Peace, be still

Much to my confusion, I found myself receiving a rather animated discussion of "S" in Ephesians 5:22 and in Colossians 3:18. The conversation was very much in my mind to give me a natural (or physical) headache. After studying the scripture and saying a series of prayers, I decided to write about it.

Instead of questioning hypothetically illuminated members of the filing case, I deliberately decided to choose an alternative path: leadership. Driving involves several aspects; but for the purpose of the object we are examining the domestic front.

Everyone has their own driving style. You will find that one style is more dominant than the other one. According to the housekeeper's steward and manager, the husband must wisely choose his leadership styles to get the effect he needs to adapt his household to the Word of God.

This piece is a theoretical approach to the effective daily functioning of the Christian household. Although there are many ways of keeping households, the ideal mode is as sacred and peaceful as possible. Men have inherent leadership skills.

God placed him as head of household. He's the big cahun. You have to stop this position and it's wise when people are working under the roof. Women have great abilities. They were called God as the incubation for educators and humankind. However, some of the women have become piranha and leader in life because of lack of guidance given by God. Over time, hard skin has been developed.

There are three different driving styles: authentic, participant and delegate. There are ways to bring these leadership styles to your Christian life so as to encourage, reject, and guide the Word of God.

Authentic style is used when the husband tells the wife what she wants and how she wants it. This style is only appropriate if one has received direct commands from God and deals with a question within a short time and is strongly motivated by his wife.

This is not a means of shouting that uses a diversion language, or involves abuse of threats and violence. These tactics are so emotionally abused and have no place in the executive repertoire. Use it sparingly, because its excessive utilization can resent.

In the participatory style, the husband involves the wife (and sometimes children) in the decision-making process. It introduces a dilemma or question and decides what to do and how to do it. The husband, however, is the final decision

This style is not a sign of weakness; it means more power that is respected by his wife and his family. The husband is not expected to answer. The use of this style is mutually beneficial – it allows the family to feel in the decision-making process and help people make better decisions as a human being.

The husband allows the wife to make a decision in delegating style. Nevertheless, he remains accountable to God;
is therefore responsible for the decision. This style is used when the husband is certain that his wife is able to analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done and how to do it. One can not do everything!

A woman does not intentionally deny that the husband is the head of the house. However, he wants her husband to be sure he can drive. He liked to love, but he also wants to maintain the feeling of independence. Ecccesiastes 3: 1 says there is a time and season for all things. The same scripture can be applied to driving styles. There is time to exercise power; there is time to listen to and consider the recommendation of others before making their decisions and time for trust and delegation. One must lead with confidence, which demands many prayers and looks for God's face.

My theory is essentially in many ways; but the two variables are personality and human nature. There is no cookie cutter standard for household operation. Man is led by the Spirit.

According to Proverbs 3: 6, you will recognize him by all means and guide the way. The Spirit directs the godless man to how to choose his words and guide him with the right approach to maximize peace and minimize the lie in your home.



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