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The Miracle Course is a self-training material published by the Inner Peace Foundation. The contents of the book are metaphysical and an explanation of forgiveness in everyday life. Interestingly, an author is now in the book (and this is so common in the US Congress Library). The text was written by Helen Schucman (deceased) and William Thetford; Schucman reported that the material of the book was based on a communication he wrote of "the inner voice" he had claimed. The original version of the book was issued in 1976, with a revised release in 1996. The content includes a teaching manual and a student workbook. Since the first edition, it has been marketed in several million copies, with over two dozen translations.

The origins of the book are due to the early 1970s; Helen Schucman first conducted his experiences with the "inner voice" and then the supervisor, William Thetford, to contact Hugh Cayce with the Research and Enlightenment Association. But Kenneth Wapnick (later editor of the book) was introduced. At launch, Wapnick was a clinical psychologist. After the meeting, Schucman and Wapnik spent more than a year in editing and revising the material. Another introduction, this time Schucman, Wapnik and Thetford Robert Skutch and Judith Skutch Whitson, for the Inner Peace Foundation. The first publications of the book were in 1975. Since then, the copyright of the Inner Party and Penguin Books has found that the content of the first edition is public.

The Wonders Course is a teaching tool; the course contains 3 books, 622 pages, 478 pages, and a 88-page tutorial. The materials are studied in the order selected by the readers. The content of the Miracle Course is both a theoretical and a practical solution, although the use of book material has been emphasized. The text is predominantly theoretical and is based on the lessons learned from the workbook, which are practical applications. The workbook contains 365 lessons, one for each day of the year, as you do not have to spend one lesson a day. Perhaps the most similar to books that are known to the average reader from previous experiences are asked to use the material as instructed. However, the "normal" deviation of the reader does not have to believe what is in the workbook or accept it. Neither the workbook nor the miracle of Miracle wishes to complete the reading of the reader; simply the materials start.

A node in miracles that differentiates knowledge and perception; truth is unchangeable and eternal, and perception is the world of time, change and interpretation. The world of perception reinforces the thought-provoking ideas in our minds and keeps us separate from the truth and separate from God. Detection is constrained by body limitations in the physical world, thereby limiting consciousness. Many of the world's experiences reinforce the ego and the separation of the individual from God. But accepting the vision of Christ and the voice of the Holy Ghost, one student forgives both himself and others.

Thus, the Miracle Course helps readers find the way to God by unlocking guilt, forgiving both, and others. So healing is happening, happiness and peace can be found.

The perfection of peace

Jesus said to his disciples, "All this I have told you to trust in me, in peace with peace in peace and assurance."

~ John 16: 33a (Msg)

How can this life be truly perfected? 19659005 If you want to ask a life that is often far from peaceful in a different way, do you find peace on a lasting stage?

It is known that God's peace is above and beyond all that is found in this earthly life – from any other source. If alone in millions of their own internal war, millions of people become Christ.

Why is there no more conversion to this great gospel promise of peace? Perhaps we have to ask why there are some believers who still do not know this peace beyond our human understanding (Philippians 4: 6-7). Bringing Courage and Peace

in John 16:33 to accept the world in courage – but to overcome it – peace, the incredibly easy and childly peace we will know.

Courage is, however, almost divisive. We place our courage in fear, and our lives go far and the torment becomes even better. We're down and we do not want to go back there twice twice.

Proper courage is a given conditional courage – this courage is broken down with divine wisdom. This is a courage that is fueled by the great parts of humility. Happiness in tenderness, in itself loud but not too – and ever balanced inside. Peace comes when we come to ourselves – to "add" to God (as if anything could be added to God) and we simply rested as if in the palm of the Almighty [19659005] and faith in God – the Spirit, which includes the person and power of Jesus – is about peace and peace in a way that is not like the concept of our peace.

Peaceful numbness. You feel like peace, but it feels like we do not feel like it. We can not explain this, but we know that somehow increased trust, self-esteem, trust, patience, wisdom and understanding … God's edge is relevant in this regard.

And that's the peace. It's like no other. It's perfectly perfect because the tension of unhappy situations is with the elasticity of the heart to withstand the coming.

