Be Peace

1914th On June 28, Archduke Ferdinand, the alleged heir of the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo. His mandate triggered a series of diplomatic crises that finally gave ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia in Austria-Hungary.

A number of international alliances have been formed over the past decades, and for a long time the world has been blown into a hot conflict. The Great War known before the First World War before the outbreak of World War II began on July 28, 1914, and lasted until November 11, 1918.

Although this happened more than a century ago, I think it's still a lesson to us today. Given the current geo-political atmosphere, the diplomatic steps that leaders bring around all over the world and the rhetoric around them; it's not hard to say that we can easily find ourselves in a hot conflict around the world.

Therefore, as nationals of individual countries, we have a serious responsibility and we are very careful about how we cast our votes. Our activities and decisions have consequences in all areas of our lives. And sometimes these consequences are horrible.

This position, however, is not about geopolitics, polling decisions or about the beginning of World War I. In fact, I would like to highlight a little-known, but incredible and significant event during the Great War.

The war was only five months during the Christmas of 1914. Although it has been a relatively long time since the outbreak of hostilities, hunger, thirst, lack of sleep, PTSD, casualties, and homelessness were high and Christmas gave them even deeper meaning. ] They were physically exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained. I have to believe that they are challenged spiritually. They lived in frozen temperatures in ditches that were drenched and were invested with rats and deaths. They could not bury their dead, because the battles were so strong that the corpses of the comrades were just lying.

As you can imagine as he approached Christmas, soldiers thought of good food, security, comfort, and warmth, and the loved ones they left behind. Needless to say, some of them would never return home – they've been killed. The others were curious whether they would be alive.

The opposite lines on the western front are just 100 meters away, and in some cases much closer. As the troops settled on the 24th of December, a German soldier began to sing "Stille Nacht". His voice took over the short path of No Man's land to the allied trenches and he realized that the melody began to sing the "Silent Night". After a long time, both camps began to turn away with Christmas singing.

The next morning, the Germans appeared in "Happy Christmas", shouting in English, some holding signs that read "Do not shoot, do not shoot". [19659003] The Allied soldiers glanced out of the ditch cautiously to join their enemies in the land of One Man, where they exchanged gifts for cigarettes, food, buttons, and hats. Naturally, they did not yet have journalists with the troops, so there was a huge range of verbal reports, diary entries and letters from those who participated. In fact, historians still do not agree exactly when, where and how this Christmas armistice began, but it is clear that it was quite spontaneous. They led 600 miles of ditches in France and Belgium, and different things happened at different points in the frontal spot. Of course, it was the exchange of gifts, but more importantly, both sides had the opportunity to collect and bury the dead. There were reports that football was wandering around ball games. Another report that a British soldier would get his hair from the pre-war German barber.

Needless to say, military brass soldiers on both sides fully opposed this truce, which lasted only a few days, and for so long as New Year's Day in others

This Christmas armistice that never happened again 1915 despite the attempt, it is indeed one of the proofs of hope and mankind's power during our darkest hour. It was a remarkable event and left some valuable lessons that can still be used today:

  1. Get out of the trenches

If you do not want to get out of the trenches or get out for a short while and return to our old positions, then the fight rushes and keeps pulling. Theoretically, the truce allowed the soldiers to finish the war only five months later. Instead, they returned to the ditches – they returned to battle and the war ran for four years. As a result, 9 to 11 million soldiers and 5-6 million civilians were killed. Instead of returning to the ditch and spilling verbally on your enemy – people you do not understand; I would like to ask you to take part in the man's land where you can find a compromise, find reconciliatory sound and find solutions to your problems. It will get rid of all those who have been affected by many havoc and heart problems.

  1. Get to know ! When you get out of the dungeon and take the land of No Man, you give yourself a chance to get to know the "other" see in the distance. Those who come from other species, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or political streaks. You will be surprised that when you get to know them, you realize that they both have more in common relationship than the eye. Anyway, this is true even within families where people can have different political views. During the festive dinner, sitting around the dinner table, everyone gives an opportunity to look at the other's point of view. You still can not understand one, but you will gain a better understanding because you would have found a community and you saw humanity amongst each other. This is something I talked a lot about the 2018 Olympics at PyoengChang on the corner. His first Olympic Games was in Calgary in 1988. You may remember that the world was at the height of the Cold War. I just finished the military officer and I thought that behind the iron curtain everyone was evil. However, while in the Olympic Village I found many athletes who represented countries behind the iron curtain and pointed out that we are together as shared things. We both were here to represent and do our best for our countries, share similar hopes and aspirations and suffer from the same human weaknesses and the only real difference between us was ideology. While soldiers on the western front have discovered and taught us – if you spend time on getting to know each other, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they are more similar to you than you could ever imagine.

