Peace and happiness for the purpose

Imagine two passengers to fly. The first one goes to the cashier and says, "I want to get a ticket." When the cashier asks where, the passenger replies: "I do not know, just give me a ticket!"

When it gets flat, it reacts negatively to its destination. He re-moves, changes his job and is never satisfied. No matter where he goes, he can not escape.

The second traveler asks for a single ticket, first class on Flight 32, arriving in New York on Saturday at 15:00. Obviously, this passenger will be much happier with his flight and purpose. Its clear vision of fate to reality.

Two Basic Steps for Peace and Happiness

Peace and happiness are not accidentally created. They originate from a lifestyle for a particular purpose and work towards a mission
that will enable that goal to be met.

Ernest Fitzgerald wrote: "It is no coincidence that the happiest people are those who make conscious efforts to live a useful life, the deep feeling of inner peace that comes when they think their life is meaningful and that Difference in the World. "

Happiness and Happiness From the Outside

The happiest people create an internationally peaceful and happy feeling. Those who depend on external circumstances to gain happiness rarely find their lasting satisfaction. Our outside world is always a reflection of our inner world.

As the first traveler, many people never define exactly what their satisfaction brings them. Without any purpose, there is no measure to support it. Instead of internal control, internal inconvenience is blamed for external events.

After the inner change, we can begin to pay attention to a number of positive changes in our outside world. We know the feeling of peace because our work is fulfilled. We can keep it because our destinations will be at our own choice. Ask yourself these questions:

What is my definite main goal?

How do I accomplish my goal on a daily basis?

It may be that the journey brings peace and joy to your dreams today!



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