And it only nourishes peace. Peace will then be a safe, self-confident peace.

This deep peace lies above our own. This Ghost is in our souls fighting to create new abilities, and again, beyond us, and anything we can do.

We are born again every time peace goes through and passes

© 2010 SJ Wickham.

Peace in our world

Most importantly, the world has peace; This would facilitate all disputes in all countries, such as animal abuse, domestic abuse, etc. You can try to change these things, step by step, things change and bring you to a good future. For this to happen, all people need to understand and do a lot.

For many years, humanity has been involved in many conflicts and situations that end the peace, the world we live in. There have been a number of situations in which peace and the respect for the lives and dignity of people have been postponed to stay in such serious conflicts as the First World War, the Gulf War and the fight against terrorism. We can also mention that in today's world, many situations hinder the peace and error of all people, because in this society in which we live, we tolerate violence every day as a means of solving problems, which leads us to see the news in the news, a number of events with these characters, such as murder, abuse of children. But as long as the violence reached disastrous levels and enjoyed much of the peace, it will not always continue forever.

Then these bad things that are happening around us and affect us directly or indirectly might think that there is no escape and that we are sinking every day in a violent world. But the most important thing is to avoid this, to learn from mistakes and to make human beings in history and to avoid repetition and then to a better world.

Please help this world make every day a better place for you and your family. Keep in mind that this heritage is left to our children. Bring peace to your home and you are in peace wherever you are.

Wars, Religion, and Peace

The Rev. Bailey Smith, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said: "With all due respect to those dear people, my God, God Almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew."

Emerson said: "Peace can not be achieved through violence, but can be achieved through understanding."

Robert Kennedy once said: "Every time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope … those ripples build a current that can sweep down the walls of oppression and resistance. "

It is often believed suicide bombers that their motivation for going into war is to receive a reward in heaven. But an American, Sergeant Jones, had a different strategy with new recruits.

It was not long before Captain Smith noticed that Sergeant Jones was having a staggeringly high success rate, selling insurance to nearly 100% of the recruits he advised. Instead of asking him about this, the Captain stood at the back of the room and listened to Jones's sales pitch.

Jones explained the basics of GI Insurance to the new recruits, and then said, "If you are killed in a battle and have GI Insurance, the government has to pay $ 200,000 to your beneficiaries But if you do not have GI insurance and get killed in the battle, the government only has to pay a maximum of $ 6,000

"Now, "

Today, I want to look hard at the connection between religion, war and peace." When do we look at the reports from Syria, it It is so easy to get discouraged, is not it? What a tragedy!

Like you I have witnessed the funeral of our military who have died from roadside bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq; say them home without arms or legs, or psychologically damaged, suffering from PTSD. Their amazing courage to go despite all that they have endured is inspiring. I know about the tragedy of families who have lost loved ones, families who have lost father or mother to war, and the little children left alone with only a picture to greet them when they get up every day.

as you are, of the suicide rate among our veterans. Daily, we see the horrors of war on our television news casts. It affects us either directly or indirectly.

We also live in a time of unprecedented gun-related violence in America. The President was giving a good bread-and-butter speech to his State of the Union address this week, when suddenly he soared into greatness when he asked Congress to unite to do something about gun violence. He singled out those who had come to the state of the Union from the Sandy Hook massacre and other killings, including Gabby Giffords, who touchingly was trying to clap her hands together but could not. He pleaded for Congress to vote their consciences.

He says that there are things about religions that do not necessarily mean that religion is not a necessity. cause war but help to facilitate it.

1. He faults all major religions for having sacred texts that portray violence approvingly, whether done by God or some heroic figure. The war's success is guaranteed by God, and the imitation of that behavior then becomes approved. For example, when I was a boy I loved the story of David and Goliath. I also thought that Joshua was a good guy when he defeated the natives who already lived in the so-called Promised Land. Today, I have other opinions.

2. Religions have rituals or prayers that are supposed to enlist the help of God in war, which teach that those fighting are fighting for a holy cause. Think of prayer before battle. Remember the Crusades, when even children were sent to battle, or even a football game in the NFL where one side prays to defeat the other.