  2. Be Peacefull With You

You must create a truce with your worst enemy – this is an odious little man who always criticizes and humiliates himself. The person who always defeats and feels less. You must bring the truce to YOU! In no way can you begin peace with others and others until you learn to love and appreciate yourself. Almost frankly, most of our questions start in the mirror in the world.

So, if these soldiers find themselves in the middle of a battlefield more than a hundred years ago to see mankind in one of the worst circumstances; claims that we can do the same thing and make less challenging obstacles on the barrier.

So have peace!

Be Peace in Your Life, in Your Family, in Your Community, And Finally in This Christmas Message

This is the message of the Christmas Armistice and the message I want to bring to you.

Keep On Pushing! ]

Practical and useful steps to gaining inner peace

We all desire inner peace, but how do we get it? Does the attainment of inner peace lead to years of meditative practice? Do you need to spend hours on weekly yoga classes? Do you have to climb a Himalayan mountain and look for advice from an old wise man to share the ancient secrets of inner peace? While the path to the expansion of inner peace involves meditation, yoga or spiritual wisdom, it will be a unique journey. Discovering inner peace often leads to a slippery, winding road. However, if you are ready to move on this track and have greater inner peace, continue reading and discover the practical and useful steps you need to be able to get started.

Defining Inner Peace

Let's start by deeper understanding of what inner peace is. If we are able to exclude some of the false ideas of inner peace, we can simply save the frustration of the years. First of all, inner peace does not mean walking just thinking of "positive" thoughts. The mind simply does not work, and it's almost impossible to try to check what your mind thinks. In addition, inner peace is not an unequal emotional state where there is no higher or low level.

Internal peace does not appear when everything is itself, life or the world is perfect. You probably already know that inner peace can not be found in food, over-consumption, or in some way preventing stress or emotion from being avoided. What can not be noticed is that the inner peace can not be found at the end of the goal of weight loss or at the end of any purpose.

If you do not value inner peace with a particular aspect of your current life – whether it is your body, occupation, partner, home, etc. There is, then there will be no inner peace with purely weight loss, changing your job or partner or moving. For example, if you do not like body and life, you will not suddenly appear when you are thin. An outsider does not condemn you the inner peace because he worked hard enough, reached his goal, reached the perfect body, or because he was a "good" boy or girl. In other words, inner peace is not what you can look for.

Determining Inner Peace

So what is inner peace? Inner peace confirms that they have enough knowledge to remain strong despite stressful or undesirable life situations. It can breathe deeply, find the center and regain the rest or the inner feeling of conscience in all the experiences of life. It is able to handle situations and conflicts in life and in ourselves, acceptance, empathy and creativity.

Sometimes inner peace is defined as tranquility and general freedom from anxiety. However, perhaps more importantly, instead of negative thoughts, stress or emotion, inner peace can accept thoughts, concerns, and feelings when they occur. Instead of insisting on being able to go beyond it.

Internal peace grows as you recall yourself that we are able to handle the challenges. You can not know exactly how or when to reach the desired situation for your situation, but you are in peace knowing that you will endure and succeed. For example, instead of emphasizing or worrying and then using overvaluing to avoid calm or unacceptable situations or emotions, you would know how to achieve inner peace and find their creative solutions to their problems. Inner peace is the ability to slip back to your true optimism and life and self-confidence, and to deal with anxiety, stress or emotion when it occurs.

How do you understand inner peace?

How can you obtain inner peace? Achieving inner peace is a continuous process that is evolving, growing, and widening when it draws attention to it. A growing recognition that you are safe in the world that you are able to change your world and that it is related to love itself. This inner peace does not happen overnight. This is gradually happening during your life. First, selectively and consciously choose greater inner peace than your goal, and then you decide to do so small daily actions that support what you want.

