Peace and patience – God's answers to prayer

SAMUEL Rutherford (1600-1661) brings together two concepts: God responds to our prayer as soon as possible.

"How can we know when they answer our prayers?" Hannah knew this peace after peace. "[19659003] AND …

" Patience for God to wait for vision to speak is not just the answer. "

One is peace, knowledge without knowledge, and the other is the patience that is warm enough to wait until the promise has to be given Both patience and peace How do we know that our prayers are heard and answered Our God's answer to our prayer is not really the "yes" and " not "as the word of God as ours, is simply" yes ", yes, and" no ", no. [1] Perhaps God does not communicate in the normal human sense, but responds to our groans and groans come His glory [2] God, however, gives us something tangible, if we can say this spiritually, as we pray in faith and in the humility of deliverance.

Peace is responded to a faith faithfully praying in the confidence that God is able to He wants to bring him and give us the wishes of our souls – with which we can not get an idea until it is revealed.

Patience is the incredible endurance that facilitates trial as it is; the grace we have given us to endure the trial we could not imagine to remain in our own power. God proves to be real and present, because we have the power to experience what we are beyond. And this is the fruit of prayer

God vastly responds to prayer through peace and patience. Such results mean that we can forsake what we prayed for.

[1] Matthew 5: 33-37.

[2] Romans 8: 18-30.



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