3. If you lose your life in a Holy War, God will compensate you in the next life. Martyrdom is the highest mark of religious devotion, as every suicide bomber knows.

4. Religions teach that their adherents are the chosen ones, with rights and privileges, especially involving a right to land ownership. And these folks go to war if they feel persecuted, either in the past or present, and are unable to get justice, or if there are enough of them to unify politically into a nation state, they will seek power through war, especially if the land is sacred or a "Promised Land." Nationalism that is linked to fighting for land and family then becomes a religious duty.

5. Political or spiritual leaders come from an upper class and see in the religious teaching a way to maintain their power. The Queen of England is also the head of the Church, the Pope of a nation state.

6. Priests and religious leaders are willing to use secular power to institutionalize or enforce correct doctrine, worship and ethical practices. Think of the Taliban here preventing girls from going to school or proponents of Proposition 8 here in California, which banned gay marriage

7. States fail to uphold minority rights and give in to majority faith practices that would weaken or remove minority rights. Think of the American deep south before Martin Luther King, Jr. Or South Africa and Apartheid, which was justified on religious grounds.

8. Different faiths live close to each other, but their teaching and practices are seen to be incompatible. Think of Northern Ireland, or Israel and Palestine, or Bosnia.

9. A religious group sees its teaching as universal and is therefore intolerant of other perspectives, either in or outside its tradition. Although less so today, this was the history of the Catholic Church for a very long time.

10. A faith's influence is limited to the spiritual realm only. Its teachings are considered irrelevant to politics. Therefore, a different value system can be used if necessary without the interference of the faith group. Think of the established church in Germany, which largely ignored the treatment of the Jews in history or by the Nazis at the time of the Second World War, or people of faith who go to church on Sunday, mosque on Fridays, or the synagogue on Fridays, and then do whatever they like for the other six days of the week because their faith is compartmentalized.

Whenever we can identify one or more of these links to religion and violence, history tells us that we are on the wrong track . The separation of church and state in America came to address these problems. Whenever this separation is firmly in place, both religions and the state thrive. When a lineage gets blurred, violence becomes more likely.

In a famous Armistice Day sermon, Harry Emerson Fosdick, knowing these links to war and religions, said: "I renounce war for its consequences, for the lies it lives on and propagates, for the undying hatred it arouses, for the dictatorships it puts in place of democracy, for the starvation that stalks after it. I renounce war, and never again, directly or indirectly, will sanction or support another. "

The problem for me in a statement like this is what to do when we are attacked by another nation state? Do we sit by and let it happen? St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and modern proponents of the Just War theory teach that the war is waged in self-defense, or in defense of another.

In 1993, the U.S. The Catholic Conference said: " JUST WAR THEORY TEACHES:" Force can be used only to correct a grave, public evil, ie, aggression or massive violation of the basic human rights of whole populations. THAT THERE MUST BE:

Right intention: Correcting a suffered wrong is considered a right intention, while material gain or maintaining economies is not

Probability of success: Arms may not be used in a futile case or in cases where disproportionate measures are required to achieve success.

Last resort: Force may be used only after all peaceful and viable alternatives have been seriously

I am very glad that the Catholic Bishops and others have worked on the ethics of war. Imagine America at war without any ethics at all. You might want to argue that our ethics do not need to be overhauled. But the alternative to no ethics would be to ignore just war principles, and that would be horrific.

The current debate on drone use is an example. Is it proportionate? Is it used in self defense? Does it avoid, wherever possible, civilian deaths? For today's wars often kill more civilians than soldiers, which offends just war theory.

In the midst of all these questions stands one man in particular who is highly regarded by all religious traditions. A Prophet to Islam, a rabbi in Judaism who, though rejected for Messiahship, stands as a great ethical teacher; someone who New Age thinking greatly respects; someone who the Buddha would rejoice with in their common ethics; someone whose teachings have been incorporated in Hinduism: Jesus of Nazareth took a different course than all the major religions, including the one that developed from his own teachings. In doing so, he has influenced them all.