It would be a great definition of inner peace: "I'm glad to be alive!" This definition refers to the importance and joy of your own life. The feeling that they want to be here on earth – even in times of sadness and bad times. If you look at your own life now, you can quickly see where you feel, "It's great for me, it's good to live!" Maybe you're going up the scale, you love yourself and you love life. Then again, maybe we're down, depressed, we can not see a lot of points for your life, or even think of suicide.

However, there are many or few internal peace. . . There's more. However, if you demand more, you decide to stay alive and want to live with inner peace. If you make this conscious decision, you will immediately achieve the desire.

When you're on the road, start to see what's coming. Notice if you want to spend more time outdoors or reading a certain book. Observe if you are attracted to a particular deep breathing class if you are tired of talking to yourself negatively or if you feel you have to complete several plants, live foods or animals. Wonderfully, the way that interprets an ever-growing inner peace simply decides that it is a matter of inner peace, then hears his inner propositions and reconsiders his inner movements. Do this kindly, every day, and begin to notice the changes that are inside you. Choose inner peace and select the activities that support the inner peace … and see yourself to wake up in a new sense: "Good to live!"

Lost and Found: Peace

If you can view all broadcasts (TV or radio), or simply browse through the news channel on Facebook, it's obvious that something is missing. This generation of Christians has somehow lost something important … in fact, not just something important … something CRITICALLY important! It is important that it can be considered life-threatening; we lost it! We have lost something vital that we must immediately find and return, or we must continue to suffer the consequences.

This Christian Christian generation has lost the truth . We hardly know what it means anymore because we are used to the false definition of the world.

Peace in the world means a lack of conflict. This is the only peace the world understands, so the only peace we have taught and continued. Christians have only learned peace when our lives are running smoothly … when things go … when we have all the things we want … when we are not confronted with any conflict or conflict struggle. For us, that is peace … and we have no knowledge of it, its true meaning has vanished.

How did we lose it?

Well, since most of us were teenagers, we have already begun to define the world's peace; which is the acquisition of contemporaries, the acquisition of a secular position and the non-existence of conflicts. But in this world, our ability to provide these things only relates to the access we have to our desires. Those who have the desire to recognize one another, facilitate the struggle for social and financial conflicts, and provide the type of peace for themselves. Those who do not have the desire to have access to peace or any of their possessions. There is no peace in this world without keeping your heart's desire; even if the desire of his heart is peace.

Different levels of education are the root of the peaceful determination of the world. Education broadly determines if and how often we are confronted with conflicts. Hence, a person with higher education will often generate a large income, so he can not feel the opposite of things such as less fluctuations in gas prices, high quality childcare or an abrupt rise in absurdly high school education. However, a person without higher education generally has a lower income and you will see it before you see the same dilemmas as life-threatening conflicts that challenge their well-being, their spouses and their children. Education (especially in the United States and China) is a key factor in securing peace for all people, as the world sets them for and for all people involved.

The world's peace-based version creates two categories: " " and " no ". The former category has access to the world's only peace; while the latter is in jail, is not so peaceful (often literally) … only situations that conflict with the above-mentioned conflicts. It does not hide that many "no" have become desperate to be free of conflict, even if only a little. And it is no mystery that many " do not struggle to move from their world somehow" no " to the other side of the fence, where uniformly well-groomed, well-lined, well-irrigated grass is far, greener (often literally).

The sad part of both worlds is transient because both are based on "the present state " and the circumstances of life rarely allow this worldview of peace to be very long. The "current state", positive or negative, will always be completely temporary, and this is a peaceful world version and always a complete facade! The façade was designed to be the spirit of God's enemy … designed with a thought: I urge you to say the worst sentence a Christian could ever say: we must free everything … "

If you reach this point , then there is nothing to do to reach what is supposed to bring peace. At this point, a young black teen kills another young black teenager who seeks this world championship in his own peace. Then the husband loses his spouse's wife and marries his job (or co-worker) takes the sober intention of finding life better Peace At this point, people consume alcohol or inhale chemicals unless there is anything else to artificially gain the taste of the peaceful version of the world. And at this point, Christians can falsify tax declarations, buy what they can not afford for themselves, they exaggerate corporate foundations … they even embezzle church fundamentals to understand this version of the world's peace.

All because we lost the true meaning of peace … That's why a five-year-old family has spent the last dollars on the Lottery; why do men and women sacrifice additional hours of family work overtime? why they will sell their souls (often literally) dying to handle their hands as a substitute for peace.

