more and more. We bring suffering and pain to all who love and nourish our lives. Shame and despair for those who love and care for us.

We have become "inseparable" from the essence and blind of the fact that we like it or not, we are all part of a larger picture. As every cell and body in our body doubles our physical being, they are all the basic elements of life. Just as every drop of water is part of the ocean, so we are part of the whole. John Donne's great poet philosopher once said, "No one is an island." No one is "indispensable". . . We are all indispensable! They were not born to kill each other, but to create more lives and preserve their holiness. All other "excuses" and so-called "justifications" are a mockery of killing.

As long as all earthly people understand that by betraying others, we reveal ourselves and our purpose, we create our Creator on the face, destroy ourselves, destroy "I" and make us "special" and "privileged" there will be peace on earth.

I'm asking you to experience humanity for a day. Let everyone know who you meet without labeling! See each person as a human being. You can do it? Come back and tell us your experience and how it felt.

Peace or move

Be Peace on Earth and let me go with me,

Be peace on earth, the peace that is intended.

With God as our Father, Brothers We Are All,

Let me go with my brother in perfect harmony.

Let me peace with me, let this be the moment.

Every step I take, let this be my solemn vow.

Every moment to seize and live forever in every moment of peace.

Have peace on earth and let me go with me.

Sooner or later, human beings will decide on this beautiful blue and green planet that peace is at the same time a function of a human mind. Whether God is your Father, Allah, Jesus, or Buddha, the human mind, in turn, in agreement, must change for good and cooperate with a deer, knowing that if religion does not reveal then quantum physics can. We are all the same and all are divided into the same thing. All the atoms of the body spent the planet in all other forms of life and humankind, and today they penetrate some of the same as leaders in the world and the poorest of the poor even a few weeks or a year ago.

All the atoms that make up our bodies are born in the firing of stars, and physically today our bodies are not made up of material seven years ago. The skin is every thirty days new. Your blood is new every three months. Your organs are new every year, and all you have to do is to keep ourselves as the new one can replace the old ones. Be nice if a bad liver disappears in a year, but the form of wickedness remains and replaces the bad. If this is good, it will replace goodness and health. Obviously and literally, on this planet, all of us sharing one and the same, borders, tongues and religion, but not all of them are one and the same thing.

Peace begins in all hearts and souls, and not something you demand from others before you demand it. Everyone … look at me! You look at me? Put the fucking weapons down. Look at your face as "your enemies". Look at their kids. Look at wives, partners, and relatives. Listen to their hopes and dreams and see how they cry like you when shit sucks your fans, which you might be carrying.

If I have to figure out that we are actually human, I say that pure awareness is in a limited five-sensed carbon-based garments that is a way of real "self", see "what is reality. how to see and see many frequencies, hear and experience, so we need to understand that we do not see what we see. Sometimes I remember myself when I started to have a clear conscious awareness of this experience and looked through this eye to work there that is not really there when you understand.Everything that looks out there is a frequency interpreting film that goes through one or all of the five senses.You are in your head and it seems to be there.Or like a man he said, and he can think a lot, "whatever the tree is, it is not green." Green is the color, the frequency of reflective light works for our brain, it became an electrical signal and passed through the retina into the brain. Frequencies are like making movies into theater, playing them, and giving the sample what is there. Although the game is here. Cool hm?

Do not forget the question of a tree falling in the woods and nobody's hearing it. I thought this was a joke like a kid, but the answer is no, it does not sound. This causes frequency waves. The sound only occurs when the waves penetrate the ears of the sensuous animals, and from waves to electrical signals, which is heard as a sound. All this is in the head. The world before it reaches our ears is silent. The world before it reaches our eyes is indefinite without color or shape. And because what we call touch is actually the resistance that our fingers feel to the things touched in our fingers, we never touch anything. The feel of touch is touching the force. You and I have never "touched" something in our lives. We felt the pressure not to touch them. Like the two positive ends of the magnet. We feel the force and the "touch" but do not touch unless they are forced and even if they literally do not touch. Perhaps if we really touched it, we exploded at the atomic level about the thing we touched.

The fact that we are actually all of us are the same thing. It has nothing to do with religion where it grew up on the planet or the hatred that you and I learned for those who are not like us. After people can understand, we are all the same, there are only very few differences between the melanin level and some small DNA switches to the differences between the outer forms, maybe we can move forward.

