Parent How: Roles in the Family – Peacekeeper really keeps the peace?

Everyone in the family takes part. What is the role? The parents. Oldest child. Youngest child. But I'm talking about other roles like: I was a family clown. I would try to laugh everyone. In this fourth grade, they encountered difficulties. There was a time to write stories about what happened in the classroom to laugh at everyone at lunch or at dinner. I did not realize that the mother raised some of the "incidents" during the next parent / teacher interview. Every family has a funny, peacekeeper, rule maker, licensor, rule switch, or problem child. I know there are more tons, but I want to talk about the peacekeeper. In a large conflict family, peacekeepers often belong to children.

And a pattern emerges – the conflict escalates. The peacekeeper comes in. They call a family meeting. They try to use "good" communication skills, issues are being discussed. Solutions will only be taken into account if you select only one or more.

And then everything goes back to the old way until the next year's conflict is over.

DO NOT CHANGE without new information. If you see your family looking for the same patterns over and over again, it's time to consider picking up a parent / family class. Yes, family therapy is good except that it often does not contain new information education

Everyone in the family should be able to attend class (OK, young children are relieved – they use them differently in the family). Everyone should be able to hear the teacher / teacher's opinion and learn the information in the classroom. Then there is a family debate about what everyone has learned and how to incorporate new skills. Since everyone has shared learning, the likelihood of new skills is very high. And you can see changes in family patterns.

Get out of the old way. Look around the city for some family classes. Take a look online for a few classes. We are surrounded by new information and it is impossible to change the way we do something until we receive new information. What is the definition of craving: it does the same old method and looks for other results …



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