Peace, Love and Happiness – Seven Steps To Learn More This Season

From Christmas to the solstice, winter holidays serve the celebration of light and hope; love and joy. At this time, increasing wars and declining jobs sometimes celebrating positive emotions are also more challenging. Here are seven steps to more peace of love and happiness in the holiday season, no matter what circumstances.

1) Silent Mind Begins

Peace, Love and Happiness are soul states. When we all recall our work or problems, there is no place in happiness in happiness, so we need to keep silence in mind to leave love and happiness alone. There are many techniques from deep breathing to meditation, directed images and progressive muscle relaxation. They all work and everyone works better in practice.

2) Accept Your Position

Accepting our present situation does not mean that we must accept or agree that it is good or right, we are simply there. We are today and we and where we are today and I have no time to change it. Once we accept the current circumstances, we can begin to focus on the improvement.

3) Forgive Your Enemies

Like accepting a situation, forgiveness is not the same as approval. Sometimes forgiveness is just the recognition that hatred and anger are more than injured. Sometimes it's only a temporary weapon delivery or something else to focus on. Often when we stop discouraging, we allow the possibility of improving.

4) Focusing on what you want

This works best if we can not point out material things but values, but the directors work in both directions. Our brain responds to a good day, just like the real one. We can often start material and move to more abstract values ​​by concentrating on how we feel. For example, we want to be an expensive red sports car because it makes me feel huge, respected, sexy, attractive and loved. What we really want to feel is and we love it.

5) Identify what it is

Often, when we become clear about what we want, it's easier to see where it is. For example, if you want to love and love a car, sometimes we can see where there is someone in our lives who loves us and appreciates us. Perhaps we can see relationships that have given us dissatisfaction with only a little improvement.

6) We value what

When we value people and things that are already in our lives, we begin to develop gratitude. Many recent studies have shown that gratification is often the source of happiness. To love and support gratitude.

7) Share the Best with Others

We can best share what we simply expressed thanks and thanks. Compliment and thanks can offer others too. The love and happiness we often sell is getting stronger.

As you do this seven steps in your life, love and happiness in peace must be increased in your life.

The law of inner peace, happiness and attraction

You can maintain inner peace and you can live your life with happiness if you help your thinking with the power of meditation to focus on these thoughts. This requires much patience and endurance, but this ability is essential to cleaning your mind or destructive thoughts while concentrating on constructive thoughts. Devastating thoughts are thoughts that pass through your mind and come to a negative state that protects happiness and inner peace.

The first ability you have to learn to cushion these devastating thoughts. Identifying the negative thought pattern by keeping the diary and by paying attention to all the thoughts that go through your mind and describe the thoughts that put you in a good mood and the thoughts that are not a very good mood. Now that you have written all these thoughts that pass through your mind, you focus only on constructive thoughts and your emotional reactions are internal peace. Look at this list when you wake up in the morning and retire at night.

The way to keep the inner peace and your happy life is so that you focus your thoughts on something that will smile when you are in a situation where you are facing negative emotions. Rely on constructive thoughts to calm down or meditate to be able to focus. Make a positive mind, no matter how bad it is, because that's the only way to be happy. Start with what you have and learn the art of satisfaction. Work creatively and make full use of your talents because you are sure to be happy, the satisfaction you've made the best you can.

Watch out for the little things because these little things that ruin your happiness and try to make others happy because the more people you are happy for, the happier vibration you will respond to the vibration and give you the opportunities and the reasons to be happy. Practice sympathy, because it makes you and other people happy. They may not help others from compassion in the beginning, but your compassion will grow and the law you attract will see more of these things in your life.

Happiness and Peace

first Happiness is mainly concerned with the material world. Non-material happiness is there too. This can be called physical happiness. We call it sexual happiness. Sincere love makes the person happy too.

2nd Happiness can cause many problems, such as physical integrity, stress, and so on. If a person has nothing to eat, he will be unhappy. The moment he gets enough food, he will be happy for hunger. Thus, the list of desires increases the item-wise requirements one by one. So happiness is infinite. Someone loves to eat more and becomes happy after fulfilling his long delicious desire for delicious meals.

So we can see what diseases begin with the unlimited meal. Likewise, somebody wants money at any cost – legally or illegally. Then there are problems of illegal money or property concealment. And there is the problem of how to spend illegal money or fortune to get happiness.

