Peace and harmony – your natural state

Human experience is so far from nature that we tend to forget that we are part of the natural world. At the time of birth you are perfectly fit to nature. The infant's feelings give a true answer to her experience. Babies behave intuitively with the environment and only want what is needed to survive. In today's world, if a child is fortunate, he will take the nourishment of pure breast milk. With months and years, however, the child discovers the sights, sounds and scents of the synthetic world. While these stimuli excite us for a moment and fascinate us, the distant remembrance of our naturalness remains in our body's cellular memory.

When you grasp the awareness that by nature you are a natural being, you can make the most of your daily experiences to reach a new level as the most important element of existence. This awareness is strengthened by the scent of fresh air and warm sunshine, or the sunrise or sunset light, the rainbow and the beauty of Mother Nature shine from morning dew.

Since people are no longer closely related to the rhythms of nature, we must actively strive to recreate this innate existence. Re-discovering in the natural world can be exciting and inspirational. There is nothing more to you than to admire the wonders of nature, nourish from the natural food, and to pay attention to the wisdom that the plants and the animals have to share. Since the human body comes from the same source as animals, humans have the same physical intuition as all living things instinctively live life.

Your innate naturalness is made public when you go beyond your beliefs, adaptations, indoctrination, lifestyle choices, and long acting behaviors; The way things are. & # 39; When these artificial concepts are removed, you will notice a soul and body that maintains relationships with the essence of the natural world from which consciousness developed. Here is the path of peace and harmony.



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