Religious tolerance and world peace

Religious tolerance means accepting other religions in their own way. You have to accept the religious conviction of others and practices, even though you can not agree with our practices or our faith. Religious tolerance is important because it helps us respect and appreciate the differences between religious practices. Religions sometimes divide us in practice, but at the same time they are together. Religious tolerance leads to world peace. In order to create a global peace, we must avoid violence and the morals that have been proclaimed by the religions.

Both believers and non-believers live in the same society. So it is important to have religious tolerance to maintain peace all over the world. If you know the essence of other religions, you will find that virtually every religion is promoting the same morality. Human rights violations are due to religious intolerance and such violations aggravate people's misunderstanding. This poses a number of threats to security globally and regionally. The solutions to religious intolerance can be found in the teaching of all religions and in all the spiritual teachings of the world.

Every religious community has its own responsibility to preach to help resolve conflicts and strengthen security by replacing fear with confidence. The responsibility of each individual is important in all religions. If one has to feel humanity and find humanity in the minds of each individual, then religious expressions must be universality. Therefore, in the religious tolerance, diversity of diversity is important. It is important to maintain the feeling of unity and mankind for our cooperation and peace within our planet.

Religious intolerance always hampers love and peace. Religious intolerance is mostly due to ignorance and limited knowledge. Education can help to enhance human spiritual values. It can also create religious tolerance through education, because only government law can not help in stopping religious intolerance.

Religious intolerance is due to differences in opinion among different religions. If you want to embody principles and values ​​in people's minds and hearts, only education can provide enough information that is accurate. Education also corrects misconceptions in people's minds. Education allows us to show not only tolerance for different religions, but realistic credit from our heart too. Education teaches you not to think emotionally but intellectually. The curriculum of education must include a comparative study of the various spiritual traditions and scriptures in order to know the essence of each religion. By familiarizing properly with certain religions, he knows the similarities of ethical issues.

Because of religious intolerance, much of the ancient wars are fought between people and countries. People generally do not believe in other religious groups. But in this modern world you have to be logical and you have to realize that these old beliefs are wrong. There are many definitions of God in the various scriptures, but each one is about an entity that is God. Each country has its own responsibility to maintain world peace. People should not be allowed to perish and physically and mentally torture others in the name of God.

Differences, prejudices and hostility to other religions have to be removed, even if we do not believe them. We need to understand other scriptures, ideas, and essentials to find out that all religious scriptures proclaim the same sermon. Religious intolerance will never help you anywhere. That is why it is important to enjoy religious tolerance in order to maintain peace and security in the world.

Happiness, Peace, Love, Prosperity – Start creating a life you love in 5 minutes

Everything you do is a act for something

Everything you do, everything you say, all thoughts, every move, every breath – all this action for something.

If someone complains to your friend about your partner, your job, your children, and all other things, then you're under your subordinate belief that you do not know what you want to be helpless to change your life that you can not trust in others check, etc. etc

If you think about how annoying your neighbor is, how selfish your partner, the parents, are behind the beliefs behind you: I'm not helpless, I do not know what I want, there is a good way etc. etc.

When your fingers are just getting ahead of you, you go to subordinate beliefs: I have to control myself (and others and the world), I do not know what I want etc. etc.

If you look at something you've just created an article, a painting, an email; and I think that "it sucks" – you go to the underlying beliefs – I can not do it, I do not know I have no capacity, etc.

Starting to spot a topic? Ask yourself what I did in the last hour? the last day? last week? most of my life?

When it comes to your underlying beliefs (some of which are as deeply besieged as Titanic), you will create your future reality that more strongly reflects these convictions: your partner's problems, irritation from your neighbors, silly pilots cause destruction around you. There is more evidence that I believe is true.

But what if you think it's not the reality?

Begin to act with the pleasure you love today, right now, this minute. What you really love – the things that make you right, reflecting joy and satisfaction. You know what it is, even if you forgot them in eons.

If you love walking your dog because it brings you peace and fresh air – now get off your computer and go to the dog.

If you love a hot bath – go one more.

If you love to travel, start taking action.

If you really love having a good relationship with your neighbors, think about how nervous you are, do it on one side (without judgment) and focus on what you love – you give yourself a friendly wave as you leave.
It's easy. Just begin to keep in mind what you do for action and for the benefit of your life you love to live a life. You will soon realize that your life is more like a beloved life. Create and set up.