The income tax tax may have another problem with the Ministry of Taxation. Illegal money from bribes also invokes stress. How can detection be avoided? This is a logical concern. What can one discover?

These problems are damaging to a normal peaceful life. So happiness can result in many bad side effects such as depression, restlessness, stress, and so on.

3rd Peace is different than happiness. In a simple life we ​​can confuse happiness with peace. Peace is only possible if stress is not so much. Finally, if one feeds on material and physical (gender) satisfaction, peace can be knocking on him as a new and last call. That is why sometimes an old man sighs with a sigh and asks the people around him if he dies in peace.

4th So we must strive for peace in our lives, not happiness.

5th Happiness is the natural process of every living being. Everyone must come to his life, from a natural necessity, from one body to all kinds of life – animals and human beings.

6th However, peace must be obtained through certain mental practices needed to maintain physical education with physical exercises. It can be developed through a process aimed at building a mentality towards thinking or targeting peace.

7th Peace is also gained through meditation, an ancient practice from India to achieve peace. And this practice is now universally accepted, and scientifically.

Find Peace with EFT: Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to feel right

I know I want to feel in peace. Right? Mahatma Gandhi said, "Everyone has to find peace inside, and peace to be true does not affect external circumstances." Today is this wonderful goal. Mahatma Gandhi also said: "We need to change what we want to see". I was encouraged to ask myself what I can do to be in peace with myself. One is creating the inner peace of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT is a "tactile" technique that balances the body's energy system, thereby reducing or eliminating emotional and / or physical problems. I am wary of anxiety, stress, painful memories, and ineffective beliefs. When I did this, I felt calm and calm.

When I am in the state of inner peace, events around me do not have a negative impact. If so, I use EFT again to return to the state of peace. Consequently, external conditions rarely affect. When I am in peace with me, I release peace. They created peace in the world. Let me give you an example.

I live in Oaxaca, Mexico, where in 2006 there was a political conflict for about 8 months. I lived in the middle of the conflict. He felt it felt everywhere. At this time, I learned that the greatest gift of the resolution was to remain in peace. It was a real test of staying in peace if the external circumstances were not peaceful. When I did, I could talk to my friends, clients and strangers in the inner peace. People have always noticed and many people have remarked that they only talk to me to feel better in peace. At this moment I actually created more peace in the world. It was a great honor.

I asked myself what I can do to help find this inner peace. Since I am an EFT expert, I have decided to create an EFT script and voice for peace. This is my gift to you. You can get the copy in English or Spanish by clicking the link below to my site, viewing and / or downloading it by right-clicking on most browsers. Click the Find the Light Within button to enter your site. Click on the English version of the EFT Scripts / Audios icon, then click Escritos / Audios de EFT for Spanish.

The script briefly describes the EFT technique, and you can read the peace script. The sound allows me to touch my voice.

You can use the EFT scenario and sound for peace whenever you feel stressful or anxious and want to feel in peace. Share with your family, friends, and friends. Break the peace by creating all of us and then sharing the peace. It can only become stronger and deeper.

Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace!

"But anyone who listens to me will live safely and be calm without harm" (Proverbs 1:33).

We can and will have peace that the world can not ("I give Peace to You …" [John 14:27]). The surface of the ocean may be a hurricane, but below it it will be calm. "[Jesus] rebuked the wind and said to the waves:" Quiet, be calm! "Then the wind died and was completely restful" (Mark 4:39). It also cushions the storm of our lives. Remember, "The battle is the Lord …" (1 Samuel 17:47). Not for us to always argue about our rights. What kind of calm is he aware of knowing all the hearts of God? Jesus reacted with silent dignity to the abominable and deadly accusations of his enemies. Before holding unjust accusations, he simply kept his peace and gives us the same power and peace to our lives.

"Remember that Satan is cunning, not wise, knows our weaknesses, and how it works: the convulsions shake the solid ground, the two skies are surrendered to themselves, but the world is wrecked in the midst of the believer as the most peaceful hour of rest If God can not save his people under heaven, he will save them in heaven when they hear the words of war and the rumors of wars. Fear of wickedness, rest in his loyalty, and turn to the darkest future because there is nothing terrible to us. " there must be a single concern to show the world the blessing of hearing in the voice of wisdom "(Anonymous)

Test the Spiritual Ratio – The Reality of Happiness

In the spiritual sense, one understands the consciousness of reality that goes beyond the physical self and forms the core of physical beings. A soulmate comes to the root causes or sources of all material reality that is not visible or felt.

