Peace be with the people through forgiveness and the Tithe to the Lord, Hebrews 12:14

In the Bible, I do not see the statement that we pray only one sinful prayer, go to church, and pursue our sins and desires, and we will be saved into heaven.

This verse describes the people who find in heaven

Hebrews 12:14 (New King James Version)

14 Continue peace with all men and holiness, without anybody seeing the Lord. Is there someone you do not love? Do not you love the Catholics and show them the true gospel every time you do not judge, but get rid of them from Jesus' full knowledge of the doctrine?

How are you with Muslims? Do you love them and are full of grace and peace with them? What about the Asians and the Chinese, especially when they leave the bus and seem rough as they speak in their own country? How's your attitude? Do you have to speak your language in your country or speak in your native language?

What about the man you molest as a child? Do you have a lover's words and smile with him? Do you have peace with an annoying person who would hurt you in many ways? Is there any kind of racism in you and with the colors you treat people? How does a vicious man come with you when he asks you for free change? Do you have a smile and a little traction you have in your purse?

How is this your wife? Are you glad you knew she brought you the house and your kids and made it foolish to the world? Are you smiling and willing to take a few hundred in a refrigerator when he gets hurt? How do you treat the man you married your wife? Do you welcome your chess or welcome a beer with your friends? Do you like him and shake his hand with a strong, friendly shake, even if he is seduced from bed and belt?

1 John 5:18 (New King James Version)

18 We know that who is born of God does not sin; but he that is born of God shall abide, and the evil shall not touch him.

If you have bitterness or racism or forgiveness, then the evil one touched you and sinned. The enemy does not have to repent, forgive, and turn on the other's face. The Evil wants you to go to hell and wants you to be the soul of your prayer and wants your prayers to be invalid, and if you are consciously in sin, we can be sure that God will not be obliged to answer any prayers. 19659002] We should all have love, for it is part of being holy and separating God. We have to be different people. We have to be a person who is strangely and otherwise doing things in the rest of the world. We have to be clear in us and have to burn light so that people come to us. The love of Christ becomes evident in us, and every person must be called to talk to us about why we are happy and we always smile on them and love them regardless of their sins, race or culture. [1] John 4: 7-8 (New King James Version)

Beloved, we love each other because love comes from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 He who does not love does not know God because of God's love

We command that we love every person, and especially show kindness to our enemies, that by their continuous forgiveness Christ can read their hearts with their example. I do not know about you, but sometimes it is difficult to show love to someone who is determined to catch your reputation and defame the whole world where you live. But love has to be, and you have to feed him and you have to bless him. the only way to be peace and your prayer to respond. If we do not show mercy to another who has hurt us, we hate them.

1 John 4: 19-21 (New King James Version)

19 We love Him because he first loved us. 20 If anyone says, "I love God," and he hates his brother, he is a liar. because who does not love his brother whom he has seen how he can love the God he did not see? 21 And this commandment is from us, that he that loveth God should love his brother. Oh, you admire this scripture and you say I do not hate it. I do not like him. But if you do not release it and forgive it, it is the opposite of love. This is the verse that God has brought me to give me the breakthrough with a former friend who has enmited me. I had a love / hate relationship and God showed me that I must abolish hatred and have to change love / mercy.

The hatred and the fear of others from the world. If we can not trust God to fight with our struggles and try to solve our problems with rumors and defamation and forgiveness in all kinds of ways, our fears of our enemy and our situation are basically fears. The only way is to put God's love in our hearts and apply that love and grace to the offending man. [1] John 4: 15-18 (New King James Version) [15] 15 He that believeth that the Son of Jesus Christ is God in him, and in the God. 16 And we knew and believed the love which God had for us. God is love, and he who is in love lives in God and in God.

17 Love is perfected among us in this: to obtain courage on the day of judgment; because as He is, we are the same in this world. 18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love excludes fear because fear is a torment. But whoever is afraid is not perfect in love. We must go to our knees and fast and pray and strive to stay in Jesus and come back with it. To love God and regret our fears and stupid ways of dealing with our enemies as we think best and when we ask for grace to love our brother, God will grant it and we will find tears and love because we pray that the our brother will see the error of his paths. Jesus prayed for us on the cross, and we were his enemies who mocked the cross. Do not be scoffed today when you read it. Honor Jesus and forgive your brother who harms you and turn to your child's righteous ways and deal with things in the body.