Pollyanna x

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The inner peace of happiness

Happiness is not the same as inner peace. But the truth is that many people think or say, "I want to make a difference" when they really want (and think that they know), the inner peace is bigger. The world is now smaller and we are bombarded on all sides with so many advertisements, unwanted information and images that our inherent capacity within us has become more and more challenging. Not your fault

Happiness does not necessarily result in inner peace, but inner peace in almost every case makes us happier.

The first thing some wise propose is what mankind is.

What is humanity?

Life is meaningful and not random. We have developed for one purpose and are in contact with life's resources. We do not recognize our Unity with the Creator, so it confuses and interferes with the world. We are the Creator of the Almighty, whose purpose and destiny is for mankind. To achieve inner peace, we must first make sure that we understand our intellect and purpose. I can not do this for you. I can only control the ideas I'm convinced of. You have to think of yourself and make sure you do it yourself.

I've paraphrased a wise statement I've ever seen – As a wind can not move through a rocket and can not create a 747, so this wonderful universe could not have happened randomly.

To feel that you understand your existence is one of the most appropriate things. When you think about it and you are convinced, it is restrained by it. It will not solve all the problems and challenges. There are more and more different challenges you may have. But within a direction and purpose now. This is your soul. You may still be crazy about your parents, children, spouse or boss. War and hunger may be disturbed. (As you should) Hey, you can make the whole world war, but you will be in peace with your souls.

You Are the Soul

The tiredness and the wall of the physical world is unsatisfactory. No matter how much money a person has, there is no peace without spirituality. This is because the body gets something from the physical world, but the soul does not. Does her soul eat pizza? Are you sitting on the beach? Go to a movie? The soul is spiritual and just enjoys the spiritual things. The food is delicious but it only takes 20 minutes. However, if you thank the service provider for the meal, he adds a spiritual element that raises the whole experience and thus includes the soul.

Internal peace requires a lot of tools and a lot of internal development on a daily basis. The first step is to identify the body's needs and the desire for the soul. The body wants pleasure, comfort and relaxation. The soul desires wisdom, meaning, and good deeds.

Inner Peace:

Step One: You know why humanity is here.

Step Two: Understand the Relationship between Body and Spirit

Be calm and know that I am God – Your sense will still be surprised

The words – be it – in the English dictionary mean that they are not moving and silent. From a Biblical point of view, these two words have a much greater significance.

That is, one: Be calm and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

The first sense from the Old Testament and Psalm 46: 10 comes from, Be calm and know that I am God. God defends his city and people. The Hebrew definition is to stop aspiration, forgiveness, surrender. The chapter begins and ends with God's refuge.

We may be tempted to let go and rest in God to provide help, strength and security. Stay Wasted! Mark 4:39

In the temple, a preaching centered on the passage in Mark 4, where Jesus uses words: "Peace, be!" (There is an exclamation point.) I was surprised and really laughed when our pastor illustrated his literal meaning.

The story is also portrayed by Matthew and Luke, which depicts an extremely busy day where Jesus healed people, cast demons and talked about. Although the scripture does not say it, it was painted in the picture that Jesus was exhausted and overloaded. He asked for a boat to get away from the masses who came to him.

During the journey, a huge storm came in. The disciples were afraid of their lives. They sought to help Jesus and quickly slept with fatigue. They were terrified by the storm and awakened Jesus. According to Mark, Jesus was not happy. In her frustration she shouted, "Peace, be still!" The storm and the huge waves stopped immediately. The literal translation of Still Be from Greek – Hush! And in a modern sense: shut it down!

Another pastor whom I met told the translation and used the analogy of proverbial family travel. You know, one of the children in the back seat said, "Are we still there? Are we still there?" The answer is, of course, still silent or silent!

How often do God ask God for everything, but do not we stop listening or staying? Quiet and calm action is increasingly challenging in our hectic world. The world calls us to occupy it. God asks us to still be so that we can receive love, peace, and guidance.