He said, "Happy are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God. a tooth. ' But I say this to you: Offer the wicked man no resistance. You have heard in the past, 'You must love your friends but hate your enemies.' But I say this to you: Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you … for your Father in heaven causes the sun to rise on bad men as well as good men, and his rain fall on the honest and dishonest If you only need to save your greetings for your friends, you are doing anything extraordinary, never repay the evil for the evil. he drinks … Resist evil, and conquer it with good. "

Now this teaching, considering that it came out of the context of the Middle East, is extraordinary indeed! It can not be used to justify war, but it does call for peace whoever will hear it. The peace envisioned is personal first, and then it can be extrapolated into larger spheres. So does it work on the streets in Oakland?

Interestingly, nonviolence does work. Do you want to work on the streets in Oakland? It worked in South Africa. It worked in India with Gandhi, who read from Jesus' playbook. It worked in America with Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the gold standard still today about how to treat other human beings non violently.

Making peace with any enemy is a hard work, and sometimes it is simply not possible. But I find that trying to make peace with an enemy is far more enlightened than preserving or escalating conflict, because if we succeed in making an enemy to our friend, we create holy ground.

Reaching for the enemy must be done one person at a time, until a tipping point is reached.

In Bogota in 2001 on Independence Day, The Mennonites, who have particularly embraced the teaching of Jesus on nonviolence, were gathered on a street corner because they had been denied presence near the Congressional Building for their peace protest. They watched the dignitaries drive by in their limos. SUVs stuffed with soldiers drove by. The protestors sang and held periods of silence as tanks began to arrive.

Their message went on: "Peace comes through peacemaking, not war-making."

The soldiers grew more restive. More tanks arrived.

A gentle pastor began to pray, and more riot police walked up to him to create a blockade between him and the crowd who had gathered. He called for justice where injustice reigns, freedom for the oppressed, respect for life over lust for money and power. He prayed for the return of the land to the peasants, the security for Colombia's poor who suffered so much, and wisdom for legislators who had not done justice, loved mercy or walked humbly. He asked the legislators to follow the historical Jesus' teaching on reconciliation, nonviolence and love.

His wife had all this time been eying a particular policeman whose eyes indicated another reality. Disobeying all the rules of nonviolence she walked up to him, looked him in the eyes, and put her hand gently on his arm. And he whispered, "May God bless you!"

Do you want to bring peace?

Bob Filner, a Jew, had been taught by his parents that racism is the number one evil in the world. He was taught that it was his task to fight racism wherever he found it. As a teenager he was drawn to Martin Luther King, Jr., his speeches and writing.

Bob was doing his final exams on Mother's Day in 1961, and on that day a Greyhound bus was run off the road and set on fire in Anniston, Alabama, with its Freedom Rider passengers being almost beaten to death. Bob decided that he could make a difference if he too became Freedom Rider. So he completed his exams and then immediately went to Nashville for several days of training in nonviolence.

Then with four others he got on a Greyhound and headed south. Authorities would not let the bus stop in Alabama, so they went to Mississippi. In Jackson they were greeted by a crowd of hundreds. The four of them got off the bus to desegregate the Greyhound Bus Lobby, the coffee shop and the restrooms. The police descended and charged them with "inciting a riot" and took them off to the Jackson Jail. They were sentenced to six months and, because all the cells were full, they were sent to occupy the death row cells in the Mississippi State Penitentiary.

Most of them served two months before being released on appeal. Many were beaten and subjected to psychological torture.

In 1961 hundreds of Freedom Riders were incarcerated.

But they survived with dignity, and their lives were changed forever. Their actions stirred the conscience of America, and the entire century-old legal structure of segregation came tumbling down. Bob had changed history. One person acting on his conscience is a very powerful force.

The officers who arrested him would have never done so if they knew that he was a Congressman or the Mayor of San Diego. You say, "But in 1961 he was not a Congressman or the Mayor of San Diego." And that is right. But that was what he was just a few years later, so the seeds were all there in 1961 when he was a teenager. The police did not know who they were holding …

None of us knows what we can do or what we may be called upon to do. But know this: If you want to act on the basis of your personal conscience on any matter to make the world a more peaceful place, you become a force that changes history.