But there is time to reject this mistaken substitute and regain the peace! The fact is: " true " peace did not go … it's just in the wrong place; ie it exists and is easy to find. To find it you really need to understand what Jesus says in this verse: "Bee with me go away … BEE will give I will not give to you, as the world gives …

Do not let your hearts confuse and not be afraid. " John 14:27

Where is real peace? Good Peace on the Cross Jesus said: "I will give you peace " "Warning Jesus did not mention [196599022] Then Jesus explained that peace is real … it is not the façade that has been restored, the world offers: It is not artificial, it is not superficial, it is unconcerned and is definitely not temporary The peace Jesus gives is SIMPLE AND EVERLASTING as well as his love is unconditional and eternal Jesus said that peace with your heart never need to worry or be afraid

Jesus' peace is again mentioned in John 16:33: "I told you these things to me to be PEACE …

There will be trouble in this world. But with heart (KJV – revive)! I defeated the world. "John 16:33

Jesus has said in this world that the feeling of all the peace that we have on us is temporary and it is completely miserable. But is a source of peace, to overcome the misery of the world In other words, the world's method of circumventing the lack of a conflict is a defective infant for Jesus' peace, which exists even in the midst of conflict

So … Here is how to be "true" . Follow these instructions of Jesus, whom Peter has given for years after Jesus: death and resurrection: "Take heed to all your care, for he cares for you …" 1 Peter 5: 7

Leave this world of peace, "There is no complete conflict in this world until Jesus returns to rule as king, instead of pr to his left to get the peace that Christ gave that surpasses understanding. Just worry about Christ as the fisherman rolls into the deep water. Drop your anxieties … because he cares so much that you catch them!

Do not let your circumstances and desires determine the definition of peace. Bring the peace you've lost. Seek peace in Christ, and then you find the peace it holds!

12 tips to overcome wickedness and gain peace

Anger appears when someone sadly faces frustration, unhappiness, or painful feelings, or when plans do not disappear as desired. It also appears when it comes to opposition or criticism.

Anger never helps anyone. It wastes your energy and violates your health, destroys your relationships and takes advantage of the opportunities. Anger is in the best interests of you.

Things do not always happen according to plans and expectations. People do not always act as you want them to do. You may not always be able to control external influences and circumstances but you can be sure that you will guide your attitudes and reactions. There is no point in allowing the circumstances and people to pull your strings and affect your mind and feelings. You can choose not to let people say and influence their mood. You can maintain the inner behavior of emotional and mental illness and not allow any small event to play with your feelings and cause anger.

I often see people angry about the insignificant and negligible things. Some insignificant comments or actions are not enough to answer a question, or even dissatisfaction is enough to ignite fire, anger, confusing comments, arguments, and even physical fights. This is completely unnecessary. Life can be happier with this behavior

Anger is a negative reaction, and if you want to move by self-flight or spiritual growth, the more you avoid it. the restlessness of the mind and the calm of the mind is one of the best and most effective methods of fighting wickedness and even of all negative emotions.

If you are willing to invest time and energy, you will win a great reward. Peace of mind will not only help you with anger, but also help you overcome anxiety and negative thinking and allow you to be calm, relaxed and independent in difficult and difficult situations.

The tranquility of the mind requires the behavior of an emotional and mental disorder, which is vital to overcome and avoid wrath. It protects you from being too concerned about people thinking, saying or doing, and is therefore strongly recommended. Separation is not a lack of indifference and sensitivity. This is the attitude of common sense and inner strength, and leads to spiritual tranquility.

I would like to propose a few simple tips to help you get some internal seizure and state of mind to better see how to overcome anger

1. At least once a day you dedicate several minutes to thinking about how much your life would be better without anger

. If you feel that anger arises, breathe deeper and slowly several times

. It may be that instead of deep breathing, or better, slowly count to one to ten. This will delay your poisonous reaction and weaken it.

4th Drinking some water has a soothing effect on the body.

5th Try to be more sick, however hard it may be.

6th Be more tolerant of people, even though they do not like it.

7th Everyone is entitled to his opinion. You can not agree with people, but it still maintains tact and diplomacy

. Choose to react peacefully and peacefully in every situation. Try again and again, no matter how many times you lose control and are angry.

ninth Positive thinking makes it easier to ignore refusal and behavior, which may otherwise cause anger

. Try at least some self-control, self-discipline, and common sense.

eleventh Do not take everything too seriously. Not worth it.