Every living reality consists of the body and soul or the spark of the ghost. While the bodies are distinct and variable every moment, the soul is eternal and the same. Thus, the soul of a soul man continues to live and live in peace and happiness, while the idea of ​​a financial person is turbulent, experiencing experience and pain.

Everyone is born spiritually as Jesus said, "Man does not live alone with bread." No man can be happy if he just enjoys the body like other animals He needs to satisfy his soul to live Happiness and pleasure in man's life only results from the satisfaction of the body and the soul.While the satisfaction of the body is temporary, as it lasts only for a while, the soul's satisfaction is lasting, which brings ever joy and joy into the life of one's soul.Thus spirituality is the true sign of happiness of man (IQ) is widely used by universities to select students for postgraduate education.Tests like GRE or SAT measure the intelligence of a student IQ is an important criterion for selecting corporate employees as they learn from their experience s that people with a high IQ have a better ability to solve problems.

Many studies have found that people of high IQ value more

Yet there is no guarantee that high IQ people should be happier in their lives than less intelligent people since happiness comes from within and not depends on man's financial success. this world

Happiness does not depend on the IQ, but depends only on the spiritual ratio (SQ).

The Spiritual Part

Like Happiness. This is because while the person's body and mind are visible or measurable, the soul can not be measured by any means.

However, everybody knows the spirit that drives their thoughts, faiths and emotions. So you can be sure you are aware of the truth of your soul.

Spirituality can not be measured by man's actions. Every day they go to church or church, without believing in God. There is no way to measure beliefs, truths, and love. Man can also deceive the world by acting against words and words of speech with his thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, you must be absolutely honest about the SQ Test questions if you are for the Self and not for others.

Do not forget that you can stigmatize every person in the world, but you can never do it yourself.

So honest while measuring your own SQ as a high SQ signal is a lasting happiness. The high SQ signal lies in the test itself, which can always be used to increase SQ and achieve more happiness in life.

Really answer the following questions [19659002] There are five answers to each question. Selected responses and indications are as follows

first Totally true (10 points)

2. Very True (8 points)

3. Partially true (6 points)

4. Probably true (4 points)

5. Rarely true (2 points)

6. Not True (0 points)

Q1: I believe God is the One. [2] I believe that God forms and is present in all beings. [3] Q3: I love people and have sympathy for all living things.

Q4. : I'm looking for a comfortable life and I do not like to gather wealth

Q5: I'm happy to be myself and not looking for power.

Q6: I Care for My Parents and the Elders

Q7: I Look For Everything and Do not Like Violence

Q8: I Always Say Truth

Q9: I love my spouse and I do not want to follow adultery. [Q10:IalwaysworkwithpeopleIlikehowmanytimesIgototheage

Add all the points and the spiritual quotient. The higher your score, the more spiritual you are in your life, and the more you have your happiness and joy in life.

In order to know how spirituality is measured in these questions, we need to understand the essence of spirituality. The ten questions to measure SQ are not really different, but the same tree as a spiritual man , can be felt in the same way as in the whole universe

Detailed analysis of the questions reveals that all of them come from the same spirit, which is essential and eternal, as explained by the following command.

(I) God One

Everything in religion gives a different name to God. God is known in different religions, such as Yahweh, Christ, Allah, Krsna, Ram, Shiva, Buddha, Mother and so on. Non-religious personality is also called the Supreme, Energy, Spirit, and Love. Each scripture gives another name and description to God. Thus, for an ordinary person, every religion differs and every god is different.

But the spiritual man knows that all are the same God, since there can be no more gods on the basis of the person's faith. (II) God Almighty Spirit

Most people in some form understand God. Some people worship God's idols in their church or temple. Others consider God's words sacred. However, one who sees God in idols or forms can never be spiritual, since two idols can not be the same. The typical Hindu temple is inhabited by more gods or goddesses than Krishna, Rama, Kali, Shiva, and so on. Even Christianity believes in the Trinity of God, that is, the Father God, the Son God (Christ) and the Holy Spirit. Judaism and Islam believe in the Unity of God. Yet there are great differences in the description of God. So it is not easy to understand God as One, unless we use intuition and imagination. If God is one, he can never be described with words and forms for the simple reason that they all represent a definite concept of divinity that is limited and God is eternal and ubiquitous. It must be a soul or energy that is present in every creation. The spiritual person, therefore, sees the same God in every man regardless of his religion, kind or nationality, thanks to his presence. A spiritual man in God sees everything involved himself. So everybody automatically becomes my extension. So everybody loves me like me. However, a financial person sees a different religion than others, a different nation or a different species of others. Therefore, you never love others like me. Every difference leads to hatred as two people can not think the same or do the same things. So you can easily get to know the level of your psychic development just by observing how many people love.