This is what the United Religions Initiative and the Cooperation Circle of The Interfaith Experience are about-one person at a time; for we teach and model unconditional love and building bridges between faiths.

We know that this is likely to be hard, that the road frequently calls us uphill. But Abraham Lincoln once said, "We must not be enemies, although passion may have been strained, but it is not the case that the passion can be strained, it must not break our bonds of affection … with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, Let us strive to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds, and his widow and his orphan-to do all that can achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace between ourselves and with all nations. " (Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865)

So be it!

The symbol of peace

One of the most commonly used and used symbols in the world is "peace". In 1958, the symbol of pigeon and olive can be seen literally everywhere on t-shirts, trousers, cars, walls, and of course people wearing jewels. Symbols are used by international organizations, civil law movements, politicians, activists, rock groups, and anyone who has something to do with "peace."

The current peace signal was actually designed by a British designer against a nuclear war and later accepted nuclear disarmament and anti-war movements. The symbol crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the United States, where it was first used in civilian movements, and then in anti-war movements during the Vietnam War. It has gained a bit wider popularity, especially among young people at that time. It was a timely symbol in the era when peace was the most sought after man in the world. It is also universal in that it does not actually contain the symbol of a given religious group, and the desire for peace lies in people all over the world, irrespective of racial or religious affiliation

. it seems to have gone everywhere. The peace buttons were sold by millions. And in the fashion and jewelery industry, too. The denim jeans and the chains have become very fashionable with peaceful jewelery. Many famous jewelers started to stand up with all kinds of jewelery made of precious metals such as gold and sterling silver.

In a world where nations have thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at each other, and where many of the feared experiences have gone through the symbol of peace, regardless of whether it is painted on the wall, it is placed on blue jeans or hooked to a little girl's ears , it can serve as a message that is really necessary for mankind to survive

How can you tell if the foundation is cracked and what to do?

Cracks in the foundation are a very serious problem, which may occur in any home, any area, regardless of age at home. When a cracking is created on a home base, this is a problem that needs to be solved immediately. If not, the problem will only deteriorate. Cracking the basics can lead to additional cracks and may even lead to a collapse or partial collapse. Cracks also fill with water and both the cracking of the substrate and the inside will be contaminated with mold and mold. Therefore it is very important to thoroughly protect the base plate as soon as it can be detected.

Foundation Causes of Cracking
There are a number of problems that can lead to fundamental changes. Most often, bad construction (or neglect of the ground that the house is built up), is due to ground pressure or the ground settling. Because of too dry or too damp soil, the home may shift, which can cause cracking.

Cracks in the foundation are not always obvious, because sometimes they are internal and can not be seen anywhere in the outside of the house. There are a few ways to tell if your home base is cracked, even if you do not see it. These signs include doors, windows and cabinets that do not close properly (or are difficult to lock), cracks in the corners of walls and windows, cracks on sidewalks, gaps above the cabinets, and uneven floors.

Solution Based Cracks
If you find out that there is a crack in the foundation, the first step is to hire a structural engineer to take a look at the crack and diagnose the cause and type. Many simply want to get an entrepreneur to improve cracking, but most experts advise. As structural engineers specialize in this area, it is much safer to rent before talking to an entrepreneur. The engineer makes a 2-3-page report, carefully documenting the type of crack and the best solution. This report ensures that every entrepreneur has to adhere to it to provide the safest and most reliable repair.

Even if you do not detect any warning signs of breaking the foundation or if the signs look smaller and you are not sure if there is a crack idea, then it is a good idea for someone to evaluate their foundation if a plan is to finish or finish your cellar. As mentioned above, cracking of the base quickly urges moisture and therefore mold, so if a substrate is loaded with a base, dangerous (or even deadly) mold is developing very rapidly. This means you have to cut off the finish in the basement, have to get the mold and then re-build. It is much easier and safer to avoid the problem.

Finally, there are plenty of crack repair kits available; however, it is strongly recommended that you take the above steps and take specialists to improve the cracks for safety.

The foundation of the three foundations

The base of the shed fulfills two very important functions:

– support the sheds to remain stable,

– protect the shed against moisture on the ground.