12th Find cause for more frequent laughter.

World peace – how can you help it promote it?

A part of the United Nations General Assembly in 2001 states that this day …

"is a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence, which serves to commemorate and strengthen the idea of ​​peace both by nations and between and within peoples … whose observation and celebration alleviates the tensions and causes of the conflict … inviting all nations and people to respect the rescues of victims during the day … and to appeal to all Member States, organizations and individuals to properly commemorate the International Day of Peace. "

I wonder how many people in the world are serious about taking this day seriously? All you have to do is monitor today's news and see how much violence exists everywhere in the world. It's a chance that this day will not be different from other days we've witnessed. There is still a long way to go for world peace.

But on an individual basis, we can do something to promote world peace. Since the world is the sum of individuals who make up the world's people, in fact global peace can spread, grow and flourish on an individual level. We can not be a peaceful world with non-peaceful people. So before you worry about what's going on hundreds of miles away, look at how you can contribute to world peace. Here are some suggestions for what you can do:

1. Think about any disagreement that surrounds you around. They may be friends, friends or co-workers. Are there any compromise areas that you can hunt with them? Peaceful coexistence begins with compromises. Everyone has to give them to do it.

2nd Are there people you do not like, even strangers? Do some spiritual practice, imagine if there is anything you can do and you can still live today. You might plant the seed for a future peaceful coexistence with these people.

3rd If you are a member of a religious organization who offers peaceful greeting ("peace be with you", "peace be yours", holiday, etc.), Take this greetings seriously and do not give greetings like an automatic. Our religions were not lacking in structures for the promotion of peace; only that very few members take these structures seriously.

4th Finally, do some introspection and consider if you are in peace. You are not in a position to promote peace if you can not do it with yourself. If you are not alone with yourself, ask yourself why? Your inner struggle involves the possibilities of all conflicts that you can do with the world and do its best. Getting to know inner conflict is the first step to finding a solution.

Promoting world peace is not only a collective effort, but also an individual effort. If you are the advocate of peace in the world, you start with yourself. This is a form of duality that complains about how others are doing your advocacy when you do not attain it at your own level. Start off yourself and make it out. As individuals grow alike, we can hope to reach the critical mass that is needed for peace to be a planet on the planet.

Aleppo clown, symbol of suffering and peace

Aleppo's clown, who had been traumatizing children in Aleppo, the popular city of Syria, died of an air strike. His tragic death remains the spark of secular conscience. It is time for all world nations to participate in peace talks when war breaks out anywhere in the world to create a stable and peaceful world for future generations.

Aleppo, the peak of horror,

Once in Syrian life,

Where everyone has lived harmoniously.

An unimaginable horror has become a possible horror,

Shell shook the murders,

He turned to the left in bloody clothes.

The ghostly cry of the children was alive,

echoed throughout the city of Aleppo.

The following were forced into refugee camps,

They never slept after bloodshed.

Children have lost their childhood. Then suddenly he came out of nowhere,

The white face clown,

In the dying city of Aleppo,

With his red nose and cunning smile,

Orange wig and flower yellow hat.

Children gathered around him,

He was touching his costumes and his red nose.

The kids kissed me.

The clown joked to the kids.

The gun fires,

The darkest moments of war

Comic books for children,

The spread of warm feelings,

And a lot of happiness among them.

He returned them,

In fantasy and the natural world of the game.

Humanity and dignity can be found in the middle of the war.

The clown sang the kids,

The heart felt pain and tears,

Behind her everlasting smile.

Peace singing songs,

Some angelic and melancholic to ease the torment,

Still, others are dramatic and tough to encourage them,

And the kids repeated the songs.

For a moment they forgot their pain.

They fought with bombs and bullets.

In the world of songs they brought a happy face,

And hide their suppressed sorrow.

Nothing can be forever.

Then came the apocalyptic night,

The bullets were fired.

When everyone fled, the clown decided to stay.

Aleppo became a huge cemetery.

Air strike has not left the precious life,

The bullet ended the innocent life of the clown.

His body was lying on an inanimate ground,

In the screams of the children,

Aleppo's hope and peace-maker.

Let the clown memories,

The remnant of conscience,

And the symbol of the deadly Aleppo.

The kings fought "many wars to put an end to wars."

The world was only complicated and cruel.

Wars develop in people's minds,

War of thirsty people or war-thirsty leaders?