With the zeal, the fearsome and nervous thoughts arise. They claimed to have 50,000 daily ideas up. These thoughts are not always good. You know, I can not believe I'm messed up, I'm an idiot, I can not do it, I'm too hard, I'm a scam, I'm too old, I'm too young …

We have to learn to tell our awesome and nervous thoughts, to stop Jesus as he restored the sea. Jesus immediately asked his disciples, "Why are you afraid? Is There Not So Little Faith? "The distraction of the mind and the catching up of the mind requires practice. One is a powerful way to disable thoughts that do not serve us, exercise meditation.

Meditation was for no reason the traditional Christian, Religious Organizations The Promise of Prayer and Biblical Reading, as well as the occasional mention of contemplative prayer, but not so much of meditation Jesus, John the Baptist, and others meditated and abandoned the hectic world

Romans 12: 2 says : "Do not be in line with this world, but transform the renewal of your mind to prove the will of God, good and acceptable and perfect. "Meditation helps to renew the mind, still to leave and pass on to stop thinking that does not serve us.

Many people are being intimidated by silence. Listening can cause problems to run. You can easily fill it up every day with pride and then exclude any concerns about reading your TV, Internet surfing or magazines, none of which is bad, but if you're used to filling an empty one that does not load over time the toll fee is lost, lost opportunities and lost dreams that are never fulfilled

The next time when fear and nervous thoughts that rage in you like a violent storm are like Jesus. "Tear these thoughts, saying," Peace, be calm. "When it comes to strength and help need, leave and rest in God, in his shelter. "Be calm and know that I am God."

Peace, be still

Much to my confusion, I found myself receiving a rather animated discussion of "S" in Ephesians 5:22 and in Colossians 3:18. The conversation was very much in my mind to give me a natural (or physical) headache. After studying the scripture and saying a series of prayers, I decided to write about it.

Instead of questioning hypothetically illuminated members of the filing case, I deliberately decided to choose an alternative path: leadership. Driving involves several aspects; but for the purpose of the object we are examining the domestic front.

Everyone has their own driving style. You will find that one style is more dominant than the other one. According to the housekeeper's steward and manager, the husband must wisely choose his leadership styles to get the effect he needs to adapt his household to the Word of God.

This piece is a theoretical approach to the effective daily functioning of the Christian household. Although there are many ways of keeping households, the ideal mode is as sacred and peaceful as possible. Men have inherent leadership skills.

God placed him as head of household. He's the big cahun. You have to stop this position and it's wise when people are working under the roof. Women have great abilities. They were called God as the incubation for educators and humankind. However, some of the women have become piranha and leader in life because of lack of guidance given by God. Over time, hard skin has been developed.

There are three different driving styles: authentic, participant and delegate. There are ways to bring these leadership styles to your Christian life so as to encourage, reject, and guide the Word of God.

Authentic style is used when the husband tells the wife what she wants and how she wants it. This style is only appropriate if one has received direct commands from God and deals with a question within a short time and is strongly motivated by his wife.

This is not a means of shouting that uses a diversion language, or involves abuse of threats and violence. These tactics are so emotionally abused and have no place in the executive repertoire. Use it sparingly, because its excessive utilization can resent.

In the participatory style, the husband involves the wife (and sometimes children) in the decision-making process. It introduces a dilemma or question and decides what to do and how to do it. The husband, however, is the final decision

This style is not a sign of weakness; it means more power that is respected by his wife and his family. The husband is not expected to answer. The use of this style is mutually beneficial – it allows the family to feel in the decision-making process and help people make better decisions as a human being.

The husband allows the wife to make a decision in delegating style. Nevertheless, he remains accountable to God;
is therefore responsible for the decision. This style is used when the husband is certain that his wife is able to analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done and how to do it. One can not do everything!

A woman does not intentionally deny that the husband is the head of the house. However, he wants her husband to be sure he can drive. He liked to love, but he also wants to maintain the feeling of independence. Ecccesiastes 3: 1 says there is a time and season for all things. The same scripture can be applied to driving styles. There is time to exercise power; there is time to listen to and consider the recommendation of others before making their decisions and time for trust and delegation. One must lead with confidence, which demands many prayers and looks for God's face.

My theory is essentially in many ways; but the two variables are personality and human nature. There is no cookie cutter standard for household operation. Man is led by the Spirit.

According to Proverbs 3: 6, you will recognize him by all means and guide the way. The Spirit directs the godless man to how to choose his words and guide him with the right approach to maximize peace and minimize the lie in your home.