Looking at the first point

Fortunately, a warehouse base does not have to dig deep enough like a house base. It's okay that the shed foundation moves a bit up and down. The houses are much smaller than the houses, they are rather rigid and have no plaster paint, so they are less likely to crack, and are less likely to be noticeable. This is good, as it means you do not have to dig deep enough to lay the foundations if it is at all. The purpose of is to preserve the shed base. The moisture of the wood causes decomposition and leads to rotation in the long run. Lifting from the ground allows the air to flow under the sludge and the wet dumbbell (DPC) stops the moisture in the floor rising in the floor.

Three main types of slab foundation:

– Concrete block jets

– Concrete slabs

The choice of foundation is influenced by a number of things. The cheapest and easiest construction is the tree sleeping base. This type of foundation is best suited for a venue. The sheds are held by a series of pressed woods located in the shed area.

If sheds are to be built on a sloping site, concrete blocks are useful as they can be built to accommodate sloping soil.

If you want to wash the equipment in the shed, use hot materials during welding or soldering, the concrete slab is what you are after.

My last tip, make sure that any type of repository base chooses to include a damp membrane. This prevents the soil into the moisture of the sludge tissue and begins rotating in the structural tree structure.

When buying a warehouse, the last thing you can do in your mind can be the basis. However, if you want our sheds to stay and hold, then the secret lies on the ground.

Different views of happiness and peace

Are you tired of the common madness that has dominated the world for thousands of years? In my opinion, we must first find true happiness to experience lasting peace. If we do not have personal happiness, it is usually because we are not in balance. Once the balance is restored, we have the opportunity to actually enjoy our activity, no matter how casual it is. It seems we can easily do them with grace. Happiness is immortal nectar. To nourish, we need adequate nutrition to feed on happiness. Perhaps more of us should eat and drink the light of God, the universe's primordial. The ego is the ultimate black hole. It's clear, but it does not.

For the ultimate happiness and peace of mankind, more effort is needed. Better understanding of individual responsibility and the goal of life is a prerequisite for permanent healing. To live with dignity and peace, our eyes must be open. Most people are craving for peace. What many do not fully understand is that true peace is a higher state of consciousness that requires internal knowledge and active application. Real peace is a state of consciousness that is born in a higher plane than physical.

The same is true of happiness. True happiness belongs to a sphere that goes beyond the physical body, the heart, or the meaning. The peace and happiness that the world seeks is within it. To be re-discovered. At the spiritual level, peace and happiness are one. They can not exist. You can not be happy happily, and the world can not be happy if something is stable and immutable. All of us must strive to rule over the lower nature, and with the effort to make visible the invisible light of divine nature. As our higher nature is firmly grounded, peace and happiness are what we want.

It attaches too much importance to intellectual activities and technical achievements. The focus will not do anything in peace or world peace. If we look deep enough, we realize that search is always the pursuit of God's Light. Nobody is honestly happy if the field of vision is too tight. If you want constant peace and happiness, it is time to open and bring the whole world to its realm. Unconditional love makes this possible.

Happiness is the gift of the heart, not the intellect. Happiness and peace are never a matter of chance or of luck. They depend. The state of mind must be cultivated. It's huge and infinite, not short and limited as pleasure. Everyone wants happiness, but they do not know how to do it. True happiness requires great work, power, and the development of discrimination. It also requires that you love yourself. Happiness is in the effort.

Most people are worried about the money. If you want happiness, you need not only the money but the spiritual light. If you love the Light of God, it means that you already have spiritual gold. You have rich qualities and virtues that you can share with others. Abundance, riches and order must be first. The only thing that gives a constant hope is that peace and happiness are first-handed to the Light of God. Ask to be aware of the Light. Ask what you are doing and your physical body fuses with the Light.

When you are open to the Light of God, we learn to maintain a balanced state of mind, regardless of how tired, determined or sad you are or the temporary misfortune. We are wise when we do not allow the external effects to interrupt our faith. The beginning of liberation and happiness when we understand that turning to the inner world is the answer to the permanent stability of the outside world. The wickedness of the world is temporary; a good lie for all eternity.