If one can love each one, including his enemies, he is truly a spiritual person. Wealth While most people are eager to acquire as much wealth as they can and to live or to enjoy comfort and luxury, the spiritual person sees only the means by which he can reach God. To live without eating, to live. If you meet your basic needs, you do not want to collect wealth. At one time, it can not be materialistic and spiritual.

The seeker of God does not go after riches.

The concept of individual power is quite contrary to the spiritual world. It's good to say that power is going to ruin and the absolute power is completely lost. Individual power always challenges the power of God. The universe is perfect in itself, as God creates, it must be perfect. However, because of our limitation of knowledge, the world is often imperfect and we try to make it perfect by using force. Most of us have limited power; so we only use it in our family or dependents. Yet, with greater power, it is against many people. From experience, however, it seems that all efforts to change the world with power have finally failed because unlimitedly only the Truth or God conquers it.

(VI) Respect for Parents

This is the world of the parents' flesh and blood. Parents play the most important role in raising the child and are on their own feet. However, when parents are weak and need their children's support, children are often deprived of their children. It is not for the financial person to give back their parents kindness, as parents can never return to their benefit. Nevertheless, the spiritual man always respects his parents as their existence has come to them. He is duty-bound to feed the source that created them first.

Respect for parents is a sign of gratitude and humility. Those who are not grateful to their parents can not be grateful to God or Creator. (VII) Non-Violence

Violence is the simplest method of achieving results. The "eye for eye" policy is as old as civilization itself. Violence, however, always leads to violence. The root cause of the violence is that the separation is felt with the others. If anyone feels that everyone comes from the same spirit and the same God, he can never live with violence not only in deeds but also in thoughts. You can never use violence against yourself, even though you have done badly. You can always find some reason and some kind of proof for all your actions. Truth is God Truth is the most important character of the spiritual man, for Truth is one manifestation to God. God, as the Truth, is eternal and ubiquitous. While the materialist people are always driven by the desire to accumulate wealth and change the life cycle of the flow of the flow, the soul can never deviate from the truth in the world. Truth is always in harmony with God, and truth creates faith and trust. Adultery Sensual

The wish of a spouse or other riches is a sure disappearance, a person's senses and body. Adultery is unacceptable to a spiritual person, for the sake of sensual pleasure she cheated on the spouse. For the soul man, nothing is as important as the partner's faith and trust. You can not believe in God if you do not believe in your spouse.

(X) The Golden Rule

The most natural treatment of others, the action of all spiritual people, as they do not differentiate themselves and others. Even if they want to, they can not handle other than their own. Spiritual Happiness

Spirituality is often associated with other worldliness. Nothing can be any further from the truth. A spiritual person goes beyond the body and discovers the true power of the body. Thus, he clearly understands the cause and effect of the world as any scientist. As a scientist can prevent accidents by predicting weather and cyclones, a spiritual man avoids pain and misery by better understanding the world. He gains the trust and faith of the people through his selfless service and trusts him. Thus, the spiritual quotient of a person measures the spirituality or non-material nature of a person that truly reflects the divisions of his happiness and joy

Peace of God

The teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ of inner peace are very few, and only those who are truly attached to God can live

And God goes to the extreme to teach us peace because peace in another sense and brings us into a different status in our relationship with God.

The thing is to say that peace is not something we can look for, or learn from any particular strenuous practice, because this peace is not from man, neither from the environment nor from within, but from God himself. Thus, the only way to find this peace is by truly being very close to God, walking obedient and obeying His Word, a prayerful life and a commitment to respect and holiness. [Philippe 4: 6-7] For us: do not worry about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition, thanksgiving, show your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which perishes all understanding, keeps your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

And in this section, God tries to tell us anxiety and inner confusion, and at the same time gives us a formula that opens the flow to the rivers of living water that cleanses our souls from the turmoil and concern and will catch us Understanding and Sacred Grail in Peaceful Life, Inner Peace

Helen Keller once said, "I do not want the peace that passes the understanding, I want the understanding that brings peace." And the fools would be the ones that would fulfill the most desirable feelings, the inner peace of mind, and they did not exercise that understanding for this peace. And yet there are many fools who know how to get it and not.

