Peace or move

Be Peace on Earth and let me go with me,

Be peace on earth, the peace that is intended.

With God as our Father, Brothers We Are All,

Let me go with my brother in perfect harmony.

Let me peace with me, let this be the moment.

Every step I take, let this be my solemn vow.

Every moment to seize and live forever in every moment of peace.

Have peace on earth and let me go with me.

Sooner or later, human beings will decide on this beautiful blue and green planet that peace is at the same time a function of a human mind. Whether God is your Father, Allah, Jesus, or Buddha, the human mind, in turn, in agreement, must change for good and cooperate with a deer, knowing that if religion does not reveal then quantum physics can. We are all the same and all are divided into the same thing. All the atoms of the body spent the planet in all other forms of life and humankind, and today they penetrate some of the same as leaders in the world and the poorest of the poor even a few weeks or a year ago.

All the atoms that make up our bodies are born in the firing of stars, and physically today our bodies are not made up of material seven years ago. The skin is every thirty days new. Your blood is new every three months. Your organs are new every year, and all you have to do is to keep ourselves as the new one can replace the old ones. Be nice if a bad liver disappears in a year, but the form of wickedness remains and replaces the bad. If this is good, it will replace goodness and health. Obviously and literally, on this planet, all of us sharing one and the same, borders, tongues and religion, but not all of them are one and the same thing.

Peace begins in all hearts and souls, and not something you demand from others before you demand it. Everyone … look at me! You look at me? Put the fucking weapons down. Look at your face as "your enemies". Look at their kids. Look at wives, partners, and relatives. Listen to their hopes and dreams and see how they cry like you when shit sucks your fans, which you might be carrying.

If I have to figure out that we are actually human, I say that pure awareness is in a limited five-sensed carbon-based garments that is a way of real "self", see "what is reality. how to see and see many frequencies, hear and experience, so we need to understand that we do not see what we see. Sometimes I remember myself when I started to have a clear conscious awareness of this experience and looked through this eye to work there that is not really there when you understand.Everything that looks out there is a frequency interpreting film that goes through one or all of the five senses.You are in your head and it seems to be there.Or like a man he said, and he can think a lot, "whatever the tree is, it is not green." Green is the color, the frequency of reflective light works for our brain, it became an electrical signal and passed through the retina into the brain. Frequencies are like making movies into theater, playing them, and giving the sample what is there. Although the game is here. Cool hm?

Do not forget the question of a tree falling in the woods and nobody's hearing it. I thought this was a joke like a kid, but the answer is no, it does not sound. This causes frequency waves. The sound only occurs when the waves penetrate the ears of the sensuous animals, and from waves to electrical signals, which is heard as a sound. All this is in the head. The world before it reaches our ears is silent. The world before it reaches our eyes is indefinite without color or shape. And because what we call touch is actually the resistance that our fingers feel to the things touched in our fingers, we never touch anything. The feel of touch is touching the force. You and I have never "touched" something in our lives. We felt the pressure not to touch them. Like the two positive ends of the magnet. We feel the force and the "touch" but do not touch unless they are forced and even if they literally do not touch. Perhaps if we really touched it, we exploded at the atomic level about the thing we touched.

The fact that we are actually all of us are the same thing. It has nothing to do with religion where it grew up on the planet or the hatred that you and I learned for those who are not like us. After people can understand, we are all the same, there are only very few differences between the melanin level and some small DNA switches to the differences between the outer forms, maybe we can move forward.

Recognizing that we are all one or the same part, we can put an end to the tension we all experience on the planet. Leaders could stop demons, smell and scare hell out of us if they first knew this. Perhaps it is a good thing to talk about straightness before talking about one side, either from the other side or the other side destroying them. If all people share 99.6% of a chimpanzee's DNA, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Pagans, Hi and Suns may be just a little closer to each other. Maybe we do not suspect in some cases. I suspect that the Middle Eastern desolation is a pure family that came close to her close relatives. They are all one … ONE! Put on the rogue weapons, knives, RPGs, bombs, and contradictory religious memes, and look at each other's face. We are all one of you, NOT ONE TO YOU. Jerk!

