Peace and development through free trade?

Too many times we find ourselves getting positions on the things we care about and determining which strategy is right and wrong. For example, who does not want peace and progress? While many people represent such values, we share with each other how to achieve them. One of the topics that has a lot to share is the question of what role the government plays in the better future.

Michael Strong's writings on FLOW are always inspirational. As I see it, Michael helps defend democracy, which I have long regarded as myths, such as the governments that have the greatest power to create a positive change in the world.

We see it many times. Someone becomes enthusiastic about one reason and immediately turn to the government in the hope that a new law or regulation will validate a positive change. Sometimes such change agents are generally abandoned and cynical, as governments, especially the governments of democratic governments, work through compromise. Nevertheless, political battles are exciting and many varied agents are a source of energy, though, while little progress is being made on their government, they can enjoy the encouragement of a competitive, political scene.

While we need the views of politics who can revolutionize our systems in such a way that it really works, the sad reality is that many brilliant, passive change agents and vision-makers fall into the political swirling and typically pass on a positive thinking. Postal thinking is less and less compassionate, courageous and imaginative, and gradually becomes part of the problem as part of the solution. FLOW calls such agents who cause such change to move forward and "criticize the creation". Because we can make the positive change we are looking for in the world, and we have more power to do this outside the political arena than we have noticed.

I suggest that individuals who realize that the spirit and the vision are sucked into the downward spiral of position management



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