Recognizing that we are all one or the same part, we can put an end to the tension we all experience on the planet. Leaders could stop demons, smell and scare hell out of us if they first knew this. Perhaps it is a good thing to talk about straightness before talking about one side, either from the other side or the other side destroying them. If all people share 99.6% of a chimpanzee's DNA, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Pagans, Hi and Suns may be just a little closer to each other. Maybe we do not suspect in some cases. I suspect that the Middle Eastern desolation is a pure family that came close to her close relatives. They are all one … ONE! Put on the rogue weapons, knives, RPGs, bombs, and contradictory religious memes, and look at each other's face. We are all one of you, NOT ONE TO YOU. Jerk!

We would learn this lesson in one way or another. We can "accomplish" through intelligent leadership, which means that most of the planet's leaders should abandon and substitute teachers instead of those who think they know everything and can turn everything into personal benefits. This does not mean that "my god can kick the donkey of God". The whole Old Testament is a jealous God story that obeys everyone's obedience to obedience, and the New Testament for Christians is the story of the kind, gentler Son of the Kick ass, which encourages people to turn the other face. Somewhere along the line, one god noticed that all of us and some of them were the same. The gods are evolving in human understanding.

We need peace. Peace between peoples and peoples peace, so that everyone can prosper. We need sympathy, and those who are unable to do so with others will simply have to consider the duration of their influence. Come to work and honestly estimate your millions and then use some to really help the rest of ONE that are related to you know or not.

Religious leaders of fat women need to get out of our bunker and introduce their "knowledge" to the line. Do not walk around among your friends who promise blessing and blessing to choirs. Become among your enemies and learn from them. Do not tell them what you think. Ask them what they think, then share their opinions and remind each other of what's "everything". Do not buy a gun or use bodyguards. Believe in the message of positive awareness. If you die, you get someone who does not poke the crowds and communicate better. Or, if you really worry, you can send someone who has not been so miserable with the past and enjoys the ability to teach reconciliation, where obviously only the pot can be mixed with Jesus, YHVH, or Allah.

We're all human. Directly to the atoms in our bodies that were shared with stars, dinosaurs, Neanderthals and Princess Welsh. I'm glad to say that the evil axis and the leader's atoms of the organization confuse and share one, so the mentality of "us vs. theirs" is false. We are and you are.

I know that if ever there is peace on earth then you really have to start with me and us and with them. Not really different. The only part of the universe that gave the limited, five perceived coal-based toaletted consciousness was given the chance to learn everything and move toward things that are common to all and not to the chosen people. Add a few hundred more modes to your eyesight than now and remove the filters we've installed so we do not see what we do not want to see and experience enough.

Peace That Outperforms Understanding

Peaceful waters and green meadows of Psalm 23 serve as a graphic illustration of Jesus' peace. The shepherd provided all the needs of the sheep. He brought them to a place where they grew up in the green grass and drank in the cool waters of a quiet river. He provided protection from wild animals.

The shepherds would look for a place where they would be protected for the night. It would look for natural looks, such as large rocks on three sides of the narrow gates. She would lie down at the entrance, if the beasts attacked the sheep, she would be above her dead body.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. It satisfies every need. He promised to be with us always and to secure our needs (MT 6:33). As he commanded the storm to stay (MK 4:39), he calms the storms in our lives.

We are in serious trouble when we become part of the guilty of the world. He warns us and does a good job for us to do, it will please the Father (EPH 2:10).

We can solve the difficulties of life. We can keep busy schedules and survive the hard knock of life. Stress, nervous tensions, health, financial, and other concerns worry our hearts. It is the sin that begins because we are weak and can not help that repels us.

The Good Shepherd says, "Take heed, your sins are forgiven" (MT 9: 2). He forgives our sins when we are in the light (1Jo 1: 7). Paul gives us advice: "Do not be angry for anything, but in prayer and thanksgiving in all things, thanksgiving, show your requests to God, and all the peace of God that goes beyond all understanding keeps your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" (Php 4: 4 -7). Jesus said, "Who can you add to your life for one hour of your worries? Because you can not do this very small thing, why are you worried about the others (LK12: 25-26)?"

Peace of God preserves our hearts and minds if we put our full trust in Jesus Christ. Ensure our needs if we first seek our kingdom. He is convinced that concern concerns only frustration. People can not cope with worry. Give your problems to Jesus and leave them there. It will alleviate our stress and worry if we only take his word.

As the shepherd assured the needs of the sheep, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, assures all our needs. We can free up worry, stress and nervous moments. We are free to enjoy the unlimited resources he provides us in this world. We can live in the fullness of life.

Worldly people struggle with frustration, hatred and hostility, because they have not known the path of peace (Rev 3:17). Jesus does not give as the world gives, it gives peace (John 14:27). Review the New Testament and discover how many times the word "peace" appears. This is the Christian way. The world continues its paths, hatred and murder. Christians can have peace because Jesus defeats the world (Jn 16:33).