We would learn this lesson in one way or another. We can "accomplish" through intelligent leadership, which means that most of the planet's leaders should abandon and substitute teachers instead of those who think they know everything and can turn everything into personal benefits. This does not mean that "my god can kick the donkey of God". The whole Old Testament is a jealous God story that obeys everyone's obedience to obedience, and the New Testament for Christians is the story of the kind, gentler Son of the Kick ass, which encourages people to turn the other face. Somewhere along the line, one god noticed that all of us and some of them were the same. The gods are evolving in human understanding.

We need peace. Peace between peoples and peoples peace, so that everyone can prosper. We need sympathy, and those who are unable to do so with others will simply have to consider the duration of their influence. Come to work and honestly estimate your millions and then use some to really help the rest of ONE that are related to you know or not.

Religious leaders of fat women need to get out of our bunker and introduce their "knowledge" to the line. Do not walk around among your friends who promise blessing and blessing to choirs. Become among your enemies and learn from them. Do not tell them what you think. Ask them what they think, then share their opinions and remind each other of what's "everything". Do not buy a gun or use bodyguards. Believe in the message of positive awareness. If you die, you get someone who does not poke the crowds and communicate better. Or, if you really worry, you can send someone who has not been so miserable with the past and enjoys the ability to teach reconciliation, where obviously only the pot can be mixed with Jesus, YHVH, or Allah.

We're all human. Directly to the atoms in our bodies that were shared with stars, dinosaurs, Neanderthals and Princess Welsh. I'm glad to say that the evil axis and the leader's atoms of the organization confuse and share one, so the mentality of "us vs. theirs" is false. We are and you are.

I know that if ever there is peace on earth then you really have to start with me and us and with them. Not really different. The only part of the universe that gave the limited, five perceived coal-based toaletted consciousness was given the chance to learn everything and move toward things that are common to all and not to the chosen people. Add a few hundred more modes to your eyesight than now and remove the filters we've installed so we do not see what we do not want to see and experience enough.

Peace That Outperforms Understanding

Peaceful waters and green meadows of Psalm 23 serve as a graphic illustration of Jesus' peace. The shepherd provided all the needs of the sheep. He brought them to a place where they grew up in the green grass and drank in the cool waters of a quiet river. He provided protection from wild animals.

The shepherds would look for a place where they would be protected for the night. It would look for natural looks, such as large rocks on three sides of the narrow gates. She would lie down at the entrance, if the beasts attacked the sheep, she would be above her dead body.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. It satisfies every need. He promised to be with us always and to secure our needs (MT 6:33). As he commanded the storm to stay (MK 4:39), he calms the storms in our lives.

We are in serious trouble when we become part of the guilty of the world. He warns us and does a good job for us to do, it will please the Father (EPH 2:10).

We can solve the difficulties of life. We can keep busy schedules and survive the hard knock of life. Stress, nervous tensions, health, financial, and other concerns worry our hearts. It is the sin that begins because we are weak and can not help that repels us.

The Good Shepherd says, "Take heed, your sins are forgiven" (MT 9: 2). He forgives our sins when we are in the light (1Jo 1: 7). Paul gives us advice: "Do not be angry for anything, but in prayer and thanksgiving in all things, thanksgiving, show your requests to God, and all the peace of God that goes beyond all understanding keeps your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" (Php 4: 4 -7). Jesus said, "Who can you add to your life for one hour of your worries? Because you can not do this very small thing, why are you worried about the others (LK12: 25-26)?"

Peace of God preserves our hearts and minds if we put our full trust in Jesus Christ. Ensure our needs if we first seek our kingdom. He is convinced that concern concerns only frustration. People can not cope with worry. Give your problems to Jesus and leave them there. It will alleviate our stress and worry if we only take his word.

As the shepherd assured the needs of the sheep, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, assures all our needs. We can free up worry, stress and nervous moments. We are free to enjoy the unlimited resources he provides us in this world. We can live in the fullness of life.

Worldly people struggle with frustration, hatred and hostility, because they have not known the path of peace (Rev 3:17). Jesus does not give as the world gives, it gives peace (John 14:27). Review the New Testament and discover how many times the word "peace" appears. This is the Christian way. The world continues its paths, hatred and murder. Christians can have peace because Jesus defeats the world (Jn 16:33).

How can God's peace be?