The never-ending lies and hypocrites of wars

Destroy our dear world who was thirsty for peace.

Nobody wins the war; everyone in the end losers.

The widows and the orphan children, the outcome of all the war.

Peace becomes a distant horizon.

Let the queen of peace save the world,

And be the star of our ailing world.

Inner Peace – Mentally in peace

Importance of Embedded Health

How do we know our mental attitude has something to do with our physical health? Actually, we do not know because we can not know that someone would have gone if they had a better state of mind. Nevertheless, there was always a sense that there was a relationship and I certainly heard enough comments on this line, so I'm not surprised to have cancer or colitis or heart attack, always seemed so angry in the world or always complaining about something or always talking about things, which are not fair. We also heard that doctors were surprised at the wonderful healing with a positive state of mind. In the past, I tried to think positively, but if I were in a bad mood I would not believe it, so it would not last long.

This is more of an attitude because the attitude is certainly changing. mood. If you know that the mindset timing the mood shift, you realize you are in the driver's seat and whether you can maintain a positive attitude on it. This is the same "mechanism" that allows people to maintain their diet, a healthy lifestyle, promote harmonious relationships and change their hearts. The best part is that we now know how to use this "mechanism".

The next is a real story about how to understand how the mind works for people with prostate cancer. I met John in 1994 in LaConnor, Washington. We have participated in a group of business people and therapists who have committed themselves to learning to have their own innate mental health and well-being and to teach others to do the same.

János was diagnosed with prostate cancer on May 30, 2006, and informed his ethical path by email. He recently asked us to pass on our story to encourage or help those who seek to maintain or regain their own health through natural methods. John realized that his healing path was so much about his mental life as his physical life.

Here is a background that explains what John learned, and ultimately helped her heal. The basic idea behind the Three Principles Psychology is that all beings are interconnected with Universal Intelligence, which describes the first principle of First Theory (19459002). Thinking works with consciousness in order to produce our feelings, reactions, behaviors, and our general experiences. In other words, our thoughts dictate our lives; when we understand what creates the experience of our lives, we can use it wisely. These three principles explain the full range of human experience and explain how humanity shapes unformed energy and forms it. Free form of unformed energy will be created for a healthy or unhealthy, productive or non-productive outcomes.

John and our group have come together to learn the more about the three principles that explain how human experience develops in every person momentarily and momentarily

Explanation of the Principles: The Universal Energy Experience

The ability to create experience as a thinking individual

Consciousness: The ability to be aware of our experiences and how to create it.

of unstoppable energy, which in turn shows us how to achieve a deeper wisdom and thus improve the results. If you simply change a thought to another, it will only be a temporary relief. On the other hand, when he begins to find the true nature of thought, he leads to a deeper level of intelligence that helps to create more persistent, deeper, healthier prospects in life – as he finds his inner wisdom. Page 108 The enlightened gardener, revised by Sydney Banks, 2005.


John's story is a wonderful example of how valuable a healthy mental state is for healing the physical body. In June 2010, the following was written: […] the latest PSA (prostate specific antigen) result remained unchanged and was lower than that diagnosed four years ago.

This diagnosis, not surprisingly, has tried many other acute illnesses: overweight, hypertension, hypotension, continuous diarrhea, skin diseases, high cholesterol, hay fever, itchy eyes and chronic fatigue. All of these conditions are perfectly healed.

I was the key Aussie man. I thought "he would be the right companion" and not take care of myself. According to John, at the level of the intestine (literally more than a month of swelling) he did not know that he had only one body and that he could be responsible and responsible for the care and maintenance: he practiced and used the power of thinking. But the wake-up call came when the urologist warned that there was limited time for curing, stunning or burning tumors; or to metastasize, most likely to be his bones. The Urologist told him that if that happens he will die of a slow, painful death.

From the understanding of mind, thought, and consciousness, we all realized that my interest, but non-essential and energy-consuming, emotionally challenging activities were stressful and did not help in deep restorative healing. He realized he did not sufficiently support his body and mind with so much energy that would eliminate the chronic condition called cancer. In 1994 John learned how important it is to work in harmony with natural viability through thoughts. People have a free will to think of anything. It's easy to give up on foods and drinks that are unfavorable to our health, as it is easy to suffer unhealthy thoughts. We do not have to give up; healthier, wiser decisions can be made. Even if you are aware of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, what about your thoughts that you feed your spirit? All of us are born with the help of our healthy and free will to reach our health and well-being at every moment. John is now cancerous and his wealth is attributed to his mental state.

