Peace and joy rise

Anxiety is anxiety, anxiety or anxiety. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy worrying about our finances, our children, our work, our friends and family. The list is often long and varied. The irony of concern is that most of the concerns rarely occur unless you have so much space in our lives and behaviors that make the event happen!

Sunday, I was worried about my son and boyfriend. They left the church to go home soon, so I could be sure I was there to let them go. After two hours I was worried. Your friend has serious heart disease and is not good. I imagined you were suffering from heart failure, ran into an accident, or rushed to the hospital. He was my son's cell phone and could not contact him.

Finally, they appeared with shopping bags. They drank, bought and stopped talking to a friend. Not worried at all!

Then I was angry, mostly myself. And I learned another valuable lesson on the road to self-realization.

Concern was born of fear. Fear has become frustrating and extremely angry. We are afraid of future events over which there is no control. Fear comes in many ways and is very contagious. In the world economy extreme circumstances are a perfect example of contagious fear. We support our own fears or get it from others: TV, newspapers, friends, and co-workers. And Internet Surfing! Do not let me get started!

Fear can be overcome. When we relax at the moment, fear is gone, because we focus on where we are and what we are doing at the moment, and there is no time or energy for the future. We have the power to eat in the present, if we can stop the constant conversation of our ego consciousness about this and about it – about the future and the past.

It may be helpful to perform a few exercises that will help us not to wisdom to the worry or fear that lives in the moment of joy and peace.

View the following? What earlier choices led to peace, joy, and trust? What about the choices that were better or worse than fear?

What lesson learned on Sunday? I spent two hours with energy for worries, angry for several hours and felt a long time guilty of my behavior. The guys had a relaxing time to hang out. If I had some creative time or energy, or just relaxed the fireplace, I would be calm, peaceful, and lifted. What a great lesson to learn!



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