You do not have to look or listen to the news until you realize that our nation and our world are facing serious challenges. They interfere with us because they threaten our quality of life that we know and love. The question is how to make peace in a stormy world like ours

During the mountain speech, Jesus said these words to the crowd: "Do not worry about your life what you will eat or drink, or about your body that you are wearing" (Matthew 6:25). I believe that many people today are hard to obey what Jesus says here. This is because these basic needs – food, water and clothing – are among the things that many people worry about every day. In fact, if there were no food stamps, homeless shelter, charitable organizations, and the like, many Americans would literally die today.

So how can we live in the world of insecurities, in all the burdens of life, and not worried and worried? Well, let's first talk about what causes anxiety and worry. This is when we encounter challenges in life that overwhelm us and we can not figure out how to control them. You see, as long as everything's OK, you're in peace. But when things get off the rail and we can not get them back on the track, we'll worry and worry.

So, let me share with you some references to how God's peace in your life. First, the Bible says that God keeps them in the perfect peace whose minds remain (Isaiah 26: 3). So, to achieve perfect peace, we need to do the things that will help us to keep our consciousness. These include access to the Church to listen to the Word of God, personal Bible studies, on the Internet, on TV, on radio, and so on. Listen to and watch Christian content. We need to do these things instead of living in an empty, secular environment and listening to local and national news all day.

Secondly, God's peace in the Bible says, "Do not worry about anything but prayer and petition in all things, thanksgiving, show your requests to God. All the peace of God that comprehends all understanding protects His heart and mind in Christ Jesus" (Filippi 4: 6-7, NIV). This passage, written by the apostle Paul, echoes what Jesus said earlier. We do not have to worry about anything. When we obey God in this regard and simply mention our requests, He gives us the supernatural peace.

God wants us to make wise decisions in life. He wants us to make intelligent planning for the future. But he does not want us to worry. He is our heavenly Father and promises to take full care of us. When we really believe, peace will fill our lives.

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Tattoos symbolize love, peace and strength

Where tattoos have some very deep meaning in the tattoo world. These can be the symbol of Christianity, peace, hope or new life. Alternatively, pigeon tattoos are associated with occult and supernatural forces, though most people recognize them as signs of immortal or lasting love. There are a large number of bird tattoos, such as eagles, swallows, etc. But neither has any significant or varied meaning as Dove.

Tattoos in Chinese culture are the symbol of long and healthy life. The Celts and other ancient people thought that pigeons and other bird species were messengers who brought good or bad words. Dove is also a personal name, both the Scottish and Irish native, called "Callum" by Dove.

Tattoos of pigeons generally depict independence and purity. Tattoos of honor and strength or military service are very common in American society. Although you do not always see them publicly, those who bear them are very proud of their tattoo designs. The American flag, or any other flag, is packed with a pigeon sketch that can be considered a personal statement about the world peace. Peace pigeon tattoo is the most sought after design among many lovers of peace.

Many people are pigeon tattoos to commemorate a close relative or friends who have died and in line with post-mortem theme, a pigeon holds a one-year banner covering the beak can be used to remember the love of a loved one. All men and women, regardless of sex, bear the tattoo of love and love equally.

After selecting Dove as your selection, you can choose from a variety of different artistic styles. Everything from single-line art, white or more complicated tribal and Celtic design. A pair of pigeons is a very common and universal sign of love. Two pigeons sharing the same branch is a very sought-after tattoo with new married couples.

The Dove is used in so many different ways and in many different styles that it makes a lot of sense. One of the things that we all share in the Dove tattoo is very strong and personal meaning that the individual gets the tattoo.

Peace is a process

Peace process is going on. The nations of the world ask for peace. From Afghanistan to Iraq, to ​​Gaza and Lebanon, we see destruction, violence and devastating appearance. Israel is at the center of the process. Whether we understand it or not, the whole earth lies in spiritual struggle. Although it seems that there are many, unrelated war between nations, nationalities, or religions, or is seeking or opposed to God's Resistance.