God has given us material material to name a few: Isaiah 26: 3; You stay in perfect peace, whose soul is solid because it trusts you. And in John 14:27, Jesus tells us to leave you peace; I will give you peace. I will not give you as the world gives you. Do not let your hearts worry and do not be afraid

And in this verse we can tell you that Jesus himself gives us peace; the world has come up with so many ways that offer peace to the people, and the more we seek, the more we discover that these are fictitious and wicked attempts for real scams. The world offers instant spots that only lead to accumulated pain, as instant corrections like an analgesic, for a moment hide the symptoms so we do not see the problems.

So there are university graduates, specialists, scientists and doctors who give advice or offer therapies or palliative tablets that will feel good for a few hours and repeat the cycle again and again without real solutions to the to inner pain [Jézus] 14: 1 "Do not let your heart be restless, trust in God, trust in me also."

What are the reasons that cause us worry or concern or despair? We could write a long list of thousands of reasons that steal peace, but they usually summarize some of them. The affliction that leads us to the pursuit of money and things can never satisfy us, our inner desires become slaves of plastic or plastic or metal or chemical made of plastic or paper, and in any case, after reaching the object of our desire, we can not peace because a new type or a new model, or a new design or a larger size, is available that leads us to another passion.

Desire, the flesh of others, and frustrates our lives, our marriage, our self-esteem, we fall into the pit of immorality. start a thought that, if it does not hang out, will act and before we know our body is immersed in a salty bathing pool that is never satisfied and many lead to abominable practices that are God's smelly; because the temple of God is transformed into the temple of torment and evil.

In many circumstances, circumstances beyond its external orientation steal inner peace as illness or unemployment, arrhythmia or sorrow. At the same time, these cases are inevitably stressful, and worries and worries can lead to the warts of depression or anxiety, which in turn will cause our body and mind to fail, exacerbate the conditions and make us rot.

God's direction is clear in all such circumstances, because if we learn to trust him and if we are able to stand upon him and call upon his merciful hand to heal us, he will restore it and give us peace

If my people, my name is called, humble, pray, and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, then I hear from heaven, I forgive their sins, and they heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

However, I must insist that only obedience and willingness to obey the humble God to adhere to his rules, only following our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings, we can achieve this coveted inner peace and I challenge, to rest in the Lord to let Him guide you to sincerely pray and learn and practice His teachings and find peace.

Now is the hope of God, that you are rich in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. Rom 15:13

Sign. Jose A. Luna

Servant of Jesus Christ

Stress Management – Personal Peace Plan

What's the opposite of stress? In 1964, personal peace, from a perspective, is a dynamic, vital, yet balanced state that is radically opposed to stressors. My approach to stress management is not so much about restricting stress factors than changing the response from them outward.

You can set and reach the goal of moving to step-by-step through personal intent by using intent, plus some perspective change and simple lifestyle changes.

One of the stress, worry, anxiety and frustration for one's personal lifestyle, for personal peace, tranquility and balance, requires three things: Strong desire for radical change You have to make peace and rest assured that you are willing or otherwise do something, over and over again.

Your commitment to change your thinking and some of the key actions that you identify. New strategies need to be put into practice. Thinking or talking about change is not a commitment. The action reflects its commitment. Persistence, is not perfection while taking little steps for new personal peace. Returning to the focus and doing it again and again, the baby's steps, whether advanced, will get the most out of it, and faster than trying a huge, radical change overnight. It is very surprising how fast, small steps are regularly linked to the transformation.

When you're ready to transform for personal peace, here's a practical ten-step plan.

1. Learn to love and accept yourself just as you are. This can mean healing of emotional wounds in childhood or just giving you permission to not be perfect! Initially with clear intention and consistently begins with love and acceptance. What is the most beloved thing you can do now? (This may include professional help for solving old problems.) 2. Learn to accept what is going on around you with any neutral attitude. Acceptance does not mean that you like it. That means you're watching, watching, let it be. You will not waste energy, and not in things you can not change.

(With the first two steps you can still work to improve yourself, work on external situation changes, negotiate better deals, etc.). You will not emphasize and traumatize the process.)

3. Learn to choose the positive at hundreds of ordinary moments. Find the Good Everything. Think and speak in positive language. It's a powerful stress eraser and a good place to start some small steps. Take yourself to see and talk in places, praise yourself and continue this positive outlook.

