Painful victory

The Israelites had a bad day. And things got worse. I Samuel 4-6 recalls a time when Israel was led by the prophet Eli. The Israelites have just lost their fight against the Philistines since they have been waging war for countless decades. At that time, God begged for peace or for the victory of the enemies.

In response to their defeat, the nation of Israel has won the most valuable possessions for the next battle. Eli knew that the Covenant of the Alliance would surely bring them victory. However, it was a defeat. 30,000 people lost their lives in the privileged battle. The battle took away the lives of Hophni and Phinehas, the sons of Eli. And they lost the Ark. When they ceased their devastating defeat and their terrible losses, Eli fell from his throne, broke his neck, and died.

We're talking about a bad day.

The Philistines began to celebrate the thriving victory of Ashdod. But the holiday was short-lived. Ashdod's prisoners were soon tumors. The Ark was removed and sent to Gath. The same result. Tumors. And rats are infected. He moved again and again. Every time the result was the same. Rats and tumors. Five different cities met the same match. The population of the Philistines fell. The nation fell into panic.

Finally, the Philistines decided to return the chest to the Israelites to save their civilization. They knew Ark was his relationship with God. In order to curb God and the Israelites, the Philistines not only returned the crate but also offered a guilty plea. The offer included five golden rats and five gold tones. Yes, rats and tumors … but they deserve extra cash.

Israelis ultimately reach peace with the Philistines. The destruction caused by the crates had ruined the Philistine army. Many soldiers died. Many others had to leave the military to secure farms and estates when family members died. The army will build for years. Their nation would last for decades. The result is a whole generation of peace and prosperity for Israel.

Sometimes we pray seriously, but we're spoiled when things get worse. God promises to give us what we want, but it does not specify that the journey will be easy. Answers to our prayers are often on the other side of misfortunes. We only have to estimate the bad luck and defeat that God will be just for His word.

James 1: 2 Take heed to my delight, my brethren, when ye stand before many kinds of trials; 3 For ye know that faith is trying to persevere. Endurance must end its work to be mature and complete, and there must be nothing missing.

Know that the other side of the trial is the ultimate victory.

God does not promise us a life of discord. But trusting in God and the surviving life force, we reach our desires and our extraordinary – our victory, our joy.



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