Peace be with you

Peace. What is this glorious thing that is called peace? Why does peace in the many messages of the Virgin Mary speak? "Decide on peace." "I invite you to apostles." "For you to be" yes "for peace and for your God's decision, a new opportunity for peace will open up." "I am the Queen of Peace and your mother, and I want to lead you through the peace that comes only from God". And for the visionary Ivanka, on June 25, 2009: "The Nasa stayed with me for 10 minutes and told me about the tithe of the tenth." "My dear children, I call you the Apostles of Peace Peace, Peace and Peace."

Some shepherds lived in the field and kept their animals at night when the angel of the Lord appeared and the glory of the Lord shone around them. The angel said, "Do not be afraid, for I am pleased to announce to you the joy of all the people: for in the city of David is born a Savior, who is Messiah and the Lord." And suddenly there was a multitude of heavenly hosts with the angel, praising God, and saying, "Glory to God for the highest and the peace of the good-hearted people on earth." "Luke 2:14

Peace is more than a lack of war, rather peace or inner peace Peace is the unification of God with man who overloads the love of God and deserves the Savior, acquired by Jesus Christ (acquired) Such affectionate unity or grace is freely released to the well-intentioned men and women who choose it.This angels have said peace to good-willed people

The will of man's will, the will of heaven or hell, the will (free agency, this is stronger than passion, because God has not enslaved us for wickedness and sin, but we have to choose our free will when choosing the good, God always helps his intelligence and strength. "Good is a constant spiritual ascension and he is able to carry out bigger and bigger good deeds, and he has perfect perfection, and it will be holy. "" Simeon waited for the consolation of Israel. He came to the church in the Spirit, and when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus child to fill the law, he took his arms and blessed God, saying, "Now Master, in peace, according to thy word: for mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared in the sight of all the people, and light for the revelation of the Gentiles, and for thy glory unto Israel for thy people. "" Luke 2:29 We see from this text that peace is related to salvation. and saw that God saw Jesus Christ, and by the Holy Spirit whom he led Simeon said, "Now release your servant in peace." Peace is always connected to Jesus …

A sinning woman learned that Jesus was in the house of a Pharisee who invited him to dine with him, came home, kneeled down behind Jesus and wept on his feet and bathed his feet with tears and wiped his hair they kissed them, and put them on the scum. With this, the guests were rather confused and the Pharisee began to grow up. Jesus said to the woman, "Your sins are forgiven, your faith saved you, go with peace Luke 7:50

From this text we see that peace is from God and the forgiveness of Jesus, the certain knowledge you have saved, knowing that you are safe, knowing that you are forgiven and covered in Jesus 'love, peace is the gift of repentance, a woman who has been struggling with hemorrhage for twelve years, the doctors' livelihood, but could not heal, came behind Jesus when he was walking through masses "If I touch the casket, I'll heal." He touched his jacket on his cloak and immediately his bleeding stopped and healed, Jesus, knowing that his healing power came out, turned and said, "Who touched her?" She began to shake, a smile and a great love: "My daughter (from God), your faith saved you; go in peace. "Luke 8:48

Peace comes from faith in God, and healed his Son, and the followers of Jesus declared the good news, sent them and said to them," Enter into any house, first say, Peace is this household ". If there is a peaceful man there, then peace will rest, but if not, he will come back to you. Luke 10: 5

It is clear from this text that peace can be given and peace can be obtained. And those who have peace have more peace. Jesus and the messengers of the gospel bring peace to them and their mission to go to a place to bring peace. So beware of being peaceful, with the message of peace, with the word of Jesus Christ – with the word of Christ – with the gospel. We call you to happiness wherever we go. How is this done? By doing everything and saying, prayer and attachment to God; be it mowing grass, driving on the highway, eating, preparing the bed. He gives us every opportunity to say "Peace be with you". "Peace be to this household". "Peace in this office." And with God they practice love, sacraments, and many prayers; in peace you will be strong and will transmit peace and holiness to others. [19] Jesus approached Mount Olivia and rode on a pig. People have been proclaimed; "Happy is the king who comes in the name of the Lord, Peace and the highest glory in heaven!" As Jesus approached, he saw the city (from Jerusalem) and wept, he said, "If today you know what peace is, but now it is hidden from your eyes." For days will come upon you when your enemies lift up a palisade against you; they will surround it and purl all over. Destroy the ground and your children in you, and they will not leave you stone to another because you did not recognize the time of your visit. "Luke 19: 38-42

If at least this last hour we have given to the world, today we come to One who is our peace if we understand the love that passes and Who calls us to peace and lose the hatred and 2000 years ago people wanted to proclaim Jesus as King, yes, but a secular King – they did not want to surpass the senses and over time, do not recognize Jesus Christ as the King of the Spirit, the King of heaven and Earth, we are not the same

People 2000 years ago I do not understand what makes real peace, real peace, because they do not believe in it. Jesus Chriban Street They have not decided on the peace They have not changed their lives They remain inert, the ego consumed by the world, in hatred, in sin and in disbelief. they visited their history – the Son of God, the Manphans – the history of Jerusalem. Thirty years later, the Temple of Jerusalem was literally destroyed because true peace was not accepted.

Do you recognize your visit this time? Tomorrow's story has not yet been written, today and tomorrow is open to change and improvement. When you ask the Truth to change the course, if you ask for love affection to go to where punishment begins, can God change his true judgments? Never in the history of the Word was ignored as it is today. Ever since God's creation, God has been among men's priorities. The man raised his hand against God for the Charity when he was crucified with Christ; He despised His generosity in the unbelief of the Faith, from apostasy from holiness and from love to caring. Yet, the Divine Word asked when he passed through him and all the way – a wound in his whole body – asked that Truth would change the direction of the Pious Love triumphing that souls could be renewed Love. And God heard it.

Who are gracious today? Who lives in the message of peace? Sky literally bombardes the earth with messages that require individual and global transformation. In the last hour, if we understand and understand the time we are in and short, short, short time, we are switching to and accepting our peace. God sent his Son. God sent His Spirit. God sent his beloved daughter, Son of God, and Queen of Peace to give us peace: prayer, fasting, faith, confession, worthy reception of the sacred blessing, daily transformation,. Be peace. And now God sends. Go! Be a peaceful messenger. Ask. Pray. Bring peace wherever you go.

Do not be afraid. Love. Love reaches everything. Love, when it is so perfect that it is almost perfect, achieves everything, even what it seems impossible to achieve. In proportion to your love, God helps. Everything can be achieved if someone fits in with the gadget. God is love. God is peace. Peace is the answer. Peace is the way. Peace is the decision. Peace is a way of life. Peace of God, Peace of Jesus Christ. Peace is the grace God gives to every child who chooses peace; who choose to love, obey, be clean, open their hearts, and pray. Peace is the glory of God's heaven that can be tasted here on earth. Peace is the love that liberates us from sin, peace for the repentant. Peace is the power of faith – the power of God. This is the hope of hope – joyful trust in God. This is the reality of love – I love you very much! Peace is carried by his messengers every day and in every situation. Peace will grow. Peace is your future. Peace is your destiny. Peace is related to Jesus Christ. Peace is the forgiveness and forgiveness of others. Peace is cured. Peace is Jesus Christ.



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