Peace Baby!

A little surprise waiting this afternoon on the threshold.

A box shipped from USPS.

Hmmmm, who is this. I have no idea.

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I'm starting to look for scissors in a very excited and frantic way to get into the box.

PRESENT ….. from SOUL !

Little "Meeow Baby!" statue, nowadays in great regard Hong Kong Phooey on the table.

Soul, I am by the gift of your thought, with my words and my love to my toe. You are also inspired by me!

"Peace baby!" something that Aunt Dottie started with me, and now they say the boys and me. Peace signal is a non-verbal way to communicate with each other when we can not speak. "I Love You" and "Baby Becoming" always spoke to us when they started playing, going to school or talking on the phone.

Try it. "Peace Baby" smiles only to people.

…… and more smile is what we all need in this world.

Sometimes the slightest gesture has a big impact on one's life: a pleasing smile, a nice word or an empathy's nod. Take the time to consciously influence your alien life today. Imagine what this day would be like. Sometimes the alien will do their efforts in their lives. This cascade has an amazingly powerful impact and its ambition is minimal.

Keep in mind that only a little effort is needed to influence it.

Throw a "Peace Baby!"

The sun shines. Smell his smile.




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