It will soon be a fake "peace". It does not last and many will be deceived. Be alert and wise. Prophecies about your "end" unfold before your eyes! The time of great misery (Matthew 24:21) is close to him. In global history, for the first time, all nations of the Earth have to choose. "Come, nations, listen, and hear, peoples, hear the earth and all that is in it: the world and all that comes from it." (Iz 34: 1)

True peace must be when the Lord comes back and sets up his land in Israel: "Behold, I laid a foundation in a rock of stone, a stone of stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation." (Isaiah 28:16) As the Covenant of the Covenant is exactly God's imagination it is built in the wilderness, so that Jerusalem is a pattern of the heavenly city of God that is to be established on the earth. "His will is to be done on earth as it is in heaven." (Luke 11: 2) Every physical element of the earth has a psychic mate

I have made a covenant with my elect, and have sworn to David my servant, to your seed for ever, and to build up your throne for all generations; my covenant shall not be broken nor redeemed he stumbles from the thing that came out of my lips, when I swore to my holiness that I would not lie to David, his seed would be eternal, and his seat as the sun before me. "(Psalm 89: 3,4,34-36) Jesus is the core (Luke 3: 23-38) Through his sacrifice on the cross, all nations will be able to be traced and spiritual to Israel.

" The desert returns and flourishes, like a rose, it is abundant in flourishing, rejoicing with gladness and singing, not: behold, thy God cometh, and cometh, and saves thee. the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall cease, and they shall sing for the fool: for in the wilderness waters shall fall, streams in the desert, and the redeemed of the Lord come back, and eternal joy on their heads: they shall have joy and gladness, and sorrow and sorrow shall flee . "(Exodus 35: 1-10)

Did you enter the spiritual Israel, the Lord chose? Just as Israel now fights its enemies in the desert places and widenes the deserts, so be enthusiastic and exercise misery? Satan knows that his time is very short (Joel 2:25) Wait for it to be victorious

"There is no weapon against you that will be built upon you, and all (Isaiah 54:17) The Lord's Day (Zeph 1: 7) "All knees bow and all tongues admit that Jesus Christ is the Lord." ( 2:11)

Peace is the natural nature of existence

Peace is the Universal Natural Condition of Being. This is the antidote for all the disturbances of the world. Still, most people continue to veil over this natural lifestyle. When we deliberately decided to remove this veil, we make the beauty of the return to Universal Peace conscious.

More peace-making organizations appear in the world than ever. This is because he is aware of the insanity that peace will not destroy our planet.

This is one of my favorite quotes:

"If it's dark enough, you can see all the stars."
– Emerson

In the presence of light all good things come. That is why I would like to ask this question: "Why do most people decide to influence external activities for quiet, peaceful, inner peace?" It requires a very hard job to place the veil of darkness above the normal peaceful self. When we are in the state of peaceful consciousness, external influences do not have the same effect on us.

Do not forget what we "feel inside" is reflected in the reality of our external reality or reality. [19659002] Ask yourself these few basic questions to look at:

– What would happen if we all simply took responsibility for our own peace?
– If all of us have decided to be consciously peaceful everyday – what would happen?
– What would happen in your personal life?
– What will happen to you in business?

Extend this focus of peaceful relief. If a peaceful man interacts with another peaceful man, it is peaceful on the basis of knowledge, what is the consequence of it? Expand this for a peaceful interaction household. Now, open up the communities. Now, we must further expand the country's peaceful interaction. Now, really stretch your bounds – if you extend it to Earth, what's happening? I think you get the picture – universal peace!

When we adjust to peace, all excitement falls, and we simply concentrate on maintaining peace. We no longer need each other. We just allow what's because we do not feel threatening. He is aware that everyone will do whatever they can at any time during any broadcast time based on their current level of consciousness. Acceptance is the normal resultant emotion and love that bloom. Yes, that's really so simple.

Do not Forget – When we came into this world, we were in full state of Peace. What happened next?

Are you ready for your little part? Let's look at it for a while …

You live in peace with your decisions

After we make the decision, we must learn to walk in peace. There is no decision in the rock railing. If tomorrow we know that we are not satisfied with a certain decision, we can do new things to change things. If the decision proves disastrous, then we can go back and sort out the consequences, but we should not waste the time or the energy to pull ourselves up after making a bad decision.

Not long ago I faced a difficult decision. I was worried about the decision over the days. I knew what was right, but I was not sure. Realizing that I was wasting a lot of energy that was obsessed with my decisions, there were two powerful coaching questions: "What's the worst thing that can happen?" and then "are I willing to live with this?"

