Peace after divorce – 7 tips on how to regain your peace after divorce

If you see yourself outside, then you will find the peace there waiting for you. – George Harrison

When the door closes on your marriage, you feel like a ground mine in your mind – all thoughts make the fear uncomfortable: how do I do it myself, how do I go about it, how do I support myself, how will I be positive and healthy to be the transition to my children, who will support our friends, and most importantly, who am i?

The calm of the mind is what you need to give you a clear vision and courage for your future. This requires awareness and conscious actions as studies have shown that the average person experiences more than 100,000 repetitive thoughts per day and most of them are not positive.

So it's time to pull up the handing over of a white flag and gather some new peace based strategies to put an end to the fighting mind.

If you follow the 7 tips below, it will be good for a peaceful existence:

1. Laughter – laughter is the sunlight of the soul. When you laugh, you release the endorphins that bring happiness and joy to your being. When you are happy and you are living in the moment you forget your problems, with a welcome relief. Spend more time playing and having fun.

2nd Supporting Groups – Support Groups that do not focus on the resurgence of the past but help you to be happier and healthier by advancing positive guidance and action steps.

3rd Join the nature – walking on the beach or in the mountains, the most frightening soul can rest. It is important that we actually connect to the ground – walking on concrete does not have the same benefits as walking on a good earth mother.

4th Yoga – focusing on the breath and feeling in the poses clarifies your thoughts and reduces their importance. By linking your inner source and strength, your mind, body, and spirit are harmoniously coordinated.

5th Meditate – If you sit quietly for ten minutes, focusing on the silence of the soul and repeating the mantra again: "I am", I will be able to open the universal knowledge and gain insight that will help solve the problems that bother you.

6th Flotation tank – a sealed chamber filled with a corrected solution of Epsom salts. The chamber is dark gray and quiet. Without disturbing any noise or light, feel free, relaxed, feel free. Returns to the womb – it only connects to you. Full happiness.

7th Music – could anything be better than all your favorite songs to take a whimsical mood? Start your prey and a quiet, instant euphoria.

Any of the above suggestions will help you get rid of evil twins, Gloom and Doom, and put it in a lighter place. The key to overcoming sorrow and fear is to find out what works for you.



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