Inner Peace: Peace of Peace

What does inner peace mean for you? Does this mean that the sanctuary's venue is where you can get back from stressful situations and find a safe place from "the world's worries"? Is this a place where you can be without the facade where many people are wearing the whole day that people will not know how to feel ourselves? Or is this place (often our home) a place to protect ourselves against the constant attack of anger, hostility, and power-play that are so often the size of our lives in the 21st century?

The dictionary defines the interior as: inside or inside the body; bound to the mind or existing. Peace is defined as: peace and quiet; immunity from confusing thoughts; and an agreement to abolish hostilities. As a goal of this article, I combine these two concepts and define inner peace as the integration of my thoughts and feelings that end in the state of tranquility and harmony. This is one of the key keys to calmness and harmony, or "tranquility," as it is often called, to respect our emotional nature, and find ways to express our feelings that enable us to liberate them.

Practical Steps to Liberating People

1. Learn to listen to yourself. Many of us have long argued that we are too intact with how we feel. A situation is displayed and we "fall down" and find it unbelievable that we have lost control. It is in fact derived from the recovery of the emotions we have not yet known.

2nd Accept your feelings. Nobody does anything; you decide how you think and feel the way you interpret the situation. Blaming others will betray your power and if you feel like a "victim" you will react with anger and anger

. Talk to a trusted friend or consultant. If you find a "safe place" where you should be able to express your feelings without judging by anyone, you will be able to create a swollen emotion

. Accept yourself. You do not necessarily have to be perfect and you must accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses, creating intimate feelings.

5th Do not judge yourself. Self-assessment means being perfect and creating emotions that are not "good enough". When you do not feel pretty, you judge roughly and do whatever you can, it will never be enough. "

6. Leave the past. The past reminds you of painful experiences, relieve your memories, and seek forgiveness for yourself and / or others. It does not mean you accept these behaviors. This means releasing your memories and feelings to find your inner healing and Practice meditation as a daily ritual, reading, practicing, walking, or creating a sacred place where you can spend your time in feeling the renewal and the refreshing feeling, are all ways that keep you away from "what is bad" "controlling your life."

8. Exercise gratitude Amir it pays attention, grows when you give energy to your thoughts. The thoughts of peace, love, and abundance enhance inner healing and peace and lead to living things that are more balanced and harmonious

. Leave a diary. People use the journal for many years to emit emotions and understand what is happening. This magazine or notebook is just for your eyes and allows you to say whatever you want without anyone seeing it except yourself. Once expressed, emotions tend to disperse and find that they are released on exploration. If this process does not completely release them first, repeat the exercise.

10th Spend time in nature. We are part of nature, and when we relate to the natural world, we will contact something with our inner self / soul. That something more is our relationship with Universal Energy, whether God, Goddess, All or Greater Force. Whatever we call it when it comes to the "Whole" we recognize our place in the world and feel the feeling of peace and harmony and that "everything is OK in our world".

Life and Peace

Proverbs 3: 1 My son, remember my law, but let thy heart keep my commandments; 2. Length of days and long life and peace will be added.

Malachi 2: 5 "My covenant was with him, one of life and peace, and I gave him to be afraid of me, so he was afraid of me and was respectful of my name." Psychological thinking is life and peace. 19659002] The covenant of God is an unmistakable covenant created to restore it to life and peace

Adam fell and departed from God and lost the life and peace of God.196 Genesis 3: 3 "But the fruit of the trees, which is in the middle of the garden, said God: You must not eat or touch it to die. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

Spiritual death is not the termination of existence, but the separation of life. Adam and Eve continued to exist and did not physically die that day. Death worked in them and took almost 1000 years to kill them. Or you are God or not, you are not in the middle.

Romans 5:14 Nevertheless, death was made from Adam to Moses, even above those who did not sin according to the likeness of Adam's offense, who is the kind who came.

Death simply means death is a ruler. He could not escape.
God wants us to be His creation in his life. It was too long to create an alliance that could bring the man back to the place where he could come to life again. This means that man will again be able to live the life of God, and since he was living with God, he would have the power to act in a way that death could no longer rule over it.
In other words, he did not only give the life of God to his being, but he could make a full victory on the thing that was able to destroy him. Death no longer dominates, or we have power over us.