The first answer was that I might be hostile to a friend by my decision, and maybe they would be unpopular with some people. The second question I realized was that I was willing to live with the fact that the decision was well felt despite these consequences. I looked at other possible choices, but none of them felt right, so I decided to go ahead and live according to my choices. I had to be in peace and leave my concern because that was the best decision I made at that time.


After all, some of our decisions do not seem to be the best and we often see the better ones we could do. But usually we know the best at that time. If it turns out that our decision is a mess, we just have to clean up the mess, apologize to those who are affected and say goodbye. There are very few decisions that can not be changed if they are not doing the best.

If the decision is confused, ask the two coaching questions:

o What is the worst thing that may happen?

o Are I ready to live with her?

Once you have the answer, you will have a better idea of ​​how to continue your decision.

After making his decision in peace with him. Go on and live with it. The regret of energy consumption does not change anything, only a new, better decision can be a bad solution. Take responsibility for your decisions.

Coaching Question

Are You Yours Peaceful?

Daily Activity

Did You Make a Decision That Bother You? Ask yourself the above two questions. Your answers will tell you what to do. If he feels that he has made the best decision, he could release the pity, take responsibility for the decision and live with it in peace.


"If you can not understand which two equally balanced actions you have to choose, choose bolder." William Joseph Slim

"If I make a minor decision, I always consider myself to be in a position to judge all the benefits and disadvantages and in our important decisions of personal life, we think the deep internal needs of our nature." Sigmund Freud

"Nothing is harder, so it's more expensive than being able to decide. "Napoleon Bonaparte

Greenpeace International

Founded in 1971 in British Columbia, Canada Greenpeace International is the world's most successful and valuable environmental organization. Greenpeace International is aggressive in many campaigns, especially in the area of ​​nuclear testing and stopping sea protection. Greenpeace actively protested against genetic engineering, bottom trawling, deforestation, global warning and nuclear energy, just to name but a few.

Greenpeace International is headquartered in Amsterdam, with active fronts in 41 different countries. The local chapters work independently of Greenpeace's work in their own environment, operating within the larger Greenpeace International organization, with pyramid-type infrastructure.

A number of bottom-up support has been funded, and infrastructure and funds are funded by over 2.8 million support and charity organizations. Greenpeace is largely due to its independence from governments and companies. Greenpeace International's goal is to take advantage of peaceful and creative communication measures to illustrate the world's global environmental problems. Greenpeace's key objective is to preserve the world's biodiversity. With empathy for peaceful communication, Greenpeace is in a position to raise the world media's attention. For example, its members place them between the whale and the harpoon. Greenpeace already knew that its volunteers infiltrated the G8 summit in Germany on artificial skis for greater media coverage.

Greenpeace International operates a number of large-scale campaigns that fit into its flagship agenda with rotating sequences. Greenpeace endeavors to provide solutions to the environmental concerns of the world under the flag to create maritime shrines and find renewable energy sources. Greenpeace International is currently focusing on the effects of global warming, conserving natural forests and the cleanliness of the world's oceans.

Greenpeace International is proactive in its encouragement to prevent the removal of toxic chemicals and harmful carcinogens from advanced manufacturing methods. Greenpeace's international aspirations are also supported by sustainable, low-impact agriculture around the world.

Why Tolstoy protested in the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Nobel Prize winner is the wisest of the wisest or mere mortals?

Every year they get the Nobel Prize. But you can not understand the hype he creates. Was it because the Laureates created a distinctive work that is supposed to give "the greatest benefit of mankind"?

If so, the members of the Nobel Laureate Committee must have divine wisdom to decide what constitutes the "greatest work"

They? May! But here are some of the famous cases that have been robbed of the Nobel Prize laureates and which have a different meaning.

