Peace at work

The workplace must be where the business is taking place, not in a war zone. However, workers often conflict with their staff; those who suffered at the low level of a company's ladder felt that they were distorted at the top trails; some employees lose time and increase the blood pressure of others for many reasons; some people use the time of others to visit or rumor, causing loss of productivity and frustration by the person seeking work.

Certain things can only be fixed by a person who changes his employment, but some companies and people have found solutions to some issues. For example, an enterprise avoided the search problem as it received a charitable fund. Any employee wishing you can donate once, weekly or monthly. Nobody received anything, but more than ninety percent of them did. The person in charge of the fund used numbered copy-back receipts. Amount and amount are stated upon arrival; the donor received a copy, while the other one remained in the book. Therefore, the record was executed for the money, but the payments were anonymous.

Staff and management guidelines define what gifts are given when. When a member of the company got married, every gift came from every business (owners often and often sent something privately, like close friends); the birth of the child received the same great gift. If an employee or a close relative died, a plant or flowers were sent. Everything that required gifts, flowers or plants. The afflictions were not violated; they were forbidden.

If a child of an employee has to earn money for the school, catalogs and pamphlets may remain on the table during breaks, but the parents could not directly contact them. Someone is interested and can order and leave it in the parent's mailbox.

An evil associate can be tracked laterally if they say, "Mark, I'm very good at multi-tasking, but I can not really give attention."

What if the time recording supervisor? Hopefully, when you use multiple lunches or visits to the break, the supervisor will get the idea that the supervisor should be aware of the problem.

However, from time to time, the only solution to finding workplace peace rather than going to war is shifting to other employment.



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