Life and peace work together to make God achieve the desired outcome. This is the result for us to reign over things that have long been dominated. If there is no life you can not be peace. The fear of death will prevail. It is not the peace of God that does not participate in the free gift of life that comes by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 2:14 For as the children are blood and body, so is he also in the same man, that with death may he destroy the one who was able to die, that is, the devil, 15 and to release those who had the fear of death has been subject to robbery in their entire lives.

The power of death is destroyed. We have offered this life and are freed from the dominion of sin and the end result of sin, which is spiritual death.

My question is that we are like the children of God who enjoy the life God gives us. I am convinced that in order to enter the benefits of God's great salvation, we must walk in peace. They're together. If we are not in peace, we are not really part of the benefits of life that God gives us. How good is this great salvation and the wonderful benefits that come with it, if we are not part of it? God went with us in the long run to reunite us. He wants us to enjoy his gifts and enjoy the benefits of being his children. 1 Timothy 6:17 Tell the rich that they should not be proud and trust in their money which will soon go away, but their pride and trust in the living God is always giving us all that we need for our enjoyment.

For many Christians this is shocking, but God wants us to enjoy his blessings.
Many Christians have a way of thinking that they are supposed to go through life torn and smashed, barely moving. It does not sound like I'm a blessed rich man and enjoy life. Jesus said …

John 10:10 "A thief does not come except stealing, killing and destroying."

The abundant word means (in the beyond sense) or better (quality), consistently excessive :

Amplified says you like it … 10. The thief just comes to steal, kill and destroy, enjoy life and abundantly (fully until it overflows)

Jesus Himself He said, "I trust you will mean what you say, do not you?"

It is abundance, and then some, the more abundant, it is difficult to understand, but as the reinforced translation says as it overflows, this form of life that God He wanted us to live, fill us completely and completely, that he would just overflow us and bless all who are around us: Glory
What a fearsome God, this role to play in this
Read one of our opening scriptures. .

Romans 8: 6 If conscience is death, but spiritual thought is life and peace.

The body is natural. Natural is not bad, but natural or bodily ground, where spiritual thinking is thought of God's things. They tell us to do this. This is not something God can do to us. We have to decide whether we are thinking about God's divine thoughts or our earthly thoughts. If the natural contradiction is God's things, then we must choose. Peace can only come when we make the right choice. When we are in confusion we can not participate in God's life. Peace and fear do not exist side by side. They say how to handle this situation.

I saw it again and again. It's a lesson I need to learn and I'm trying to teach others. God's word tells you to cherish him because he is interested. [1 Peter 5: 7] You take all your concerns for it because it cares for you.

A simple adjustment makes the victory indispensable. I did not say it would always be easy, especially if his habits were negative. The habits need to be changed.

When filled with anxiety and diligence, we do not believe in faith and trust in God. This is one of the greatest indicators. It's like canary in the shaft of the mine. If there is no peace, it is a pointer that we are not in faith. If you truly trust God, you will not be worried and fearless.

Good news, this is a condition that can be changed. Do as the Word of God says and mentally thinking. A spiritually thinking Christian will not be full of fear and anxiety because he does not think of things that allow the growth and presence of fear and anxiety. We know this because spiritual Christians have their lives and peace. If not, you are not spiritually. This can speak hard and does not intend to condemn, but to correct. All of us have to make the necessary adjustments and do what the Word of God says, or we will do the same things and get the same results. Results can be altered. Some people find it difficult to believe that this can actually happen. They are so alive in this way that they do not think about it, it looks like the usual way. God wants life and peace.

We need to continuously monitor or judge ourselves and control ourselves. We have to ask ourselves this question, is there peace? If not, then check your thoughts. If your concerns are constantly on the problem, fear and anxiety and a place where depression can set up a fortress. Begin the process of renewing your mind with God's Word. Our negative thoughts can be replaced by thoughts that make God's life smooth. You will gain more confidence when you begin to put these principles into practice. We have to win everything and nothing to relax. I love what the Apostle Paul said about the Temple of the Philippine in the inspiration of the Holy Ghost …

Philippians 4: 6 Do not worry about anything but prayer and prayer, thanksgiving, 7. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, keeps his heart and minds by Christ Jesus.
8. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever things are noble, whatever is clean, whatever good is all good things, if it has merit, and if there is anything praiseworthy to meditate on these things.

God wants us to succeed and gave us the instructions on how to do it. Let her in the heart of her instructions and begin to let God's peace to keep us and the end result will be life.