Peace Dove Tattoo – The Sacred Symbol of the Lord!

There are many ways to know the different meaning of the dove. The meaning of pigeons is the result of the appearance of the story. That's why you will get a dove of tattoos that will prove to you the most valuable and meaningful to you if you know about your story. It may be that you can simplify the search task if you know the meaning of different pigeon tattoos.

Pigeon tattoo is the Christian symbol of peace. The paw pond tattoos raised many questions among many lovers of peace. Many show up convex tattoos on their bodies, in memory of their close relatives or friends. Some pigeons are also very common and universal love symbols.

The tubs are very durable, that many people are missing, that is, the dove is a couple for life. So, pigeon tattoos are also known as immortal and lasting love signs. Where tattoos in Chinese culture can violate the symbol of long and healthy life. In Europe, Christian representation is the Holy Spirit. These tattoos can be tattooed in different sizes, colors and different combinations.

The Peace Pigeon tattoos offer a rich selection of colors, from simple black outlines, meticulous black outlines, brilliant colors to elegant neutral tattoos. There are different combinations of peace pigeons tattooing. It's like pigeons and flowers, pigeons and olive trees, pigeons and dancing flames, pigeons and butterflies. If you are a lover of peace, you can paint two or more pigeons on your shoulder or arm and signal your personality. Pigeon-like tattoos usually mean independence and purity.

As a symbol of the Holy Spirit, in the Christian faith, pigeon tattoos serve the history of the Lord Jesus Christ as a representation of the Holy Bible. He refers to the Great Flood and the commandment of God to Noah to build an Ark to transport animals and birds.

The world of tattoos is bright and popular. Among them, the Peace Pigeon tattoo is a class of distinctness of uniqueness and mysticism. Where tattoos are necessarily bird tattoos and are of significant importance in the world of tattoos. The evolution of time, and almost all the religions around the world, the pigeon bird has indicated the human spirit or soul and is often related to the celestial beings.

When birds travel in the air, they think that they communicate directly with the supernatural creatures and often have been regarded as the leaders who delivered the spirits of the dead to their heavenly habit. Often during the tattoo, two pigeons are depicted representing the double aspect of nature. Where tattoos are associated with occult and supernatural forces. Peace pigeon tattoo is one of the most important art form of tool set or flash book as increasing popularity.

Peace pigeon tattoo is an evolution in itself. The Peace Pigeon tattoo has since had some meaning, which is related to it. Regardless of castes, beliefs or gender, both men and women sport the tattoo of love and love.

Collecting Peace

Some people have a very special gift: they embody the presence of peace. If we have the chance to be as close to it as we are, we feel relaxed. The inner peace is radiated in such a way that it touches deeply. The presence of their inner peace still attracts our wandering thoughts and reassures our concerns.

If you have the chance at all times to live with the soul living in eternity, then we can feel this delightful peace source and joy. By virtue of their presence, we are able to connect to this source as well. Their inner calmness reasserts the turbulence of the world around them and teaches us how to find peace.

You can also learn to live this way. Stay away from the place of inner peace is not only reserved for gurus and spiritual masters. It is a learned behavior, just as learning the constant worry

It is a learned way to hurry and move through life as if you do not need somewhere else at this moment. You can move to life as if you were exactly where you were, as if you were coming at every step. Every moment of your waking consciousness brings you closer to this perennial peace that appears in the following: Now [1959:0000] When you decide to move through life, you will dissolve your isolation from the world. You begin to remember that you are not a separate person who started to avoid getting to the wrong and getting good things. Instead, you begin to feel your relationship with the whole world like drops that remember that they belong to the ocean. The drop in water does not have to be done – it simply feels the embrace of the ocean and allows you to carry with you the present at all present moments.

Inner peace is its core; the inner voice that whisperes when the soft sound of the material world is matched. In order to live a real life and live in peace, we must absolutely learn how to be present at all moments of the spiritual core and to live from inner presence rather than respond to external chaos.

When we forget this, we are doing things that cause pain or divorce between each other and others. We become reactive; then we can misunderstand others and wander in fear or anger. And then we beat the guilty, the shame and the regret.