4. Learn to Use Every Experience for Learning, Growth, and Raising Consciousness. When you find "aha" in a challenging situation, most of the stress will automatically dissolve.

5. Discover your purpose in life. Warning: You already do this, but you just do not recognize it yet. Look at your relationship with yourself and others to reach out to the goal of your life.

6. Laughter yourself every day! Laughter is a great balancing and healing to the moment.

7. Set your priorities and take action to reach them Move the other wish lists to the back burner of life. Whatever you do, whatever you want, you can not really "do everything" or "do everything" in a human life. So pick up the ten goals that are most affecting you and you really work on that pair. This step alone helps you make your decisions so clear and light that a lot of stress evaporates.

8. Simpler and Simplify Your Life – Pure things, activities, and people that are not in line with your priorities. It frees enormous energy for the peaceful achievement of the heart's desires.

9. Take time for physical self-reliance. Yes, that means training, good nutrition, plenty of drinking water and – Yikes! – probably more sleep!

10. Provide regular time for quiet reflection to stay connected with your inner self, adjust your goals and strategies as needed.

You may have read this list and thought, "Did not you mention that stress is at all opposed to what business is?" Well. It is not in the life of personal peace that they are struggling with a lot of things. It's about becoming a peaceful, purposeful person.

When you deliberately move, you prioritize, love, accept, and take care of yourself, and respond in moments to situations that you encounter, you do not have to struggle with stress.

There are still stressful, disturbing or frustrating situations. Life is assured enough to guarantee them. But instead of fighting, you can simply meet in every situation, you can handle it the best way you know the moment and move on.

It's like in movies when a Chuck Norris type comes in and the opponent falls on his face because there is no opposition. Stress can not be fatigued and does not require dozens of stress management techniques if you truly accept what's and move positively for your goals.

What is Word 2018?

A few weeks ago, one of my teachers asked me what my age was about, and to be honest, I had trouble with her. I kept thinking slowly. Slowing things down. Real melody I said yes or no. He did not really feel it. She asked me how I felt the word slowly. Bingo! That was the missing link. The feeling I slow down is the inner peace. And so inner peace is my word – my fearsome page secretly loves being really two words because who created the rule that it should be absolutely different?

So, my dedication to myself is to have more inner peace in 2018. We have continued to think of what thoughts, words, actions, and habits I need to create more of this feeling.

This is what I came with and I share this with you because I think it will help you to create yours

I have to say that this process first involves the view that draws inner peace. Then I created the following:

1. I just say yes to projects and social activities (I like fun, but sometimes I have a price) that are in line with my values. Understanding the 5 most important values ​​is key here and their ranking will also help. It is also easy to log on every week. Knowingly aware of the moment you make your decisions is the ideal goal, and in the meantime, every week, objectively backward, to get the measuring tool how you did it will help. I'm not saying about projects and activities that do not respect my soul. It is similar to (1) but it is about not,. This means that we must continue to work so that I can not say anything. I've been working on this for years and still look up. I find the more balanced the self-sufficiency, the more it is a problem.

3rd I did not tell myself! My ego wants me to pick up every moment of the day and just do not serve me. And not with the self-help activities that I could pick up. More about the never-ending "do" list.

4th Involve an extra self-care activity for a day that is beyond my morning's success story and exercises. This in itself has made a difference.

5th Get more help. I also supported my business team and home support. Now I keep checking if anyone can do anything else I do, and then transfer it if they can! This life takes a village!

6th Meditating with the kids at night. This is done more diligently, and they also create a much more peaceful environment in the evening.

7th Let me cut a big break and lose judgment! Insert a lifelong lesson. When I listen to my self, I tend to be very black and white and especially tough to myself. This is about letting my rules go away when I feel like 1. Sometimes I'm excluded outside the "values" bar, and that's okay. It's designed for a system, but sometimes I want to get a little crazy sometimes and a bit. Last but not least, and most certainly the most important thing, every day in my heart. You are really listening at every moment about what is the best action (or not action) and staying true to it. Our hearts and souls are wise, and we know there is a need for every step of the way.

Some of these are tangible and easy to control according to habits, and something more difficult. Tangible action steps help the immaterials to roll better. The moment you learn to "let go" and our integration into our hearts is super-powerful, and both are measurable over the past week and / or month to see how we did it and how to fix it. We are all curiosity and not intellect.


Chris xo