Peace, loneliness, Serenity – from three states – are they related?

Is there a direct relationship between peace, loneliness and calm? To be in peace, you have to make solitude and you need peace, you must first get peace. Let's look at these three states of existence.


o Peace is a harmonious state of existence that involves the individual being at rest and rest. The individual's self-harmony precedes her in having a harmonious relationship with others. This peaceful state of life reflects inner satisfaction and satisfaction in everyday life.

o Peace is not a problem, but a peaceful mind in troubled times. Peaceful thinking is one whose core is based on God's solutions. The knowledge gained from God is not a one-component solution, but is aimed at solving each personal challenge. First of all, we must note that we have immediate access to this knowledge to solve the challenges and, secondly, that this knowledge is given expressly and individually to us. Peace comes from the knowledge of absolute certainty to find a solution to the challenges ahead.

o The Philippine book in the Bible tells us that God's peace will be with us if we only think of these things – whatever is true, honest, just, pure, kind and good report. As you can see, the thought of doubt, worry and despair is not in this list. Always take care of what you think. Accept your thoughts and take the experience of your life in the most secure way.


o I refer to loneliness "for myself" with your source – your Creator. Loneliness in this sense is time spent without interference and fluctuations, so it is possible to recharge and re-enforce the goodness of God, whether spiritually, mentally or physically. Loneliness is more readily available if you disable the use of telephones, televisions, radios, computers, people, toys or any other noise tracing traces and disturbances during the designated period of time.

o Some people are afraid they are alone. Do not be afraid. The truth is you're never alone. God is in the center of your Being. God lives here. The Bible states that God will never abandon and leave us. God can not leave us and can not leave us because God is constantly and intentionally the basis, background, and plan of all living DNA. Does not exist without God. We Are Moving, Living and Living in God – KJV Actions 17. Serenity

o Serenity is the state of Existence that we strive for every day. The adjectives of the American English thesaurus say that calmness is peaceful, peaceful, calm and quiet. One of my favorite biblical scriptures is the 46 Psalm that says they are still there and know that I am God. There is no greater activity than one day to think about the goodness of God, and that is still to be achieved.

o Being calm is also complex, confused, confined and relaxed. We all love the people who feel calm and control when they are experiencing momentary turmoil in daily circumstances. These individuals have a calm disposition, and they always seem to get together, no matter what happens. Also note that calm can be characterized without stress or emotional disturbances.

o Relaxation is still lower and the stress-induced diseases that are so common in today's busy lifestyle are even lower.

Finally, considering the peace, loneliness, and tranquility of existence, is there one without the other? Of course, you can be relaxed, without reaching higher loyalty, but you can not rest without being peaceable for the first time. Loneliness is a schedule that represents the motorway leading to peace and the narrower path from peace to rest. Do you think this trip is worth traveling?

Find peace in the happiness of others

We all feel that we get peace as we lose 10 pounds of body weight as a certain bad addiction breaks down as soon as we close our mouths in certain situations. These situations may be good for you to find peace, but only if you want peace in them, they will not help others, but your own case, but there is a percentage in reality that sometimes disturbs you looking for something else to finish this gap. Believe it or you're around, you just have to look and work.

Sometimes things that love little things, things that love little things are so much to others. Happiness lies in making others happy and simple fun for others. There are so many examples around us to inspire and apply the examples to do something else to others and make them happy. You need to understand what others think, feel and need. It is about things that make them see them and do these things, not a fact, but because it is natural for us to do them. You have to know the imperfections of others, yet they must be perfectly seen. Increasing the heart of others so they can become part of their lives, do not tie their hearts and in no way restrict their lives.

The happiness of others is only possible if you are happy and you can automatically get the ideas others make happy, all this depends on good moods, feeling good and always a positive mood. Sometimes you are happy or others' happiness is so simple that you miss, you actually miss the chance to take something grateful to others, but it's also a way of learning, do not be sorry to prefer this opportunity and use it to the next level. There are many ways to help others, all of us need just a simple step and you will be on the right track.

We promise to ourselves today that we will never miss a chance to make others happy, then we grasp this opportunity to smile on someone's face. This is the way you can be really happy about it, even though you're looking for a cause to be happy and completely forgetting the "when I'm happy" attitude.