You can not change the past, but you can do it. The power of the healing of the past lies at this moment. From this place of consciousness you can choose forgiveness and reconciliation to overcome misunderstandings, anger and sorrow. Right at this very moment now that the healing work should be done to free ourselves.

No matter how difficult the challenges of the past are, it's over. You are here Now reading these words. Live Now ! She thinks it's a treasure that you are alive at this moment and seizes the possibility of healing. Sit down quietly and go in, meditate on looking deep and destroying the wounds, prejudices and mistakes of the past. Accept the opportunity offered by the presence of Now so you can be free.

This moment offers a present. This allows you to forgive, heal and return to peace, which is your natural state. Life is present at this moment waiting for you to decide what to do with it and your decisions determine the quality of peace.

Mother Teresa – and world peace

1979th On 17 October, Mother Teresa Teresa in Calcutta, India, won the Nobel Peace Prize in the fight against the "Poverty and Poverty Affliction of Peace". Have you tried to overcome the terror that is being fostered by religious enmities?

In the awards ceremony, he said: "I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion because direct war is a direct murder – direct murder by the mother." "Because if a mother can kill her own children, then you have to kill me and kill me There is nothing {http: // nobelprize.) If this laureate is still alive, he would have said that terror is the greatest peace today because terrorists are planning to eliminate peace, fear or hatred. they are so akin to death that they do not seem to like life, they do not work according to the rules and are willing to die if they are to deliver explosives to their purpose and not care who dies with them It seems that there is no physical protection against terrorists who are stifling our world.

On the assumption that the Western world is a Christian, while the nations are governed by democratic the majority of the states forced to force them are Islamic, or Eastern or even traditional religions, then religion becomes the world's most important problem.

In August this year, US President Bush uses terms like Islamic fascists, both for Hezbollah and for suspected bombers who were held in London. This week, at a press conference in his donation farm, he said terrorists were trying to spread their message of jihad – the message I called – Islamic radicalism and Islamic fascism.

These statements hurt the overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims. For their protection, it may be true that there is no Islamicism about the fascism of terrorists.

It is true that the UN, which is currently the supreme secular body, does not support or suppress religion. In fact, the United Nations and the United States made it easier for Muslims to find out about Yugoslav Christian repression in the 1990s. In fact, the United States has incorporated the Amendment I into the bill that the Congress does not create a law that respects or prohibits the practice of religion. "


This law, which does not respect or prohibit religion, becomes one of the best repositories of peace that is ruined by the deterioration of religious hostilities.

Just a decade ago in December 1998 Poso, one of the islands in Indonesia, resulted in a month of religious violence in which hundreds of people died. Poso is in the central Sulawesi district, on the fourth largest Indonesian island with 80% Muslim and 17% Christian population

In July this year, the attack on Hezbollah in Israel caused hostility in Lebanon and hundreds of deaths and injuries on both sides. Infrastructure suffered extensive damage and sent home more people

On October 9, North Korea has bravely made a first nuclear test for the international community despite proving it proactively – possessing weapons of mass destruction

For Peace a solution to the current problem is ecumenism. Once it was said, "There is only one God and he is God for all, so it is important for everyone to look equal to God. I've always said that we need to help a Hindu better Hindu, Muslim becomes a better Muslim, Catholic becomes a better Catholic. The mission of the charitable organization was offered to the benefit of ecumenism. He said that there are 475 souls among us -30 families Catholics, the rest being Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs – different religions. But they all come to our prayers.

Following the series of wars and rumors of world wars, leaders in the world now need to think that the chaotic and uncertain world needs to be given a peace based on the world by a faith. automatically asks all the religions of the world to borrow a letter from the Hindus whom the supreme creature has said that, as far as they are approaching me, I still get them because even the roads where people take mine on both sides. {Gita IV, 11}. This is to make the Hindus exist in a peaceful way with other religions because they do not lobby for more members. Lobbying also causes religious hostilities.

For Christians, this is not a surprise, but a fulfillment of the scripture, which works while still in the daytime because it comes at night (Amos 8: 11-12). When the night is over, the believers of the scriptures must accept their means and accept the dictates of their fulfillment. The Pope Benedict, who accidentally violated Muslims in his speech in Germany, must realize that it is time to embrace the post-Second Vatican II Catholicism. This Catholicism states in part that Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and all other religions that strive to help people overcome the feeling of alienation from the ultimate reality apply to the places of salvation [19659002] END