True happiness and peace pay attention to the good and the beautiful. It is a state of mind and heart condition, sensitivity to all that are divine. As we progressively evolve in our spiritual understanding, the two main weapons used against darkness are love and light. Together, make conscious efforts in the awakening state of mind. Enhanced awareness allows you to leave the world of destiny and enter the world of grace.

It is very important to understand that lasting results are obvious when we work for everyone. I firmly believe in experiencing the peace and happiness we desire when we remember that we do anything that we do by adding a spiritual element. As the inner power feels, we do not have a stop. Join and separate the separation and the wall of darkness. Moving from a materialistic worldview to a heightened spiritual view can do it. We look very hard and make the necessary personal changes increase the chances of peace on earth and the goodwill of everyone.

The road that leads to peace and tranquility

It is for us that many go beyond the path leading to peace and tranquility. Because of the way that many religions teach their products, most people tend to have a strange image of God. Some see Him as an old, genius-looking man. Others see him as a young man with a brown skin, while others are still considered male-female energy. No matter what your personal preference, they would all be right.

Everywhere you find the signs of God everywhere in the most volatile times; but then you exclude them as you stuck in your own way. The more you leave yourself in daily life by stress, the less likely you have to hear what they say to you. This creates a restriction that could not be done. Life is not loved, the words are in real sense, another way of limiting you. In the wild, the human race was created to be a social and caring entity. While we understand that some of them might not know your emptiness unknowingly, it is vital for you to make yourself into the opportunities you love. What fears do they hold back? Are they coming from their own negative chatting? Is this because you are afraid to move forward because of financial problems? Are you afraid to be happy, especially if you have not felt that your life has given this emotion? Does it allow others to continue their journey to improper life, thereby causing their own unhappiness? Do you have time when you assume nobody cares about you for some physical or emotional problem?

Let go of these thoughts and concepts! Grab yourself. For those who are in solid and united partnership, they are more happy and sharing with love. Nobody feels uncomfortable in being grateful to you for having a special love. The same thing happens if you have a love and a donating family and friends. They are the ones who want the pleasure of being told to make the changes that are cruel. Let people or people who make a difference with you know how important they are. Free up your soul. Let your concerns be in the possession of angels. Allow yourself to power to escape the only thing that keeps you captive. Why not challenge yourself by getting to those who want to love you and those who love to love you? Reach the heavens because it is the place of almighty love and respect. Like the eagle who rises above his home, let yourself be absorbed by the breathtaking beauty of himself and his soul. This is the journey leading to personal and spiritual completion. Live your life indefinitely; the deserved wealth and completeness. Each one of you can allow the penetrating and protective love of God to enter you and stay deep in the cells of your being. Let those who love to share it. These are the words of the Spirit.

Water blessings – Exercising world peace

More and more people all over the world have become convinced that they are all powerful. All of us have the ability to create the life span we choose. It's not about controlling others but the choice and experience of peace, love, joy, and prosperity in our own personal lives. Like all experiences, as more and more people are acquainted and practiced in their lives, joyful awareness moves to others. In such an atmosphere, the concept of world peace is an idea whose time has come.

The world peace exercise presented in this article was created by the author on November 7, 2005 with a sudden inspiration. As it became public, it started sponsors from around the world. It's all right for us. The world peace to live in peace requires enough to resonate with world peace. This is a wonderful start! I am very pleased to present you the World Peace Exercise.

  1. Put a glass of glass or a jug of water, preferably with rain or bottled water
  2. Write on a large piece of paper on World Peace – you can look at the sacred geometry (using the star of David – two top triangles upside down)
  3. Place the underlay on the altar – then on top
  4. Every day – meditate for a few minutes, then put your hand around the water can and get affectionate on the globe
  5. After doing this, pour a glass of water and drink it
  6. Please note that you put your own expressions into the water, personal peace is the beginning of world peace.

a long time ago. Water, like glass and quartz, is wonderful for the vibration. Dr. Masaru Emoto has recently worked extensively on studying and even photographed the effects of different intentions on water. He showed that all that has to be said is that "water takes a picture or words from day to day and water changes literally." Dr. Emoto travels on his lectures on the world about his findings.

It's worth trying this practice for two weeks to look at your own impact on your life.