If a weird story goes beyond the scene, you will find that the critics of the Nobel Laureates or members of the mere mortals are full of great flight ailments, prejudices, small rivalries, weaknesses that are perfectly blended with intelligence, honesty, wisdom and with courage. Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896) practically expressed his controversy and congratulations by accident [or deliberately?] the measure of how we measure what is the "greatest work". [19] On December 10, 1901, the first coronation ceremony started with praise in awarding prizes, but the confusion of some jarring remarks to be heard for many years. Tolstoy 1828-1910

Tolstoy wrote war and peace, as well as Anna Karenina, the greatest works of realistic fiction

Why Tolstoy protested against the Nobel Prize

When Sully Prudhomme (1839-1907) chose a French poet and awarded the Nobel Prize for the Swedish Academy for his literary works, a conflict of emotions and reason, the world view protested. Not because Prudhomme was awarded the prize, but Tolstoy was ignored; and for this purpose, 42 scholars and artists promised to the respectable celebrity (Tolstoy) who protested against the indifference of the Academy to the Tolstoy.

The Swedish Academy did not even consider the 1902 Literary Prize. Thanks to Swede's only literary expert, Carl David af Wirsen (1842-1912), the Permanent Secretariat of the Academy and the Chairman of the Nobel Literary Committee, who in his judgment alluded to the fact that Tolstoy had ever won the Prize.

Card David af Wirsen, the Great Judge of the Nobel Committee

Carl David af Wirsen, "war and peace" and "Annakerenina" deserved the prize … while his religious sociological and political writings are immature and misleading … condemned all forms of civilization and instead urged a primitive way of life that separated from all forms of higher culture … though inexperienced in biblical criticism, it re-interpreted the New Testament as a semi-rationalist, half-mystical spirit, a narrow-minded, they are disillusioned with all forms of civilization, they despair: they do not like recognition … it would be wrong for the great writer to be forced to ard … "After reading the account of President Wirsen, what would he say, but he would not sigh? [Maximilian Gorky] the revolutionary writer [19659002] Even Gorky Maxim (1868-1936) has been awarded the prize for "Prize." But the Academy It was close to reach an entirely objective judgment as part played during the Revolution intellectual, and other works of "politically colored."

Literary judgment of political colors. Indeed, this is not one of the main conditions for Nobel's will. This explains why the Russians did not receive a single prize for the first 50 years in the II. Until the end of the Second World War, except Ivan Bunin, a small writer (1870-1953; 1933) and Ivan Petrovic Pavlov (1849-1936; 1904). Likewise, since the opening of the Nobel Laureates in 1901, there have been many cases where many deserved celebrated personalities have become victims and have denied the Nobel Prize. Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize was awarded in the literature by the Mo Yan Chinese writer, whose quotation "Combines folk tales, history and contemporaries with hallucinogenic realism." Mo Yan is a pen name, while the real name is Guan Moye. "Mo Yan" in Chinese means "do not talk".

Creating Peace in Yourself – Discover the new feeling of Serenity

Finding a peaceful world is only possible when observing nature. News and circumstances are always confused. It has been since the Bible. There are often peace agreements between nations and individuals, but there is never real peace. As Jeremiah 8:11 said peace and peace when there was no peace. The same today.

People have differences of opinion and want their own way. Life is always difficult obstacles and bad things. If you think everything is okay, then something unpleasant turns your ugly head down. Things are changing constantly and there is no way to avoid conflicts and confusion. The best place to find peace is in you.

How can you find peace in yourself? You are always driving to be better than you are. You always try to improve every aspect of your life. There is always disappointment and frustration. The secrets will teach you to enjoy the best in your current circumstances. You may have to wait for it to improve.

Goals take time to develop. The attitude and circumstances need to be changed. You have to create peace with yourself. Everything is not necessarily perfect to find peace in you. You must accept the difficulty and insecurity of the moment. You must learn to wait patiently for the success of your goals. You must be sure they will.

Paul the Apostle said; "I learned that under any circumstances I'm satisfied." I experienced the need of time and the time. In any circumstance, I have learned the secret of satisfaction, I am satisfied or hungry, many or nothing "(Filippi 4: 11-12).

You can experience inner peace when all the chaos is around you because it is not from the world but from the inside but the world he can not understand this, beyond the human sense, those who are obedient to Christ have experienced it because he has handed it over to them not only to forgive sins but to give peace

Peace between individuals can only be obtained if they have active good will The Bible calls this agape love, though it is not romantic or physical, but merely compassion for others and what is best for them, each one needs the other in a beautiful and harmonious relationship, only those who can learn to appreciate those blessings that are unfulfilled from the Creator