Peace at All Costs – What Does It Mean?

Peace at what price, what does it mean? For me it means to follow or agree with another to avoid conflict. The cost ignores what you feel, think or believe. My grandmother lived that way. Again, I looked at what she did. Whatever he believed in believing he was trying to haunt his stomach ache. My grandmother has since passed away and the lessons I learned from him are invaluable.

He added the mantle of peace at any time until the late 20's. Before that, I spun around my life that others felt I had to do. However, there was a small spark in my life blinking on me and encouraged me to rebel and listen to myself. Since then, it has been a learning process for me. Now I use the word NO so often, I feel like I'm competing for two years. This really exacerbates people because I change my relationships best to me, not them. How dare I say this is not about an activity or favor that you ask me about?

Did you ever notice that when you say no, people use manipulation tactics? If that does not work, the guilty verdict comes. This is great, especially from the mothers. Was there a book specifically designed for children who did not want it? My favorite is "How can you tell me no, I was born"?

I want everyone to know that peace keeps them at all costs. It's OK to say NO. Listen to intuition or intestinal instincts in the direction of situations where you are not sure how to act. We are not obliged to meet someone's wishes because they are close to us. Do not let anybody get malicious because of your decision. Others can only feel bad if you leave them.

Not all you learned about children is good at adulthood. If it does not work for you, throw it away like a hot potato. A peaceful entertaining bacterium resides in your body at any cost like fear, anger, anger, or hatred. Listen to yourself and be true who you are.

You need courage to listen to yourself, especially when you start swimming from what everyone else thinks you should do. Every new day is a learning process. Leave what he did yesterday in the past. Accept what's working now and use it today.

I accept myself, not what others should think I should be. Expecting what to do does not affect the direction.

Remember, the performances are louder than the words, and you can change it yourself.

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