If you do not turn the other face and forgive 70 times 7 then you do not do the right thing and you are not just. 1 John 3: 7 (New King James Version)

7 My children, do not let any one deceive you. The one who exercises righteousness is just, just as true. Do not deceive yourself and deceive yourself. If you are accused of being jailed for a man who is a bit of a member of you, then the Master who releases a crime will throw it to hell. Do you want to prove this? Just keep the bitterness in your heart on your deadbed bed and go to hell and it'll be late. That is why the Lord sees only the people of peace and sacred life. Do not put up speed and prayer to forgive, repent, and return as the Master is just in the door and takes only the obedient holy people. 2 Peter 3: 10-11 (New King James Version) 10 But the day of the Lord shall be as a thief in the night, in whom the heavens go away with a great noise; both the earth and the works in it burn. 11 For therefore all these things are broken up, what manner of men ought ye to be in sacred duty and wickedness.

There is no excuse that I would not obey Jesus. No excuse! We must stop the crime and let God's Word be released and we must walk with the mind of Christ. [1] Therefore, because Christ suffered for us to draw yourselves with the same mind, because the man suffered in the flesh ceased from sin, 2 so that he would no longer live in his body the rest of the time to the desire of the people but to the will of God.

It must be separated and not as the world and the desires. You should not drink or party, marry and run away. We must be honest and holy, and we must put on the bridal gown and the right outfits, and we must do the righteous deeds that we have saved and have a pure religion in our lives that is full of giving and mercy, and different in the world. James 1:27 (New King's Realm)

27 A pure and gentle religion before God and the Father: to visit the orphans and the widows in trouble and keep themselves scattered from the world. It is not just for widows and orphans. Although money spent on overseas orphanage missions is a good investment, this church ensures that single mothers have no work, mothers and children are separated, and their children have a good father who supports them from the church.

Breaking down the world, at least ten percent of its income would be weaker than 3% of Western donations. Would you like to give it to another ministry? Let this be a 10% tenth over bid. He does not believe his congregation is worth his money and finds a church that is there and goes there. If you believe that tithing is not relevant to the New Testament, consider what Jesus said about his denials, picked up his cross and followed him. If you are not tenths of 10%, you say you do not trust God and you realize the world in this behavior. An apostle rebuked me in love in this area, and now I was tenth.

It may be false doctrine that tithing is not something that we have to do today and basically say that I will repeat your money as God as a provider.

I did not have enough money for a coffee in my favorite cafe where I read the Bible every day and where I prayed and bought it in a good place. The owner politely asked me to move to another place as my paying customers chose mine. As I am regular, I apologize for having no money today. She said it was okay and I moved. A minute later a man came to me and gave me four dollars and said that was my coffee. He heard me talking to the manager and making the Holy Ghost heart to yell at me.

Do not tell me that the Lord can not care for you if you do 10%. Faith is missing. Try the Lord for six months and do it and watch overtime and miracles in your life.

If you have been condemned so far, I have to obey the word of God used to support what I said. If not, Satan is not your enemy, but you. James 1:22 (New King James Version) 22 But let the mouths be, and not the students only, deceiving yourselves. Do not be discouraged from ignoring my advice about forgiveness or my tithing, for this temptation is not from God. Go ahead and start the tithing. If you give some service, you can withdraw the support if you can not afford both. None of the ministries has the right to ask for support, without summoning you to get a tithing first to your congregation.

The tenth is hard, but it will surprise the Jews give more than they did. He may have been surprised that many of them are not Christians with 10% of their income and teach them in their books that cite the Bible as a source. Only these guys give a lot of money to good charity organizations.

Jesus said that we will hand our hands to the plague and will not turn away from it. He told us to proclaim the gospel to every man. He told us unless we are willing to leave our family, friends, houses, and property for his sake, that we are not worthy.

He said that He is a good price pearl and we have to give everything to buy it. He said he was a hidden treasure in a field, and when we find it, we sell what we have. He said that if we want to be perfect, we must sell, we must give the poor and follow Him. Jesus did not have a cashier and did not leave a bankroll to the apostles when they went fishing

Jesus is worth forgetting your enemies, is it worth studying the other beliefs and their strong points to love them more? Worth to give 10% of your money, and should you follow and obey everything you say?

If you have been convicted, if you have to be forgiven, you must have time to do so. If you do not make a decimation, do not delay, just go out in the faith and get out




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